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Mon May 13, 2024 5:49 am by TheLoneWanderer

As a first outing for this rebooted account, I'd like to engage some opponent in a matroom, or something equivalent, with a focus on BJJ, Catch Wrestling, MMA, etc. It can range from actual training (preferably of the character I play but I can do yours even if I'd like further teaching for BJJ.) to an extreme match. Either way, message me if you wanna bite. While I do like femdom and all that, I will do my best to treat any participants equally.

You can pick either Senji or Hiroyuki but I'm …

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All of blade/speranza wreslters

Sun Apr 07, 2024 12:00 am by Blade/speranza

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Marisa Kirisame vs. Sanae Kochiya

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Marisa Kirisame vs. Sanae Kochiya Empty Marisa Kirisame vs. Sanae Kochiya

Post by Kelsea Mon Feb 27, 2012 3:17 pm

[align=center:znq7uucq]Marisa Kirisame vs. Sanae Kochiya 857160-90G2A2G.jpg[/align:znq7uucq]
[size=200:znq7uucq][align=center:znq7uucq]Marisa Kirisame[/align:znq7uucq]
[align=center:znq7uucq]Sanae Kochiya[/align:znq7uucq]
[align=center:znq7uucq]Marisa Kirisame vs. Sanae Kochiya 857163-BMY8HJR.jpg[/align:znq7uucq]

Sanae let out a deep breath as she walked out towards the ring. Her theme song, Faith is for the Transient People, played over the speakers as the lights fell on her, blinding her for a moment and making her raise her hand to block out the light. She wore a modified version of her priestess clothes, the top cut off above her navel and more tightly fitting around her big bust, her armpits exposed as the sleeves were disconnected but held in place on her arms by two tightly tied ribbons. Her skirt was shortened too, showing off her long legs, and frills were added to the sides to make it look more girlish. Her white panties were visible whenever she took a step and the skirt flared upwards. She was eager to start this fight against one of her rivals, Marisa Kirisame. When she first entered Gensokyo, Marisa and Reimu came and beat her up for interfering with their lives, and while they got along better now, Sanae could never quite live it down. Now she was getting a chance to meet them on a more fair playing ground, and she was going to show Marisa just how strong she really was!

After a few moments the racey tune "Love-coloured Master Spark" kicked in, about 6 seconds in their was an explosion on the top of the ramp way in time with a musical cue. A flash of colours sprayed out and for a couple of seconds the rampway was covered in smoke, when the smoke cleared Marisa was standing there.. Broom in one hand and the other hand holding the tip of her witches hat at the front. A rather obnoxious looking grin on her face as once again she took the cake when it came to flashy entrances. Today, Marisa was dressed in a black miniskirt and black halter top version of her witches outfit. White frilly edges peaked out from under the bottom of her short mini skirt and a white apron covered the front of her skirt and part of the halter top. She nodded as the crowd cheered, as if to say "Yes.. I am that damn good..." And then walked down the rampway towards the ring. climbing the stairs to one corner and climbing in through the ropes.

Sanae was in her corner, warming up when Marisa made her entrance. She stared for a moment at the sparkly display, before shaking her head and reminding herself that Marisa was her enemy and she shouldn't be thinking nice things about her. She instead focused on how she was going to beat that smug grin off of her face. Sanae smiled when Marisa came into the ring, stepping forward to meet her in the center and stare her down. "Marisa-san, are you ready to lose?" she asked, "If you say yes, I'll make it not as painful for you." Sanae thought she was being very generous here, giving Marisa a chance for the easy way out.

Marisa put her broom down at the corner of the ring and rolled it out onto the apron, before getting up and turning to Sanae.. "Hmm? you say something..? I'm sorry... could hardly hear over all the fans cheering my name." She winked at Sanae and then took off her hat, waving it softly in front of her face to fan herself. "What are you doing here anyways Sanae...? I thought all of you shrine maidens were too busy taking donations and being nagging busy bodies..?"

Marisa knew how to push Sanae's buttons, or perhaps it was because Sanae was fairly simple-minded that Marisa's comments got to her pretty easily. "Obviously I'm here to punish you in the name of Gensokyo!" Sanae said, raising a hand and pointing it at Marisa's face, "You've terrorized everyone here long enough Marisa, and I'm going to beat you and make sure you never steal or cause trouble ever again!" She turned on her heel, walking back to her corner as she waited for the bell to ring.

Marisa waved her hand rather dismissively "You're the one protecting a god that needed punishing as I remember... Remember, I'm the hero of the anhing goes shop-ze?" She said, reminding her of what she had told Sanae when they first met. She flung her up into the air, and then placed her hands on her hips, not even looking as the hat landed perfectly behind her on the iron turnbuckle pole. "But fine... I have no problem with relieving you also of the precious item and adding to the collection I already gots!" Marisa suddenly charged forwards although the bell hadn't rung, getting a bit too excited and forgetting to wait for it as she tried to mow right through Sanae with a big clothesline

"Don't you dare talk about Kanako-sama like that!" Sanae shot back. The bell rang right as Marisa began charging forward at Sanae. The shrine maiden wasn't ready for such a fierce assault right from the beginning, expecting Marisa to come in and lock up like the usual matches she saw on TV. So she got smacked right across her big bust, knocking all the air out of her and sweeping her off her feet, landing with a thud on the mat. "Owwww...."

The bell run half way through Marisa's clothesline. Seems Marisa had completely forgotten to wait for the bell, she did kinda wonder what that was, "I guess you could say I rung her bell with that clothesline!" Marisa thought to herself and couldn't help but chuckle to herself afterwards, although Sanae hadn't had the benefit of hearing the joke to join in with the laughter... That and she was on the floor in pain. Marisa didn't stop but instead kept on running towards the ropes, bouncing off of them to come back towards Sanae as she lay on the mat. The witch jumped up into the air, her plait in her hair flicking up as she kicked her feet out and came down to try and land a leg drop right across Sanae's bust

Sanae was winded, but she had enough sense to watch where Marisa was coming from. When the witch came down to try a devastating leg drop across Sanae's already sore chest, she quickly rolled away to the side so Marisa dropped herself onto the mat painfully instead of hitting her!

Marisa's mini skirt flicked up to show off her white panties underneath, but Sanae didn't hang around to see them close up. "Ungh!!!" Marisa cried out as she came crashing down on her butt, both hands clutching back for her tail bone as her head popped up and her chest puffed out.

Sanae rolled over and pushed herself up, seeing Marisa crash and burn gave her an extra bit of motivation. "Heh, not so high and mighty now, are you?" Sanae taunted. She ran back, bouncing off the ropes, building up running momentum before dropping down into a slide, her skirt and sleeves flapping in the wind as she slid in to deliver a painful kick right into Marisa's lower back!

Marisa could feel Sanae's footsteps drawing rapidly closer to her but couldn't recover from her botched leg drop in time to get out of the way "Ahh!!" Marisa cried out as Sanae's booted feet drove straight into her back, throwing the witches body forwards before she snapped back again, landing down partly on top of Sanae's legs and hips as she let out a huff and pressed her hand on the middle of her back

Seeing Marisa land perfectly in position gave Sanae an idea. She quickly grabbed Marisa's arms, trapping them behind her back in a chickedwing hold, while snapping her legs forward to scissor around Marisa's midsection! Sanae dragged the witch in close, making sure Marisa had a hard time escaping thanks to their proximity. "How's this feel Marisa-san?" Sanae said, "Does it hurt? If you give up, I'll make it hurt less." She squeezed in tightly, making sure Marisa felt it all.

Marisa felt Sanae snagging her arms and pulling it up around behind her.. The green haired beauty scooting up close as she started to slip her warm thighs either side around Marisa's hips. CLenching her teeth before Sanae could get it all locked in completely, Marisa clenched her fist and tried to swing back with an elbow to knock the shrine maiden off

The elbow worked, thanks to the closeness of the hold it struck Sanae in between the eyes, stunning her and forcing her to release Marisa's arms. Her legs were still around Marisa's waist though, and as Sanae rubbed her eyes to clear them she squeezed down, hoping to keep Marisa trapped and in pain.

The elbow slammed back and Marisa was able to pull back her arm, she thought she was now free to just move away but got a shock when instead Sanae's warm thighs snapped around her waist snuggly, pressing right in on the witches body as she grabbed at her ankles so that she didn't hook them around each other.

Sanae struggled for a moment, trying to fully close her legs, but Marisa was surprisingly strong and kept them forcefully apart. Sanae was starting to panic a little now, as Marisa began prying her legs apart. She clenched her hands into fists and sent two punches right at the witch's kidneys, hoping that would shock Marisa into giving out and letting Sanae close the hold.

Marisa seemed to be making some progress in keeping Sanae's thighs from closing and even creating a gap for herself when suddenly the shrine maiden's fist drove right into her back "Owwf!!" Marisa coughed with a little spittle and then with her hands away from Sanae's legs they snapped shut hard "OW!! ..shit..." Marisa muttered out, start to pant very faintly already

Sanae finally locked in the scissors and she began mercilessly working over Marisa's waist, squeezing hard before releasing for a moment to let her breath and squeezing down again. Her arms snaked forward as well, attempting to go around Marisa's neck and pull her back into a sleeper! "Marisa-san, feel like giving up yet?" Sanae taunted, "No? Well, you're not going to be able to soon!" She squeezed down on Marisa's neck, slowly choking her out while her legs kept Marisa in a world of pain.

Marisa clenched her teeth and growled as she felt Sanae's thighs power in and really work her body. Shortly afterwards, Sanae came forwards to grab at Marisa's head.. Her back drawn right up against Sanae's body, her breasts poking into Marisa back as the witch started to twist sharply from side to side, her back grinding right against Sanae's nipples through her costume as she tried to escape

Sanae panted as Marisa twisted from side to side, feeling her nipples scrape up against Marisa's back through her tight-fitting top. "Stop that!" Sanae said, "You're struggling too much. The heroine's supposed to beat a villian like you easily!" She twisted her own body to the side, trying to put them both on their sides to Marisa had less room to struggle, while choking her out harder and squeezing her thighs together tightly against the witch's exposed midsection.

Marisa panted softly out against Sanae's arms as she also started trying to twist and turn... She intended to get down to the mat where there wouldn't be so much movement, but it was resulting in a hell of a lot more friction and body heat being swapped between the two. Eventually they move down onto one side, Marisa body still wriggling right up against Sanae's front in what was turning out to be quite a hot entanglement

Sanae panted as well into Marisa's ears as she struggled against the sexy witch. Marisa's body squirmed right up against Sanae's body, pressing in tightly and making the miko blush a little from all the rubbing, her nipples standing up straight and scraping against Marisa's back. Sanae tightened her hold a little bit more. She was near the limit of her strength though. "Come on, give up already!" Sanae half taunted, half pleaded to Marisa.

Marisa felt and heard the hot pants blow right against her ear lobe, making her huff out a bit herself.. Feeling Sanae's nipples starting to poke into a little more then before. Marise clenched her teeth and fist at the same time and then would strike back as hard as she could with a back elbow towards Sanae's ribs "YAAAHH!!" Marisa yelled out, as she tried to finally shake the shrine maiden off of her.

The yell combined with the elbow was enough to startle Sanae and make her release Marisa. She let go of the headlock first, then loosened her legs before rolling away, one hand on her ribs where Marisa hit her, feeling it starting to bruise. "You're really stubborn Marisa-san," Sanae said, getting up to her feet, "But I'll still make you submit!"

Marisa rolled away grateful that she was able to get Sanae to release but quite a bit of damage had been done to her chances in this match. She rolled up towards the closes ropes and reached out to them, using them to start climbing to her feet.. Breathing out a heavy breath as she could still feel the after effects of having Sanae's body pressed so closely up against her own.

Sanae stood up, letting her body cool off a bit before charging in fight against Marisa once more. She knew Marisa was hurt now, but that might just make the witch fight harder. A wounded animal fights hardest, after all. She didn't want to corner Marisa yet, she was still strong enough to keep on fighting. When Marisa fully stood up though, Sanae would charge in and attempt to swing in with a powerful clothesline, aiming to knock Marisa over the ropes!

Holding onto the ropes, Marisa got fully to her feet.. From the corner of her eye she could see Sanae charging in. Holding onto the top ropes with both hands, Marisa let her legs drop away from underneath her so that she fell and pulled the ropes down at the same time.. Trying to leave Sanae to miss the clothesline and topple right over the top of the rope out onto the outside floor.

Sanae swung and hit nothing but air as Marisa dropped down and pulled the ropes with her. She hit the rope with her belly, lost her balance, and swung overboard, falling head over heels but somehow landing on her feet outside of the ring, though she stumbled a few steps before regaining her balance. Sanae quickly turned around and charged back in, trying to grab Marisa's feet and drag her down as well!

Marisa climbed back to her feet but soon realized that Sanae had not hit the floor full bodied like she had hoped. She turned to find Sanae trying to grab her feet from under the apron of the ring. She kept ahold of the top ropes so that she wouldn't get tripped to easily but Sanae was proving persistant. "nh..! You're forgetting.. *I* am the hero of this story!!" Marisa yell and then jumped up and kicked both of her booted feet inbetween the ropes right into Sanae's chest.. Slipping out through the ropes with the moment of the kick and trying to land outside the ring while keeping as much balance as possible

Sanae kept on tugging, until she finally felt Marisa give. But Marisa came down with a surprise for the miko, namely a big boot right in her breasts. Sanae yelped in pain as she got knocked off her feet, releasing Marisa's legs and landing hard on her ass. She groaned, crossing her hands in front of her chest and she sat there, curled up and trying to ease the pain in her breasts.

Marisa landed on her feet outside the ring, Sanae down on her butt protecting them cute little breasts of hers. "See.." Marisa panted "You should go back to what you know best.. Nagging.." Marisa murmured before moving towards Sanae, reaching down to grab a couple of handfuls of green hair, pull her forwards and then suddenly yank her back to ram the back of her head down on the floor

Sanae yelped when Marisa grabbed her by her hair, tugging her up. She thought Marisa was about to pull her up this way, so she raised a fist to bury it into Marisa's gut, but before she could get her shot off, suddenly her head got snapped back and thudded against the ground. Sanae's eyes widened for a moment, before going blank. She screamed out in pain, her hand covering the back of her head as she tried to roll onto her side and curl up.

Marisa reached down for Sanae hair again, this time looking to pull the shrine maiden up to her feet keenly before yanking on her hair to stuff her head deep under her armpit, Marisa's arm locking around the side of Sanae's face to press her cheek right up against the side of Marisa's bust in a face lock.

Sanae groaned again as Marisa grabbed her by her hair and pulled her up. Her hands clenched into fists as Marisa pulled her in for a facelock. She wasn't about to let Marisa off easy after that hit! Her head was all sore now thanks to this witch. She swung out her arm, attempting to sock Marisa in the gut like she planned before, hoping that would get the witch off her back for a bit, because if not, she was going to suffer Marisa's face lock!

Sanae's fist sunk right into her belly, making Marisa hop a couple of inches off the mat and stick her cute tosh up in the air.. Her mini skirt flapping up a bit to show off her panties to the crowd.. She was however able to keep ahold of Sanae's head, although the hold loosened considerably.. She lifted up her free arm and tried to club it down across the back of Sanae's shoulders.. trying to bash some of the fight out of her.

Sanae pushed back as Marisa's grip loosened, but before she could get free Marisa landed a devastating blow on her back, knocking the air out of her and sending her to her knees. "Guh!" Sanae gasped. She sucked in as much air as she could, pushing upwards with all her remaining strength and attempted to lift Marisa up off the ground and smash her backwards into the edge of the ring!

Holding onto Sanae's head still, she felt the shrine maiden grab her arms around her hips and then lift her up off the floor a bit, ramming her backwards right into the apron of the ring "AGH!!" Marisa huff out as her head shot backwards, her back slamming right into the painful edge firmly with Sanae's body sandwiching her a bit

Sanae pushed against Marisa's body to free her head after that attack. It had worked, but Sanae could feel the exhaustion coming over her now. Sweat matted her hair and soaked her top, and her entire body was getting all moist. She would take a step back after she was freed, then send a powerful kick right into Marisa's chin!

Marisa panted, her breasts moving in and out against the side of Sanae's cheek as she pressed her to the apron for a couple more seconds and then finally moved back.. Marisa skin was also gaining a sheen of perspiration as the match continued. Sanae stepped back and then sent the kick right up into the underside of Marisa's chin, rocking the witch backwards and then sending her down onto the floor. One arm still holding onto the apron of the ring as her blonde hair dangled down over her head, covering her face as she panted heavily.

Sanae was panting as she came in again, reaching down to sink her hands into Marisa's blonde locks and pulling her up by her hair. "If you're the heroine, does that make me the villian?" she asked, "But the villian never wins, and I'm winning!" She would then send her knee up into Marisa's gut to wind her some more, before picking her up and rolling her back into the ring.

Marisa was yanked up to her feet by the hair, the single plait starting to come loose a little as she got to her feet. "Uhff!!" Marisa huffed out, unable to come up with a retort as Sanae's knee rammed up right into her exposed belly, making her hop off the mat a bit.. The witch was then shove under the ropes, rolling over a couple of times before coming to rest on her back, her right breast starting to shift upwards in her halter top a bit

Sanae climbed up onto the ring after rolling Marisa in. Seeing how vulnerable the witch was gave her an idea. She slowly began making her way on top of the ropes, carefully pulling herself up until she was squatting on the top rope. "Take this!" Sanae yelled before leaping up off of the top ropes and extending her body out, attempting to splash down on Marisa's vulnerable form in a tremendous high-risk attack!

Marisa was laying flat out on her back with her arms sprawled out.. Panting repeated breaths up into the air, her breasts puffing up and down as Sanae start to take things to the next level, climbing up to the top ropes... However Marisa had been given a little time to recover and as Sanae launched her self off the turnbuckles towards her, Marisa forced herself into a roll.. leaving nothing but the canvas for Sanae to crash down upon

Sanae's eyes widened as Marisa suddenly rolled out of the way. It was too late now to do anhing. Sanae landed onto the mat with a tremendous crash, enough to shake the entire ring as the crowd groaned collectively in empathy. Sanae lay there for a moment, facedown. Then came the scream of pain. She practically let out all the air she had left in her lungs, closing her eyes as tears fell down her cheeks, rolling over onto her side as she clutched herself, trying to block out her body's protests.

Marisa moved up onto her knees, looking over at Sanae "heh.. that'll learn ya... *pant* one steals anyones finisher.. except me!" Marisa said, refering to Stardust Reverie being a body splash. And speaking of stealing... Marisa figured she need to do some of that herself, although she was still hurting pretty bad.. She stumbled to her feet and made her way over to Sanae, one eye squinted shut in pain. She reached down for Sanae's right leg and tried to tuck it under her armpit, then would try and flip Sanae over onto her front in a half boston crab

Sanae was groaning in pain, unable to fight back yet as her body was recovering. This hurt even worse then when Reimu crushed her at the lake so long ago. At least then Reimu had the courtesy to knock her out. Marisa soon came over, grabbing Sanae's leg and dragging the unresisting Miko onto her front. She wailed as Marisa pulled her into the boston crab, putting pressure onto her weakened body and torturing her. Sanae gasped in pain, beating her fists against the mat, trying to drag herself over to the ropes and get a rope break.

Marisa locked her arm around Sanae's ankle as the shrine maiden beat the mat and started trying to crawl her way over towards the ropes.. But Marisa had ulteria motives other then applying the submission hold. The witch grinned devilishly and then reached her free hand down to the front of Sanae's panties, fingers against her crotch as she pinched ahold of the material "...Say buh-bye to the precious item!"

Sanae's eyes widened as she realized what Marisa was going for. The witch pinched her panties, pressing her fingers in against Sanae's crotch, making the miko blush. "No!" she gasped. She desperately clawed the mat, trying to drag herself closer to the ropes and get a rope break before Marisa could remove her panties.

Marisa tried to yank back on Sanae's leg to send a shock wave of pain through her thigh and back, while also hold her in place "Oh.. bashful Sanae?" Marisa teased, her fingers gently tracing the front of her mound and then slowly start to pull them down from her crotch.. The ropes now just inches away!!

Sanae yelped as Marisa tugged back on her leg, stopping her for a moment. She turned her head back as she felt Marisa touching her sex, then pulling her panties away while the crowd cheered. She clenched her hands into fists, dragging herself closer and closer to the ropes, reaching out desperately to try and grab them...

Sanae was finally able to grab onto the ropes, the ref calling for a rope break.. Marisa still went ahead and pulled the panties down a little more until she got it almost down to her knees.. But with the half boston crab, she couldn't take it off fully without releasing anyway. Marisa let go of Sanae's leg but would jump up into the air and try to drive her butt cheek down into the small of Sanae's back.. Her mini skirt flapping upwards as she did

Sanae relaxed a bit as she grabbed the rope, and Marisa put her leg down. She reached a hand down to pull up her panties, but before she could Marisa suddenly came down and drove her butt right into Sanae's back! "Yahhhh!" Sanae screamed in pain, her tortured and sore back unable to bear this kind of pain. She flopped against the mat, gasping and groaning, trying to block it out, forgetting entirely about her panties.

Marisa climbed off of her but reached down, but instead of finishing the job and pull the panties right off of Sanae.. She instead reached down to grab a handful of her and drag her back up to her feet with the panties awkwardly tied around Sanae's knees

Sanae gasped as Marisa grabbed her by her hair and pulled her back up, stumbling up as her panties kept her legs from moving too much. The miko was devastated already, weakened and tired, her body sore all over. But Sanae hadn't given up the fight just yet. As Marisa picked her up, she would try to knock her hand off of her hair before sending an open-palmed slap right into Marisa's face!

Marisa arms were suddenly cast aside as Sanae knocked her arms against Marisa's and then the firm palm strike slapped right across Marisa's cheek "Uhh!!" Marisa grunts out, stumbling back a couple of steps, her cheek slightly bruised from the strike..

Sanae knocked Marisa back, taking the chance to bend down and pick up her panties to pull them back up. The nerve of this witch, to go around and steal peoples panties! Sanae made a mental note to really punish Marisa. Of course, she wasn't paying attention to Marisa when she did this...

Marisa recovered from the momentary stun effect of the palm strike to see Sanae pulling her panties back up.. "We'll just see about that.." Marisa thought to herself as she dashed in and slipped quickly around behind Sanae. Marisa arms went right around Sanae's hips, making Marisa press her bust right into Sanae's back, her fingers gripping the top of Sanae's panties so that they were being pulled up a bit further then Sanae had intended them to go. Then with a deep growl, Marisa hoisted up and back, pulling the panties up into a major wedgie as she tried to throw Sanae right over her head in a german suplex!

Sanae just pulled her panties up when suddenly another pair of hands appeared around her waist and gripped the waistband to her panties tightly. "Wait!" Sanae protested, "No no no NO!" She screamed as Marisa yanked her panties up, putting her butt and her sex in a painful wedgie that obliterated any clear thinking she might've had. Marisa pulled her up and threw her backwards into a devastating German suplex, Sanae crashing down onto the math with a tremendous thud. Her skirt flipped up to reveal her panties digging into her ass and sex, and how she was getting wet from this feeling. If Sanae wasn't dazed by this move, she would be blushing deeply. As it was, she was struggling not to fall unconscious from the pain and humiliation Marisa put her through.

Marisa got to her feet tiredly, her body racked with pain and exhaustion too... Still she lifted her arm up and signaled with a finger up to the crowd, indicating she wanted to put Sanae away now. She moved over to the shrine maiden, taking her by the hair and pulling her part of the way up to her feet, but while she had the other girl still bent over Marisa would try to yank her head forcefully between her own thighs right under her mini skirt.. Setting her up.

Sanae groaned as Marisa picked her up once more by her hair, her token struggling barely even enough to shake Marisa. She was easily forced in between Marisa's thighs, her hands instinctively grabbing Marisa's thighs and holding on. Sanae panted weakly, her breaths washing against Marisa's leg. Could the shrine maiden survive Marisa's next attack?

Marisa's hot moist thighs squashed in either side of Sanae's head as she leaned down heavily right over Sanae's back, the shrine maiden could feel the witches weight really pressing down on her... Marisa's breasts pressed into the small of Sanae's back and her now stiff nipples poked into her skin through the halter top. Marisa's head came down right on Sanae's butt cheek as she moved her arms around Sanae's waist and slipped her hands down between Sanae's thighs, up against the front of her crotch

Sanae whimpered as Marisa squeezed her head tightly, trying to ignore the smell of Marisa's sweat or the dominating position the witch was in, her breasts and stiff nipples poking against Sanae's exposed back. Marisa's hands slipped in between her thighs, feeling up her crotch, making Sanae blush even more. Her panties were still wedged in between her sex lips. She panted weakly, her remaining strength slowly being sapped away.

Marisa was ready in position but holded off from finishing just yet. hot pants for breath washed over Sanae's wedgied butt cheeks as Marisa allowed the tips of her fingers to draw back and forth over the front of Sanae's barely covered pussy lips. "Like some girl once said... the heroine always wins.." Marisa teased on what Sanae had said just briefly before

Sanae's hands weakly beat against Marisa's thighs as she protested the treatment she was getting. Her pussy lips got wetter as Marisa teased her down there, her panties slowly soaking up the juices until it couldn't take any more and Sanae's sex began dripping on the mat. The crowd, seeing this hot sight, roared in approval, while Sanae's legs felt like giving out, her knees shaking.

Marisa finally planted her feet and then hoisted up with both hands right over Sanae's leaking sex.. She tried to roll Sanae's body up so that she was up on Marisa's shoulders, thighs either side of Marisa's head so that the witch was panting her warm breath right against the front of Sanae's soppy wet panties.. Marisa's hair teasing the inside of her thighs a bit as the witch paused for a second

Sanae felt her world spinning around as Marisa hoisted her up, pulling upwards until she sat right on the witch's shoulders. Hot breaths washed against the Miko's sex. Sanae knew what was coming, but Marisa stalled for some reason, presumably to tease her a little bit more. This made Sanae mad. At least Marisa should have the courtesy to finish her off instead of humiliating her like this! Sanae decided to put everhing on a gamble. Her hands grabbed the back of Marisa's head and shoved her right into her wet crotch, Sanae blushing profusely and closing her eyes in embarrassment. Meanwhile, she leaned all of her weight forward, trying to unbalance Marisa and force her to topple over backwards, Sanae attempting to reverse this powerbomb

Marisa realized somethign wasn't right when she felt Sanae's hands clutching the back of her head.. Suddenly the shrine maidens wet crotch scooted up right against Marisa's face! Blushing hard, she stumbled backwards blindly, letting out a spluttered huff right into Sanae's crotch as she leaned forwards and forced Marisa to fall backwards with a thud. Marisa unintentionally getting a taste of Sanae's womanhood as she landed and gasped her mouth wide open around Sanae's crotch.

Sanae succeeded in bringing Marisa down, but thanks to the fall her sex was driven right into Marisa's face, and the witch's mouth opened to recieve all of Sanae's crotch. "Ahhhhnnn~" Sanae moaned, the pleasure shooting through her body as the crowd roared in approval. She turned her head back. "C-count the pin ref!" she yelled, having pinned Marisa down. Sanae didn't stop though, grinding her crotch against Marisa's face to keep the witch disoriented.

Marisa was still breathless from a long exhausting match and so havign a mouthful of Sanae panties and her mound, she ended up gasping and panting right agaisnt her.. Hot puffs blowing right into Sanae's wet sex and steaming out against the insides of her thighs as Marisa ended up dampening her panties even further with her saliva, her hands gripping at the back of Sanae's butt cheeks..

Sanae reached back and grabbed Marisa's hands, forcing them down beside her head as the ref came down for the count. "One!" the ref called. Sanae wriggled her hips a bit more, moaning as Marisa's mouth and nose dug in to her crotch. The witch must be completely out of air by this point. "Two!"

Marisa legs kicked on the mat a bit, her arms grabbed and then pinned down up over her head so that she couldn't even try to push Sanae off a but to get some air. With her arms trapped now Marisa was getting a really good taste of Sanae's sex, some of the trickles rolling down into Marisa's open lips, giving Marisa no option but to drink them in. A large blush came across her face as she gulped, trying to search for some air but just getting more of Sanae's crotch, starting to feel a little wet down below herself now.

Sanae let out a soft sigh. "The heroine always wins," she said, before the ref tapped down the third count and Sanae came. She let out a long moan, her back arching up as her sex juices coated her panties and crotch and Marisa's face. It lasted a few moments, before Sanae finally relaxed, leaning forward, panting weakly. She slipped off of Marisa and sat on the mat, cheerful now that she had triumphed.

As Sanae lifted her crotch a bit, Marisa was left panting rather hot and heavily right against Sanae's steamy mound.. Marisa's face was shiney with Sanae's juices, eyes closed but mouth wide open as she let out pant after hot pant onto the front of Sanae's crotch.. She'd ended up getting quite a large dose of Sanae's cum from this and for some time Marisa just lay there like that, breathing deeply as she tried to recover

Sanae sat beside Marisa as well, panting as the crowd chanted her name, and surprisingly enough Marisa's as well. Sanae couldn't blame them; they had both fought hard, and put on quite an impressive show. Soon Sanae stood up, her legs shaky from the orgasm and the beating she recieved, as the ref came over and raised her hand in victory. The crowd cheered loudly for her, with some lewd catcalls thrown in to embarrass her some more. Sanae blushed, looking away from them, and turning to Marisa, whom she approached and extended her hand. "A heroine never leaves a friend behind," she said to Marisa with a kind smile, hoping Marisa accepted this offer.

As Marisa started to come around a bit, the first things she did was move her hand to her crotch, feeling the front of her panties and noticing the wetness there before she turned onto one side and tried to prop herself up with one arm. "nh.. Damn.. " She muttered faintly, looking up to see Sanae extended hand "Fine.. you win this time.." She said breathlessly "But next time, I'm definitely making that precious item mine... Besides, its more fitting if the REAL heroine loses in the first encounter only to win in the second"

Sanae laughed and shook her head. "If thinking that way will make you feel better Marisa," Sanae said, "But even if you win against me, you're not taking my panties. That's naughty." She reached down to grab Marisa's hand and pull her up to her feet.

Marisa got to her feet with Sanae's help, a mischievous grin on her face "Who ever said heroes can't do bad things!?"

Sanae sighed and shook her head. "Just don't hit me behind my back," Sanae said as she turned to leave the ring, "A real heroine would never do that!" She left the ring with a smile on her face, having triumphed against one of her biggest rivals.

The new and improved: Kelsea's Karacters

Marisa Kirisame vs. Sanae Kochiya ELZuoMvMarisa Kirisame vs. Sanae Kochiya OG5hnuaMarisa Kirisame vs. Sanae Kochiya Cg3CzYmMarisa Kirisame vs. Sanae Kochiya 398g342

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