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All of blade/speranza wreslters

Sun Apr 07, 2024 12:00 am by Blade/speranza

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Alice Gaster

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Alice Gaster Empty Alice Gaster

Post by Vcom7418 Sun Jul 01, 2018 2:52 am

Name: Alice Gaster (formerly Grey)
Nickname: Pale Rider
Sex: F
Age: 20 (24.05.98)
Eyes: Heterochromia – Left – brown, Right - grey
Hair: Black
Height: 147 cm
Weight: 50 kg
Nationality: British
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Alignment: Tweener (True Neutral)
Entrance music: Painless by Fozzy

Wrestling Information
Strategy: “Give and avoid as many hits as I can. I like to do the “give” part with a weapon of some kind. If I get hit, tough luck, I am pushing through.”
Style: Pure Hardcore Wrestling. Although knowledgeable in the ways of technical and chain wrestling, years spent travelling throughout the world fighting in underground, hardcore and deathmatch promotions made her fall in love with strikes and “creative” (relative to hardcore wrestling) offence, to the point where she requests more hardcore matches than standard ones.
Preferred Attacks: Punches, kicks, some throws, some submissions, a lot of flips.
Preferred Matches: Will do normal, but prefers having a no-dq stip attached to most of her matches
Favorite Matches: Any insane type of deathmatch or a hardcore match that exists (“If possible, I would like to have an Electrified Barbed Wire Inferno Exploding Ring deathmatch”

At that comment, the interviewer looked at Alice as if she escaped from an asylum)


Endurance: 5/5
Strength: 2/5
Speed: 3/5
Defense: 4/5
Technique: 3/5

Favoured moves: Punches, Kicks, Elbows, Knees, Lou Thesz Presses with punches, sleeper holds (solely to make it easier for her to strike her foe’s with weapons), Top and Second rope splashes, attacks with weapons, armbars, kneebars, DDT variations

Favoured Weapon – Kendo Stick (always brings one to the ring with her)

Signature Moves: Standing Shiranui (Usually onto stuff)
Shooting Star Press

Finishing moves: Wood Hammer – Wrist-Lock transitioned into short arm elbow strike (Rainmaker Elbow Strike) (Has a variation with barbed wire around her arm)

Toxic – Chickenwing over shoulder Crossface (If possible, done with her kendo stick)


Physical Appearance: A short girl with a scar over her right eye, a pixie haircut, and a B Cup chest

Personality: Completely different in and out of the ring.

Inside the ring, the girl completely and utterly transforms, with her opponents becoming nothing more than an enemy to destroy. While she respects worthy opponents and respectful people who step in the ring with her, will stop at nothing to achieve victory. In standard matches, due to her hardcore nature, can and likely will bend the rules in her favour, while mixing it with her solid technical base.

In Hardcore matches she loves so much, will turn outright sadistic. Even if weapons like chairs or tables are readily available at ringside, would always try to go for more dangerous stuff, like barbed wire, kendo sticks, trash bins, stapler guns, and the like, going for as painful experiences as possible to make her foes submit…or, in case they are too stubborn to do so, whack them with chairs and sticks until they either get knocked out, or are down for long enough to pin them.

Outside the ring, can be pretty lazy, going to the gym only once or twice per week…or sometimes, not at all, preferring to spend her non-fighting days sitting at a laptop looking through Twitter, funny videos, Netflix, and other wrestling matches, dressing her wounds from the most recent hardcore match she took part in, or just sleeping in late in bed. Unless she ran out of food or prompted by one of her friends to hang out, she rarely wishes to leave the house.

Despite her negatives, she is extremely loyal to people she considers her friends. While she understands bending the rules to their favour is necessary to win for a lot of people, she detests people jumping the bell, or attacking an unprepared person backstage. Despite her attitude in the ring, she has been known to come to the rescue of people on the receiving end of a beat down…but she has also been known to break that code herself, in cases where someone has completely pissed her off…

Quite long:

Wrestling Attire: Same as the pic. Wears a black bra underneath

- Hardcore wrestling (both watching and taking part in)
- Battle Anime
- Superhero Movies
- Fighting games
- Mystery Games
- Card games (and sometimes gambling)

- People who talk too much
- Arrogant people
- Memes
- People not taking wrestling seriously
- Heel Stables. Since Face Stables are usually a group of friends having each other's backs, she doesn't have that much problem with those. If a heel stable crosses her, she will aim to take it down from the core.

Fun Facts:
- Clara almost quit wrestling after her match with Yoko, and Alice defeating the heavyweight did not make the matter any better. Alice had to convince her sister to not give up on the sport with a very heated spar with her
- Alice is still partially jealous of Clara living up to her mother’s legacy more than her…but is happy that Clara tries to make her own path with her GASTER character, even though…
- …she is not a fan of it, not being too big a fan of comedy or gimmicky characters in wrestling. Despite that, as the Shadow Lord character got going, decided to swap her plain grey T-Shirt for a smiley faced one.
- Despite a bit of a “tradition” of having a wrestler’s signature weapon be named something, Alice’s Kendo Sticks break too often for her to have her weapon named.
- Got her Pale Rider nickname in ASPW during her revenge quest. Liked the ring of it, so the name just stuck.
- Even though she wrestles for Tension, her contract allows her plenty of Friction matches to wrestle ladies there.

Art by Gill-Goo:

AFW Information

Record: 0-0-0


Friends: Clara

My fighters:
Melody Serperior (Friction)
Navi Florges (Friction)
GASTER (Friction)
Alice Gaster (Tension)
S.A.S. (Tag Team)
Chika Igarashi (Friction)
Vera Sapphire (Tension)

Open to PMs at any time. Also, all the time on Discord: Vcom7418#0756

Despite the primary show mentioned in the brackets, my gals are all open for matches on both brands (though I would like them to be more on their primary show Razz)

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