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Looking for a match

Sun Jun 26, 2022 2:38 am by TomboyTsuka

Anyone here up for a match with my girl Jocelyn? A normal match would be nice for her debut!

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[Falls Count Anywhere Match] Charlotte Ravel' vs Rebecca Owens - No time to back down

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[Falls Count Anywhere Match] Charlotte Ravel' vs Rebecca Owens - No time to back down - Page 5 Empty Re: [Falls Count Anywhere Match] Charlotte Ravel' vs Rebecca Owens - No time to back down

Post by skip-stop Thu Apr 14, 2022 2:54 pm

Once Charlotte read an article about a man who got into a very serious car accident. This man suffered multiple injuries, fractures and burns, but was saved. Thanks to the efforts of doctors, this man survived, but was unconscious for some time. When this man woke up, the first sound he made was a heart-rending cry of pain. As this man later said, he felt nothing in his dream. But as soon as his mind cleared, despite the painkillers, he felt the pain tearing him apart.

Now the same thing happened to the Frenchwoman. After the referee slapped the concrete floor, Charlotte's mind gradually began to clear up. At that moment, she felt unimaginable pain in every cell of her body. And although she wanted to scream, she just didn't have the strength to do it. Each of her muscles seemed to be bound by rigid chains. Blood was streaming from Charlotte's forehead, trickling down her face. Because of this, her loose hair turned into an incomprehensible pink-red sticky mass.


That count sounded like a death sentence. Charlotte could hear the deafening screams of the audience, because they were still very close to the arena. Trying to force herself to move, she remembered a very similar situation that happened to her a little less than six months ago. She has already drawn several parallels between her current rival and her already former rival more than once during this mast. But now it was even more than just deja vu.

Now it was like a repeat of what had happened to her on the Summer Splash. The difference was only in small details. However, the most important thing remained unchanged. Charlotte was lying in a pool of her own blood, unable to find the strength to continue the match. The stakes were higher that time. At that time, she lost her opportunity to get the title, to which she had been going for so long. However, for the Frenchwoman, there has never been a difference between losing in a title match and losing in a regular match. She didn't recognize the difference between champions and other fighters. Therefore, every defeat was a heavy blow for her.

Even though her eyes were closed, she knew that the referee had raised her hand up to slap the floor for the last time. After she healed her spine, she firmly decided to return to the ring in order to regain what she had lost. She wanted to regain her honor and her alias. She wanted to show that despite the crushing defeat, she was still determined to become the world champion.

And although her new path began actively and confidently, Charlotte simply could not believe that now she stumbled again. Last time she stumbled on the last step, her fingers only lightly touched the golden belt. And now she stumbled right at the beginning of a new path. It was as if there was a high wall in front of her. And this wall was made of pain. Every time she tried to overcome this wall, the pain stopped her. After all that she had received from her opponent in this match, the pink-haired woman simply did not know where to get new strength from.

When she heard the growing noise, she realized that the referee had started to lower her hand. That moment... the most important moment. Charlotte's mind screamed. Her soul screamed. She was a fighter. For her, any match is not just a way to earn money and show off in front of the audience. No, for her, any match is the true path of self-development. Martial arts made her who she is now. It was thanks to the path of a real fighter that Charlotte became strong, both physically and spiritually. And did she really go through all this just to once again lose what she managed to gain? And will pain really be the reason for this? Never. A web of cracks appeared in the wall in front of her. And then the wall collapsed.


Charlotte jerked to the side, lifting her shoulder off the concrete floor to break Rebecca's pin. It happened so quickly and abruptly that the referee's girl had to move her hand to the side so that the palm would not slap the floor. And when the striped shirt got up on one knee, she showed only two fingers. 2.99, but not 3. And even a deaf person would have heard the wild roar of the audience at that moment. Charlotte, still bleeding, was lying on her right side, gasping for air. But that wasn't what mattered. The most important thing was that she stayed in the match. And there was a barely noticeable smile on the bloody face of the young woman.

"J'atteindrai le sommet, peu importe ce que ça me coûte..." she muttered.


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[Falls Count Anywhere Match] Charlotte Ravel' vs Rebecca Owens - No time to back down - Page 5 Empty Re: [Falls Count Anywhere Match] Charlotte Ravel' vs Rebecca Owens - No time to back down

Post by Valicon Sun Apr 24, 2022 8:11 pm

Meanwhile Rebecca's face showed a very different emotion... concern. This match had been non stop brutality since its start and both women were running on pride and fumes at this point. Rebecca had hoped for both their sakes that this would be the end of it, that they could both finally sit back and rest, but the can't quit attitude of Charlotte told the red head that rest was still a ways away. With a growl she grabbed at that mass of pink hair and congealed blood that was her opponent's head and would start to rise...then stop suddenly as the world went black and pitched wildly, the audience gasping as Rebecca fell back to the may, her eyes going blank for a moment.

Endurance and willpower had ever been her strongest traits, they had helped her through every challenge in life...but even she had limits. In a moment of calm as her body had relaxed on top of Charlotte, some if her adrenaline had worn off and all the held back pain and exhaustion hit her all at once, causing her for just a second, to completely black out. Once again the ref came over to check on her and once again, just before he called it, she was awake, though for how long she knew not, as she struggled to get her unruly body under her control before her opponent got it under her control.

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[Falls Count Anywhere Match] Charlotte Ravel' vs Rebecca Owens - No time to back down - Page 5 YuH7iit

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