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All of blade/speranza wreslters

Sat Apr 06, 2024 6:00 pm by Blade/speranza

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Miku Kobayawa

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Miku Kobayawa Empty Miku Kobayawa

Post by Lederface! Tue Aug 31, 2021 1:01 am

Name: Miku Kobaywa
Sex: Female
Age: 36
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Height: 6'3
Weight: 62 Kg
Alignment: Face
Entrance music:

Wrestling Information

Strategy: Miku in most fights she would prefer to go for the limbs or simply use powerful submissions to wear her opponent down, so she can perform powerful moves to force him to surrender or choke and knock him out, although if the fight is erotic in style, Miku will first have as much fun as she can with her opponent, before she forces her opponent to cum in a humiliating way.
Type:Submission, Catfight and Sexfighter and a little of wrestling

Preferred Attacks: Head and Body Scsissors, Stinkyface, BearHug, Gravepine, Fly Trap.....

Preferred Matches:Submission Fights, Humillation fights, sexual fights, Oil Fights Etc.....


  • Phisical stats
    Endurance: ★★★

  • Wrestling Stats
    Strikes: ★★
    Submissions: ★★★★★
    Powerhouse: ★★★
    Aerial: ★★
    Counters: ★★★

  • Hentai stats
    Sex Drive: ★★★★★
    Affection: ★★★★

Favored moves:
Try some of my...:


"Stretching training!":

Finishing moves:

sweet dreams.....:

"Can you escape from this?":

Hentai Moves:
Accept your destiny (a little NSFW):


Visual Appearance:
a photo with her best friend!:

Personality:Miku is someone who is rarely seen sad or upset, her face is almost always one of happiness, inside the ring, she tries to be as friendly as possible with her opponent, without losing competitiveness in the process, she fights well, although she may not always win, Miku will not be a sore loser, saying positive things about her opponent, outside the ring, she might even invite you to her apartment for a drink if you were nice enough for her.

Past/History: Miku in her childhood always saw her father in the ring as he flew and defeated his opponents, being a great joy for her, something that much later would make Hitomi start taking small wrestling classes in her school, something that of course was not easy at the beginning because of the big difference between boys and girls (being only 3 of them), but that instead of making Miku worse, it would motivate her to improve and try twice as hard as her male colleagues, and thus, she would be the best girl in the wrestling team they had and the second best of the whole team, being surpassed only by a boy who surpassed Miku thanks to his size and that when she once challenged him he used a sensual type of move, Miku could never prove it, but that didn't matter, because somehow, she also wanted to use those moves, and somewhat embarrassed, she would "train" with that partner, discovering that as long as she didn't attack very directly sensitive parts of the body, the enemies would take time to know how to counterattack, and hearing about a small tournament between schools, Miku decided to enter, wanting to test those skills, and although at the beginning she managed to win without problem, everything would change when she was in the semifinals, her opponent was a girl who attracted much attention because in the words of herself "i will never Give Up no matters what"! ! and so, when the fight started, quickly Miku would start to be dominated by Hitomi's skills, and when Miku started to use her "seductive" skills, Hitomi would start to lose her advantage and Miku, would start to take the situation little by little, but after she was put into a Boston Crab, Hitomi seemed to ignite the flame of her fighting spirit, as the fight would once again turn to Hitomi, and even though Miku would try to dominate the fight again, her "seductive" skills. ...... became useless against Hitomi, who after performing a powerful Suplex, Hiotmi managed to take the victory.
At the end of the fight, Miku was surprised, so much so that she would stay to see how the final was disputed, watching how Hitomi would manage to defeat her partner, who was bigger and stronger than her, amazed, Miku would invite Hitomi to a bar, where in a short time she would know that Hitomi had always decided to be a fighter and now she was in her career to achieve it, happy to hear the goals of that girl, she would like to accompany her, even if she wasn't a fighter like her, she was happy to support her now new friend, passing the years, Miku would see how Hitomi became stronger, and Miku... ...improved in her own things, after a while, they would separate from Hitomi because she would go on tour in some fights in other countries, in that time, Miku met a man who seemed to be the man for her, but as time went by, that love faded, and when they thought that having a child would solve everything, it only made it worse, as the husband 1 year after they had the child, would ask for a divorce.
Devastated, Miku would contact her old friend, with whom after a long trip, they would meet again, and after knowing everything that had happened, Hitomi would propose a friendly fight in a rented ring, enjoying a fun fight, mentioning Hitomi that she should try her luck in the rings again, knowing that her husband or even Hitomi could take care of the little girl, and so, Hitomi using her resources, would place Miku in a wrestling league called AFW, starting the career of a woman that although it had been a long time, she still knew some and even more ways to have fun with her opponents.

Wrestling Attire: Miku has 2 outfits, one of them being a swimming suit that is normally used in schools, as she had had some fun experiences with her husband and another one that is composed of a red bra and blue sports shorts, being under the shorts she has some white panties.

Fun Facts:

  • -Miku has an uncontrolled soda drinking, sometimes she can drink more than she thought she could.
  • -She for some reason still has some Milk in her breasts, that could be both interesting to use and disadvantageous.
  • -Miku will never let her little girl attend one of her fights, she's a little embarrassed to have that memory in her head ...... and she doesn't mind at all if her ex-husband attends.

AFW Information



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