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Highfly Flying Out Of Town

Tue May 22, 2018 1:31 am by HighFly

Hello everyone, I just wanted to inform all I have threads with that I will be gone from this coming Wednesday through Sunday. I won't be able to post consistently if at all during this time, but I will try to make up for it next week! I am sorry for the inconvenience to everyone.

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The Austrailian Mudslide is Back.

Sat Apr 21, 2018 6:20 am by Softsquad

Granted that most of you won't know me or remember me, but I've had a few matches here and there some time ago. Well I think its time to become a regular around here and try to have some fun again, but at the same time keep coming back. Anyway I think its time to jump into some matches with Zoe Taylor, my mud wrestling character from Australia and get her back into the squared circle. Furthermore I will update my characters as I think some proper changes need to happen.

So if anyone would …

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Moonhearts Promo intro thread is O p e n.

Mon May 21, 2018 4:21 am by XSirenX

Feeling brave?, lost?, or without a thread to post in?, hit up the newest Moonheart if any of those apply!


What Moon has to offer?, many things...:

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Yamato Ishii vs Lita - POW Challenge

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Yamato Ishii vs Lita - POW Challenge

Post by Maxy on Wed Apr 01, 2015 12:14 am

Done via yim.

It was another day at the office for Yamato Ishii as he stood in the backstage area, stretching and getting himself ready for a match. Although what made this different from his recent bouts was the fact that, for the first time in roughly a month, he would be competing in singles action. One on one, just him and his opponent, and no Mariko to coach him or tag him out if things went south. And despite how well he and his sister had shown they could work together, Yamato still had yet to earn his first singles victory. But perhaps today was the day that all would change. His opponent was a woman (and quite a good looking one at that) who was more experienced, but like Yamato hadn't competed in singles action in a while. And as he continued to stretch while waiting to be cued to the ring, the older Ishii sibling was feeling pretty confident about himself.

As for Lita, this was a welcomed change of pace. Having done a lot of behind the scenes work, in attention some extended babysitting to get Lina's head back on track with a friend's help, she felt today was the right day to put her plan into action. That is of course if things went well inside the ring. She knew what she was going up against, while confident that she'd have nothing major to worry about she knew what could happend if one lets his/her guard down, escpecially at the wrong moment. As she was finishing getting her gear on, Sion and Lina came into the room. They finished up a mini interview as both were recently cleared to return as well, but will be playing supporting roles in this one. They wondered if Lita's opponent would have any words to say before they headed out there.

Once Yamato was good and stretched out, he glanced over to a clock on the wall. Still a bit of time left before things would be starting. He was thinking he probably should've waited a few more minutes before coming down here, but hey, better early than late. After bouncing a few times on the balls of his feet, he began to slowly pace back and forth, taking calming breaths to help work out the pre-match jitters. But he then stopped in his tracks once he saw the pretty brunette walking by. This was unmistakenly his opponent. And while he had a bit of time, the young man decided he'd use it to get a little banter in with his opponent. "Oi!" he called out while walking toward Lita, smiling brightly and confidently as he approached. "You must be my opponent tonight, right? Try not to take it too bad when I pin you out there, alright?"

Lita looked over when Yamato called to her. She doesn't respond verbally right away, but does grin at first. When she does reply she tells him "Don't be to sure about that." Not to far behind her, but hard to tell if they were going out with her or not were her teammates. The others noticed her talking to him and decided to hold back where they were. Even though she was about to face him it didn't look like he was going to be much of a threat back here. "Good confidence you got though." she adds.

Yamato vaguely noticed the presence of a couple other people off to the side, but thought nothing of it at the moment. Hearing her response, he chuckled as he crossed his arms in front of his chest and shrugged. "If you say so. But you know, it doesn't look like you've got any handsome guys like me hanging around with you." he said, still oblivious to the fact that Lita's teammates were standing nearby. "Just saying, if you hold onto guys in the ring as well as you do outside of it, I think my chances are pretty good."

She raised an eyebrow at him. "What's that suppose to mean?" The others would continue to watch on.

The expression and tone probably should've been a hint not to continue on with what he was saying. But, he persisted anyway. "Just what I said. Doesn't look like you can hold onto a man out here, and it won't be any different with me." He was justy trying to express his confidence going into their match, but if he'd been paying attention to what he said, he probably would've realized his words were coming off much worse than intended.

"Is that what you think?" she asks him. "I'll have you know that unlike you from the looks of it, I ain't a virgin. Then again if you were ever in prison with your face you'd be passed around like currency. I can get any man I desire, heck my two kids were fathered by my best friend's husband." Daisuke and Sion's eyes widen, even though she was speaking the truth they were surprised she went there. "And the last Yamato I faced, who's old enough to be your father, let's just say last time I faced him I made sure he'd never want a peice of me again." she did not mention though that their first meeting he did defeat her but it didn't seem relevant to this topic.

It didn't take a genius to realize Yamato had gone somewhere he probably shouldn't have. And under normal circumstances, he'd immediately apologize. But that just seemed like such an awkard thing to do right before a match. And he didn't want to look weak. Perhaps not the best justification in the world, but the train of thought led the young man to keep going. "Oh really? Any man, huh? Bet I could prove you wrong there. In fact, why don't we make our match a bit more interesting? Winner gets the loser for the rest of the night-- no, the rest of the week!" That oughta bring her down a bit. There's no way a woman with two kids would accept that kind of challenge...right? "Oh, and don't bother comparing me to that other guy. I'm not some Takeuchi brat." he added, despite the fact that one of those Takeuchi brats was a supermodel named Ami who'd kicked Yamato's ass and humiliated him on two separate occasions. But that didn't seem relevant at the moment either...
She gave him a Dr. Evil style 'Riiiight' facial expression when he said he could prove her wrong. "Usually I wouldn't be up for that sort of thing, but it sounds like someone has to beat some sense into you." She holds her hand out to shake his,w hich if he took it she would have a little bit firmer grip than normal. She stares at him before moving in a bit closer and is about to tell him something when one of the staff that the gorilla position tells them that they're up.

"W-wait, what?" Yamato said, blinking a few times in confusion as Lita extended a hand. He hadn't planned on things going this way, and now Yamato was starting to wonder just what he'd gotten himself into. He wanted to be smart about this, but her moving in closer and the voice of the staff member completely cut off his train of thought. Yamato's music was already playing and he hadn't even noticed! No time to think thing's through. So he quickly moved his hand to grab and shake Lita's, instantly noting she had a stronger grip than he'd anticipated. "Heh. Good luck trying." he said with a grin, before turning away and heading through the curtain. As usual, the energetic young man waved and shouted out to the crowd to get them riled up as he made his way down the ramp. He then entered the ring and waited for Lita to come out too, trying not to get over his sudden uncertainty about this match by the time she had joined him in the ring.

As Yamato was heading out there she wondered for a moment if what just happened as a good thing or not. She didn't have much time to deal with it and it soon game her turn to head out there. When she did head out though she didn't come alone. Sion, Daisuke, and Lina joined her down the runway. If things were going to be starting new for them they might as well come out together, even if it's just one of them competing. All four of them enter the ring. While he didn't say anything after they made a little group pose for the crowd Sion made a small gesture to Yamato that he was the gut that Lita was talking about. They did a group high five before Daisuke, Sion, and Lina left the ring. Those three have a mini conference on the outside before Daisuke and Sion headed back to the entryway.  It seemed a bit risky having Lina out there, since she was still doing her anger management course, but they wanted to be unified and everyone believed that she'd be fine being out here for this. Daisuke and Sion would remain by the curtain, on the backstage side of it, just in case if something goes wrong, but they're confident she'll be ok, as they are with how Lita will be. "Any second thoughts?" Lita would ask Yamato before the referee asks them if they're ready, to which she would nod.

Yamato watched as Lita made her way out to the ring, along with three other people, wrestlers Yamato knew of but had never had the chance to meet in person before. This girl didn't seem like the type that would try gang up on him with her friends, but he still couldn't help but look around cautiously at each of them as they entered the ring. Fortunately it just seemed they'd be accompaning her to the ring, and the other three went on back, just leaving Yamato, Lita, and the ref in the ring. "As if. But you're gonna regret accepting that challenge. Hope you're ready." he replied, before nodding to the ref girl as well to show he was ready to start. The bell rang to begin the match, and Yamato began moving out toward the center of the ring with his arms up. He wasn't sure how Lita would go about starting this matchup, but Yamato felt taking it easy at the start with a simple lockup would probably be a smart way to kick things off.

Lita said nothing more to him when the bell sounded. She didn't have a problem with locking up with him at first. She knew she could take this guy, but also knew not to under estimate him. 'Alright, let's see what he can do.' she said to her self as she went to lockup with him.

As Lita came to meet him around the center of the ring, Yamato lunged his arms out to lock them up with hers. He didn't want to make unnecessary guesses about her capabilities, but he was willing to bet he packed more raw strength in his body, and so he tried to use that to his advantage by attempting to drive Lita backward toward one of the corners of the ring.

Lita had the same idea he did, but to the corner that was behind him. Both of them appeared to be deadlocked. While it seemed a bit risky with their positioning, Lita would allow him to move her back a few of steps, hoping to give him a false sense of security, before breaking the lock up on her end and making a quick side step and giving Yamato a small but quick side kick to where his ribs are. But if he was faster than she was he'd just make her fall over.

After a brief moment of both wrestlers pushing in opposite directions, it seemed to Yamato things were going his way as Lita took a few steps back toward the corner behind her. So far so good, or so it seemed. But suddenly the pretty brunette moved off to the side, and Yamato's momentum carried him forward right into a quick kick to the ribs. He grunted, wincing slightly in pain at the sudden impact. It wasn't anything big, but the suddenness of the strike had caught him off guard. It was pretty apparent already Lita was a quick one, and he'd have to keep his eye on her and those legs of hers.

Lita waited for him to face her direction to which she would fire a few kicks and punches in his direction, none of which she intended to have land as she was testing out is movement, already having the feeling he has some legit strength to him as the lockup showed. Regardless if any of those landed or not she would flash him a sly grin. "Not bad hmmm?" she asked him, commenting a bit on her quickness but also recognizing what he did at first.

Yamato wasn't much of a speedster, so once he turned to face Lita again and was greeted with a quick flurry of kicks and punches, his immediate response was to put his arms up defensively in front of himself. The hits that came to strike against his guard stung a bit, but more than anything they were a nuisance. "Yeah, not bad. But how do you like THIS?" he replied, before suddenly lunging forward to push Lita, hoping to send her back into the ropes. If this worked, then once she came bounding back toward him, Yamato would charge forward and attempt to blast Lita with shoulder block in hopes of knocking her off her feet.  

While he did manage to shove her to the ropes she didn't bounce off them that much since she didn't fall back towards them with much momentum. Lita did see his shoulder block coming and prepared for the impact. While it didn't knock her down it did move her back a few feet.

Yamato may not've been the biggest or the strongest guy on the Tension roster, but he was pretty dang strong for his size, and had taken people bigger than Lita down like this before. So when he made impact and the pretty brunette remained on her feet, Yamato was definitely surprised. It seemed to him either she was much stronger than she looked, or Yamato just hadn't been able to get as much momentum as he'd wanted behind his charge. But either way, no time to bee too impressed. Or at least, not to show it blatantly. Lunging forward, Yamato attempted to drive his knee into his foe's stomach, and would then wrap his arm around her head in a headlock and attempt to take her down to the mat on her back while holding onto her.

Lita saw Yamato coming at her again, and while she would block the knee to the stomach, given the distance away he was when he launched himself at her, she was head locked shortly thereafter and while she didn't go down quietly nor quickly he did manage to take her down. While on the mat she moved one of her shoulders a few times while he held her in position, in order to avoid being considered pinned by the referee.

The takedown wasn't the prettiest that had ever been executed, but he did manage to pull Lita down onto the mat. However, the girl was smartly pushing her shoulders around to keep them from being down long enough for a pin attempt. Yamato rolled a bit and shifted his weight over Lita, trying to get her shoulders down, or at least force her to use up some valuable energy to keep herself from being pinned. "Having some trouble down there?" he taunted while wrenching on the headlock, trying to wear her down as much as possible with the hold, knowing it was more than likely going to take quite a bit more to have a chance of putting her away.

There was a moment where her shoulders were down a one, and even a two count, but she wasn't in much danger, however she knew she couldn't stay where she was. She took one of her free arms as she was keeping a shoulder up and positioned it so the hand was almost behind Yamato's head. Not in a way that she would pull it but in a way she would try to press against it, but enough to get him to move.

Yamato heard the ref slapping the mat and counting during the brief moments Lita's shoulders were put down against the mat. She never stayed down long enough to reach a three count, but he was at least making her fight to stay alive down there. One of her hands then came up and started to press against his head. It wasn't doing much, but it did make it feel a bit awkward to try to hold on to the headlock. Deciding he'd gotten about as much as he could out of it anyway, he then put a foot on the ground and began to stand up, pulling her up with him. And once back to a vertical base, he'd then try to scoop Lita up and hold her upside down, before attempting to throw her down to the mat with a scoop slam.

After pressing against his head for a bit Lita wasn't sure if he was going to let go with just that so she thought about adding a little more to it. She was about to move her hand away and apply her forearm its place when she felt him moving. She moved with him as he rose up, but before she could react she ending up taking a bodyslam. On the outside of the ring, Lina remained quiet, but continued to watch on. Even if Lita was on the receiving end right now she knew it was still early in the bout.

Yamato managed to get the brunette up and slam her back down onto the mat. The match certainly wasn't by any means approaching a quick end with that move, but he was liking the way things were going at the moment. Looking to press his offensive even further, he took a couple steps back, before moving toward Lita and leaping into the air, extending his leg and attempting to drop the limb right down over the floored woman's neck with a leg drop.

Lina watches on as Lita then took a leg drop. She knew Lita could be doing better than how things are right now, but again she knows things are still in the early stages. unless she was trying to give him a false sense of security, which would seem kinda risky but she continues to look on while Lita coughs a bit from the drop.

The young man's leg crashed down onto his foe, causing the woman to start coughing following the impact. Feeling pretty good about how things were looking, he moved his torso over hers and hooked a leg for an early pin attempt. "So much for 'beating some sense into me,' huh." he taunted as the ref knelt by them and slapped the mat. "One…!"

When the ref's hand came down for two Lita was able to kickout of the pin, to which Lina clapped approvingly. Lita appeared to have no trouble getting out of the pin, even though Yamato had a leg hooked.

Yamato didn't expect Lita would be done in so easily, but just knowing he'd already forced her into a pinning predicament was at least encouraging. He just had to keep up the momentum. "Don't feel like staying down yet? Fine with me." he said, starting to pull himself up. And as he did, his hands went to either side of Lita's head as he'd then start guiding her back to her feet as well.

As Yamato lifted Lita back up, she waited until she was close to a standing position and when she felt that she was in good enough of a position angle wise she would fire off a shot with her forearm. Which that would be her way of replying to his what sounded like a rhetorical question on his part.

Yamato was pulling the brunette back to her feet, he was suddenly met with a sudden shot from her forearm. "Ugh!" he grunted, letting go of the woman and moving back a step in reaction to the hit. The quick shot had caught him off guard, and possibly given Lita an opening she needed to start building some momentum for herself.

After Yamato moved back a bit from the forearm she would fire in a few kicks, alternating between legs and rib spots, getting a few on each side. If Yamato wasn't able to stop her onslaught she would after the final kick reach in and attempt to pick him up.

Immediately after taking a forearm from the woman, Yamato felt her boot smack right into his leg. "Agh!" Wincing at the impact, he put his arms up to stop the next kick, which came toward his ribs. And after repeating the process a few times, Lita suddenly reached in attempted to heave him up off the groung. His feet did leave the mat for a moment, but Yamato sought to put a stop to whatever she was planning right there by lifting his forearm and slaming it down against Lita, hoping to make her drop him back onto his feet before she could have the chance to get him up much higher.

Lita had the intent of showing him more of her strength, but he managed to get a good shot in across her back, letting go of what her lifting attempt. She grunted out and went to grab hold of his head, wanting to pull him in close to her chest, wanting to wrench him in for a few seconds before attempting again.

As Lita was forced to set Yamato down, a bit of relief washed over, as well a sense of surprise. She didn't look "weak," but he still didn't expect she would've been able to start lifting him quite so easily. No time to think about it for now, though, as the brunette grabbed Yamato's head and pulled it dangerously close to her chest, causing a small blush to form on Yamato's face. Trying not to get too caught up in that to focus on the match, he moved his hands up to try to wrap them around Lita's neck, before attempting to whip and roll her forward with a snapmare.

Lita was already thinking ahead with what she wanted to do with him if she was able to get him up, so she didn't expect him to snapemare him up and over him. After landing she would attmept to roll away from him to get a moment to take a couple of breaths and get her thoughts back rather than just rushing back in.

Yamato managed to bring Lita down with the snapmare, but the woman wisely rolled away from him before he could do anything further, while also earning herself a few valuable moments of recovery. So he simply waited for her to start getting back up. And once Lita was back to her feet, Yamato would charge forward and aim a big boot right for her pretty face.

After collecting herself she saw Yamato running towards her. As he came in and lifted his leg up she would attempt to duck and dodge the boot by moving to the side, but at a low enough angle where she would extend her arm out and try to trip him up as he passed by.

Yamato had Lita in his sights as she started getting up, and aimed his boot right at her face expecting it to knock the woman right back to the mat again. However, the kick hit nothing but air as Lita ducked under it. And as Yamato's momentum carried him forward it brought him right into Lita's arm, causing him to trip and fall flat on his face. "Oomph!" he shouted out upon impact, his voice muffled by the mat as he landed.

Noticing that her tripping plot turned out good, or not as good for Yamato, Lita would pick him up back to his feet, and in the process go to pick him up, just as she was intending to do so earlier. If she managed to succeed this time she would lift him over her head and use him as a human weight, just to show him that he picked the wrong woman to be confident and stupid again.

Based on the way things had gone to this point, Yamato had felt like he had all the reason in the world to be confident. But that seemed to take a dramatic turn immediately after he clumsily tripped over Lita's arm and faceplanted right on the mat. The woman picked him back up to his feet, then somehow managed to lift Yamato overhead, shocking both the audience and Yamato himself. He never would've guessed someone as petit as her could've possessed this kind of strength, though he doubted she could keep him there for long. Wanting to escape hs predicament before he could take a rough fall to the mat, he started to squirm around in hopes of making her drop him before she could attempt anything.

Lita would press him two two times over her head. She would go to do it a third them but wasn't sure if she could so instead of going for a third lift she just let him fall to the mat face first.

As impressed Yamato was Lita had been able to lift him up like this, he was even more impressed when the woman started to press him up and down! He wasn't the heaviest guy around by any means, but she was still clearly much stronger than he ever would've guessed form looking at her. It seemed she was starting to have trouble as she tried to lift him up a third time, but then Yamato suddenly found himself falling right back toward the mat again. "Agh!" he shouted out as he landed chest and stomach first on the canvas.

After his landing Lita would rotate her shoulders a bit and lightly poke kick his stomach if room permitted and softly asked him if he put on weight recently. She would 'help' him back up while standing behind him and when he was standing up he would wrap her arms around him and attempt to give him a bridging german suplex.

After his rough landing on the mat, Yamato started to get back to his hands and knees, and couldn't help but flinch a bit as he felt the toe of Lita's boot poke his stomach. "Tch. You calling me fat?" But before he could get enough wind back into his sails to muster an attempt at a counter attack, he was brought back to his feet, only to be taken up and back down again with a german suplex, crashing down to the mat! The ref quickly knelt by Yamato and slapped the mat to start the count. "One!" Just before the two count, however, Yamato grunted while thrusting his right shoulder off the mat to break the count.

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Re: Yamato Ishii vs Lita - POW Challenge

Post by Maxy on Wed Apr 01, 2015 12:15 am

Just like when he tried to pin her Lita wasn't surprised that he kicked out. She grinned a little bit after confirming that it was just a one count as she picked herself back up. Guiding him back up against this time she would whip him hard into the corner.

Once again Yamato was guided up off the mat by the brunette. He may have had the upperhand at the start of this bout, but for the last few moments Lita had completely taken control. And as soon as he was back up, he was sent toward the corner, his back crashing against the turnbuckles. "Ugh!" he grunted while wincing in pain at the impact, his arms holding him up by draping themselves over the top ropes on either side of him as he took a moment to try to regain the breath that had just been knocked out of him.

After he made contact with the corner Lita would quickly, but not rush, towards him. When she got close to him she pressed against his chest, before winding up her arm and striking his upper chest witha knife-edge chop.

Lita wasted little time in closing the distance between herself and Yamato, and in a few moments a loud smack echoed through the arena as her hand struck his chest with the knife edge chop, causing Yamato and the majority of those in the crowd to wince in response. But this was a game he could play pretty well too. And a second or two after the chop connected, Yamato suddenly reached out to try to grab Lita by the shoulders and pull her into the corner, essentially reversing their positions. And if successful, Yamato would then follow up with a knife edge chop attempt of his own.

After Yamato reaction Lita looked like she was going to chop him again but was stopped and shortly thereafter found herself to be on the receiving end of one. She gritted her teeth as it hit the top part of the chest, just above her breasts missing them.

Yamato had now switched their positions, and everyone who'd watched the young man's recent matched knew what was coming next after his hand chopped over Lita's chest. Another chop then followed, aimed for the same spot. And then another, and then another, and he'd then be repeatedly firing off knife edge chops at Lita's chest like bullets out of a machine gun! And just for good measure, he'd end the barrage with one final chop. However, this time Yamato's hand inadvertently moved just a little bit lower than the before this time heading right for Lita's breasts.

The more he gave her the less pleasent they felt. When she took the chop that was meant for her breasts Yamato's palm would feel some firmness and his aplm also felt a little bit of bounce back. She looked up at him with a bit of anger, reaching out towards him and was about to force him back to the corner where he was a moment ago, wanting to unload on him. Lina watched on from the outside, cringing a bit after each shot. Though when his final one hit she began to feel sorry for Yamato.

Feeling where his hand struck and seeing the resulting anger in Lita's eyes, a sort of shocked and even somewhat apologetic look formed on his face, almost like a child who'd accidentally broken something and knew they'd be in trouble for it. "I--uh... Heh, my bad-- Uwah!" In the midst of his stammering attempt to apologize for what just happened, Yamato was suddenly turned right back around and forced into the corner again. And though he'd just laid into her with a barrage of chops, Yamato had a feeling whatever he was about to experience was going to be much worse...

After he landed she would start to unload on him, as if his body was punching bag. Lita was risking disqualification here so she eventually stopped her barrage and pulled him away from the corner and lifted him up for a suplex.

Right after he was pushed back into the corner, a series of shouts and grunts came from Yamato's lips as Lita fired off a rapid flurry of punches into his body. He didn't bother trying to count how many hits connected, but she used up almost all of the ref's warning count before finally moving back and pulling him out of the corner. Too dazed to fight back at the moment, no resistance came from the young man as Lita then lifted him up for the suplex. All he could do was wait for the inevitable crash onto the mat.

Lina was about to say something to Lita, but luckly Lita had the awareness to ease up when she did. After the suplex Lita did offer the referee an apology for her reaction as she adjusts her top a little bit. Lita would go to pick Yamato up again and whip him to a different corner this time. After Yamato made contact with the corner Lita would run towards him, getting closer she would perform two backflips before aiming a back elbow shot towards the side of his head.

"Agh!" Yamato grunted out as his back crashed onto the mat with the suplex, his hand quickly moving down and over his back immediately afterward. But there was little time to rest, as Lita brought Yamato back to his feet again only a moment later, and once again the young man found himself being flung into the corner. He took a couple heavy breaths as his arms draped over the top ropes once again to keep him up. And right when he looked up toward Lita, she'd already closed the distance with her backflips, and her elbow came crashing right against the side of his head! Again grunting in pain at the impact, he'd then stumble out of the corner and fall to his hands and knees if Lita did nothing to keep him in place. And a hand would go over his head while he tried to shake off the cobwebs.

After the elbow found it's mark Lina gave a cheer of approval from ringside as Lita looked towards Yamato with a smirk. Lita then stepped back, allowing him to fall to all fours. She admitted to herself that he looked kind of cute in that position, but she knew now wasn't the time for thoughts like that. As Yamato attempted to shake the cobwebs loose she 'aided' him back up a little bit, en route to putting him in an abdominal stretch.

Being on his hands and knees like this, Yamato couldn't help but be reminded of the extra stipulation he and Lita had agreed to prior to the match. Pretty as she was, he'd rather avoid that losing scenario if at all possible. But things weren't looking good, and it only got worse as the woman again picked him back up, only to tangle her body around his to stretch him out painfully in an abdominal stretch. "Argh!" He grunted, wincing in pain. Hoping to get out of the hold as soon as possible, he tried to put his strength to use by inching toward the ropes, attempting to drag Lita's weight right along, while keeping his free arm extended toward the ropes as he went.

As for Daisuke and Sion, they watched on from behind the curtain on one of the monitors. They saw Lita put Yamato in the stretch, liking the control Lita was having. After a bit Lita could feel Yamato moving. She continued to hold on as she felt Yamato slowly shifting towards the ropes. Yamato would be moving towards the part of the ring where Lina was standing on the outside of.

Yamato continued to grunt in pain and discomfort in Lita's clutches as he slowly but surely inched his way toward the ropes. "Come…on…." he muttered once he saw he was getting close. He also saw Lina standing on the outside, which did make him feel a bit more apprehensive about moving toward the ropes. But, even with her there, he didn't feel like Lita was the type to have her gang interfere in her matches. It was a gut feeling, generally not the best thing to put one's faith in in times like this. But still Yamato persisted. And once he was close, he pulled the arm back and tried to hammer his elbow against Lita's thigh in hopes of loosening her hold a bit, and would then lunge out to try to grab the rope and fore her to release him.
Lita continued to hold on as Yamato tried to get to where the ropes where. She did try to pull him back a couple of inches though things turned back to what he was hoping for. She did loosen up somewhat so he couldn't get far away from her, but enough that he could make contact with the ropes. She saw this and let go of the hold and backed up for a moment. Usually this is where a manager on the outside would do something to their wrestler's opponent, but neither did Lina attempt anything nor Lita cause a distraction to give an opening for anything like that.

Now it was time to test out that gut feeling of Yamato's as he reached the ropes. And fortunately, it seemed he was right. He kept a cautious eye on Lina for a moment, but it seemed she didn't plan on trying to pull anything. And neither did Lita, who released her hold and backed away. Taking a few big breaths as he tried to recover a bit, Yamato would then abruptly turn and move as fast as he could toward Lita, and attempt to send the toe of his boot into her stomach in an attempt to double her over.

For a guy who took a lot of fist punishment from Lita, Lina was surprised with how quick Yamato was moving. Lita saw him coming though and hoped he'd go high on her, having something in mind but guess wrong as he didn't go as high as she thought and bench over after the stomach kick, but not for long.

Yamato was fortunate his kick managed to connect. It had taken a good chunk of energy to force himself to run to close the distance between them, and he probably wouldn't have been able to keep it up to continue chasing Lita if she'd moved out of the way. And while she was hunched over in front of him, Yamato went to wrap his arm around the back of her neck, and from there would attempt to fall back and plant Lita's head onto the mat with a DDT.

Lina was hoping that this wouldn't be the start of a downward spiral when she saw Yamato going for a ddt on Lita. She looked on with some slight concern when Lita landed. As for Lita she wasn't liking how Yamato was still it in, it was almost like he was like made of part iron like that guy from Rocky IV, as she spread out on the mat after taking the ddt.

Right after spiking Lita down with the ddt, Yamato took a deep breath and wiped some sweat off his forehead. Thich chick was one tough customer. Finding chances like this hadn't been easy once she'd started gaining momentum. Hoping the ddt had been enough to bring that to and end once and for all, however, he rolled her over and draped himself over her torso, and hooked one of her legs for a pin attempt as the ref knelt by Lita and slapped the mat to start the count. "One...!"

Lina didn't say anything in responce to what Yamato said but didn't seem to care much for his words. When Lita felt herself being picked up she caught a glance at the area on him that she worked over in the corner earlier as she was being set up for something. As her head was between his legs her hand lightly grazed part of his ribs for going by his thigh for the set up and allowed him to lift her up for what she thought might either be a powerbomb or a piledriver and prepared to brace herself for impact, with the side hope that whatever he did caused him to be reminded of that moment and come back to effect him.

Once Yamato had Lita in position, he leaned over and wrapped his arms around her waist before hoisting her up with her legs draped over his shoulders. And from there, the young man would then slam the brunette down onto her back with a powerbomb! However, one factor Yamato hadn't considered was the damage Lita had inflicted on his midsection earlier. But the effort it took to execute the powerbomb, if he was able to hit it, would put a strain on his ribs and cause him to wince in pain and move a hand over his ribs as it reminded him of the pain that had been quietly lingering there for a while now.

It was a risky guess to make, lucky for her she guessed right as he did go for a powerbomb move. She braced herself for impact the best she could, still taking a fair amount from the impact. As Yamato felt his ribs Lita layed there, still able to know both she and her opponent was, but played possum to make it look like the powerbomb did a lot more than what it did. She waited for him to come closer, in fact she was hoping he would try to do the same thing to her again, or something simliar. Regardless of what Yamato would have me mind she would be ready for him. Lita's act looked pretty convincing as Lina thought that took a lot of out of her, at least from what she was seeing.

Yamato felt pretty good about that powerbomb, as Lita was seemingly out of it on the mat. Although, he'd underestimated the amount of damage his ribs had taken, and the strain his move had put on them was less than comfortable to say the least. And if his last pin attempt was any indication, he had a feeling this still wasn't going to be quite enough to put Lita away. But maybe a second powerbomb would do the trick. So, he pulled the woman back up before shoving her head between his legs once again. Knowing this would hurt his ribs, he took a deep breath and tried to brace himself for it, then wrapped his arms around Lita's waist and once again grunted as he attempted to hoist her up onto his shoulders in preparation for another powerbomb attempt.

As he moved in Lita continued to play along, laying there, looking like an open target. She didn't go completely limp, showing that she wasn't unconscious but enough to make Yamato think he could put her away with one more. She felt him setting up for what she figured would be another powerbomb. She waited patiently for him to lift her, that is when she would strike. When she felt herself go up and felt her legs going up for the powerbomb she would give her self a good grab with the legs and go to flip Yamato over with a frankensteiner. If she managed to pull it off she would stand back up and in a quick battle stance and would have a big karate kick ready for him if he tried to rush in. But if he didn't she would still remain ready but flash a grin at him. Lina looked surprised with what she just saw. 'Did she just sucker him in?' she asked herself, which she too grinned, liking the out come of the risk Lita took.

Yamato felt like he had Lita right where he wanted her. Sure his ribs felt like someone had repeatedly bashed them with a hammer, but his opponent's body was limp in his grasp, and he was all but certain her condition was only going to get worse in the next few seconds. Again he hoisted her up for the powerbomb, but was surprised when he felt those smooth legs of hers clasping onto his head. He hadn't been paying much attention to it before, but now positioning of his head was starting to make him blush just a bit. But it didn't last long, as he was suddenly flipped forward with a frankensteiner! Dizzied by the maneuver, Yamato attempted to pick himself back up and charge at his foe to prevent Lita from pressing her offensive, but that only worsened his situation, as he was suddenly met with Lita's foot, catching him with the karate kick and eliciting a grunt out of Yamato as he collapsed right back down onto his back.

After the kick found its mark and Yamato took a tumble, Lita could tell the end was near. She could tell if she kept things going the way that they were that things would be easier over the next few days. Still she would not lose focus as she picked him up and took a few steps in the direction of one of the corners and put him in a bear hug. She would shake him a couple of times before whipping him to the corner, which the distance was short. Knowing he was feeling it in that area she would set him up for a couple of shoulder thrusts.

This wasn't looking good for Yamato. Momenum had made another big, abrupt swing right back in Lita's direction. The arena was starting to spin around him, and she'd done quite a number on his ribs. It was times like these that he really wished he had Mariko waiting in the corner to tag him out. No such luck though, and he was soon right back in Lita's clutches as she picked him up and coiled her arms around him with a bear hug. And once again her surprising strength showed through the painful pressure she put on his ribs. "Urgh!" he grunted, wincing in pain as she pushed him toward one corner, before whipping him into the turnbuckles. Still winded, he couldn't fight back as Lita began driving her shoulder into him, simply grunting out with each hit against his ribs.

Lita would remain aware of the referee's corner count as she proceeded to introduce his ribs to her shoulder. Lina also assisted by telling Lita how the count was, just to be on the safe side. After backing away she would go back to him and lift him up if he fell. Regardless if he did or not she would go to pick him up, wanting to place his butt on the top turnbuckle.

As soon as Lita backed away, Yamato fell to a knee, with one arm moving over his ribs as he started coughing violently. But he was only given a very brief reprieve, as Lita then pulled him back to his feet before setting him up onto the top rope. And as he sat there, dazed and wounded, the young man started gasping heavily for air. In fact, with all the damage done to his midsection by his opponent, it almost looked like he might even start blowing chunks any moment!

Lita was about to climb up after him when she noticed that Yamato wasn't feeling to good. Part of her wanted to ignore it and continue on but the closer she got she looked at him up and down and for all that she has been through in her life she knows when someone mix hurl. She asks the referee to check on him and asks him if he's alright and can continue. Just in case if he does explode she wouldn't want to be in the line of fire but did look legit concerned.

Whatever Lita had in mind, Yamato was glad to say the least she didn't decide to immediately pursue it. He desperately needed every second of recovery he could get, and as the ref asked if he could continue, he simply nodded his head. But he knew this moment would be gone soon, and Lita's weariness to attack him would soon expire. So, hoping to make the most he possibly could out of his current situation, Yamato suddenly leapt right off the ropes and recklessly hurled his body right at Lita like a missile! It was a desperatoin move for sure, but he hoped this diving version of his signature Banzai Charge would create the opening he needed to turn things around once again.

When Lita got confirmation from the referee that Yamato was ok to go she would close in on him again. She doesn't expect him to launch himself at her. She sees him coming and looks surprised and before she can prepare to try to at the very least catch him she it taken down.

If there was any part of Yamato's skillset that was as valuable to him as his strength, it was his unpredictability. His tendency to act on a whim could be dangerous, but there were times when the risk came with a big payoff. And that seemed to be the case as the young man crashed right into Lita and took her down to the mat. He could hear the crowd eating it up. And maybe, just maybe he had finally done enough to put his foe away. Laying across her torso, all the while trying his best to ignore the pain in his ribs, Yamato hooked one of her legs with an arm for a pin attempt. He hoped he could hold Lita down for the three count. But even if he didn't, at least he was buying a few more moments of much needed rest as the ref slapped the mat to start the count. "One...!"

Lina looked on in shock when she saw Yamato crash into Lita and saw her being pinned. Lita was taken by it as well and heard the ref's hand coming down for two she would kick out after the count of two. Lina started to breath a little heavily at the close call as Lita jumped back to her feet. She ran towards him with a clothesline, looking to take off Yamato's head, feeling like she was almost made a fool of.

Lita kicked out at two, but Yamato was still feeling confident, and even held up a fist to signal to the crowd that he was going to try to put Lita down for good now. That sliding lariat that had come so close to winning him and Mariko the tag team belts at Showdown was coming to mind, and he was planning on drilling Lita with it now. However, the woman shocked everyone in the arena, especially when she suddenly sprang right to her feet! And before he had even completely registered what had happened, Yamato ended up being the one eating a massive clothesline, as Lita's arm crashed right into his head! His body collapsed right back down on the mat once again, dazed and stairing up at the arena's lights. Whatever momentum he'd picked up for himself a moment ago, it was as good as gone now.

While Yamato had his supporters not liking that Lita almost took his head off, those that were backing her up could feel that Lita was still in command of things. As Lita went to approach him she could see Lina pointing to the corner and telling her to finish him. Lita gave her a small nod in agreement. She was almost made a fool of twice ( think that's right bty my count?) here and did not want him have a third chance to catch her off guard. She dragged him towards the corner that Lina pointed to and went to the top rope. When she got to the top she pointed down at him and said something, which it was a bit difficult to hear Lina picked it up as something to do with Lita's family, before she leaped off and proceeded to crash down in his direction with the WhiteGale.

Yamato was so out of it by this point he hardly even noticed as Lita dragged his body closer to the corner. Neither the fans cheering for him or those cheering for Lita reached his ears as all he could hear at the moment was a loud ringing. As his head started to turn a bit from side to side, he briefly saw the vague image of Lita towering over him on the top rope, and she seemed to be speaking to him, though he couldn't quite make out what she said. But the brunette then dove through the air with a picture perfect spiral, and came crashing down with full force right over Yamato's battered torso! "UGH!" he grunted out, his body flinching violently at the impact only to fall limply right back onto the mat. Any wind Yamato had left in his sails had now been driven right out.

Lina tried to contain her exciting when Lita's high risk move off the top connected. Lita too felt the impact when she crashed into Yamato, but knew the damage to him was done. She turned her self over a bit so she would be in a pinning spot, hooking one of the legs for good measure. She knew she had it hear hearing the one.

As much as Yamato would've loved to keep fighting through the pain to try to win, he just didn't have the energy or the awareness to move right now. He'd fought as hard as he could, but this was the end. As Lita laid over him and hooked his leg, the young man remained motionless underneath her as the ref counted the pin. "One...! Two...! Three!" That was it. The bell rang, making his defeat official. In a mere matter of days Yamato had gone from number one contender for the tag titles, to Lita's...well, whatever she wanted him to be. He didn't know what the next week as Lita's prisoner would bring, but he was already regretting opening his big mouth like he had just before the match had started.

After hearing the bell Lita let of of Yamato's leg and held up a fist in triumph. Lina entered the ring as Lita was having her other arm raised by the referee, which after that Lina congratulated Lita on her win. Usually this is where they would wait for their opponent to come to but with what happened between when things started and now they figured it be best if they left him there to collect himself. They left the ring and shared some hand slaps with fans that wanted them, Yamato had a decent amount of supporters tonight but she wasn't bothered by that.

Once the bell rang to end the match, Yamato groaned faintly as Lita released his leg and got off of him. Remaining still on the mat except for the rising and falling of his chest with his breathing, he could only watch as the pretty brunette stood over him and celebrated her victory. After she and Lina had both gone, it still took Yamato a few moments before he finally managed to roll himself under the bottom rope. And slowly, keeping one arm over his ribs as he went, Yamato let out a sigh and headed up the ramp before making his way back to the locker room.

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Re: Yamato Ishii vs Lita - POW Challenge

Post by Maxy on Wed Apr 01, 2015 12:19 am

When Lita and Lina made their way back up the runway they were greeted by Daisuke and Sion.  They gave each other a group high five before raising the arms of each other, before disappearing out of sight of the arena crowd.  Just before the Lita would go through the curtain she motioned with her head to one of the cameras to follow them.  When they got backstage they were met by one of the interviewers who asked Lita about the match and if she has any plans for Yamato given the stipulation the two of them made before the bout.

"As far as Yamato goes that's something that is between us.  However, what you saw out there was the beginning, no...the rebirth of something that will change things around here.   But before we get into more detail about that, there is something we have to get off our chests, and that's the tag team tournament.  Tell them Lina."

Lina nods at Lita before picking up where Lita left off.  "We watched the final round and while we agree that both teams fought well in the championship match and even though they came up a bit short Yamato and Mariko put up more of a championship effort in the entire tournament than the winners."  Lita, Sion, and Daisuke nod in agreement as Lina adds "Don't get me wrong, they did fight hard in the finals, but their first two rounds were controversial."

Lita was about to continue but the interviewer noticed Sion wanted to chime in and Lita motioned that it was alright for him to do so.

"I won't talk about the semi-finals because it would be obvious to those who watched what went wrong in that one, but let's talk about the first round.  Yes Daisuke and I were in it.  Yes Ryan Knight pinned me, there's no denying that.  He pinned me 1-2-3.  But the fact of the matter is this, sure he may have gotten the pin but he did not beat us.  We beat ourselves.  Before that day and a short time after that there were some problems with this group, and it took us a while to figure it out, but during that time we self destructed.  I know it's after the fact but I can guarantee that if we figured it out sooner then the that first round match would have went a lot different.  Plus word on a street has it that Lita and I were suppose to be your first round opponents but for some reason it changed.  Not to take anything away from the lovely Daisuke here but I'm not sure you guys still would have came out on top if you faced a different pairings.  Not saying we would have went all the way, as you saw in the finals Mariko put up one hell of an effort, same as everyone else who competed, but we would have made things more interesting.  But it is what it is."

Daisuke does not appear to have issues with Sion's comment and it's her turn to speak.  Though she lets Sion finish as it looks like he has something to add.

"I've heard people that Lina is the weak link and that if it wasn't for her we could very well be the champions right now, but you know what, this woman is the best manager a guy could ever ask for.  I rather have a manager who has messed up in areas rather than one who is perfect.  By failure, not just by her, but all of us, made us realize what we have to do in order to keep up with the world that is ever evolving." He then turns to address her "And Lina, everything that has happened with us since we came back we owe to you.  There were times where I may have let you down, but that's in the past.  As Lita said earlier tonight's a new beginning, a rebirth.  You've been working hard behind the scenes and I can honestly that you're one of the best managers in the business. You're not only the best manager I've ever had and you're also one of the best friends I have ever had, and I can't think of anyone better to be in not just my corner, but ours."

Lina looks touched by Sion's words.  She tells the group "There was a time when I thought I didn't deserve any of you.  But you all stood by me during my darkest hour, and that helped me become stronger.  I can guarantee you that I won't let you down."

Daisuke, Lita, and Sion high five Lina before Daisuke continues things.

"Going back to the UK Elite, even with the controversies that surrounded the first and second round, congratulations are in order and as a group we do want to congratulate you on winning the tournament and the titles, however...with that being said we cannot recognize you as the undisputed champions." She looked like she was serious with both comments, not having issues giving them credit for winning but also wanting to make them feel that the job was left unfinished.  "When we shook hands back in the ring I was sincere and I do not regret anything about that day.  But it does make you think doesn't it?  What if there wasn't a civil war going on?  What if there was a different line up?  What if your second round opponents decided to fight with honor from bell to bell and not result to...well, below childish actions?  I could say more but I think you get the point."

Lina decides it's time for her to chime in again.  "You guys are the official title holders granted, but if you truly believe you are one hundred percent deserving of being labelled undisputed champions then by all means step on up, or move on to other things if you already have plans, that's a-ok with us.  Same goes for you Lucy.  I saw the looks you and Lita were exchanging.  Do what you feel is right but remember, Lita was down with us on the front lines while you were high above lounging around.  She was there for us. "

The interviewer asks Lina to respond to the comments made by UKE in their post match interview where John blamed Daisuke and Sion's lose over a what he labelled it as lover spat, and John saying that they aren't a good team.  Lina smirks, finding that somewhat amusing.  "It's like I said before, I was the one that dropped the ball, I admit that, so calling it an issue between lovers is not even close.  Not only are they a good team they got one of the strongest bonds I have ever seen.  Not just in wrestling but all walks of life.  Plus I recall some of the exchanges you two had. Threatening your partner with a paycut, that really shows faith in your partner.  Yeah I know what your story is so no need to tell me what it really is.  The fact of the matter is that these two (she points to both Daisuke and Sion) have a bond that you two wish you had.  If you had even half of the bond that they share maybe you would understand."  

Lita nods then she address the interviewer again.  "Enough about the past" she goes back to addressing the camera "Whether it's the UK Elite, Tension, champions, non-champions, anyone else we may have missed, united we stand, divided...well that isn't going to happen." Lita sounded very confident as the group then raises each other's arms in unity.

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Re: Yamato Ishii vs Lita - POW Challenge

Post by Maxy on Wed Apr 01, 2015 12:22 am

Yamato sighed as he sat on the bench in the locker room, glad his ribs wouldn't have to take any more punishment, but still dismayed about how things had turned out. Normally Mariko would be giving a few coaching tips right about now, but she wasn't there. She'd sent him a "good luck" text earlier, but that was all he'd heard from her today. She'd taken the loss in the title match harder than Yamato, and was probably still at home trying to get over it. He opened his locker and pulled out his phone to call her, but it suddenly began to ring as a number he didn't recognize called him instead. Answering the phone, he held it up to his ear, curious as to who could be calling. "Helo…?"

"Is this Yamato?" a female voice said to him.  "It's Kelly, how are you doing?"  It was afw-wrestler and 20+ year ring veteran Kei, who addressed herself by her non-wrestling first name.  If Yamato kept up with wrestling's past and some of her most recent afw happenings her voice would hopefully ring a bell to him.

Yamato's eyes shot wide with surprise when the voice on the other end introduced herself. He and Mariko had been hardcore followers of wrestling worldwide since early childhood, and both the voice and name of his caller were both almost instantly recognizable. Why would someone like her suddenly be calling someone like him out of nowhere like this? He had no idea, but did his best to remain composed and sound somewhat professional in spite of his surprise. "U-um, yeah, this is Yamato. I'm...a bit sore right now but otherwise doing alright. How're you?"

"I'm alright thanks.  I know me calling may seem unexpected but I finished watching your match on tv.  Kind of surprised the hotel here carried it, but still I was impressed with your effort." She was on a vacation but did see the fight while taking a break in her hotel room.  "She may have kicked your butt and made you her bitch at times "she said that last part with some semi-joking tone "but you hung in there and didn't give in and that's great.  Hope your ribs aren't seriously injured." Being someone who has been around as long as she has she can still find the good out of a losing effort and thought he did alright all things considering.

He was already surprised a veteran like Kei was calling him out of the blue at all, but was even more surprised when he found out it was to compliment him on his efforts in the match, though he could've help but give an awkward chuckle at the part about Lita "making him her bitch," which was now a little too true in a literal sense for Yamato's comfort. "Wow, that really means a lot coming from someone like you. Thank you." Yamato said, meaning every word. After all, it wasn't every day that well-known veterans just decide to go out of their way to give younger guys like Yamato a pat on the back like this. "I might be sore for a little while, but I'll be alright. I appreciate it though."

"Just take it easy for a couple days and hopefully you'll feel better.  Just don't do what I've done back in the day and get in the ring with someone like her tomorrow.  Not to sound old but at least there's not as much pressure these days of a wrestler to take a few days or so between matches.  Though with that being said I'm sure you know there are areas you have to improve on. When you get a chance watch the tape of it and see what you can learn from it.  If it means anything there were a couple of things she could have done differently too, but nobody is ever perfect.  All you can do is continue to learn, any questions?"

Yamato listened intently to each word Kei said, nodding occasionally even though she couldn't see it. She definitely had a point about taking some time between matches, and the thought made him wonder if perhaps he had taken this one too soon after the tag team match at Showdown. Maybe Mariko had the right idea by staying home after all. And of course he fully intended to go back and watch the match asap. Doing that after his matches had been a big reason for the progress he'd made since his debut. When she asked if he had any questions, he replied, "Just one. I'll definitely watch the match when I can. But just from what you saw, what do you think I should focus the most on improving?"

"Admitting I haven't seen all of your matches so it would be a bit difficult to put out one thing specifically, but from what I saw here and some of the verbal exchanges you two had I get the feeling you must have said something before hand to her.  Even if you're confident you should be careful what you said and to who, just in case if you end up eating them later."  Around this time, Lita would have entered the room. She remained quiet and tried to remain unnoticed.  She could hear a tiny bit of what Kei was saying to him but not all of it.  She did hear her say "Plus you never know who is listening." to which Lita would say with a friendly smile "Excatly."  Kelly chuckles as she heard Lita was there.

As if on cue, Lita opened the door and quietly stepped into the room right after Kei hit the nail on the head about Yamato putting his foot in his mouth. "Yeah, I know just what you mean." he said, not yet noticing the woman lurking there. And he'd definitely keep that advice in mind for future reference to try to avoid getting himself in a situation like this again. And suddenly, Yamato heard Lita's voice and looked up to see her standing there with a smile. "Well Kei-- I mean, Kelly, thanks again for the call. Hate to cut you off, but as you can hear, I've got someone waiting on me."

: "It's alright.  Keep working hard, but don't forget to take time to smell the flowers..or whatever kids do these days." she chuckles before letting him go.  After the conversation ended Lita asked him if he was talking to a fan of his, though she knex exactly who was on the other end of the call.  If he were to tell her what was said to him she would sound interested but would not pry if he kept the entire conversation to himself.  "Well as I'm sure she told you judging by how much of it I could make out because of you big mouth I guess you're mine now." She looks like she might start talking down to him but instead is about to give him some good news as she lightly feels his ribs and the areas around it.  "You have the rest of today and tomorrow to rest before you are to find me and your week begins."  She wants to give him a bit to time to recover from the beating he took in that part of his body, as well as wrap any potential loose ends he might have or want to prepare to put on hold.  After all if things went the other way she'd want to same to have her kids looked after, that is if her allies didn't step in and keep her away from him.  While she was already thinking of what she would do with him she was also compassionate.

"Alright. Thanks again." Yamato replied with a faint chuckle before hanging up and setting his phone down. "More or less. Pretty sure you've met." he said, answering Lita's question, getting the feeling she already knew who he was talking to. Hearing the comment about him being Lita's now, Yamato didn't offer an immediate response, knowing she was right. Expecting her to start rubbing her victory in, he was a bit surprised when she instead lightly moved her fingers over his damaged ribs, and gave him some extra time before his forced imprisonment would start. It seems his new mistress was more merciful than he expected. "A day and a half, huh? Well,...thanks, I guess." he said, still trying to figure out how exactly he feels about all this. As attractive as Lita was, this was all a completely new experience for Yamato, and he had almost no idea what to expect from it.

Lita would nod at him when he mentioned she might know her. "Yeah we know each other."  She then told him "Though if for some reason during that time something badly goes wrong let me know. Wouldn't want you to get lucky and waste the week in a medical ward but there's no getting away from it." she tells him firmly.  "And if for some reason you decide to be dumb and fake it to take advantage of my generosity and make look like an idiot you will regret, but I'm sure you got a functioning brain hiding in that cute head of yours." She lightly pats him on the head before moving her hand to lightly feel his neck the entire way around, like she was measuring his neck.

Yamato quietly listened as Lita spoke. He certainly didn't see himself doing anything over the next day and a half that would further jeopardize his health. But at the same time, he understood why she was going through all the fine print of their little agreement. Better safe than sorry. Though, he was starting to noticed something oddly attractive about the almost commanding way she spoke to him. And he then felt Lita's hand pat his head before moving down and around his neck as if she were examining it for something, though he couldn't be entirely sure what she was doing yet. "Hey look, I'm an honest guy. You don't have to worry about me trying to weasel my way out of anything. I made an agreement, and I'll hold up my end of it. Promise."

She grins at him with him giving his word to her.  "See you soon then." she would then hold out her hand to shake his.  If he took it she would shake it without and issue but before she would let go she would pull his shoulder close to his and whisper in to his ear with a semi-seductive tone "We're going to have some fun." she gives the side of his face slowly lick, like she was teasing him and marking her territory.  As she let him go the door opened and a little girl could be heard asking "Mom are you coming?" Lita turned and saw part of her daughter AJ, though her son Alex was more visible.  "Yes, just give me a moment."  She would stare at him for a few more seconds before leaving. Alex would ask her "Who's that?" to which she would reply after thinking about it for a couple seconds

Yamato reached his own hand out to shake Lita's, but was then pulled closer to her as she then whispered into his ear. He felt a small shiver run up his spine as her tongue moved against the side of his face, emphasizing her temporary claim over him. And though he did his best not to let it show in his expression, there was a part of him that absolutely loved this bit of dominant teasing of Lita's. Though the mood then made a drastic shift as the voice of Lita's child was then heard. He'd guessed she had been telling the truth about her kids earlier, but now any doubts he might've had were gone as her son and daughter were peeking into the room.  Yamato glanced at the children before looking back at Lita as the woman stared at him. Once she left, Yamato sighed before getting dressed and heading out, going back to his apartment for a shower and a night of much needed rest.


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