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All of blade/speranza wreslters

Sun Apr 07, 2024 12:00 am by Blade/speranza

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Julia Okinawa

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Julia Okinawa Empty Julia Okinawa

Post by Extremebrutalryona Tue Jul 04, 2023 10:18 pm

Name: Julia Okinawa
Sex: Female
Age: 18 (Birthday: 04.07.2005)
Eyes: Black
Hair: short, black and messy
Height: 5‘ 0‘‘
Weight: 95 lbs
Nationality: German/Japanese

Wrestling Informations

Favored moves: Leg scissors, very acrobatic high risk kamikaze moves which almost every time hurt herself

Entrance music:

Alignment: Face/Jobber

Preferred matches: Hardcore/Extreme/MMA/Deathmatch/Weapons

Endurance: ***** She NEVER quits! Even if she’s seriously injured and covered in tears and blood!

Strength: * She's pretty strong for her size, but of course every opponent is still much stronger than her

Speed: *****

Defense: * mainly because her fighting style is way too risky and offensive for her size

Technique: ****


Visual Appearance: Black cheeky eyes, short black messy hair and a snub nose. Very small and thin but has surprisingly big thigh muscles in relation to her body and a tight ass. Average sized but firm breasts with small nipples. Very light skin tone in contrast to her black hair. Small Earrings on both ears.
Julia in her casual street clothes:

Personality outside the ring: Julia is a very extroverted and talkative but also friendly young girl. Everybody who meets her instantly likes her. She also acts super self confident but not arrogant and is always open for new adventures and challenges. She is somewhat hyperactive and can hardly sit still. Julia is quite a tomboy and prefers to hang out with boys rather than with girls and she is openly bisexual. Julia has a lot of boys and older man simping for her and she knows it. She likes to wear super tight outfits but in a sporty tomboy like style.

Fighting outfit: Because she likes to show what she has Julia always fights in a BLACK STRING ONLY! (meaning topless and nearly completely naked). She knows that this is a bad idea maybe because it means that she has to do these kind of brutal matches with no protection at all, but she is brave enough to do this.
Julia's fighting string:

Personality inside the ring: Julia is a very brave fighter and always tries to act self confident even if she knows that she’ll hardly stand a chance. One of her specialities is cheeky trash talking. She does this a lot and mainly uses it to overshadow her fear and show confidence. Her fighting style is extraordinary acrobatic and spectacular but also way to offensive for her size so she often hurts herself during attacks. She always makes loud noises during the fight like attack screams but also starts to cry tears relatively soon when she has to endure pain during a fight. So because of the fact that she only competes in extremely brutal competitions without rules she cries nearly the entire fight. On the other hand Julia hast he spirit of a true warrior, a very high pain treshhold and NEVER quits even if she’s seriously injured and covered in tears and blood (for example: Broken bones, lacerations etc.). So if you want to beat her you must completely destroy her.

Past/History: Julia has a blond german mother and a black haired japanese father (the reason why she has black hair but very light skin) and was born and raised in Berlin. She also has a three years younger sister. Julia was always very good in school because she is very intelligent and was about study medicine. She also spent 5 years in the schools chearleading team, where she trained her acrobatic skills. Right before her graduation she got betrayed by a school mate and had to take responsibility for a misdemeanor she didn’t commit. So she got expelled from school without degree. Right after these events a shady manager appeared, told her about AFW and promised her much money but only if she agrees to compete against bigger males in extreme hardcore fights without rules. She hesitated at first but took the offer in the end because of her little sister, who wants to study medicine too and needs money for that (their family is not very rich at all).

Fun Facts:
- Despite she got everyone simping for her she is still a virgin. She often enjoys the attention (that’s why she wears almost nothing as a fighting outfit) but finds it difficult to trust a person enough to get intimate with him or her.
– Julia is so small and skinny because both of her parents (especially her mother) are not much bigger than her. She’s still even smaller than them tough.
- She is currently dating Roman Greco

Julia's story so far:
Julia's arrival at AFW
Julia's debut in a hardcore handicap match
Julia's first win in a brutal and even barbed wire match
Julia fights against Roman Greco in an Electric Razor Wire Deathmatch
Julia and Roman Greco fall in love with each other at the hospital
Julia loses her revenge to her boyfriend Roman Greco in a Light Tubes Deathmatch

1 win
2 losses
1 draw

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Julia Okinawa Empty Re: Julia Okinawa

Post by Deus001 Wed Jul 05, 2023 6:11 pm

Approved, you may RP as you like have fun Smile

Check out my wrestlers here, but PM me for match requests.

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