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All of blade/speranza wreslters

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Elie MacDowell - Political Princess

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Elie MacDowell - Political Princess Empty Elie MacDowell - Political Princess

Post by Cosmos Wed Jan 04, 2023 7:00 pm

Name: Elie MacDowell
Age: 20
Height: 5'7
Weight: 136lbs
Nationality: Half-American, Half Japanese
Sexuality: Straight
Alignment: Face
Theme: Girl Next Door

Wrestling Style: Elie acknowledges that her strengths do not lie in heavy lifting or hard hits. Rather, she uses her intelligent mind to seek the gaps in an opponent's defense, relying on counters and submissions. This allows her to gradually overwhelm and take advantage when the opponent least expects it. Think of a trained gun, poised at the ready to fire when the perfect chance arrives. That is Elie's wrestling style in a nutshell.

Holy Bullet:
Strike Bell:
Cross Mirage:

Wild Swan:
Riot Star:
Call To Surrender:

Personality: Elie maintains a sweet and proper disposition, casual with her friends, formal with those who are new to her. She possesses a keen interest in diplomacy and alliances, believing to be necessary in order to gain footholds for the future. Due to her constant travelling, she is well versed in cultures and traditions the world over. She can be teasing and sarcastic when the situation calls for them, and is also rather motherly to younger members of the federation in particular.

Backstory: Elie's father was a notable figure in the complex sphere that was Japanese politics, much like her grandfather. Her mother was a lawyer versed in Japanese law, who initially supported her father during diet meetings and negotiations. They fell in love, and Elie was born. Their sense of justice fuelled her parents' desire to end corruption within the country's governing forces, in order to lead to a better nation for future generations like their daughter. Alas, their attempts to unravel corruption led to her father being double-crossed by politicians that were in on the take. Her father was forced to resign in disgrace, and this led to a strain on their marriage. Eventually, he requested a divorce from his wife. A legal battle ensued, with Elie's mother eventually being awarded custody of her, in part thanks to her proficiency as a lawyer.

Elie and her parents remained in Tokyo, and her own interest in politics led her to study law at university. But she had a conundrum on her hands. How could she pursue justice without the restrictions of a political career path, to avoid being ruined by it much like her parents were? Her grandfather encouraged her to apply for the Tokyo Police Department. While he offered to use his connections to enable her easy access, Elie declined as she wanted to prove herself on her own merits. She received top marks on both theoretical exams and marksman skills, and successfully began her career in law enforcement. Her political and economic knowledge was of keen interest to her superiors.

Eventually, Elie was assigned to a complex matter concerning illegal activity within a certain wrestling federation. The police force already had an insider as a wrestler, but the suspicions they held meant they were keen to have a second as support. Elie wasn't entirely pleased to be treated as a second banana, Nonetheless, she accepted and took wrestling training to prepare for the assignment. Now, while undercover, she intends to use her policework as as a footstool towards ascending up the political latter and to learn about the criminality of Tokyo first hand...

Wrestling Attire:
Alternative Gear:
Casual Attire:
Getting Ready For The Day:
At The Beach:
Alternative Swimsuit:
Year Of The Bunny:

-Elie is easily spooked by the concepts of ghosts and horror, ever since she rode on a 'Haunted Train' ride at a young age.
-She enjoys making pastries, although is careful to watch her weight when trying them.
-She's very fond of tea, particularly those blended from particular flowers.

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