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Highfly Flying Out Of Town

Tue May 22, 2018 1:31 am by HighFly

Hello everyone, I just wanted to inform all I have threads with that I will be gone from this coming Wednesday through Sunday. I won't be able to post consistently if at all during this time, but I will try to make up for it next week! I am sorry for the inconvenience to everyone.

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Moonhearts Promo intro thread is O p e n.

Mon May 21, 2018 4:21 am by XSirenX

Feeling brave?, lost?, or without a thread to post in?, hit up the newest Moonheart if any of those apply!


What Moon has to offer?, many things...:

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Red Interest

Sat May 19, 2018 7:28 pm by M.J.Caboose14

Just wanted to see what people thought about Red Nation.

Also, I wanted to see which of them people like most.

Feel free to leave comments or message me Smile


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Cage Match - Yamato Takeuchi vs Lita

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Cage Match - Yamato Takeuchi vs Lita

Post by Maxy on Tue Apr 01, 2014 5:42 pm

Steel Cage Match
(blue bar style cage)
Yamato Takeuchi vs Lita
Guest Referee: Kei
Win by escaping the cage and both feet touching the floor.

After Yamato has his moment out there Lita comes out to join him, with Lina coming down along side her. They stop where Kei is and Lita lets Kei check out out. Everything is good and Lita steps inside the cage.
Kei tells Lina to stay on the outside and away from the door as she closes the door. When it looks like both Lita and Yamato are ready she calls for the bell.

"This is nuts! Why am I in this cage with his crazy bitch!" Yamato shakes his head to taunt out his opponent a bit, before starting to circle Lita and then finally lunge in for a lock up.

Lita sees him coming in and goes in for a lock up as well, though she goes more for the the power him back and out approach instead of getting positioning control to show him she means business.

Yamato and Lita lock up collar and elbow and straightaway Lita powers him back! He gets pushed and shoved into the corner, he didn't expect her opponent to approach with such directness early
on and was caught off guard nevertheless once in the corner, he still tried to shove and push himself out of it now

Lita leaned back and then pushed herself forward to send him out of the lock up and down.

Yamato gritted his teeth as he fought back in the grapple, he managed to push her back just a bit before she found her groove and shoved him back
causing the lock up to break as he went down on his back but quickly squirmed to get up on his knees, looking at her with astonishment!

"Get your ass up!" she motions to him, wanting herself some of him. Kei watches on from outside the cage.

"Grrrrr" down on his knees, Yamato launches himself up and lunges in at her with his body still bent down a bit as he looks to drive his shoulder into her gut, looking to spear her down onto the ring canvas

It took her back to the corner but not down, having Yamato scouted. She grabs hold of the back of his waste as her back is against the corner.
If this wasn't a cage match Kei would be calling for a break since they're both in the corner, but since it's no holds barred she stays where she is.

Having had her trapped in the corner Yamato would try to thrust his shoulder into Lita's gut again and again trying to take the wind outta her as she held the back of his waist!

As he fires the first shoulder into her she had a hold of his wrestling pants on the back part of the waist and accidentally pulls on it as she goes back deeper into the corner.

"EEEEWOOOO!" Yamato shrieks out as he gets wedgied as Lita held his pants on from behind and pulls on it causing the fabric to ride up his butt!!
He quickly moves away from the corner and tries to set out his pants " oww owww the fuck man! that's not fair"

Kei says nothing as Lita pulls herself out of the corner. Lita then makes a run at him and leaps in his direction, though instead of jumping into him she goes to jump over him.

Yamato braces for impact as she leaps at him but she goes over him, he gets a bit confused as he turns around to face her

When Yamato turns around he sees Lita beginning to climb the cage already.

"What the? shit!" he curses as he rushes to the side of the cage she is climbing! He grabs the back of her waist this time and smashes his forearm onto the small of her back,
trying to pull her down and bring her down on her back onto the ring canvas

Lita tries to resist him and pull him up with her, though he successfully brings her down.

Once she went down on her back Yamato stomps down on her belly and crotch area to weaken her before attempting a standing leg drop across her neck

Unlike their previous meeting, Yamatao couldn't be disqualified if he wanted to stomp on her crotch for a few minutes. Kei watches at Yamato comes down across Lita's neck.

He grabs her by her hair as he yanks her up on her feet, then drags her towards the steel cage and attempts to shove her body into the steel, face first

Lita doesn't like how he's having his way with her hair and she cries out when her face meets the cage up close.
bluedragon_sacred: Once he shoved Lita face first into the cage he started to move towards the cage door, trying to unlock it and open it to escape the steel cage

Kei opens up the door as Yamato gets to the ropes. As he stepped through the ropes to go through the door, Lita managed to pull herself together after being introduced
to the cage and grabs him by the hair before grabbing hold around his throat in some kind of reversed headlock choke of some kind, wanting to drag him back in.

"Gack-Urghhh *cough* cant b-breathe *huff*cough" he gets grabbed by the hair and into a headlock choke as he is dragged back into the ring, he tried to blindly fire away his elbow back into her side

The elbows connected with her but she was angry and just tightens her grip. She then lets go, only to give him an elbow drop to the face in an attempt to bring him down.
Yamato felt her grip getting stronger as he fired away his elbows into her side, but then got hit hard on the face by an elbow of Lita's as he goes down on his back

Lita checks to see if any of those elbow shots busted her open. She's clean and then grabs hold of his legs. She lifts and falls back, wanting to slingshot him into the cage.

"nonononon uffffffff" he gets slingshot over her body as his front body crashes into the cage and bounces back onto his back

Lita grabs hold of him again, using him as a punching bag as she fires off repeated punches and kicks, wanting him to go back towards the corner

Yamato really gets pummeled as Lita grabs him up and punches/kicks at his body till hes backed up in the corner, he tries to cover up

As he covers up she eventually stops, then chops him had across the chest. She then goes to pick him up and give him a running powerslam.

"Owwwwwwww" he cries out in pain as his chest is red in pain from that stinging chest slap, he doesnt have time to get his breath back as hes hauled up and brought back
down on his back in a running powerslam. With him down Lita turns towards the cage and goes to climb it. Yamato clutches his back as he moans and groans, squirming around
left-right as he tries to get back up on his feet.

When Yamato gets back up Lita is almost at the top of the cage.

"Shit!" he quickly begins to lunge at the cage and begins to climb it as well, trying to grab her ankle and begin to yank her back in

As Lita turned to climb down she felt Yamato grab hold of the ankle that was still on the inside of the cage still. She tries to shake him off "Damn it, shoo."

"Grrrrr, get back in here" he says trying to pull her back in, at the same time trying to avoid a boot to his face as her legs shake

Unable to shake him off she brings her other leg back on the inside, still trying to get him off her but with not much luck.

Yamato's one hand on the cage and the other on her foot, he tries to do a desperate move as he tries to fall down on his boot back on the ring canvas by letting
his hand go on the cage, either he will go down with bringing her back down or his grip will break of her ankle and he goes down for nothing

Luckily for him it paid off as Lita came down as he hoped she would.
As Lita came down on her back and yamato landed safely on his boot, he began to climb up the top turnbuckle and leaped up, looking for a flying elbow to flatten her breasts!
Kei watches on as Yamato comes crashing down on top of Lita. Lita groans upon the impact and Kei had a look on her face of that had to hurt.

Yamato knew he had to target his opponents legs, and as soon as he got her with the flying elbow, he went to apply a figure 4 leg lock.

Lita felt Yamato grabbing hold of her legs, which she tried to shake him off but by the time she did that he already had most of it on her.

Yamato really poured on the pressure on the figure 4, really working that hold as he looked to apply pressure on her legs, his teeth gritted as applied more pressure to her legs

Lita wasn't enjoying it. She did manage to get to the ropes though but given the rules of the match it meant nothing. She tried to hold on, hoping he'd eventually break it,
though she then tries to do something about it, by using the ropes to help her turn it over.

"Face it Lita! you cant w-whoa-hey wait ohh shitt" At first he only smirked when Lita got to the ropes but then she used it to reverse the hold and now the pressure was on Yamato!
He quickly tried to let his legs unlock from around hers to ease up the pain

Lita felt the hold being successfully reversed on him. Good thing Yamato let go when he did, who knows she might have got an idea or something but with the years of experience he
had paid off as be broke the hold when he did.

He began to squirm away from her, then slowly getting back up on his feet and quickly moving towards the cage door

Lita pulls herself up and sees Yamato very close to the door. She limps towards his direction and yells at him "Running away huh you coward!" hoping that will slow him down a bit.

"Nice try! Im not stupid enough to fall for that, I've been wrestling before you were born kid" he says moving towards the cage door still as he bends down the ropes halfway

:She kept moving as they spoke. As he gets through the ropes Lita pulls what she can in her and goes close to him before falling down cause of the work on her legs, but she does manage to
kick up the ropes, sending one of the ropes against his sack.

The ropes ride up against his manhood as Takeuchi gets stuck halfway against the ring ropes, hanging onto the ropes halfway as he moans out in close yet so far!

Kei closes the door back up as Lita rests on her knees upon Yamato holds on to the ropes after taking the shot from the ropes downstairs, taking a moment so some feeling can get back into her legs.
She gets back up and strikes him with a forearm to the side of the head, wanting to buy herself more time as she went to get vertical again.

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Re: Cage Match - Yamato Takeuchi vs Lita

Post by Maxy on Tue Apr 01, 2014 5:46 pm

"AHHH GET ME DOWN" he moans out, wiggling and kicking out his legs as he's being lifted up and down and finally brought down on his belly, knocking the wind out of him a bit as Lita finds her momentum going on

She also gets the crowd going as well as she circles around him before moving in, grabbing hold of him once again.

He felt getting grabbed as she forces him up, as soon as he gets up he tries to lunge in at her and out of instinct he tried to bite her forehead!

As she pulls him up she suddenly feels his teeth sinking into her. She screams as he bites her, even more so as it draws some blood out.

He uses his opportunity to grab her head and then drag her towards the steel cage and shoves her body, face first, into the cage again to injure her busted open forehead even more.

Kei watches on as Yamato does a number on Lita's face with assistance from the steel bars. Lita has one of her arms through the cage as Yamato does his thing to her.

Grabbing her hair he yanks her backwards towards the middle of the ring, pulling on her arm to make her face her face to face, he wraps his head around her head and goes for a DDT!

Lita was aware enough that something wet was on her face and was hoping it wouldn't get into her eyes as she gets ddt'd.

smashing a forearm on her back, he turns her over onto her back. he pins her arms above her head and then begins to teabag her, his but thumping down on her boobs as well

'What is he doing?' Kei wondered as Yamato was really having his way with Lita now. Lita groans out when Yamato's butt slams against her.

"Time to end this" he snarls as he gets back up on his feet, stomping down on her belly and then keeping his boot on her face, smearing it all over her face and mouth before going to the top turnbuckle

As he goes to the top she moves on of her arms across her face a bit. There is still blood on her face, but she was able to move some that was getting pretty close to getting in her eyes and she can
barely make out him on the top rope.

Yamato steadies himself up on the top rope before leaping up high and trying to go for a flying leg drop

Lita's able to barely get out of the way in time, avoiding the contact, and both wrestlers are down.

Yamato drops down hard, most of the impact hits him against the butt as he rubs his sore butt, laying down on his side

Since there's no ref in the ring to count them down they're in no real rush to get back to their feet. Lita gets up when she's able to do so, and if Yamato got up the same time she did she has a loaded fist with his name on it.

Yamato gets back up on his feet at the same time Lita does, he's greeted by a fist onto his jaw...he staggers back a bit before trying to counter with a closed fist of his own, aimed at her jaw.

Lita fires another shot his way, it looks like they're going at it, exchanging blows for a few seconds.

After going at it, blow after blow, Yamato was the first one who got frustrated at tried a vicious kick that was aimed at her crotch

As she they were going at it, she had a feeling he would try something dirty and she instinctively blocked his low kick attempt with one of her legs, getting it up, regardless if he actually did it or not.
She responded to that with a punt towards his groin.

"Owwwwww fuccckkkk' he moaned out loud, his knees bent inwards as he protected his crotch after the kick, slowly going down on his side!

She looked down at him with a glare, not being too thrilled with what he wanted to do to her, before lifting him into position, setting him up for the Emerald Fusion.

: His manhood was in excruciating pain as he was easily pulled up and set up in the emerald fusion slam

After he made contact with the mat she started to climb the cage. This time She reaches the top. She looks back to see if Yamato is giving chase or not.

Yamato was down on his back, wiggling and squirming a bit as he seemed out of it and exhausted! he saw Lita on the top and thought surely he lost! he closed his eyes for a second and took a deep breathe!

Lita looked like she was about to climb down to the floor to get the win, but instead she perches on top of the cage for a moment before leaping off the top, coming crashing down fast towards the
ring and Yamatao, locking onto him with her new move, the WhiteGale.

Yamato didn't quite expect her to pull off any sort of move now that she was so close to winning the match, he just let his guard down and relaxed his body as he was down on his back! but soon
felt the entire weight of his opponents body coming crashing down on his body *THUD* "OWWWWWWW" he screamed out loud in pain, doubling over clutching his body

The impact of the move kept her down for a moment as well, but she does get back to her feet and climbs the against one more time, but this time she when she gets to the top she takes a final look
at Yamato as she steps over the top of the cage and begins to climb down the other side.

Yamato was down and out, moaning and rolling around the ring as he clutches his body and couldn't really get up after those 2 finishing holds!

Lita gets to where the cage ends and jumps down the final few inches and Kei calls for the bell and raises Lita's arm up. Lina congratulates Lita shortly after that before they head backstage.
Even though she wanted to just leave him there, as the referee Kei got in the cage to check on Yamato to see if he needs any help getting to the back himself. She taps the side of his face. "Hey, you ok?"

"Mmmmmm owwwmmm y-yeah" Yamato instinctively grabs the bottom of her ref shirt and pulls on it, to help him get back up on his feet

Kei's eyes go a bit wide and she backs up a bit as Yamatao uses her to pull himself back up.

"Owwww yeah yeah Im ok....." he said rubbing his head as he got back up on his feet. Looking around, he knew he was beat and had some frustration in him! He was angered and in his state of
anger and frustration he tried to lunge in at Kei, going for a clothesline
Kei ducks the clothesline and then grabs hold of him, and goes to take him down with a german suplex

"Whoaaaaa UFFFFFFFF" she ducks out of his rather slow clothesline attempt and he gets planted down on his already bruised back in a german suplex! He lays there with his arms and legs spreaded!

Kei looked down at him, not to thrilled with what he tried to pull. She wanted to give him more but she knew now was not to the time. She left the cage and headed back to the locker room, leaving Yamato to drag his own
sorry ass back himself.

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