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Been Out with the Flu

Sun Apr 22, 2018 7:47 pm by daemongirl

Just letting those I have threads with know I've been out with the flu since early last week, but I will be back to posting tomorrow.

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The Austrailian Mudslide is Back.

Sat Apr 21, 2018 6:20 am by Softsquad

Granted that most of you won't know me or remember me, but I've had a few matches here and there some time ago. Well I think its time to become a regular around here and try to have some fun again, but at the same time keep coming back. Anyway I think its time to jump into some matches with Zoe Taylor, my mud wrestling character from Australia and get her back into the squared circle. Furthermore I will update my characters as I think some proper changes need to happen.

So if anyone would …

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Looking for a debut character match.

Fri Apr 20, 2018 7:44 pm by Tarantulust

Hello everyone,

I am looking for a match to debut my first character, Juno Sawyer, as well as get accustom to the site. I am mostly looking to solidify Junos character, and how she acts.

I would prefer to stay away from hentai right now, though a perverted character or action is fine is fine if its within reason. I don't expect it to be too long, but if you wish to add a rivelry or enemy spin to it I am open. If you are interested, feel free to reply or PM me.

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Yamato Takeuchi vs Kei

AFW :: Tension :: The Ring

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Yamato Takeuchi vs Kei

Post by Teenwrestler on Fri Jul 11, 2014 1:55 am

Yamato vs Kei
Bull-rope match, pinfall or submission, falls count anywhere.
YIM match

Yamato took a quick shower in his locker room before slipping into his wrestling attire, he slipped on his black Latex wrestling boxers and put on his matching leather boots. He began padding up his knee and elbow pads before finally heading out to the arena. After his music cued- he brushed past the curtains and walked down the ramp with his arms raised up high. Yamato is quite excited to wrestle feels like ages, but the road to the battle of the best has began. Yammy slides inside the ring and stretched off a bit in the center, waiting for Kei to meet him in the middle so they can tie up
bluedragon_sacred: Standing in at 5 ft 11 weighing in at 160 pounds at 44 years of age,hailing from London,England....Yamato....TAKEUCHI!

maxy_maxwell: Before Yamato went out there Kei was shown the rope that would used in the match by the referee and was informed of the type of bullrope match they would be having. Once everything appeared be in order the ref left and Kei continued to get ready. It has been awhile since she last faced him. She doesn't remember much details wise other than she didn't like the out come. She has already had a few return matches under her belt since returning to the ring and felt pretty good over all. When she comes out to the she comments to one of the fans who tells her to whip his ass that "I saw the last match he said, I think he might like that sort of thing." she reponded with a grin, mildly refering to the cage match he had with Lita not too long ago. Once she did step in the ring she was all
maxy_maxwell: serious. She looked at the rope with the cowbell on it that the referee was holding, motioning for him to put on first. She stands ready in case if he were to object and try something.

bluedragon_sacred: Yamato standed in the middle of the ring, hoping on the balls of his feet and a smirk came across his face as he saw his long standing rival make her way inside the ring. "what? isnt it supposed to be ladies first? Ah fine, ill go first" He said as he moved towards the referee and opened up his arms and stretched them to the side, awaiting for the referee to tie that strong rope around his waist " cant wait to get my hands on you, bitch"

maxy_maxwell: "You sure talk a lot ¬_¬." She waits for him to get set up with the rope before the same is to happen to her.

bluedragon_sacred: Yamato groaned at Kei's snappy comeback "Hmph". The ref secured the heavy bull rope around his waist as he tugged on it to make sure it was tied up in a good strong knot. Yamato followed the referee as they come towards Kei, he began to do the same as he tied the rope around her waist. Yamato has a grin on his waist...hes eager for the bell to ring
maxy_maxwell: After it gets tied to her she gives it a playful tug to see if he is paying attention.

bluedragon_sacred: Yamato gets a bit caught off guard, he was waiting for the bell to ring and that tugg on part of Kei caused him to stagger forward and stumble into Kei's direction.

maxy_maxwell: She didn't do anything more beyond that other than move back a couple of steps.

bluedragon_sacred: "Dont think im like Steven and will be a jobber" he said with a confident smirk as Kei moved a couple of steps back. Yamato planted his boots down hard on the ring canvas to gain a better grip and soon the bell rang *Ding*ding*ding*

maxy_maxwell: She shakes her head as she grabs hold of the rope and begins to pull on it when the bell sounds.

bluedragon_sacred: It was on, Yamato vs Kei. They both started off by getting a good grip of the ring mats by their boots and both began to pull on the ropes trying to pull the other person in towards his/herself. Yamato grit his teeth as he pulled hard, they both engage in a test of strength contest

maxy_maxwell: This goes on for a bit and it looks like Yamato might get the upper hand, though the more she senses this she decides to let go and to let him pull her instead him.

bluedragon_sacred: Yamato is using his full strength to pull her in and Kei is likely doing the same, all of a sudden Kei decides to pull out of the contest and Yamato jerks in Kei towards him hard

maxy_maxwell: As she was pulled in she made sure to come in as low as she could, wanting to take out his legs and grabbed hold of them as she was pulled into him.

bluedragon_sacred: Yamato wanted to shoulder tackle Kei as soon as she was pulled into him, but she dived in low and grabbed ahold of his legs and took them out from under the mat causing him to go down on his back

maxy_maxwell: After getting him tripped up. She grabs hold of move of the rope and tells him. "You know what your career
needs? Some more cowbell." She then drops down and goes to ram the cowbell into his shoulder

bluedragon_sacred: He tried to roll away from this position but before he could, Kei grabbed ahold of that thick rope to where the bell was and rammed that bell into his shoulder causing him to moan out loud, gripping his injured shoulder with his opposide hand as he again tried to roll away. Since they are tied up he cant get too far. What Yamato fears is getting dominated in this bout

maxy_maxwell: Kei holds up the bell and yells out, though she fells the rope pulling on her as Yamato is on the move. "Hey! Get back here!" she throws the bell in his direction as she moves to catch up with him.

"Damnit!" Yamato is suprised Kei didnt lose any of her agility. Shes as fast as ever, she swiftly doged his boots and pulled on the rope causing him to be dragged towards her on his back, giving his back skin a little friction burn
maxy_maxwell: When he gets a bit closer she winds up and punts him in the ribs, wanting to kick him out of the ring.
bluedragon_sacred: That punt hits him hard against the ribs *THAWK* as sweat flies off his body from that impact. He began to roll away and out of the ring

maxy_maxwell: Kei was one that prefered more of the in ring style, but she could fight, and from what she was hearing Yamato wanted her pretty bad so she figured she'd give him a fight

bluedragon_sacred: Yamato tumbled out of the ring on his belly, he got up on all fours and looked to get back upto his feet and back into the match. Kei followed him out of the ring, they couldnt be seperated much anyways because of the ropes

maxy_maxwell: She grabbed hol of the rope again and as Yamato tried to get away she let him move but reminded him he couldn't get very far away from her as she whips him across the back with it.

bluedragon_sacred: Yamato screamed out loud in pain as the thick ropes whip him across the back, leaving a red mark on his back as well. He went down on his knees as his hands instinctively massages his back.

maxy_maxwell: She whips him against as he grabs hold of his back, wanting him to take more, not really caring where she takes this, even if it goes to the crowd. After giving him another shot on the back she whips him in the butt, wanting him to try to escape into the crowd. If he does she'll pull on the rope, forcing him back towards the crowd barrier. If not she's grab hold of the cowbell and try to smack 'em over.

bluedragon_sacred: Yamato cant quite beleive at how he was being woman-handled like this. A few more whips to his back leaves him screaming in pain. A stinging whip to his ass makes him whine out in pain as he jumps up and begins to move away from Kei, he tried to retreat in the crowd and as he does he feels pushed back in the crowd barried, his back hits hard against the barrier

maxy_maxwell: When she went to join him on the other side she hoped over and yelled at him something about being careful what you wish for as she grabs hold of him and proceeds to throw him against some near by chairs that were abandoned by fans when he went over.

bluedragon_sacred: Yamato was again pulled up and as he was about to be shoved into the chair he tried to spin around and slap at her shoulders and looked to counter as he tried to shove Kei in the very set of chairs she was about to throw him into

maxy_maxwell: She didn't expect him to get out of that and she almost went into the chairs herself from the momentum, but managed to stop herself at the last possible moment, until he shoved her into them anyway.

bluedragon_sacred: After Yamato shoved Kei into the chairs, he moved close to her and gave her some payback as she whipped some of the thick rope onto her back before grabbing a steel chair and try to whack her down her back once more

maxy_maxwell: That neither sounded nor felt good as she fell over a few chairs after being hit with one.

bluedragon_sacred: Yamato grabbed a chair and opened it up, placed it on the floor. He grabbed Kei up by the hair and forced her up on her feet before picking her back up in his hand and scoop slamming her down onto the opened up chair

maxy_maxwell: There wasn't much of the chair left after that as it bent when she made impact with it.

bluedragon_sacred: Yamato grabbed the thick rope and then straddled Kei at the waist, leaning in he wrapped the rope around Keis neck and began to choke her with it. " What do you say cow? do you give up? or do I have to milk you ?"

maxy_maxwell: Finding it becoming hard to breath she can't say much as she grabs onto the rope, trying to keep it from pushing against her throat

bluedragon_sacred: "Give up! GIVE UP" Yamato yells at her as he pushes the thick rope deep into her throat, really choking her

maxy_maxwell: She managed to get enough of a grip on whatever it was she found and throws it in his direction.

bluedragon_sacred: Yamato had a sick smile on his face as he was choking the life out of Kei, she was going to get KO'd if this kept up....*CLANG* something hard hit him, he didnt even know what as he tumbled down to her side

maxy_maxwell: The bottle that she hit him with surprisingly didn't break, but it did look like it caught him pretty good as Kei began to struggle to regain her breath

bluedragon_sacred: Yamato moaned out loud and checked his forehead to see if it wasnt bleeding or anything, after he checked it was ok he began to rise upto his feet

maxy_maxwell: She was still down when he got up, but she had a sense of where she was. She didn't know where abouts he was exactly but knew that staying where she was probibly wasn't a good idea.

bluedragon_sacred: He grabbed the rope tightly and began to drag her body violently around the surface, hoping to give her some friction burn as he drags her around like a ragdoll

maxy_maxwell: Just as she got dragged along for the ride she grabbed hold of one of the chairs. It was more of a she was resting her hands against it but when she moved she grabbed hold of it. It took her a bit to be able to do something with it when she took am and whipped it at him, hoping that would make him stop moving

bluedragon_sacred: That chair whipped at Yammys leg as he staggered a bit, he let go of the rope he was using to drag Kei and began to massage his thigh as he was bending down a bit

maxy_maxwell: As he went to rub his thigh she grabbed hold of another one, this time it was unfolded and as she sat up she really let him have it as she launched it at his head.

bluedragon_sacred: That cracking shot of the steel chair hit his head hard as he immeidately went down on the floor, clutching his head and rolling around aimlessly in pain

maxy_maxwell: Kei was able to use this time to pull herself back up. She found some water and she drank some of it, spitting some of it out too, still feeling some of what Yamato did to her with the rope earlier. At least he wasn't still choking her. She looked around and found a trash can and turned it upside down and placed it on Yamato's head.

bluedragon_sacred: "What the fuck- where am I urghhh get this thing off me" he said as he rolled around still, pounding on the trash can as he tried to get it off his head

maxy_maxwell: As he fooled around with the trash can she sized him up and then dropkicked the part of the can where his face was.

bluedragon_sacred: *CLANG* he grunted in pain as that steel trash can got a big dent mark on it where Kei drop kicked him, he finally managed to get the thing off him but was massaging his face in pain

maxy_maxwell: When she showed his face Kei went to pick him up and bodyslam him on what was left of the trash can.

bluedragon_sacred: Yamato was picked up and slammed back down on the steel trash can on his back in a body slam- the trash can badly bent as he forgot how good Kei was in the ring " back" he moans clutching his back as the action continues in the crowd area

maxy_maxwell: As yamato complained about how his back feels she wraps part of the ropes around his leg before she turns him off, sits down on his back and pulls on the rope, bending his leg backwards as if hse had him in a half crab.

bluedragon_sacred: Yamato was still busy clutching and massaging his back before he could felt the thick bull rope wrap around his thigh as Kei sat on the small of his back and began to pull on it. He shriek out in pain, punching the floor and shaking his head as he wiggled around, trying to bridge up and topple her over

maxy_maxwell: Since she wasn't holding onto the leg directly she leaned back, pressing her forearm against the back of his neck while she pulled on the rope.

bluedragon_sacred: He groaned and moaned out loud, his free leg kicking out wildly as he tried to twist and turn using his free leg, trying to roll over to either side "Get your fat ass off me" he hissed

maxy_maxwell: She growled at that comment and then pressed down harder while she wrapped his other leg around the rope as well so both would be tied. She then stands up then quickly jumps and slams her butt down across his back. "How fat did that feel?" she then thought her comment kinda proved his false point so she kicked him in the ribs "Shut up!"

bluedragon_sacred: He grimmaced in pain and was almost going to take back that comment but realized provoking her worked as she finally got off his back releasing the boston crab and thumped her butt down on his back, causing him to roll over onto his back only to be kicked in the abs. Alot of the crowd people trying to touch/lightly slap both wrestlers shoulders. "Wait wait time out Kei- im about a 1 min break" He moaned as he shook his head, sitting up on his butt

maxy_maxwell: She looks like she might allow it but then she clotheslines him down. She didn't say it but she knew there were no time outs in wrestling. She unties his legs so she can have some more room to work with as she picks him up and puts him over her shoulder, like she might take him somewhere

bluedragon_sacred: Yamato was getting worried now! He was sweating hard and his body was bruised as soon as he got back up he was brought back down hard with a clothesline. He was soon forced up on his feet and carried by Kei on her shoulders "*huff* where.....where....are you taking me" he said out of breath

maxy_maxwell: Kei carries him outside, teasing powerslaming him into a wall a few times the more he resisted. She kicked open a door after a bit and the fight was now taken outside. She then notices that during the struggle to keep control while bringing him here she noticed the part of the rope that was around her wrist came off. "Oh dear." she sarcasticly commented and she dropped him where some steps were at the enterence of the arena that were going down in direction.

bluedragon_sacred: Its all Kei in this match for now as the veteran powerslams her veteran rival into the wall a coule of times. She then drags Yammy outside and places him near a few steps that were going down, he took some time to recover as she tried to tie the rope back on, he would take this time to recover and try to wait for her to turn around before he would lunge up and try to spear her on the conceret floor

bluedragon_sacred: Its all Kei in this for now as she teases Yamato to powerslam into the wall "Nononono" he says shaking his head while wiggling in her grip. She then drags Yammy outside and dropped him down near a few steps that were going down, he rolled and tumbled down down the stairs and on the concrete floor, clutching his shoulder and gritting his teeth

maxy_maxwell: She shrugs at the ref randomly then follows the path that Yamatao fell down. When she got to the bottom she grabbed hold of him, wanting to end things here, even though she was starting to have some fun with this. It looks like she's about to set him up for a piledriver on the sidewalk.

bluedragon_sacred: When Kei got a hold of him and pulled him upto his feet, Yammy tried to catch his second wind because if he got hit by whatever Kei was going for- he knew he would be out.As he got pulled up, He tried to quickly wrap his arms around her waist and lift her up a bit to try to slam her back down hard on the concrete sidewalk, going for a spinebuster to get back in this match

maxy_maxwell: Kei didn't expect him to get back into it so far as she was lifted up. She managed to grab part of the rope that was still connected to him so he'd close his grip for a quick moment. She would then go to set him up again but couldn't get a good grip of him as she went to lift him up and set him back down, giving him an opening.

bluedragon_sacred: Kei was defiently using the ropes to her advantage more than Yamato was, seems she did her homework on this sort of match. Before he could slam her back down she grabed the rope and used it to close his grip before setting him up again for her move, luckily she couldnt pull it off and was Yamato was let back down he lunged in at her with his arm extended , going for a hard hitting clothesline

maxy_maxwell: Before anything else could cross her mind she found her self taken down by Yamato's arm, which the landing felt a bit harder since it wasn't in the ring, and slightly rougher since the sidewalk wasn't as flat as say the arena floor.

bluedragon_sacred: Yamato grabbed the ropes and reeled some of it in his hands, he moved towards Kei and wrapped the ropes around her arms to trap them by her side. He hauled her up by her hair before locking in a bearhug "Now...I want to hear you scream bitch, let the whole world hear Kei screaming like a little bitch" he hissed, squeeeezing her body as hard as he could

maxy_maxwell: Instead, all he got was your typical type of scream that would come with someone being in that move. Though she did manage to get out a loud "GO FUCK YOURSELF!"

bluedragon_sacred: Yamato saw a parked car nearby , he tigtened his grip on the bearhug as much as he could while gritting his teeth. Before moving close to the car and then suddenly ramming Keis back against the rear bumper of the car

maxy_maxwell: This made a few kids that were watching near by jump at bit as Kei made contact with the car. She groaned a couple of seconds after the impact.

bluedragon_sacred: Yamato kept Keis back pinned against the bumper, he bent his body down a bit and rammed his shoulder into her gut hard. He kept his shoulder pinned against her belly and pressed it deep more, so that her back gets pressed against the cars rear bumper

maxy_maxwell: She didn't sound like she was having a good time now as he continued to nail her as she was beinf forced against the car some more.

bluedragon_sacred: After slamming his shoulder in her belly one more time he backed up and straightened up, giving her a chop across the breasts. " Your all washed up Kei. Im going to prove it" he hissed as he smacked his forearm into her chest, before moving away just a bit to find a waterhose that was supposed to wash the car and unloading the water pressure all over her body as she was leaning against the car

maxy_maxwell: She groans after he let up to find the hose. She tries to cover up as he fires the water in her direction, turning to her side and trying to fall away from it as it comes hard on her.

bluedragon_sacred: "Im sure you hadent taken a bath in ages- you should thank me" Yamato grinned as he threw away the hose after showering Kei with it. He went towards Kei who fell away and started to stomp down on her before grabbing her wet hair and pulling her upto her feet, before trying to nail her head on the floor with a ddt

maxy_maxwell: She would have felt a bit slippery when he grabbed her, though it didn't stop him from planting her on the ground.

bluedragon_sacred: Yamato quickly rolled Keis body over to her back before pinning her shoulders with his back and hooking up her leg " One......Two......"

maxy_maxwell: Kei managed to get her shoulder up as the ref's hand was maybe a couple of centimeters of hitting the ground for the third time.

bluedragon_sacred: Enraged Yamatos body straddled Keis body once more, using the thick rope to choke her out again. "Tap damnit Tap.......Submit or im ending your career right here and now" Yamato yelled as these two fierce veteran slug it out

maxy_maxwell: Before she can attempt to get back up she finds herself wrapped in the rope again. She tires to wildly kick early as he has her in it pretty tight. Even though it is no dq the ref still asks him to let her go.

bluedragon_sacred: Yamato was focused on putting Kei out. The refferee was asking him to let go and it wasnt before long Steven came rushing in to his teachers Aid, he tugged at Yamatos hand to try to ease up his rope choke break. Yamato only shoved him to the side a bit " Get the fuck off me you punk" he hissed as he got off Kei and big booted Steven, as steven went down on his back. Yamatao then turned his attention back to Kei as he tried to pin her again

maxy_maxwell: As he started to pin her someone yelled out to him "Pick on someone your onw size you fucking faggot!" Jesse was next to Steven after he got kicked down and looked like she wanted some of Yamato.

bluedragon_sacred: "Oh so you all want some huh?" He says as he stops pinning Kei and gets back up, he sees the hose still down on the floor and quickly grabs it and sprays at Jesse to get her distracted. Then he would try to clothesline her hard once shes distracted

maxy_maxwell: Jesse tried to fight through the water but the amount of it became too much as she got closer, and eventually found herself taken down. Somehow Kei knew two people she trained were in trouble and the time Yamato spent dealing with Jesse she gave her just enough time to stand up. She was all but officially done, but the feeling of wanting to protect them was all that was keeping her in her in there now. She grabs hold of Yamato from behind and gives him a german suplex on the ground. She looked over and saw both Steven and Jesse down, this angered her. She grabs him by the hair and drags him to the roof of the car and puts his head between his legs, wanting to piledrive him through the roof of the car.

bluedragon_sacred: Yamato had an evil grin on his face as he moved towards Jesse, but he made a mistake in leaving his true opponent to catch her second wind. He felt her arms grip him around the waist as he was flung backwards in a german suplex on the concrete floor. His head bounced off the floor as he clutched the back of his head and was really moaning in pain. Kei looked to finish her rival off as she shoved him on the top of the cars roof and joined him up there, shoving his head between her thighs for a powerbomb. Yamato realized he was in trouble and tried to get his head out of her thighs and tried to counter by sending a low blow right up her crotch

maxy_maxwell: When she goes to lift him up she feels him slip out and she doubles over and falls to a knee and looks like she might just completely fall over as Yamato nailed her downstairs.

bluedragon_sacred: Yamato then tries to trap her head between his thighs when she doubled over. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her lower body upwards to set her up for a piledriver.....before driving her head down onto the roof of the car

maxy_maxwell: The lowblow by Yamato killed what little she appeared to have left, and being driven onto the roof the car didn't help matters either.

bluedragon_sacred: After he drilled her head onto the roof of the car, Yamato laid across Keis chest and went for the pin right ontop of the roof of the car " 1.....2...."

maxy_maxwell: The ref could have counted to 20 and she still wouldn't have gotten up, so the 3 count was academic.

bluedragon_sacred: Yamato grinned at the sound of the ref counting till 3, he got off the roof of the car and dragged Kei down on the floor as well. Raising his hands in victory as the referee untied the rope around them. Yamato finally satisfied as he did what he wanted to do......take his rival down in a match


The wrestling match of the ages between Kei and her long time rival Yamato was at an end. The two had started wrestling in the ring but the action spilled outside the ring, in the crowd, at backstage and finally out in the parking lot. Both wrestlers ended up using the enviroment to their advantage as they brawled out in the parking lot but eventually Yamato Takeuchi won the match, by piledriving Kei onto the roof of a car and pinning her for the count. Yamato was exhausted and drenched in sweat but he was still pumped up and ready to teach Kei who the true veteran is. Yamato was in his black Nike wrestling boxers,latex material and perfect fit around his waist with matching leather wrestling boots and elbow pads.

bluedragon_sacred: He looked at Kei with a sly grin, he began to remove his elbow pads and shoved the referee aside. " *huff*huff* time to show you who's the best, you washed up bitch" he hissed as he began to stomp his boot down on her ribs and face. He began to pull her upto her feet and grabbed her head as he forced it down hard onto the rear bumper of the car, not content on just winning the match. Yamato really wanted to beat the crap out of his long time rival.

dynamoredder: Wrath was watching the whole thing and she gritted her teeth as Yamato wouldn't stop the beat down after winning. Putting on her mask to complete her outfit, she would rush outside to the parking lot. When she caught sight of the two, Wrath stayed as quiet and sneaky as possible as she crept close to Yamato. Once close enough, she would kick Yamato at the back of the knee to make him let go. Afterwards, she would try to pick him up and toss him to the rear window of the car.

bluedragon_sacred: Yamato's smirk grew wider as he slowly planned his beatdown after delivering the first few blows to Kei. As he he picked up Kei and was about to throw her onto the rear bumper of the car, he felt a hard kick on the back of his knee making his knee jerk awkwardly. "Fuck ooohh...who the fu-" before he could say anything else he was grabbed from behind and shoved into the rear window of the car "Guuuuhhhh Ouuggghhhhh" his body hit the window hard as he rolled off the rear bumper and fell onto the floor, looking upto this masked intruder.

dynamoredder: Wrath would glare from her mask as she stood before Yamato. Only huffing and growling as she was ready to take this guy down.

bluedragon_sacred: Yamato slowly got back upto his feet as the masked person stood before him, ".....who the heck do you think you are eh?" He said as he tried to get back up on his feet and lunge towards Warth, looking to start a brawl with her. Wildly attempting forearm smashes and closed fists to her head and chest

dynamoredder: Wrath kept her eyes on Yamato as he started charging. She would try her best to block the attacks to her head and chest though it can be painful throughout. And at the last moment if she can keep up long enough, Wrath would try to give out a hand spear to Yamato's stomach to stop him and double him over.

bluedragon_sacred: Yamato kept on the offence, delivering blow after blow to the masked wrestler as he saw her cover up and back up a bit. His attacks were not at full force because he had just gone through a tough match but were still quite strong, as he was hammering away on her chest and head, suddenly.....Wrath changed from defence to offence in a flash, delivering a spear to Yamato as he went down on his back and doubled over

dynamoredder: Wrath would then grab Yamato up to try getting her arm around his head and lifting him up. She aims to fall backwards to land his body on the rear of the car.

bluedragon_sacred: Yamato was still a bit groggy as he felt Wraths arm around the back of his head, she hauled him off his feet as she felt backwards, launching him on his back on the rear of the car in a back body drop! Yamato screamed out in pain as he fell off the rear bumper down on the floor clutching his back. During this time, more referees and other officials of the AFW came around and tried to seperate the two, holding Wrath back and trying to get between the two

dynamoredder: Wrath would go with the refs as she was separated from Yamato. She would even tell them to check on Kei to see if sh e's alright. After all, she is a very good friend of hers.

bluedragon_sacred: "You bitch! I'll get dare you get in my way" he shouted at her as the referee and officials held him back, after calming him down and calming the chaos down both wrestlers were finally taken away from the parking lot to cool down their heads.

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