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Looking for New RPs

Sat Jan 28, 2023 8:41 pm by Daaharu

Hi all,

As always, I am looking for new RPs. I would love to reconnect with old roleplay partners, but I'd also be really happy if anyone out there who's new wants to play. My Discord, Daaharu#6352, is probably the best way to get in touch with me nowadays.

My two major rules for matching characters up are: 1) only female on female interactions, and 2) I like to make sure the two characters are of similar size (within 1-2 inches in height and similarly built in terms of muscle and chest …

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New year, same ol Me

Sat Jan 14, 2023 1:31 am by ihateocrecolors

Happy New Year everyone! I'm looking for more matches for my newest and also older tension characters: Kelani Alex and Aiden Bolt! I will also be taking mixed matches but mostly interested in MvM.

The fight begins! The Owens vs the Fonds. - Page 6 20230111_144029

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New Year. New Matches

Sun Jan 01, 2023 12:08 pm by Deus001

Heya folks!

So to roll in 2023 I want to look at making new RPs, I'll still be writing to my current ones as well don't worry but I want to drum up more activity.

I mainly want to look at things for Eliza Harenwood, Florence Knight, Kitty N, Ryan Knight and Jaqueline Rose. For Eliza in particular I'd like for her to fight some guys mainly to show she hasn't lost her steps, Florence could do with a squash match in her favour. Ryan can do with some stuff. Kitty N could do with a rival and …

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The fight begins! The Owens vs the Fonds.

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The fight begins! The Owens vs the Fonds. - Page 6 Empty Re: The fight begins! The Owens vs the Fonds.

Post by Tarantulust Tue Jan 24, 2023 7:48 pm

Kai’s foot hit something sturdy, a solid shock running up her leg to let the shark-faced woman know that the strike was a critical one. While it was a blow that would have made quite a few other fighters proud, Kai couldn’t help but feel disappointed that she didn’t hear a crunch or screaming! Instead, she just heard Rebecca collapse. Not that Kaiser could enjoy it, thanks to the seemingly unending stream of blood rolling from her nose. Was it broken? It was tough to tell through all the pain that seared through her body. Rebecca’s finisher’s took their toll! Even the slightest bit of movement sent Kai for a loop. The smell and taste of blood filled her sense’s, the world spinning like a circus ride! Kai had to swallow a lump of burning bile that managed to crawl its way up her throat as she focused on the crimson droplets that fell from her face to the floor.


She tried to move, but doing so felt like she was pushing against a river. Gravity constantly pulling her down, tugging at her and causing her vision to blur occasionally. It became obvious that she wouldn’t be able to fight like this. Hell, it was going to be difficult to stand and walk out of here! This fight was supposed to be a piece of cake, the Owens family just a couple of angry amateurs! So why did everything hurt so much?! Kai’s sharp teeth clenched tight like a bear trap as she forced herself up onto her knees, her blurry vision still trying to maintain focus on the world around her. Blood rolled down her, and Kai tried to wipe away what she could, but never getting rid of the taste of copper that plagued her tongue.

“Hey…you’re still awake, aren’t you?” Kai muttered over her shoulder towards Rebecca.

“Don’t pretend like you’re not…”

Kai’s tone was just as cold and malicious as ever. She wasn’t subtly praising the Owens family or being a good sport. She was just telling Rebecca how she felt about her and her husband. But at least she wasn’t hitting her anymore.

“You and your husband are a major pain in the ass…”

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The fight begins! The Owens vs the Fonds. - Page 6 7pKWB42

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