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Red Interest

Sat May 19, 2018 7:28 pm by M.J.Caboose14

Just wanted to see what people thought about Red Nation.

Also, I wanted to see which of them people like most.

Feel free to leave comments or message me Smile


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Highfly Flying Out Of Town

Tue May 22, 2018 1:31 am by HighFly

Hello everyone, I just wanted to inform all I have threads with that I will be gone from this coming Wednesday through Sunday. I won't be able to post consistently if at all during this time, but I will try to make up for it next week! I am sorry for the inconvenience to everyone.

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The Austrailian Mudslide is Back.

Sat Apr 21, 2018 6:20 am by Softsquad

Granted that most of you won't know me or remember me, but I've had a few matches here and there some time ago. Well I think its time to become a regular around here and try to have some fun again, but at the same time keep coming back. Anyway I think its time to jump into some matches with Zoe Taylor, my mud wrestling character from Australia and get her back into the squared circle. Furthermore I will update my characters as I think some proper changes need to happen.

So if anyone would …

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Yamato Takeuchi vs Lita

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Yamato Takeuchi vs Lita

Post by Teenwrestler on Thu Mar 27, 2014 11:56 pm

Yamato walks around backstage, having just heard the news of Kei making a comeback in her wrestling career he just couldnt resist taking a swipe at his long time rival after she announced her comeback. He anxiously moved around as he found Kei, walking towards her.

Kei felt pretty good to be be back, not expecting Sasha to be the first to veribally come after her, but she was good with how things went out and was finishing up talking to a few people backstage as she unknowingly walked in his direction.

: Yamato smirked as he saw Kei walking towards his direction, he started to clap out sarcastically with a arrogant smirk on his face as the two met each other face to face "Well...well well well well....look who it is! the famous Kei, you do know how to be in the spotlight eh? teaching younger wrestlers to stay in the game and now this! in-ring return! what caused you to get out of your old rockin chair ya old hag" He smirked getting into her face "Im sure you only need one match to get back into retirement....against me that is"

: At first she looked ok with seeing him but the longer he went on the more she wasn't to thrilled with it. "_ yeah, right." and she goes to move past him

: "Whoa! do I detect the cold sholder?" he says smirking as he grabs her arm firmly as she tried to move past him, he drags her back a bit again "where ya goin?"

: "Unlike you I got I got stuff to do this evening, so please" she pulls her arm away,.

: "Like what huh?" He says dragging her back again, getting into her face as he bullies her around a bit

: "Leave her alone" someone behind him yells at him before grabbing his shoulder.

: "Huh what the? who the heck are you?" he says trying to shurg that arm off his shoulder and turn around to see whos bothering him

: "You heard her." As Lita is now getting his face.

: "w-what is this? back off girl" he says moving towards her, his forehead bumping into hers as he tries to push her back, yamato looks ready for a fight if she were to pull of a move

: "She doesn't want to be bothered by you, so I suggest YOU back off." as she pokes him hard on the upper part of his chest.

: "Oh yeah sure th-" takeuchi steps a step back as to make it seems hes backing off, he cut his speech short and then all of a sudden charged at Lita trying to strike her face with his forearm as he lunged back in towards her

: Lita had a feeling he would try something and even though he got the first few shots on her she was fighting him back. A few backstage officials witness this and get between the two as Kei watches. Lita looks like she wants more of him.

: Yamato and Lita slug it out a bit before they were backed up by backstage officials, they tried to shurg off the officials and get back to pummling each other but they were held secure "Why dont we get in the ring and make it official then bitch" he hissed as the two got seperated but still facing each other across the area

: Lita didn't mind continuing things back here, but was itching for competition since her friends have already had a couple already and she has yet to make her in-ring return. "Bring it!"

: Yamato smirks as he calms down "Fine, cya in the ring kiddo" he smirks before storming away from the area. He makes a quick stop to his locker room as he strips out of his street clothes and changes into his wrestling gear, putting on his red wrestling trunks with matching boots laced up. He pads up his knee and elbow pads before heading out towards the arena. Making his way down into the ring weighing in at 5,11 158 pounds 42yo, Yamato slides under the ring rope getting back up on his feet as he stretches his arms and neck before moving to his corner

: After he leaves Kei thanks Lita then takes a moment to look her over before leaving herself. 'This should be interesting' Kei says to herself as Lita goes to get ready. Lina got word of the newly made match as Lita was almost ready to head out. She tells Lina that she has this and goes out herself, still fired up from before. When Xepher echos through the area, instead the typical walk down to the ring she dashes down, not taking her eyes of Yamato. She quickly slides in and goes right for him

: Yamato sees her opponent sprint towards the ring and takes up a guard position knowing what she would do as soon as she would enter the ring. He sees her sliding in the ring as she comes forwards! Takeuchi leans in as well going for a clothesline

: Lita ducks the clothesline and goes off rope behind him and comes off wanting to tackle Yamato

: Yamato eyes widen as lita ducks down evading the clothesline, she sprints past him and bouncing off the ring ropes rushed back. As soon as Takeuchi turned around to face her he was struck with a spear, taking him down on his back

After taking him down Lita gave him a few shots before kicking him a few times in the direction of the ropes, wanting to take this fight to the outside.

: Yamato tried to turn to his side as he tried to cover up, bringing his arms up to absorb some of her stomps. He got kicked around until he rolled towards the rope and exited the ring falling down on his side, grunting a bit as he tried to get back up

: Lita brushes her hair back after he left the ring before going after him and grabbing a handful of his hair. "Respect this motherfucker!." as she introduces him to the crowd safety rail.

: Yamato shrieks out a bit as her hair is yanked up a bit as he was forced up on his feet. Lita drags him towards the crowd safetly rail but Yamato knows where this is going as he tried to elbow his opponent to her side to counter, if it winded her out he would counter by grabbing her head and hit her against the safetly rail before throwing her over the rail

Lita's head bounced of off the railing, but the adrenaline that was going through her made her glare back up at him and send him into it just like how he did.

: Yamato grunted out as his head bounced off the rails, he wanted to have an exchange of blows as he tried to bring his knee into her belly to soften her up before grabbing her hair and shoving her head into the railing again, again trying to shove her over the railing into the crowd area

: Lita is able to keep up with him, though eventually she does go over. Though she grabs hold of him and she drops down, giving him a stunner of sorts across the top of the railing.

: Yamato and Lita have an exchange of bumping heads into the railing before he slammed his knee into her gut and throwing her over the railing but she hung on to his head and as she came down his neck crashed against the railing causing him to go down on his back on the outside ring mats, clutching his neck rolling around

: After she gets back to her feet she takes a quick moment to get her breath back before asking a few people around her to move. She leans over and grabs a hold of him, looking to bring him into the crowd with a suplex on to the chairs.

: Yamato gets back up eventually and as soon as he did his head was trapped under her arm as she leaned forward and lifted him up and across as she brought him hard onto the steel chairs snapping them as he comes down on his back, screaming out in pain as he clutches his back. People all around the 2 wrestlers "w-what the heck are u doing bitch!" he moans a bit concern this might be turning into something ugly

Lita looks around and picks up one of the chairs, then hands it off to a younger fan and tells him to just hold it and not to move. She then picks up Yamato and gives him a battering ram like bulldog into the chair.

: Yamato was hauled up to his feet by Lita, his back was still pretty sore from the suplex on the chair, he resisted and tried to shover her off but couldnt do so in time and his body was rammed into the steel chair which was being held by a fan, *CLANG* he went down straight away after the impact, holding his face with his hand rolling around the peoples feeet

: Lita and the young one share high five before she goes to pick up another one of the chairs and just sets it up like normal, She grabs hold of Yamato again and sits him down on it before positioning herself in a way so she's have some height over him as if in the corner of the ring on one of the ropes and gives em the ol' 10 punches as the referee tries to tell them both to take it back to the ring.

: Yamatos body started to sweat out a bit as he was domminated in the early stages, he was forced to sit up in an open chair as he was pummled down on his head punch after punch till 10. Enraged he tried to raise his knee up into her crotch as she was leaning onto him for the 10 punches

Lita fired away at him, not really hearing the ref telling both of them to take it back to the ring when after the 10 punch she just drops to the ground holding her crotch area. Even though she's a girl it still hurt.

: Takeuchi shook his head trying to get back in the match as he felt a bit dizzy from those punches, however Lita is down on the ground as well and Takeuchi tries to take advantage as he tried to grab a fistfull of her hair and drag her towards the steel railing and try to throw her over the railing back towards the ring arena, then drag her back into the ring and on the way driving his thigh into her belly to soften her up before shoving her inside the ring

: The referee wonders what happened as Lita suddenly fell. Lita groans as she gets dragged back towards the ring with the ref yelling Yamato bring it back inside.

: "Come on girl, you wanna fight huh? lets go" he said as he started to stomp down on his opponent, his boot stomping down hard on her thigh,belly and then shoulder as he looks to soften her up

: She groans as she gets kicked around by him, eventually trying to get a couple of kicks of her own off to try to push 'em back.

: Yamato backed off a bit as Lita tried to get some kicks of her own, her kicks hit him around the shin and thigh as he was forced to back off a bit, still circling her and stalking her as she was still down on the ring canvas

: Lita grabs hold of the ropes near by to pull herself up while keepin an eye on him should he try something.

: As soon as she grabbed the ropes and tried to pull herself up to her feet, Yamato quickly lunged forward towards her looking to grab her left arm

: She sees him lunching at her and drops down before looking to counter with an uppercut

: Yamatao grunts out as spittle flies off his mouth once he is struck with that uppercut, momuntairly stunning him as he staggers back

: Lita takes a moment to fully get back up after delivering the shot and fires off a few punches, wanting to box him back into the corner

: Yamato grunted out and moaned in pain as she fired away on his body with her fists! Yamato continued to stagger back while taking the punches to his belly and chest as he tried to cover up while backing up in the corner "Urghh Ref ref" he complained about fists and a corner break

: Lita continued her assulted and stropped using him as a punching back when she heard the ref reach a count of three in the corner. She then gave him a hard forearm to the face before lifting him up over her head and started to benchpress him.

: Yamato tried to cover up as Lita continued to fire away punches, as the ref started count Lita did manage to stop with the punches causing him to break his guard only then to be whacked into the face by her forearm. He was lifted over her head and amazingly benchpressed "WHOA no no put me down" he yelled, kicking his legs wildly

: She didn't do many reps, just a few then drops him on the mat. She then goes off the ropes and follows up with an elbow drop to his back before turning him over and going for a pin.

: Yamato was shoved down, face first, onto the ring canvas when he was brought down. He then felt a sharp pain on the small of his back as lita got him with an elbow drop to his back before he was turned a round nad pinned, "1.....2...." he quickly and forcefully kicked out at 2

: Lita didn't like that it was only a two count, but she didn't bother arguing about it and picks him up, getting a few small, but quick knee shots in to his gut before getting a grip on his head, wrenching him in closer and looks to drop him with a ddt.

: Yamato was being dominated by Lita at this point, he couldnt keep up as he was hauled up and thrusted with hard knee shots into his gut before he was set up for a ddt and then implayed on his head onto the ring as she got him with the ddt, he laid there with his arms and legs spreaded

: Lita goes to grab hold of him again, but this time she looks to do a little more to him and goes put him in a dragon sleeper, wanting to wear him down up high more.

: Yamato got locked into the sleeper hold while he was down on his butt, he moaned and groaned as he tried to struggle out of the move. He squirmed and wiggled alot trying to make it hard for Lita to lock it on, his hands reached to her arms trying to prey her arms off his neck *Cough*cough*

: Lita felt him moving and she goes to stand up, looking like she wants him to get out before she fires a knee shot to his spine, then drops back down.

: Yamato builds up some momentum as he rises up to his feet, looking to fight back out of this predicament but a knee is forced up into his spine as he instantly goes down again, feeling the pressure of the dragon sleeper again, he starts to slap and claw at her arm in desperation

: Lita growls as Yamato tries to fight out of it and tries to hold on to it, but eventually lets go. After she breaks her grip of him she winds up herline and fires of a sidekick to the back.

: Yamato is relieved as he is released from that dragon sleeper, still down on his butt he takes some time to breathe in and out but soon a swift sharp kick is struck against his back causing him to almost shriek out loud in pain while clutching his back and falling to his side

: Lita grits her teeth and gives him a couple more kicks the same way until he either goes down or tries to get back up and waits him to make a move of some kind to get in position so she can can deliver a kick to the head with his name on it.

: Yamato goes down on his back covering up as he was pummeled down with a barrage of kicks, he then rolled onto his belly and placed his plams on the ring canvas as he pushed upwards, getting up on all fours

: When Lita saw him pushing up she fired away, hoping to land it on target.

: *THAWK* Her kick hit hard against is head as he went down on his belly again, dizzy and groggy after that punt kick to his head

: After he landed on the mat Lita went down her self, turning him over and tries to pin him again.

: Yamato was pretty out of it as his head was spinning after that kick but he kicked out just before 3, out of instinct as he got the shoulder up

: Lita was surprised that Yamato had enough to kickout of that one and asked if the ref was sure about that near fall. She goes to grab hold of him again, this time giving him a bodyslam in the middle of the ring. She yells out to fire herself up and positions herself, waiting for him to get back to his feet, waiting to strike, this time with a runniing jumping knee.

: Yamato cried out loud in pain as his back was in excrutiating pain, he was slammed down again on his back as he took his time to get back up on his feet with his back turned towards his opponent then slowly he began to turn around and face Lita

: Lita was looking really hungry to connect with it and when she felt he was in position enough she charges at him and leaps to fire off the knee in his direction.

: Yamato tries to dodge it knowing he cant take much more strikes and continue the match, he tries to duck down low to avoid the knee strike and then try to kick her legs with his own, trying to sweep her legs to trip her down onto her back using teh momentum of her charge
: When he ducked down Lita ended up going completely over him and had to slam on the breaks so she wouldn't land awkwardly and trip into the turnbuckles and she manages to stop in time before coming into contact with them, holding on to the top part of the ropes with her back facing him.

: Before she can react after stopping she felt his legs, or something making contact with hers and she falls down to a knee, with her back still facing him.

: He saw his opponent down on her knees with her back turned towards him. He was eager to get some payback as he approached her and smashed his forearm into her back before grabbing her hair and pulled her back a bit to drag her away from the ropes as he looks to go down on his knee's behind her and try to lock in a sleeper hold

: He was able to get her in it, but she grabbed hold of his hair before he could lock it in tight to try to get out of it since he had a thing for pulling her hair.

: Yamatao squealed out and shrieked a bit as his hair was yanked, he complained to the ref then tried to shift his position as he tried to place his knee against her back and his hands try to cup around her chin as he pulled her chin back, forcing her back in towards his knee

Lita held on to the hair for as long as she could, when she let go she took some of his hair with her. She groans out when she gets kneed in the back and it brought her back down again.

: " little runt!" Yamato cursed out as he got back up on his feet , stomped down on her opponent to keep her down on her back. He would then try to stand on the flock of her hair and reach down to grab her arms and pull them upwards putting the pressure on her hair trapped under his boot

: She didn't like as she yelled out, in addition to the referee yelling at him with a count to break the hold with it being an illegal hair pull hold.

: Yamato kept the hold on till the ref reaching the count of 4 and then lets go, circling around her he tries to stomp down on her belly and thigh to soften her up before planning his next move
: She groans as he fires in his feet at her, somewhat wanting to swap one of the stomp shots after trying to cover up most of them.

: "Get up" he yells at her as he tries to grab her by the arm and pull her back upto her feet, he tries to whip her into the corner and then follow up to her, trying to sandwich her in the corner turnbuckle as he tries to ram his body into her while shes in the corner

: Lita is unable to do much as she gets whipped into the corner and can't resist him splashing into her and she crys out upon impact.

: Yamato clenches his fists as he takes a step back and drives his closed fist into her belly, keeping his fists digged into her tummy for a few seconds before trying to scoop her up and slam her down on the ring canvas, going for a quick pin

: Lita kicks out at about two and a half, not wanting to give in to him even though he was still coming on strong.

: Yamato got a bit frustrated as Lita kicked out, in his enraged state he started to straddle Lita's body as he began to sit on her belly, he leaned forward and grab a fistfull of her hair pulling her head up a bit and then using his free hand he started to punch away at her forehead

: After a few more shots she gets busted open and she can feel him wailing away and it starting to flow out. She reaches up with her free arm as her other was being used to try and block any more punches coming her way, and goes for the throat.

: Yamato continued to hammer away as now his blows were being absorbed by litas forearm, protecting her face. "Gack *cough*" he moaned out as his throat was grabber and choked as he complained to the ref

: Lita holds on to his throat as she starts to stand up again. When she gets back to a vertical base she lifts up Yamato, then bring him back down to earth with a chokeslam

: "Gah- Urghhh leggooo" he moans and groans as he struggles to get free from her chokehold grip, as she got up to her feet she hauled him up and over and brought him down hard onto his back in a vicious chokeslam! He clutched his back as he rolled around in pain
: "One more!" she sells out, getting fired up as she moves around the ring, getting the crowd going before going back to him and lifting him up to give Yamatao another one.

: Yamato was forced up on his feet once more, still a bit groggy he tried to recollect his thoughts when he felt her hand choke him again " Gah!" he moaned, he knew another chokeslam would surely end this and tried to bring his hands up towards her eye and give her an eyerake

: As she lifted him up for the second one she dropped him after he got into her eyes, backing her up as she covered up, not liking what just happened.

: He tried to follow up on his advantage, he shook his head and took a few seconds to recover before he suddenly lunged forward and tried to clothesline her, thinking she would still be blindsided from that eye rake

: She staggers around as Yamato got her pretty good, and while when he charged in her direction he was right on target, the unsteady moment she on her part made her inadvertently avoid the contact at the very last moment

: Yamato blind charge to strike her with his clothesline was avoided pretty much inadvertedly, he missed his initial target and on the follow up his extended arm striked agaisnt the ref causing him to go down "Ooops...we should get better refs, more stronger atleast" he said before turning around to Lita

: Shorlt after that Lita was able to get her vision back, not noticing the Yamato almost took the referee's head off but sees him.

: Yamato looks around to the ref and then to his opponent Lita, he takes another glance at the ref to make sure hes down before moving towards Lita, grabbing her by her hair he yanks her up on her feet

: Yamato looks around to the ref and then to his opponent Lita, he takes another glance at the ref to make sure hes down before moving towards Lita, looking to grab her arm

: When he grabbed hold of her she gave him a forarm shot to the head with her free arm and lifted him up for an emerald fusion. She covers him after the impact hoping it can end there but doesn't hear the referee making the count. She looks around wondering what's going on and she eventually sees the ref down from what Yamatao did moments earlier. She gets off of Yamatao and goes to check on the ref.

: Yamato staggered back as he got hit by that forearm shot at the head, luckily she didnt realize the ref was down as she could have hit him with a closed fist into the head. He was hauled up and back down as she got him with the emerald fusion followed up by a pin, thankfully the ref was down. Yamato took a few seconds to rest up and didnt even bother to kick out or struggle, eventually she got off him and checked on the ref. He slowly got back up on one knee, his eyes glaring at Lita as her back was turned towards him when she was checking up on the ref

: She taps the ref a bit trying to get some feeling back and she eventually sees some movement and hears the ref tell her that they're be ok and she then turns her attention back to Yamato.

: As soon as she turned around to face him, he wildly lunges in at her looking to swing his wild kick right up into her cunt to really do some major damange " HAH" he yells, after he hits with that illegal kick he looks around to the ref, hoping he didnt see that stunt

: If he had kicked any harder he might have went through her so ti was safe to say she felt it and didn't sound like she was having a good time as the ref was getting back up, not seeing the shot but eventually seeing Lita down.
11:09:22 PM
: As he saw the ref getting back up he quickly move towards Lita, grabbing her by her arms he pulled her up to her feet. He got behind her as he wrapped his arms around her body and hit her hard with a trio of german suplex, getting in a bridge pin on her with his 3rd german suplex " 1......2........"

: 3. With that and being nailed below the belt like it was too much for her to handle.

: Yamato slides onto her body, his crotch pressing against hers while he passes his hands throug her hair looking down on her with a smirk " *huff*huff* you tell Kei......shes next" with that he kissed her forehead and got off her and exited the ring

: After he left Lina came down to check on Lita and after she helped her up Lita shoved her awayand called for a mic, she wasn't very happy. "This.....this isn't over. You want to fight like that? Then face me again, but this time you can do whatever you want.....inside a steel cage." she drop the stick and heads off, Lina follows and doesn't look to thrilled as it looks like she has more work a head of it, thinking it might be difficult to pull off what Lita wants.

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