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fraction match wanted

Tue May 23, 2023 1:46 pm by Rohi Yamin

looking for a match

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Tension Match Hunt

Fri May 19, 2023 4:50 pm by GrandAkumaShogun

Looking for matches for my boys

Takeichi Mori

Takeshi Kawai

If anyone is interested feel free to hmu. ty in advance to anyone who responds.

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Looking for Friction Hentai debut match

Tue May 23, 2023 3:50 pm by SigmaMorgan

Hentai for me character Loren.

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Alizeh Midori The Emerald Storm

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Alizeh Midori The Emerald Storm Empty Alizeh Midori The Emerald Storm

Post by Bare Thu May 12, 2022 10:42 pm

Name: Alizeh Midori
Age: 21
Hair Color: Green
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5’7
Weight: 153 lbs
Alignment: Face
Nationality: American
Hometown: Port Aransas, Texas

Entrance music:


Alizeh is a true extrovert being loud and outgoing with a perpetually relaxed demeanor about her at almost all times. This relaxed nature however isn’t due to arrogance or laziness however, quite the contrary in fact. It’s a confidence born from her experience and skill developed over years of practice in the career she loves more than anything and everything. Thus it goes without saying that Alizeh has an overwhelming passion that is practically overflowing from her at all times. All for wrestling. It’s what she grew up with her whole life and thus she practically lives and breathes it over time, and despite taking it exceedingly seriously she feels comfortable enough in it to feel at ease. As if its second nature to her, since for all intents and purposes it is.

One other thing to note about Alizeh is that the girl is extremely flirty and will often flirt both in and out of matches at pretty much any point in time regardless of the circumstances. This flintiness also extends to a general friendly teasing side that she’ll often employ either in a match to gain a tactical advantage, or just in general to mess with people and have some fun. But Alizeh, being as combat and adrenaline loving as she is has a bit of a… unique quality where when a match gets particularly intense her adrenaline turns into libido once its over, making her very likely to engage in some.. post match fun. If not with her opponent than with some lucky person backstage that happens to catch her interest.

However it should be noted that for as outgoing and positive as Alizeh tries to be she does have a bit of a dark side. At least in the sense that if you cross her.. you’re likely to regret it. Particularly something one should never do with her is betray her trust. For Alizeh this is a cardinal sin since to her, trustworthiness and integrity are two of the personal attributes that Alizeh values most, so if someone, especially someone she trusted or liked were to break her trust than she is likely to never forgive them.

In addition to this though Alizeh also can have a bit of a.. temper. Particularly when it comes to such people that have gotten on her bad side for one reason or another be it for breaking her trust or any other reason. She tends to not care as much about rhyme or reason and instead gets into a very fight focused state of mind where she only wants to lay into whoever has earned her wrath. As righteous as this fury is though it can often lead Alizeh astray, making her more prone to making mistakes and being taken advantage of. Both in and out of matches when it comes to her anger taking hold.

Wrestling Style: Hybrid Technical

Preferred matches - Alizeh has no qualms about any particular match types and will compete in any and everything. If given the option however she would more than likely choose a multi fall match such as two out of three falls or a iron woman. She is also a big fan of submission and I quit match types. In addition she has no issues what so ever in competing in soft or hard core matches matches, being willing to fight on both ends of the spectrum. Likewise this  means she’s more than ok with straight up hentai or full on death matches, along with matches with humiliation based stipulations such as POW.  

Preferred Move(s) Chops, stomps, kick variations, forearm smashes, springboard moves, arm and leg bars, choke holds, crossbodies, supple variations, throws, headbuts.

Signature Move(s)

- Texas Twist - Leaping up and wrapping her legs around an opponent’s head Alizeh will twist her hips and bring the opponet down with her body weight to drop them on their head. Rather than release the hold however Alizeh will hook her ankles and pull her legs up for a modified head scissors.
- Bull(et) Bump - Grabbing a seated opponet by the head Alizeh will turn and pop her hips back slamming her but into the opponet’s face, occasionally holding it there and twerking for more of a stink face.
- Sinkplex - Grabbing an opponet in a head lock and grabbing their leg Alizeh will throw herself back for a fisherman’s suplex

Finisher Move(s)

- Thunderbird Splash - Diving backwards from the top rope Alizeh twists in midair while performing three rotations as she descends for a 630 Phoenix Splash.
- Tempest Impact - Pulling an opponent onto her shoulders and standing in a electric chair position Alizeh will grab onto the wrists of her opponent before falling straight backwards, aiming to slam them with a Japanese Ocean Suplex
- Emerald Twilight -  Grabbing and holding onto the arm of an opponet Alizeh will lift and raise her leg up over the opponet’s arm resting her foot on their face. She will then fall backwards for a inverted stomp facebreaker. However Alizeh will maintain her hold on the opponet’s arm and after making impact curl her leg around the limb. Sitting up and trapping their arm Alizeh will reach back and grab the opponet’s far leg and pull it back under her arm pressing her knee into their back in the process for a tequila sunrise submission.

Speed - 8/10
Stength - 7/10
Stamina - 9/10
Agility - 7/10
Charisma - 7/10
Strikes - 8/10
High flying - 8/10
Submission - 9/10
Power - 6/10


Alizeh Midori was a girl born into somewhat a crossroads of wrestling lineages. Her mother Aella was known throughout Mexico and the rest of the world as a phenomenal female wrestler that blended lucha and Japanese strong style seamlessly and known for beautiful aerial maneuvers. Her father however… was someone not in Alizeh’s life from the get go. All she knows about the man was that he was the scion of a long family of luchadors, singularly known as Halcon Tormenta, the Storm Hawk.. Or rather that was the name her paternal grandfather bore. Her biological father never actually earned the name or mask.

According to her mother the man was crushed under the weight of expectations placed on him, and while he had talent, he lacked the drive to really make something of himself in the ring. In spite of that Aella had.. relations with him. Mostly due to the two having a successful, if random tag match with each other, and celebrations leading to one thing and another.. but she did have some genuine interest in him, as he was somewhat charming and handsome… but any further interest was lost when he seemingly disappeared two months before her birth. No note, no reason, no nothing. The only thing her mother could put together as to why he left was the fact he had taken an especially severe loss that she thought finally pushed him into giving up, silently retiring and seemingly abandoning them in the process out of shame.

Either way as Alizeh heard it, it wasn’t a particularly bad blow for her mother. Given that her own family was really wealthy, giving her the chance to move into America and attend college and soon after medical school to make a life for them. In addition, Alizeh’s grandfather also helped the single mother and daughter quite a bit. Partially out of shame for his son’s actions, and partially out of a grandfather’s love for his grandchild, and respect for the woman that may as well be, or rather should have been his daughter in LAW.

So naturally Alizeh grew up with wrestling being a huge part of her life. She grew up watching it with many of her childhood role models being legends such as the Wrestle Angels, Alaina Sanders, and Dana Ashford among others, as well as her own mother of course. She also spent time as a toddler playing in the gym her grandfather owned, suplexing her toys and putting them in initiations of submissions, even her own godmother being a good friend of Aella’s who was also a wrester let Alizeh ‘pin’ her while playing when she was little.

So naturally when she was able to decide what to be when she grew up the answer was unequivocally to be a professional wrestler. Just like pretty much everyone else in her family. With the unconditional approval of her mother who was obviously ok with her daughter’s decision, Alizeh started training early on from the age of five. Starting off small with just regular exercise and lessons on how to land and basic tactics and such, easy things for a child to start off with after school and on weekends.

As time went on and she got older the lessons ramped up, getting more physically intensive and advanced, the girl’s skill growing rapidly over time as she worked overtime to not only keep up with school but also put her all into her wrestling training. Under her mother Alizeh learned the foundations for a successful ground game and the technical skills to perform various aerial maneuvers. Eventually it wasn’t long before her grandfather also got involved, assisting in teaching Alizeh what he knew, backing up Aella’s lessons in lucha moves and technical moves, he himself being a very good technico back in the day.

By the time she had reached her teens Alizeh had started to wrestle in various local promotions, wanting to test her skills in the ring and develop experience early on. So by the time she was thirteen Alizeh was participating in promotions against other newbies, girls in their late teens and early twenties, green wrestlers  that promotions felt comfortable throwing at such a young and new wrestler. However much to most promotion owner’s surprise Alizeh held her own fairly well. She didn’t win all the time, but she performed far better than anyone really expected and always delivered a excellent show whenever she wrestled.

As a result Alizeh started to become a favorite among fans, her prestige and fanbase growing as she got older, winning more and more over time. Eventually by the time she was fifteen she won her first ever championship at a local promotion. From there she only ascended higher, collecting more belts across the state and branching out into some other promotions, even on some bigger promotions and filmed pay per views which gradually got her name further out there. Something that caused her heart to swell in pride as bit by bit her dream was coming to fruition.

Soon enough Alizeh finally graduated high school, opening her options far wider to bookings and promotions she could go into. Given the reputation she had built up it was no issue for her to be invited to other promotions in different places. Particularly Mexico since it came out she was Aella’s daughter, as well as the grand daughter of Halcon Tormenta so naturally interest was high in her. Taking the opportunity Alizeh continued to develop and grow in various promotions there, taking wins and losses alike Alizeh took it all in stride and eventually she was offered an opportunity to join one of the biggest wrestling promotions in the world. AFW. Presented with this chance Alizeh happily took it, and is ready to take this new company by storm!

Image Gallery

Attire One:

Attire Two:

Attire Three:

Gym Outfit:

Emerald Twilight!:

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Alizeh Midori The Emerald Storm Empty Re: Alizeh Midori The Emerald Storm

Post by Old_Man_Tai Thu May 12, 2022 11:53 pm

Character approved, you may RP and post as you like

Check out the recently revamped Roster Page, now with pics!

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