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Hentai Matches Wanted

Mon Feb 19, 2024 11:04 am by Leon564

Hello~ Hope you're well when you're reading my ad. Whoever you may be. Not sure how many are paying attention but I put James up for Hentai Championship Contenders. Which means that I'm looking to set him up with something focusing on progressing that.

Edit: My post for James is still available however now I've made a new gal who's ready to meet ya!

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Vincent "Twilight" Price

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Vincent "Twilight" Price Empty Vincent "Twilight" Price

Post by Moriarty Thu Aug 17, 2023 9:22 pm

Name: Vincent "Twilight" Price
Age: 28
Height: 5'6
Weight: 160 lbs
Alignment: Heel
Fighting Style: Technical/Submission

Vincent's brooding, enigmatic demeanor is matched by his striking appearance. His sleek, blonde hair falls gracefully over his sharp, angular features. His deep, ocean-blue eyes seem to hold a world of secrets. His lean, well-defined physique suggests both elegance and power.

Visual Appearance:
Ring Gear:

Once a sought-after host in an exclusive male host club, Vincent exuded an aloof charm that had clients flocking to him. However, an insatiable thirst for challenges led him to the world of professional wrestling. Under the ring name "Twilight," he adopted an even colder persona, using his previous hosting skills to manipulate his opponents and suitors alike.

Vincent is known for his frosty demeanor both in and out of the ring. He rarely lets anyone see his true emotions, preferring to keep his feelings guarded. This demeanor, honed during his time as a host, grants him an edge in psychological warfare. He's strategic and calculated, often analyzing opponents' weaknesses and exploiting them to secure victory.

Fighting Style:
Vincent's wrestling style is technical and submission-focused. He excels in wearing down opponents with calculated holds and joint locks, utilizing his knowledge of human anatomy to inflict maximum pain. His calm and calculating nature helps him stay composed during high-pressure situations, allowing him to escape even the tightest holds.

Signature Moves:

Cold Snap: Vincent taunts his opponent to approach, then swiftly counters with a devastating spinning back kick, expertly aimed at their head or chest.

Chilling Dominance: Vince demonstrates his mastery of psychological manipulation by luring his opponent into charging at him recklessly. At the last moment, he sidesteps and sends them crashing into the turnbuckle, before quickly tying them to the corner.

Priceless: Vincent delivers a swift and devastating flying knee strike to his opponent's face, leaving them dazed and disoriented before he follows up with a quick grapple and a sudden DDT.

Finishing Move:
Absolute Zero: Vincent's ultimate move, where he traps his opponent in a powerful bear hug, squeezing the air out of them while maintaining an air of detached elegance. The submission hold showcases his physical prowess and calculated brutality.

Entrance Music:
"Tainted love" by Soft Cell

Vincent's cold and distant nature makes it challenging for him to forge close alliances, but he has a begrudging respect for fellow technical wrestlers along with the other members of the AFW Host Club.


"Emotions are weaknesses that can be exploited. In the ring, as in life, I control you."

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