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Match search

Tue Mar 21, 2023 5:20 am by GrandAkumaShogun

Looking for a match for any of my three guys. If interested feel free to get in touch and we discuss ideas for a match and either plan out who will win or wing it. If you want info on each the links are below.

Takeichi Mori
Takeshi Kawai
Imai Cosmo

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Melanie needs a Debut♡

Tue Mar 21, 2023 10:29 am by Leon564

Above here should be the link to my character Melanie. She is in need of a debut match and so I'm making this notice here.

Disclaimer: She does not enjoy muscled or feminine men. And does not desire to have fights with women.

You're free to message me here on site or on Discord if you wish: Leon564#4514

Thank you for reading and have a great

[ Full reading ]

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Friction ( toys ) match wanted

Fri Mar 17, 2023 11:45 pm by Coolgirl1999

Yep! That's right I want my first match to be a toys match! I'm wondering if there's any woman brave enough to take me on!!!

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SRW: Journey to the Lizard Folk Fighters!

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SRW: Journey to the Lizard Folk Fighters! Empty SRW: Journey to the Lizard Folk Fighters!

Post by Tarantulust Sun Feb 26, 2023 10:45 am

The journey had been a long, boring, almost painfully dull experience. Eros could only sit and wait for her carriage to carry her to the destination she had been sent to by her beloved Overseer. The land was one that was a few days away from Tsubar, and despite the magically infused technology that the Warden’s had access to that would have doubtlessly gotten her there faster, the Overseer insisted she used the carriage. The clan she was being sent to visit was an old one that honored their traditions of their ancestors. While arriving quickly was nice for Eros, the Overseer deemed that a carriage would show his respect to the clan and their traditions much more. And he had a reason to be respectful to them.

This whole journey started a few days ago, when Eros had been summoned to the Overseer’s office to discuss the goings on of the SRW league. The Head Warden was happy to report her progress to her leader, going to great lengths to give him an in depth presentation that was detailed, but easy to understand for one as busy as himself. This was his pet project after all, and Eros wanted him to know she took his faith in her seriously, pulling out every stop she could. But, midway through the presentation, it became clear that the Overseer was after something else.

The Overseer admitted to Eros that he wanted to recruit a few members of a lizard folk clan to the SRW’s roster. A small tribe that had survived for ages thanks to their long legacy of producing warriors of exceptional talents and skill! To the point that their warriors were in high demand when it came to the many wars the Overseer had endured during his youth. He even graced Eros with the knowledge that the current Clan leader was the granddaughter of a dear friend of his before he was ever known as the Overseer.

Sure, a simple recruiter could be sent to this tribe to have a look around and make offers to these legendary fighters. But the Overseer respected this clan. And he intended to make that known by sending one of his highest officers in a traditional carriage in order to prove he cared for their traditions. He even sent them a letter written by himself to inform the clan of Eros’s arrival. Given such lengths he went to, Eros had to be the very best she could be! She was representing the Overseer to a clan he clearly had ties with, even if they were deep in the past.

It was a long journey, but at least she was set to finally arrive at the clans village today. The Head Warden could already see some of the village buildings outside her carriage window. It wouldn’t be long before she would meet this coveted clan and its fighters. The Bakeneko stood up from her seat and stretched, taking the time to smooth out and tidy her Warden Uniform. She was going to make her leader proud, and find the absolute best of the best in this legendary clan to bring back to him!
SRW: Journey to the Lizard Folk Fighters! FFGamVP

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SRW: Journey to the Lizard Folk Fighters! 7pKWB42

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SRW: Journey to the Lizard Folk Fighters! Empty Re: SRW: Journey to the Lizard Folk Fighters!

Post by ARStudios2000 Sat Mar 18, 2023 6:22 pm

The carriage's driver seat had a familiar plant man's face on it. A swarm of insects was buzzing around at him, trying to drink the pollen and nectar off the flowers on the flowers growing on his hair.

Cirkot was fighting them back with a bug spray, aiming them and spraying them all around his head. He seriously wished they were in the car right now, but compromises had to be made for this situation. Not exactly ideal, but it was the situation right now, and he had to put up with swarms of bugs attacking his leafy and flowery hair.

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