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All of blade/speranza wreslters

Sat Apr 06, 2024 6:00 pm by Blade/speranza

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Carmen Rodriguez

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Carmen Rodriguez Empty Carmen Rodriguez

Post by acuyra Sat Feb 22, 2014 2:46 am

Carmen Rodriguez NGBcLwb

Age: 34
Eyes: Dark Brown
Hair: None (naturally black)
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 180 lbs
Nationality: Puerto Rico, territory of the United States of America

Entrance music: Hanuman by  Rodrigo y Gabriela
(24/7 Champion Theme)Buster Voodoo by Rodrigo y Gabriela
(Post Championship Theme)Vengo by Ana Tijoux

Wrestling Information

Strategy: Carmen has been improving on her technique during the past year. She's still a very strike-oriented sort of wrestler, but she's more well-rounded than she used to be and can fall back on good throws and simple submission holds. She can even go airborne on rare occasions.
Style: Strike-Focused Grappling
Type: Boxer-Wrestler

Preferred Attacks: Punches, obviously, but she's mixed in a more complex set of wrestling moves. Clotheslines, DDTs, and even a few submission holds for good measure.

Preferred Matches: Not interested in ‘soft’ matches, like bed matches or toy matches, but will try just about anything else. Isn’t opposed to doing a hentai match, but it would have to be with someone she has an attraction towards and trusts beforehand, preferably in privacy. Is sticking with Tension matches for the time being, though, and she's not interested in having hentai matches with men. At all. Ever.

After nearly a year with the Tension 24/7 Championship, Carmen has become well-versed in hardcore wrestling.

Physical Stats

Endurance:★★★★ - Can go the distance, as any good boxer must be able to.
Strength:★★★  - Reasonably strong. Can usually match most men around her size.
Speed:★★★★ - Her best asset besides her sheer skill. Rarely stops moving.
Defense:★★★ - Never blocks a punch she can dodge, but she can hold her own here, if need be.
Technique:★★★★★ - Has perfected her boxing skills after years of rigorous training - if boxing awarded belts, she'd be black. Has also perfected her wrestling skill in the past year and learned numerous techniques.

Wrestling States

Strikes: ★★★★★ - Obviously her strongest suit.
Submissions: ★★★ - Has improved with her submission holds.
Powerhouse: ★★★ - Has incorporated throws well into her arsenal.
Aerial: ★★ - Rarely goes up, but can use a few moves, like the missile dropkick.
Counters: ★★★ - Can counter strikes with ease, notsomuch holds or grapples.

Favored moves: Still a boxer at her core, but she's gotten better at integrating wrestling moves into her style. Is able to use a few good holds and moves, like the DDT. She can even be seen lifting smaller opponents and slamming them, from time to time.

Signature Move

El Matador, aka the Check Hook - One of Carmen's favorite punches to use, works best against aggressive opponents. Carmen leads them in, and when the come at her full blast, she throws a hook, pivots on her left foot and swings the right 180 degrees - the result is that the opponents goes past her, takes a hook right in the face, and they'll smack into anything that's right in front of them.


It might not look like much, but it can very damaging - the key is timing. It's an easy move to do, but difficult to utilize in a fight, requiring expert skill. It's a counter punch, which would be bad enough for the opponent's head, but to add on, it always goes right to the blind spot. Carmen's used it a few times in the ring - it's gotten her a knockdown, every  time.

Silver DDT: A DDT variation - goes for the headlock, secures it, bring her leg back and then swings it forward to get some added power into the move.

Finishing Moves: 

The Final Round: A spinning side slam - as the opponent runs towards her, Carmen pulls the enemy in close, ducks under their arm, wraps one arm around their chest and the other around their back, turns around to use their momentum again, them then lifts up and falls forwards, driving them into the mat.


Personality: Much more down-to-earth than her brother; while she can be cocky at times, the difference is that, unlike her brother, she’s got the chops and experience to back it up. As an Olympic Silver Medalist, her skills speak for themselves - all she’s doing is enunciating for them, just a bit. She’s not conceited, she’s just as good as she says she is.

She’s generally calm, level-headed, serene and pristine - she’s a lady and she carries herself like one. While she’s not a super-serious person and isn’t beyond a little smack talk, once the fight starts she’s all business - she fights to win, plain and simple; everything else is just icing on the cake. She has a deep respect for the ring and what it stands for, and anyone that disrespects it is guaranteed to get on her bad side immediately. Despite all this, she's not overly obsessed with gold - she enjoys fighting, first and foremost. While she wouldn't say no to getting a shot at a title, she's more interested in the competition it would bring, not the actual title itself, and she has absolutely, positively, not one single whit of tolerance for cheaters.

Family and friends are important to her; despite her fierce nature in the ring, she can be very welcoming. She especially likes to cook for people, and will use just about any excuse to do it for her friends.

History: Unlike her brother, Carmen was born with the wrong body parts to carry on the family’s legacy - or, at least that’s what her father told her, though he never used those exact words. She showed interest in boxing at a young age, but her father was initially against it - it took a solid year of begging for him to finally cave in and start training her. and when Army started to train as well, he was the clear focus of much of his father’s attention.

Carmen never blamed him for that - he was just wrapped up in tradition. Still, the disparity pushed her even harder - she didn’t want to just be her younger brother’s equal, but his superior, and she thrived in the ring, honing her skill to a razor sharp edge.

After she graduated high school, she went on the circuit for a while and did exceptionally well - she even managed to make it to the Olympics and did well, bringing the silver home for America. She had a solid win streak...until she met a woman named Lorenza Saldano. The champion.

The two fighters were evenly matched, and what followed was the most brutal match of Carmen's career. Blood was lost. Bones were broken. Carmen was knocked down, Saldano was knocked down - it was pure agony. If Carmen's lips hadn't been so swollen, she might have smiled.

It came down to a split decision - one that went in Saldano's favor and gave Carmen her first real loss. She didn't like it, but her father was actually present for the final bout and cheered her on - she finally felt she’d gotten the recognition she deserved. In a way, it was a big victory.

Feeling satisfied for the first time in a long time, she decided something a little less intense was in order, after taking a year to recoup and recharge. The AFW promised a wider variety of foes than she’d ever find in any other ring, and she managed to dare her brother into joining as well, figuring it would make for a good laugh and take him down a peg.

Plus, she heard rumors about an old friend joining up, as well...

Fun Facts:

-Is an excellent cook, a skill she developed while babysitting Army. She can cook Puerto Rican dishes, of course, but she’s also added quite a few American recipes to her rolodex. In particular, she makes a mean grilled cheese sandwich. You’d be surprised what you can do with two pieces of bread and cheese.

-Do. Not. Disrespect. Her medal. She’s proud of it, and doesn’t take kindly to people who look down on her just because it’s not gold.

-Army would never admit it, but he’s never beaten her in a fight, and they’ve gone at it quite a few times. She never hesitates to remind him of this.

-Is a fairly skilled cutwoman. Her and her brother both took some classes on it, and they can do a fair job at mending and taking care of the other in the ring.


Olympic Silver Medalist (Boxing)
Former Tension 24/7 Champion


Angel - The two met at an AFW get-together that Carmen slid into, and became fast friends. There's a very palpable attraction between the two of them, but it hasn't manifested into anything solid. Yet.

Rebecca Tomko - Carmen and Rebecca's father's were brief rivals ages ago, and the two of them have since hooked up in AFW. Rebecca introduced Carmen to...

Adrian Kytes - Carmen gave Adrian a little training in boxing to get ready for a fight she had coming, and the two have kept up infrequently since then.



Clyde Gastin - After an intense battle, Clyde managed to get a win over her. The fight was razor-thin close, and she itches for a rematch. She has a great deal of respect for Clyde and his abilities, having studied him extensively before their match and experiencing them firsthand.

Belle B. Barker - Clyde's...groupie? Girlfriend? Lover? Whatever the case, she's a pain in Carmen's ass. She has her eyes set on the 24/7 title, and she's nearly taken it from Carmen on several occasions since they've met. Not one to be underestimated.

Lorenza Saldana - After a fierce battle, Lorenza gave Carmen her first and only boxing lose when Carmen took her on for the championship, ending in a split decision. Lorenza retired after the fight, dashing Carmen's chances for a rematch, and she's been chomping at the bit for one ever since.

Diana Accera: An Italian berserker, Carmen and Diana battled in a fierce match at her gym for the 24/7 title. While she came out victorious, the two of them still feel like there's unfinished business and interesting emotions between the two of them. A budding rivalry.



Kurohime - Had a little tryst after their first fight, Carmen developed a little thing for her. Might not be more than a crush, though.

Akino Sanada - A lovely young lady that Carmen met at her bondage club. The two shared an intimate night together, and she's hungered for more ever since.


Tuco Rodriguez (Father) - 55
Linda Rodriguez (Mother) - 54 (Deceased)
Armando 'Army' Rodriguez (Brother) - 22
Benito Rodriguez (Brother) - 9
Felina Rodriguez (First Cousin)

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Carmen Rodriguez Empty Re: Carmen Rodriguez

Post by acuyra Wed Mar 05, 2014 11:53 pm

Match Record: 8-5-1


1.Carmen vs. Kurohime - LOSS (Ten count)
Carmen's first match is a Last Woman Standing battle against a brawler named Kurohime. It gets hot, and Carmen's feeling get the better of her, leading to bloody garage sex.
2.Sex and Violence
Kuro and Carmen have a rematch at her apartment, which she wins and gains the right to dominate Kuro for the next two days. Very sweaty.
3. Carmen vs. Domino - LOSS (Submission)
Carmen takes on a younger wrestler named Domino. The two have a hard match, but Domino comes out on top and chides her for not using more wrestling. Will she take his advice to heart? We'll see.
4. Carmen vs. The Ryona Brotherhood-ONGOING
Who the hell is the Ryona Brotherhood?
5. Transitional Period
Carmen gets in a little training, trying to perfect her new style of fighting.
6. Carmen vs. Steven - WIN (Pinfall)
Carmen takes on her new friend in a tough wrestling match - it comes down to the wire, but she manages to squeak off a victory.
7. Carmen vs. Kira - WIN (Triple Knockout)
A 'revenge match' against a friend of someone who took down Army. He puts up a good fight, but eventually ends up in the hospital.
8. Not Such a Speedy Recovery
Carmen decides to pay Kira a little visit in the hospital.
9. Carmen vs. Clyde - LOSS (Submission)
Carmen sets her sights on some bigger game - veteran Clyde Gastin!
10. Carmen vs. Snowman - WIN (Pinfall)
Carmen tries to melt the Snowman in a standard match.
11. Ajuste de Cuentas
Carmen makes her first promo, calling out her oldest enemy - Lorenza Saldano!
12. The First and Maybe Last AFW Karaoke Night
Carmen takes a little break from her hectic schedule and decides to try this new 'socializing' thing.
13. Carmen vs. Lorenza - WIN (Split Decision)
The fabled battle finally begins! The match to settle all scores! End all doubts! Silence all critics!
14. A Hard Night's Rest
Carmen heals up in the hospital and gets into a little trouble with Lorenza.
15. Familiar Faces
While dropping by Tension HQ, Carmen runs into an ancient 'friend' - fellow boxing daughter, Rebecca Tomko.
16. Getting Strong Now
Carmen stops by Adrian's apartment to help polish up her pugilism skills.
17. A Couple of Wild and Crazy Girls
Carmen and Lorenza get tattoos and go on the town in search of fine women!
18. The Way To A Woman's Heart
Carmen invites the Friction World Champion, Angel, over for a spar and a meal. Will anything more come of it?
19. Progress Report
Carmen stumbles on an old 'friend' - Domino, her first real opponent.
20. vs. Mad Max - WIN (By Knockout)
Carmen's back in action against a returning vet, Mad Max!
21. Carmen vs Lorenza II - DRAW
The final battle between Lorenza and Carmen. No holds barred. No referee. No rules. No mercy.
22. The War in the Ward
Carmen and Lorenza get a little bedside entertainment from the prospective girlfriends...

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Carmen Rodriguez Empty Re: Carmen Rodriguez

Post by acuyra Tue Jan 20, 2015 3:48 pm


23. A Puerto Rican Mummy in Japan
Carmen meets up with Charlie Haines, a guy who beat her brother in a recent fight, and they discuss a rather curious problem.
24. Carmen vs. Kyo - LOSS (By Submission)
Carmen finds action with a veteran once again, this time taking on Kyo Akamatsu is a special match tailored to their skills.
25 Fifty Shades of Red
Carmen meets a very interesting girl one night, and they have a very interesting night together.
26. Hit Me Hard and Hit Me Fast
Carmen tries to teach Charlie how to hit women.
27.Carmen vs. Black Dragon -LOSS
Carmen takes it upon herself to get back into the ring against the Black Dragon, looking to avenge the beating he and his posse gave Clyde.
28. Not So Jolly Christmas
Carmen stumbles into the tail end of a brawl with Army and Clyde, and has a little talk with her cowboy friend about his life troubles.
29. Still Waters
Carmen once again samples the wonders of Japan's night life, and discovers a side of sexuality she didn't know existed.
30. Rivales con Beneficios
Carmen invites Lorenza over to watch Avalanche, but not all the action is on the screen.
31. Carmen vs. Haru Fujiwara - LOSS (By pinfall)
Carmen goes up against a new wrestler and pays the price for underestimating his abilities.
32. Mi Hermana y Yo
Carmen is introduced to two new friends - Amy Poford, a girl Army's taken quite a liking to, and Nathan Weed, another boxer turned wrestler who has a problem hitting women, even though that's what he's supposed to do for a living.
33.Where the Wisterias Bloom
Carmen tries to get acquainted with Tension's newest giantess, Hana Fujioka!
34.Rodriguez Reunion
Carmen's cousin, Felina, comes to the AFW!

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Carmen Rodriguez Empty Re: Carmen Rodriguez

Post by acuyra Wed Aug 12, 2015 12:03 pm

Carmen Rodriguez 16dc136e-b075-44f9-a6d3-bffcb66ff73a_zps7ztkcy2t
35.Carmen vs. the Brat Pack vs. King - WIN
Shit happens and Carmen becomes the NEW 24/7 CHAMPION!
36. Cocina Criolla
Amy and Carmen have a little girl time.
37. The Girl In Black
Kuro suddenly steps back in Carmen's life...
38. Strangers in the Night
As is often the case, Carmen meets a lovely lady while she's out on the town. But this time, it's a little different.
39. Size Matters
Rebecca stops by the gym, and Carmen decides to renew the Rodriguez/Tomko rivalry of days long gone...
40. ¡La Campeóna esta Aquí!
Carmen is a champion, but a champion needs a challenger. She has the perfect one in mind...
41. Carmen Rodriguez vs. Clyde Gastin (Title Defense) - WIN
Carmen takes on Clyde Gastin once again, eager to prove she's worthy to hold the belt. Belle makes things a little complicated, though.
42. Dolores Reales
Felina is having a really bad day, but Carmen comes in to try and make it right.
43. So Anxious
Carmen and Akino enjoy a quiet evening together. It starts out that way, at least.

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Carmen Rodriguez Empty Re: Carmen Rodriguez

Post by acuyra Wed Jan 06, 2016 1:21 am


44. Felina Rodriguez vs. Daisuke Takeuchi
Carmen comes out to watch her cousin's back. Against the Takeuchis, said back really needs watching.
45. Diana Accera: Making Myself Known (feat. Carmen Rodriguez)
Carmen's gym gets a very interesting guest.
46. Carmen Rodriguez vs. Diana Accera -WIN
Carmen takes on the newcomer Diana, in a hard hitting match for the championship.
47. Carmen and Army Rodriguez vs. Goto and Natsu Arisawa - ONGOING
Time to break things up with a little tag team action.
48. The Throne vs. the Streets: Killer King vs. Soledad Vega (Debut Match)
Carmen does a little scouting on Tension newcomer and fellow Puerto Rican, Soledad Vega.
49.Los Jovenes y el Agitado
After her match, Carmen makes Soledad an offer than she can't refuse...can't she?
50. Round Two
Carmen and Diana get to know each other.
51. Carmen Rodriguez vs. Gai Tendo - NO CONTEST
A peaceful train ride turns less than peaceful, when another newcomer takes a swipe at Carmen's gold!
52. More Than It First Seemed
Carmen and Diana really get to know each other.
53. Carmen Rodriguez vs. Akino - WIN
Where love and violence cease to mix.
54. The Hardest Part of Breaking Up
It's apology time...
55. Words That We Couldn't Say
Carmen finds advice from an unexpected source.
56. Carmen Rodriguez vs. Soledad 'Sola' Vega - NO CONTEST
Soledad actually comes to visit Carmen. At 1:00 in the morning. With a referee.
57. Personal Jesus
With all the drama going on in Carmen's life, she seeks a special kind of relief...
58. Hammer and Tongs
Army and Carmen meet Alicia Welles, a promising newcomer to the Friction scene.
59. Ojo Del Tigre
Carmen looks to end things with Soledad.
60. Happy Endings Aren't For Everyone
Another one of Carmen's relationships goes down for the count.
61. Carmen Rodriguez vs. Soledad 'Sola' Vega II - LOSS
After a weird, grueling battle, Soledad defeats Carmen and dethrones a champion.
62. Pasar El Testigo
Carmen lost the belt, now she loses the hair.

Carmen Rodriguez SPoWQN2

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Carmen Rodriguez Empty Re: Carmen Rodriguez

Post by acuyra Fri Dec 23, 2016 3:43 pm


63. Bouncing Back
Carmen's fallen from the top, now she has to climb her way back up again. Maybe a good spar will help?

Carmen Rodriguez SPoWQN2

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Carmen Rodriguez Empty Re: Carmen Rodriguez

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