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Femdom matches with smothers in mixed matches

Mon Jun 24, 2024 2:01 am by jdo_sss

If anyone has any female characters that needs more wins and uses moves like stinkface, breast smother etc let me know message me on discord thanks


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Mixed Match

Sat Jun 08, 2024 6:16 am by jdo_sss

Looking for an mixed match on this forum looking for my character mostly be smothered and dominated though you can message me here or on discord lilpeep44_6

NitroVitro- the display name on discord message me if interested

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Felicity Owens

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Felicity Owens Empty Felicity Owens

Post by LewdyFruity Mon Jun 14, 2021 1:06 am

╔ ———————————————╗
Felicity Owens
╚ ——————————————— ╝

Felicity Owens LiUzoMr

Name: Felicity Owens
Sex: Female
Age: 21
Eyes: Pink (contacts)
Hair: Pink
Height: 5'8
Weight: 134 lbs
Nationality: American
Alignment: Tweener (True Neutral)
Entrance music: Up

≻──────────────────────────────────────── ⋆✩⋆ ──────────────────────────────────────── ≺

╔ ———————————— ╗
  Wrestling Information
╚ ———————————— ╝


Felicity makes sure that all her attacks are equally as glamourous as they are powerful. She is a striker at heart, and loves to engage in fast-hitting combos that she is able to carry out in a swift yet graceful manner. Her moves are rhythmic and methodical, almost as if she were dancing as opposed to fighting. She never tries to leave a moment for her opponent to recover, instead moving on from one attack to the next in a constant succession of kicks and punches. While she is able to grapple to a decent degree, she prefers the melodic approach of a well time kicking combo over the unpredictability of an up and close grappling encounter.

She is well trained in the art of Capoeira, and so likes to make sure her attacks have a constant flow and rhythm to them. the longer an attack chain is allowed to continue, the more confident and resolute she becomes in her attacks. Interrupting her chained strikes is a feat in and of itself, as Felicity's impressive endurance means she can keep on the offensive for as long as you'll allow her. Her defense on the other hand is a whole other story. She finds herself easily susceptible to bigger, powerful opponent who may be able to withstand her fast attacks.

Her upbeat attitude and endless pool of confidence means she tends to enjoy the extremes of fighting more than the "regular stuff". She prefers matches that don't restrict her ability to fight and enjoy herself while doing so. Thus hardcore matches tend to be a personal favorite, as Felicity is able to unleash unfiltered hell on her opponents. She can take quite a beating herself, and enjoys a fight that leaves both herself and her opponents physically and mentally battered, although preferably her opponents more so. She also loves to get frisky in the ring, especially against opponents who peak her interests. She isn't beneath the occasion flirtations or sexual tease, even in non-hentai matches, but will usually stick to the rules in this regard. She loves to combine the thrill of fighting and love-making in hardstyle hentai matches, and enjoys an opponent who can both dish out and receive waves up waves of pleasure and pain.

Style: Capoeira, Pro Wrestling

Type: Brawler

Preferred Matches:  Hardcore, Hardstyle Hentai, special stipulation

Physical Stats

Endurance: ▰▰▰▰▰ - Impressive stamina that helps her maintain a series of unending attacks.

Strength: ▰▰▰▱▱ - Decent enough to hold her own against most opponents.

Speed: ▰▰▰▰▱ - Wicked fast striker, but she also able to carry herself swiftly around the ring.

Defense: ▰▰▰▱▱ - Knows a decent amount of parrying techniques, but is defenseless against bigger powerhouses

Technique: ▰▰▰▰▱ - Well trained in capoeira, and more than decent in pro wrestling

Wrestling Stats

Strikes: ▰▰▰▰▰ - Her bread and butter. Namely kicks, but can throw some killer punches as well.

Submissions: ▰▰▱▱▱ - Not really her strong suit, but usually leaves them to the end to finish off the match.

Power: ▰▰▰▱▱ - Powerful kicks and punches, but not much else.

Aerial: ▰▱▱▱▱ - Felicity likes to keep her feet planted on the ground as much as possible

Counters: ▰▰▰▱▱ - Can maintain long parries, but can't defend against brute force attacks.

Hentai Stats

Sex Drive: ▰▰▰▰▱ -  Doesn't pass an opportunity to get her freak on.

Endurance: ▰▰▰▱▱- Can keep at it for quite some time .

Technique: ▰▰▰▱▱ - Relies more on fast and hard fucking than slow and methodical sex

Affection: ▰▰▰▰▱ - Seeks mutual enjoyment and pleasure as possible, but prefers to take the dominate role when she can.

Resistance: ▰▰▰▱▱ - Felicity isn't one to turn away a sexual advance, or hold out for too long for that matter.

Signature Moves:

Flying KO:

Double Whammy:

Finishing Moves:

Spin Cycle:

╔ ———————————— ╗
╚ ———————————— ╝
Ring Attire:
Hentai Attire:
Bikini Attire:
Lingerie Attire:

╔ ———————————— ╗
   Personal Information
╚ ———————————— ╝


Felicity is an extreme extrovert and very gregarious women. She is able to charm pretty much anyone who talks to her, whether it be new friends or stadiums packed with frantic crowds. She loves the thrill of putting on a good show and receiving a good reception, and so she'll rarely resort to attacks that could possibly lead to an unwelcoming response by the audience. Her life's goal is to please and entertain others, while also getting a satisfactory kick out it herself.

Felicity likes to maintain two unique personas, one for in the ring and the other for outside of it. In the ring she tends to be more antagonistic and challenging. She wants the atmosphere to still be one of friendly competition, while still letting her opponent know that she is the one who seeks to be in control of the match. She'll easily engage in banter and insults, but rarely means any of the words she might say. She uses them mostly as a ploy to help her gain the upper hand, while psychologically attacking opponents who may be more prone to harsh words or insults.

Outside the ring she is far more personable and friendly. She likes to have fun and wants others to feel the same way as well. She's more than happy to make amends after a match, and is available for a wide array of fun activities with both friends and acquaintances alike.


Felicity had been a die-hard AFW wrestling fan ever since she was a little girl. Her and her father would often spend late nights glued to the TV screen, watching athletes throwing, grappling, and slamming their way to awesome victories. Felicity was sure that that was what she wanted to do with her life, but both of her parents saw it unbecoming of a girl who showed as much promise as Felicity did in other aspects of life. She was already a skilled dancer, and a stellar student as well, and so they saw little need for her to pursue something as dangerous as wrestling.

Despite their convictions, Felicity still managed to creep her way into the fighting scene. While passing by her dance class she took note of an ongoing capoeira class. She immediately fell in love with the rather unknown artform, and begged her parents to enroll it. After alot of convincing they finally agreed, and Felicity was quickly able to combine her love of fighting with the smooth and gracefulness of capoeira. She continued with the artform until she reached adulthood, eventually decided that she had mastered it enough to move onto other, more exciting forms of combat.

Felicity really let her wild side run in her college years. She partied, raved, and fucked liked she had never done before, and even built a small reputation as everyone's favorite party girl on campus. It was in college that Felicity had her first real fights. She would often duke it out with guys and gals alike, throwing drinks, grabbing hair, pulling punches, and of course, showing off her fancy capoeira kicks every chance she got. She established herself as a true alpha bitch, and while it really wasn't who she was on the inside, she enjoyed the attention nonetheless. Her violent antics even got her noticed by the school's wrestling coach, and he convinced her to join the team.

Despite having no previous experience, she rode her way to the top as a state champion. She quickly found it boring due to it's regulated nature however, and soon found herself longing for the thrill of awesome violence once more. In her junior year of college she decided to drop out, seeing fighting as her true passion and destiny in life. With what little money she had, she set out out Japan where she immediately contacted an AFW recruiter. To her surprise, she was offered a contract not too long after, and was soon on her way to her lifelong dream of AFW stardom.

╔ ———————————— ╗
      AFW Information
╚ ———————————— ╝


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