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All of blade/speranza wreslters

Sun Apr 07, 2024 12:00 am by Blade/speranza

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Vera Sapphire

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Vera Sapphire Empty Vera Sapphire

Post by Vcom7418 Tue Oct 05, 2021 9:46 am

Ring Name; Vera Sapphire
Real Name: Vera Evgenyevna Okulova
Sex: F
Age: 28 (May 23rd, 1993)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Blue, originally brown
Height: 187 cm
Weight: 80 kg
Nationality: Russian
Alignment: Arrogant Face (Chaotic Good)
Entrance music: Tomorrow Is Mine – Bayonetta 2 OST

Wrestling Information:
Strategy: Wears down her opponents using knockdowns and submission skills, before going for bigger, more power and aerial focused moves.
Style: Jill of all trades. Training in variety of styles previously allowed her to make a varied arsenal of submission, power and even a few aerial attacks. While striking is her weak point, she still has a powerful, mean punches, chops and kicks to get her out of rough situations.
Preferred Attacks: Suplexes, Armbars, Body/Headscissors, Lariats, Boston Crab, Powerslam, Powerbomb, Brainbuster, Top Rope Splashes, Knife Edge Chop, Piledriver
Preferred Matches: Standard, Softcore (not too keen on Hardcore), Hentai
Favorite Matches: While focusing on standard, she loves the main trio of Softcore match types (Oil, Smother, Catfight), and enjoys Hentai against particularly hot men and women.

Endurance: 4/5
Strength: 4/5
Speed: 3/5
Defense: 4/5
Technique: 4/5

Signature Moves: Fisherman Brainbuster

Finishing moves:
Sapphire Waterfall – Emerald Flowsion
Gem Breaker – Canadian Backbreaker


Physical Appearance: Large, powerful lady with flowing blue hair
Personality: Arrogant, yet friendly and easy going. Vera absolutely loves the spotlight from her idol days, and does as much as she can to keep the light shining on her, but fully understands that wrestling is a sport, and is fully willing to share the stage…as long as she isn’t upstaged.
Out of the ring is very kind and open about her interests with her friends, but her nature tends to force people to do stuff with her, even stuff they aren’t up for.
In the ring, this comes off from putting her foes down both verbally and physically…but that being said, she loves and respects the “respecting elders” culture of Japan, and in cases where she faces a veteran opponent she knows (outside of cases of bad blood), will aim to only upstage them with her skills, rather than words.

Past/History: A daughter of a classic wrestling champion father and a pop star mother, Vera didn’t have a childhood expected of 2 celebrities. Due to the success of her parents, she had a lot of expectations riding on her by the public eye and her school, expectations that a 7-year-old girl was simply never going to meet. While her parents were supportive of her, tabloids still followed her every move, and having her life be a literal open book lead to her being regularly bullied at school. Despite that, she made it her aim to be as popular as her parents once she was an adult, to both honor her mom and dad and to upstage the bullies and the tabloids that made her life so difficult.
At 10 years old, she got heavily involved with Japanese culture, be it watching anime, J-dramas or especially idol pop groups. She learned Japanese in her spare time and by the time she was 15 she was almost as good as a native speaker (in addition to her already solid skills in English). During that time, she began to wonder, was it possible for her to be a celebrity overseas. The wondering came from the fact that her father surprisingly had a name value as a fighter in Japan, having faced a pro wrestling and MMA champion in ’96 as MMA in Japan slowly evolved.
Parallel to that, she got interested in combat sports as well, though at the time, it was mostly a hobby and as her father believed, just learning self defense. Due to her growth spurt at 15, Vera grew to a big size, and her trainers wondered whether she could actually go pro in Greco Roman combat, though at the time, the girl had no such aspirations, thinking her career belonged on stage rather than in sports halls.
As she turned 18, she decided to bypass college, and instead try out for a career as an idol in Japan. She flew to and fro from Russia to Japan, trying out with various agencies to little success. Her being a foreigner was already difficult enough for all companies, but her size would make her a non-standard idol to say the least…except one, small burgeoning agency decided to take a risk on signing Vera.
And in spite of starting out in small underground clubs, Vera’s family name value, her unique look as an idol (as well as unique fashion caused by her size) caused her to become an overnight success. Within a year, the previously small idol agency became a visible rival to the large ones, while Vera became it’s centerpiece.
As she grew in popularity, she once again became interested in the world of combat sports. While drinking in a bar, it held an oil wrestling event, and deciding to try it out, she found it extremely fun. Afterwards, she found out about the growing “softcore” wrestling scene in Japan…and her athletic and large build made her perfect for things like apartment wrestling and oil brawls. Surprisingly, as she started doing these fights on camera, her popularity grew even more.
But nothing lasts forever, and by the time she was 25, her popularity started to dwindle. As the idol agency grew, it started finding stars equally unique as Vera, priding itself on having the types of idols other companies only dreamed of or were to cowardly to sign. As her agent, who became a good friend during this time, explained that her shelf life was at an end, Vera grew fearful. She was scared of fading in the background as an idol, and despite her agent suggesting to her she turn her aspirations to becoming a J-pop or even a Russian singer, the amount of people competing in both fields made her feel discouraged…
But as she was booked on what would turn out to be one of her last concerts, she found out that the show was double build as a wrestling and idol show. Her song opened the proceedings, and from the background, she saw the wonderful and intriguing sport of pro wrestling for the first time in her life, only having surface knowledge of it during this time. It was a test of skill just as much as it was a test of personality. As she found more about the sport at home, her mind was set on what her next career path was going to become.
As she went through a wrestling dojo, her knowledge of combat sports would allow her to be ring-ready within a few month, and with her looks and athletic build, it was incredibly easy to find bookings. For the most part she opened cards on variety of indie shows, but managed to get into the main event scene on a few, to little success in winning the titles. In the middle of 2021, AFW would make her an offer to join their company for their Tension division, and deciding to take a chance with a bigger entity, she would finish off her last few indie bookings to debut for AFW in the autumn.

Wrestling Attire: Entrance attire is the same as her pic, multi coloured one piece with fur boots

- Singing
- Classic Russian pop music
- First Person Shooters
- Fashion
- Doctor Who
- Smaller women

- Majority of American Pop Music
- Being upstaged
- Romance films (“It’s never that easy in real life”)

Fun Facts:
- Finds women smaller than her completely adorable, and will employ a lot more bearhugs in matches against them.



AFW Information

Record: 0-0-0




My fighters:
Melody Serperior (Friction)
Navi Florges (Friction)
GASTER (Friction)
Alice Gaster (Tension)
S.A.S. (Tag Team)
Chika Igarashi (Friction)
Vera Sapphire (Tension)

Open to PMs at any time. Also, all the time on Discord: Vcom7418#0756

Despite the primary show mentioned in the brackets, my gals are all open for matches on both brands (though I would like them to be more on their primary show Razz)

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