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Getting back into matches

Thu Jan 20, 2022 6:48 pm by pu-level-up

Hi all,

I'm hoping to come back onto the board and start RPing again with everyone here. If we have past matches that you would like to continue, please let me know, and we can pick up where we left off. Otherwise, if anyone is interested in starting a new match, please let me know as well!

Thank you!

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Looking to get back into forum rp

Thu Dec 16, 2021 6:58 am by 321Shazam

Hello, it's been awhile. I'm trying to get back into rping on here. I'm looking for hentai style matches feel free to message me here or on discord @[FTK] Bastion#5496

I hope to hear from you guys soon. I can't wait to have some fun with you guys Smile

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Health problem

Wed Jan 05, 2022 1:24 pm by Harrier


I just want to inform you that I am taking a hiatus. I am feeling terrible and am currently in medical treatment. Sorry.

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Alice Gaster

Go down

Alice Gaster Empty Alice Gaster

Post by Vcom7418 Sun Jul 01, 2018 2:52 am

Name: Alice Gaster (formerly Grey)
Nickname: Pale Rider
Sex: F
Age: 20 (24.05.98)
Eyes: Heterochromia – Left – brown, Right - grey
Hair: Black
Height: 147 cm
Weight: 50 kg
Nationality: British
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Alignment: Tweener (True Neutral)
Entrance music: Painless by Fozzy

Wrestling Information
Strategy: “Give and avoid as many hits as I can. I like to do the “give” part with a weapon of some kind. If I get hit, tough luck, I am pushing through.”
Style: Pure Hardcore Wrestling. Although knowledgeable in the ways of technical and chain wrestling, years spent travelling throughout the world fighting in underground, hardcore and deathmatch promotions made her fall in love with strikes and “creative” (relative to hardcore wrestling) offence, to the point where she requests more hardcore matches than standard ones.
Preferred Attacks: Punches, kicks, some throws, some submissions, a lot of flips.
Preferred Matches: Will do normal, but prefers having a no-dq stip attached to most of her matches
Favorite Matches: Any insane type of deathmatch or a hardcore match that exists (“If possible, I would like to have an Electrified Barbed Wire Inferno Exploding Ring deathmatch”

At that comment, the interviewer looked at Alice as if she escaped from an asylum)


Endurance: 5/5
Strength: 2/5
Speed: 3/5
Defense: 4/5
Technique: 3/5

Favoured moves: Punches, Kicks, Elbows, Knees, Lou Thesz Presses with punches, sleeper holds (solely to make it easier for her to strike her foe’s with weapons), Top and Second rope splashes, attacks with weapons, armbars, kneebars, DDT variations

Favoured Weapon – Kendo Stick (always brings one to the ring with her)

Signature Moves: Standing Shiranui (Usually onto stuff)
Shooting Star Press

Finishing moves: Wood Hammer – Wrist-Lock transitioned into short arm elbow strike (Rainmaker Elbow Strike) (Has a variation with barbed wire around her arm)

Toxic – Chickenwing over shoulder Crossface (If possible, done with her kendo stick)


Physical Appearance: A short girl with a scar over her right eye, a pixie haircut, and a B Cup chest

Personality: Completely different in and out of the ring.

Inside the ring, the girl completely and utterly transforms, with her opponents becoming nothing more than an enemy to destroy. While she respects worthy opponents and respectful people who step in the ring with her, will stop at nothing to achieve victory. In standard matches, due to her hardcore nature, can and likely will bend the rules in her favour, while mixing it with her solid technical base.

In Hardcore matches she loves so much, will turn outright sadistic. Even if weapons like chairs or tables are readily available at ringside, would always try to go for more dangerous stuff, like barbed wire, kendo sticks, trash bins, stapler guns, and the like, going for as painful experiences as possible to make her foes submit…or, in case they are too stubborn to do so, whack them with chairs and sticks until they either get knocked out, or are down for long enough to pin them.

Outside the ring, can be pretty lazy, going to the gym only once or twice per week…or sometimes, not at all, preferring to spend her non-fighting days sitting at a laptop looking through Twitter, funny videos, Netflix, and other wrestling matches, dressing her wounds from the most recent hardcore match she took part in, or just sleeping in late in bed. Unless she ran out of food or prompted by one of her friends to hang out, she rarely wishes to leave the house.

Despite her negatives, she is extremely loyal to people she considers her friends. While she understands bending the rules to their favour is necessary to win for a lot of people, she detests people jumping the bell, or attacking an unprepared person backstage. Despite her attitude in the ring, she has been known to come to the rescue of people on the receiving end of a beat down…but she has also been known to break that code herself, in cases where someone has completely pissed her off…

Quite long:
Alice’s wrestling history actually began much earlier than her birth, around 10 years before as her mother and father, college sweethearts Maximillian Grey and Clara White made their pro wrestling debuts on the UK Indie scene, Clara getting a good bit of fire behind her as short statured technical underdog babyface, while her boyfriend was getting some traction as a British Strong Style brawler…until an injury during a match forced him to retire, becoming a manager for his soon-to-be wife.

With the 2 becoming closer and closer together, they eventually got married in 1996, with them soon conceiving a baby girl in late 1997, shortly before Ms Grey’s childhood friend – Allison Gaster, had a daughter herself, naming her after her good friend.

In May 1998, Alice Grey was born. With a child in bound, the duo couldn’t take wild bookings over the world…or even over the UK anymore, deciding that they needed to settle down somewhere…

And as luck would have it, there was a new promotion opening in Max’s home Newcastle, with both being guaranteed contracts to boot. It’s name was appropriately titled – Newcastle Pro Wrestling.

…the unlucky part came when the new company’s other wrestlers, weren’t really up to par to Clara’s now famous skill, meaning very little number of people could actually fight against her, as well as always winning easily in the end, hurting her reputation as the underdog. In addition to poor production values for their shows. As a result, the crowds were abysmal, barely any money was getting in…and it was impacting Greys financially…but, due to an error in the contract that Max accidentally ignored while going over it, the duo couldn’t leave the company under any circumstance, with a sole missed show meaning massive lawsuits for the duo.

With very little money coming in, Clara’s motivation was impacted significantly. And with the sole draw of the company losing interest in wrestling, so did the crowd’s interest in the new promotion. And with crowd’s interest diminishing, so did the profit for the company, and as such, for Clara And Max themselves.

The duo could barely make a leaving, getting evicted out of their apartment, able to live with Gasters in their house for a little bit while they solved the damned contract dispute.

With things getting strenuous on Clara and Max physically and mentally (having to pick up a second job to make any sort of living and profit for a new apartment), one day, the duo had enough, and confronted the promoted – Arthur Moriarty, in his office shortly before a show, demanding to either get paid the money, or release them from their contract.  Although trying to be peaceful at first, Arthur turned to threats if they were to leave, such as to blacklist the duo from the wrestling scene entirely …

…and more specifically, saying some very bad remarks about their daughter.

At that point, Clara snapped, stepping to punch the promoter in the face, screaming bloody murder at him…only for Arthur to worriedly pick up the gun from his cabinet, screaming for the smaller, but much stronger than him woman to stand back as Clara got closer, the woman blinded by rage as she continued walking towards the promoter.

Right as Arthur pulled the trigger, Max jumped right in front of his wife, blocking the bullet as it went directly through his chest, killing him almost instantaneously.

As Clara held her dying husband in her arms, and Arthur panicking over committing a murder, he would shoot her straight in the head, having the blood of a married couple on his hands, leaving his office through the window, before getting caught trying to fly into America 2 days later with a fake passport. Confessing to all he did, he was arrested and jailed for life for second and third-degree murder, as well as a lot of financial irregularities.

With that, the 1-year old Alice Grey was orphaned. Sadly, neither side of Greys’ were willing to take the child, opting to give her to a foster home…

…which didn’t end up happening, as Gasters adopted the girl, opting to take care of her alongside their daughter.

With Clara and Alice growing together, the girls easily became good friends…but, despite Allison and Jason Gasters’ best tries, Alice still felt like she didn’t belong in the family. Clara easily showed similar traits to her parents, while Alice was completely different from them.

The couple revealed the part of the truth to the girl shortly after she turned seven. They told her who Clara and Max were, what kind of people they were, their jobs, their deaths…but naturally leaving out the more gruesome details of how, why and who killed them.

The revelation of her biological parents’ real careers got Alice interested in the wild and wacky world of Professional Wrestling. She started looking up her mother’s matches from the 80s and 90s, slightly suspicious over the matches shortly before her death being unavailable. But, she got interested in the wild adventures of the short underdog, with crowd always rallying behind her, even in her losses. To say Alice loved them would’ve been an understatement.

Unwittingly, Clara would catch her sister watching a VHS of an old show with her mother, getting interested in what was happening on the screen herself. Deciding to get into bigger and current wrestling at large with her sister, the 2 bought the most recent available Wrestlemania DVD, and had an amazing time enjoying all the matches on the card of Wrestlemania 21.

In addition, after the revelation, she got along with her parents a lot better, as she started school. While a bit lazy, she had solid results as her education progressed.

At the same time, both Clara and Alice got more and more interested in wrestling, to the point of both wanting to get trained to become actual wrestlers, both doing so with their parents’ blessings, and joining a local wrestling school in Newcastle.

With their training progressing, Alice sought out to be similar to the wrestler her mother was. With her small size, it was unlikely that she would go down undefeated in her wrestling career, but she felt she could live up to her mother’s legacy. To try and make her own career, however, she decided to use her current name and surname for her ring name.

With their training progressing quite far, and with the duo being used in solo and tag team dark and opening matches in smaller indie feds affiliated with their school by the time the two were 16-17.

2015 was a year of substantial changes for the girls, as a new promotion would open up in Newcastle at the tail end of 2014, under the wing of one young John Tyler.

As he looked for talent for his new born company, he scoured not only for solid wrestlers throughout the world, a good batch of talented rookies, the new promotion being christened All-Style Women Pro Wrestling.

2 of the noobies taken by the new promotion? Clara and Alice Gaster. With a deal for a streaming service in place for their first show, he booked Clara and Alice to face one another in their first match, which would open the show!

The show took place on January 3rd 2015, with the girls fighting a very back and forth encounter…but it being very evident that, in the technical aspect, Clara had Alice fully beat, eventually winning the match with a Figure 4 Leglock as she made Alice tap out.

Despite the two girls shaking hands in the contest, telling: “No hard feelings to one another” …Alice developed a little bit of jealousy to her sister after the bout. In that match, Clara seemed to resemble her mother more than she did. Doubting her own ability, Alice decided to break her contract right then and there, opting to take a sabbatical from ASPW and take bookings from other parts of UK in the meantime. In ASPW, Tyler originally planned to have Alice and Clara together in the ASPW Tag Title tourney as a tag team, with her exit putting that plan into a turmoil…however, a certain infamous, heavyweight wrestler from Japan that was touring the world at the time – Yoko Kitsune, and won the companies world title in the first night, would decide to take up that spot…

Alice, meanwhile, was allowed by her parents to skip a bit of school to get other bookings in UK, with her match vs her sister getting her more than a few offers. Even if Clara made her doubt her wrestling, her path was set, and she wasn’t going to go for any other job other than a pro wrestler…

…but, as she toured London one day in March, she found a flyer for an underground deathmatch tourney in a week. Said company was holding a show on the same day. Never seeing a deathmatch (but managing to do limited research into the topic), she decided to visit the show and see one first hand…

The matches in question would instil fear in hearts of normal people. Dangerous stunts, such as jumping onto their foe laying on a bed of light tubes, dipping their fists into glue and then broken glass, lighting a table on fire, and then smashing their foes through it. Throughout the show, Alice saw people outright disgusted at this showcase of senseless violence…

Alice, on the other hand, was enamoured by the matches she saw. These people weren’t just hurting one another to prove they are better. They weren’t proving that they were superior in wrestling…or combat in general. These people were proving to one another that they were tougher than them. The could take everything they could from the other person, and then some. These people were putting their lives on the line for that…

…and at the end of the day, it wasn’t any different from real wrestling, she believed.

After the show, she contacted the email on the flyer to sign up for the tourney.

The general crowd, as well as the wrestlers in the tourney (both men and women) were unimpressed with her, seeing her as a simple technical wrestler, rather than someone who could live through, let alone win, a deathmatch tourney such as this.

And at first, the suspicions proved correct, as she tried to weaken her Round 1 opponent, a woman wrestler just a bit taller than her, with her technical skill…only to have it bite her in the ass as she managed to snag a chair from the outside. As the match progressed, Alice managed to get the momentum back at her side with her skill (much to the unsatisfaction from the crowd) only for her foe to get back at her with a new weapon or a slam on something painful. And the longer the match went, the heavier Alice was bleeding, with her foe bringing in light tubes and a stapler gun to take her down for good…

…however, she would be undeterred, and would managed to get her foe dazed right after she lit a table on fire outside of the ring, with both of them, weakened, standing on the apron…

Alice bulldogged her foe through the flaming table, and from then on, a switch hit in her head, as she simply wailed on the poor girl with everything that got in her hands, the match ending with the first time she combined her usual finisher – Over the Shoulder Crossface, with a Kendo Stick – to the massive cheers from the crowd as her foe, now in tears, tapped out.

The adrenaline rush, the feeling of blood going down her face…even pain itself…it all felt exhilarating to Alice.

Rounds 2 and 3 would be slightly easier matches, now that she had adapted herself to her hardcore environment.

Round 4, fought against a large man with a heavy frame, turned out to be extremely difficult. She couldn’t take the guy off his feet to use her ground game by any means, while he picked her up like she weighed nothing, and tossed her around the ring and ringside.

Just when it seemed hopeless for her, in a little bag on a small table, she found the thing that turned the entire match around for her – a bag of thumbtacks.

Emptying the bag close to herself and managing to trick the man to step on them, she managed to take the big man off his feet, always focusing her attacks on his hurt leg. Even if he found a way to get up, Alice exploited his weakened leg, and got him off his feet. From there, it was only a matter of time before she locked in her finisher, with him tapping out, winning Alice her tourney, and a big sum of money, considering the bets were utterly against her in the tourney.

With her newfound love for Hardcore and Deathmatch wrestling, she signed a short-term contract with the company. She wouldn’t always win like she did in the tourney, but the crowd would always be behind her. Even if it was in a different way, she felt like she was living up to the sort of wrestler her mother was…

However, the girl’s perception of her mother’s career would completely turn around once she saw a Youtube video titled: “Newcastle Pro Wrestling – what went wrong?”, released in early May 2015

The author of the video managed to dig out as much information about the failed late 90s promotion, describing the sole star this promotion managed to have as the period closed the phantom gap between her parents’ career shortly before their murder, and her being adopted by Gasters, as well as revealing Arthur Moriarty as the man who killed her parents.

The more she watched of the documentary, the angrier and sadder she got. The author pulled no punches, describing every single machination that went down with the company, including unbreakable contracts with no pay. By the end of the documentary, as it got into the final nail in the coffin of her company – the murder, she was in tears. She was mentioned in the video, her current happenings mentioned, and the fact that she was attempted to be contacted through her adoptive family, but that they didn’t hear an answer.

There was, however, one man who responded – John Tyler, formally John Moriarty, the son of Arthur…

When she saw the man’s face on the screen, and the revelation of who he was, she saw the sole way to get revenge on the man, the sole way she could get back at Arthur Moriarty beyond the grave. She would utterly demolish his son’s hopes and dreams.

In June, she resigned with ASPW, John personally talking to her about  her contract, apologizing on his father’s behalf (not knowing Alice was the daughter of Greys originally), and, feigning a smile, Alice “accepted” it, and signed the contract, requesting to fight in a Number 1 contenders match for the world title, which, by that point, has changed hands just a short while ago, as a fairly rookie wrestler, who had her debut just a few months ago, had defeated Yoko Kitsune for the title, while she focused on her tag team with Clara. The 2 women offered a spot in their tag team for Alice, with the duo failing to capture the tag titles twice by that point, but Alice refuses, saying that she had unfinished business with the company.

In her first match back, Alice easily proved her worth, and earned the No 1 contendership for the belt…but, to make things more interesting, post-match, she requested to make the match a No-DQ one. The current champ accepted, and that match was announced for next week.

And the match did indeed happen the next week…in a way no one would expect, as Alice attacked her opponent right as they got into the ring, before assaulting them with chairs and kendo sticks. She forced the ref to ring the bell, locking in her Crossface with the Kendo Stick to make the champ tap in 10 seconds flat. Everyone’s jaw dropped at the actions of Alice. Despite her current, hardcore self, everyone still believed the girl to be a lovable face underdog. Not after this “match”. In the aftermaths, she got the former champ’s leg trapped in between a steel chair, before jumping onto it from the top rope with a stomp to put the now-former champ on the shelf. The show closed as Tyler made his way down the ring, as she screamed at him: “Your dad destroyed my parents’ life, I’ll destroy yours”.

With the title around Alice’s waist, she now couldn’t be reprimanded for her actions.

No matter who John sent out to beat Alice for the title, week after week, she would beat them like a woman possessed, and would almost always attempt to hurt them in some way post-match, sometimes, saved by their friend or tag partner who would attempt to seek revenge on the girl.

No matter how tough or skilled a wrestler, no matter how many of them were thrown at her at once, she managed to come out on top. She has made her intentions clear. She wasn’t losing until John’s company was nothing but history. And while the situation brought people in, them hoping to see Alice’s downfall…the truth of the matter was that people were simply scared to fight her.

…except for one.

Clara couldn’t try and bring her sister back to her senses right away, having her own troubles with her tag partner, as the Heavyweight Yoko turned on her post their 3rd failed attempt to win the ASPW tag belts, injuring her for a little while in the process. Right as when Alice attempted to injure her latest challenger in late July, Clara would come to the woman’s rescue, thwarting her sister’s attempt at revenge. Her attempts to talk to her mid-match would result in failure. The girl wouldn’t answer her phone and has even moved to a separate house to cut off contact with her current family, Clara’s parents naturally growing worried.

Clara would always thwart Alice’s attempts to injure other contenders, this continuing for several weeks, until mid-August, when Alice finally told Clara to:


With stern-faced Clara Gaster turning to face her sister.

“I am warning you. I held off on attacking you because you are my sister. But enough is enough. If you try and interfere with me once more, family or no, I will end your career.”

Clara would continue looking just as sternly on her sister, as she finished helping the defeated contender to the back, and would confront the hardcore brit in the ring:

“So you would really go that far?”
Alice would just look at her with a serious expression on her face:

“If you want to do it, why don’t you try it in a match?”

Alice would look surprised at Clara: “If you beat me. If you manage to end my career, I will stop interfering with you. You can burn this company to the ground for all I care, as well as pretending the fact that we are sisters means anything to you.”

“But…if I win…when I win, you will leave the company for good, and return to our home. I won’t let your revenge destroy this company…as well as yourself.”

As soon as she finished, Alice would answer:

“Big words for someone who rarely wins in this company, sis. You…what, have 3 wins total? In your entire care---”

“And who was the first one?”, she would cut off Alice, as the crowd cheered for Clara, surprised at the level of confidence of her promo, usually unable to say a single word on the mic…with the crowd slowly realizing that this was a very different Clara Gaster to the usual shy and meek girl, one who even apologized for her failure to her tag team partner who attacked her not even a few weeks ago.

With the answer hitting her right on the point, Alice would finally say: “Yes…but only by my rules…in a deathmatch”.

With match confirmed for next week, Alice roughly shoulder bumped Clara, and left for her home…

The match was the main event of the next show. Even though the title was on the line, it was barely a backdrop to the real story between Clara and Alice, as one sister desperately tried to bring the other from the path of self-destruction…

But, despite the relationship between one another, they were holding nothing back. Despite Clara being utterly squashed in No-DQ and Hardcore matches she took part in before, here, she mixed as much of her superior wrestling ability, and hardcore weaponry as she could in the match, enough to rival with Alice. Although Clara had bad endurance, she was bringing Alice to the limit of her’s. Alice wasn’t letting up either, attacking her sister with her favorite Kendo Stick, busting her open with a chair to the head. Clara replied with slamming Alice through a table, and trapping her in a garbage bin, attacking the steel can with multitude of kicks.

By the 15-minute mark of the match (Clara’s longest match at the time), the two girls were bleeding from their foreheads, with all their limbs hurting as they targeted every part of one another’s body. The two were at opposite sides of the ring, Clara holding a barb wire 2x4, and Alice holding a baseball bat. With anger in her different coloured eyes, Alice rushed at Clara, swinging the bat to her side…

…with Clara doing similar, holding the 2x4 over her head…bringing it down once Alice came close enough…

With a particularly big thorn on the wire slashing her across her right eye.

Alice fell down in pain, clutching her eye, while Clara stood over her in shock, looking at the 2x4…

Before approaching Alice as she tried to check on her:

“A-Alice…? Your eye----!”

She wouldn’t manage to check it in time, as Alice would suddenly come to, taking the future Shadow Lord by surprise, and trapping her in her Toxic finisher!

Clara: “No!...No!”, she sobbed, desperately trying to not tap out to her sister, despite the damage her body has taken…

…but that effort would end up being fruitless, as Clara would tap out 10 seconds into the hold.

Alice rose, holding her bloodied eye…and for the first time, looked around her. Despite her revenge path, everyone was now against her, garnering the biggest boos she ever heard in her career at beating her sister.

And Clara herself? A sobbing mess at her failure to change her sister’s mind…

…or so she would think.

With a very confused expression on her face…with much more conflicted feelings inside her, Alice left the ring, not following up on her promise to “end Clara’s career”.  

Backstage, as each girl had their wounds dressed in the same room, Alice would attempt to speak to Clara normally, for the first time since their first match: “Clara…”

The green-eyed Brit would not respond.

“You were right”

Clara would lift her head up: “This…revenge thing…it…it’s not worth it. Nothing is worth what I did to you tonight. I don’t…know why I didn’t realize it earlier…you were right. I am an idiot. I am sor---”

Silently, Clara would hug her sister, with Alice returning the hug, the two breaking down in each other’s hands.

Subsequently, it was discovered that the scar Clara delivered to Alice could not heal, leaving it as a reminder of what her “Revenge quest” ended up being as a result. While Alice was somewhat content with that, upon learning of her actions, Clara requested to never be booked in any hardcore matches ever again. Even if she was, she would never hold a chair, a kendo stick…or much less a 2x4 in her life.

The two girls decided to head their separate ways for a bit in their wrestling careers, even if Alice sold her apartment and came back home to her parents with profuse apologize to them (being grounded for quite a while for the stunt she pulled, as well as banned from using internet more than an hour a day. The punishment almost went as far as to ban her from doing wrestling all together, but Clara managed to mitigate the situation before it came to that).

Alice would also apologize to Tyler for her actions, realizing sins of father was a stupid thing to go by…but Tyler wouldn’t forgive her, and let her know that the moment she drops the belt, he would rip her contract to shreds.

Clara would go on to feud vs Yoko, but without the fire that drove her against Alice, the heavyweight easily dispatched the girl. The revenge for her would be taken by Clara’s sister, as Yoko would challenge her for the title…and not only fail in that regard but botching a move off the apron and injuring her leg, taking her off the shelf for a little while, and out of Newcastle.

Alice would manage to hold the belt until her 18th birthday, losing the belt in May to the young up and comer. With Tyler calming down on his threat, he offered Alice to stay in the company, but she voluntarily left, honouring their agreement, deciding to forge her career path elsewhere.

Bidding farewell to Clara and her parents, she would leave to tour not just UK, but the world, challenging the biggest underground clubs and deathmatch promotions she could find, getting her deathmatch fix wherever she went…

But, 2 years later, as she got a “Happy Birthday” message from Clara, she wondered how her sister was doing…with it turning out that she was making waves in a company in Japan known as AFW.

Checking the info on AFW, Friction didn't really interest her aside from their Hardcore title...

...Tension on the other hand interested her with intergender matches, which didn't seem that common in Japan. Making her decision, she decided to move to Japan for the forseeable future to wrestle in Tension, be it in standard matches or hardcore brawls.

Wrestling Attire: Same as the pic. Wears a black bra underneath

- Hardcore wrestling (both watching and taking part in)
- Battle Anime
- Superhero Movies
- Fighting games
- Mystery Games
- Card games (and sometimes gambling)

- People who talk too much
- Arrogant people
- Memes
- People not taking wrestling seriously
- Heel Stables. Since Face Stables are usually a group of friends having each other's backs, she doesn't have that much problem with those. If a heel stable crosses her, she will aim to take it down from the core.

Fun Facts:
- Clara almost quit wrestling after her match with Yoko, and Alice defeating the heavyweight did not make the matter any better. Alice had to convince her sister to not give up on the sport with a very heated spar with her
- Alice is still partially jealous of Clara living up to her mother’s legacy more than her…but is happy that Clara tries to make her own path with her GASTER character, even though…
- …she is not a fan of it, not being too big a fan of comedy or gimmicky characters in wrestling. Despite that, as the Shadow Lord character got going, decided to swap her plain grey T-Shirt for a smiley faced one.
- Despite a bit of a “tradition” of having a wrestler’s signature weapon be named something, Alice’s Kendo Sticks break too often for her to have her weapon named.
- Got her Pale Rider nickname in ASPW during her revenge quest. Liked the ring of it, so the name just stuck.
- Even though she wrestles for Tension, her contract allows her plenty of Friction matches to wrestle ladies there.

Art by Gill-Goo:
Alice Gaster AliceGaster

AFW Information

Record: 0-0-0


Friends: Clara

My fighters:
Melody Serperior (Friction)
Navi Florges (Friction)
GASTER (Friction)
Alice Gaster (Tension)
S.A.S. (Tag Team)
Chika Igarashi (Friction)
Vera Sapphire (Tension)

Open to PMs at any time. Also, all the time on Discord: Vcom7418#0756

Despite the primary show mentioned in the brackets, my gals are all open for matches on both brands (though I would like them to be more on their primary show Razz)

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