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All of blade/speranza wreslters

Sun Apr 07, 2024 12:00 am by Blade/speranza

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Rebecca Owens: the Crimson Warrior

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Rebecca Owens: the Crimson Warrior  Empty Rebecca Owens: the Crimson Warrior

Post by Valicon Fri Jun 25, 2021 9:02 pm

Rebecca Owens: the Crimson Warrior  Rebecc14
Rebecca Owens: the Crimson Warrior  Receiv10
(Is available for tension or Friction matches)

Name: Rebecca Allard Owens
Age: 24
Height: 6ft
Weight: 175 lbs
Alignment: face
Nationality: French

A young French woman who spent much of her childhood in the city of Rome.  Daughter of the French Ambassador to Italy, Rebecca was born into a life of wealth and plenty.  Her father let her have a lot more freedom then was probably wise and as a result she developed the unfortunate habit of sneaking off by herself to explore the wonders of the city.  One day while exploring the alleyway behind a monument she was jumped by several boys intent on mugging her but much to their surprise and dismay she proved to be more than a match for them.  This would continue for years, in fact she beat up so many street thugs and punks that she did more to stop crime in Rome than the police.  In school she was always the center of a crowd but garnered the ire of another boy in her class and their arguments became the stuff of School legend (culminating in a particularly memorable shouting match on Graduation day).  Also in school, especially as she moved into high school, it was apparent that she was different than other girls.  For one she was taller and more toned than most of the girls in her class which lead to many an unfortunate remark leveled at her which leads to her other defining trait...her rage, which ended many a school bully.  But her parents looking for a constructive outlet let her join the wrestling team, which sparked a love of the sport which would define her adult life.  

After leaving school she tried her hand at Politics but left quickly after nearly touching off a war in Europe.  She returned to Rome and joined a local wrestling gym, only to discover her  high school tormentor...who was to be her wrestling trainer.  Still as time went on she discovered that their relationship had changed and after her debut he asked her out and she agreed, which eventually lead to their Marriage.

After years in the minor leagues of Europe, the couple started to make A name for themselves and decided to go after the big leagues.  Rebecca being always eager to fight picked the AFW (amount others) because it allowed a wide variety of fights where she can prove herself.  More than anything she wants a title shot to prove to herself that she is indeed the best warrior she knows she is .

Personality: Rebecca tries at all times to project the image of the Warrior (Strong, courageous, honorable).  She strives to achieve the ideal of the perfect Warrior so that one day she might live up to legends of Joan of Arc and Charlemagne that were told to her as a child.  Despite initially appearing cold, even hostile, there is a sweetness to her, especially when there is a sweet chocolate treat or something she sees as adorable is shown to her (no matter how she tries to keep it hidden.)  However there is a darker side to her, an anger and rage that is perilously easy to trigger.  Show her disrespect in the ring or outside and she us liable to get violent.

Wrestling information:

Entrance Theme: RolandSkvadet (Song of Roland)

Preferred match: any (she will take on any one, any where, any how...especially if it moves her closer to title gold.... although she does have a preference towards hentai...not that she will admit it.)

Preferred moves: slams or submission moves

Style: Rebecca fights mostly by relying upon her Endurance (she likes to think she can outlast anyone and so far has been proven right).  And with that Endurance comes a greater than usual Strength...but at the cost of speed.  Mostly she likes to throw her opponent's around before giving one big slam or ending with various submission holds.

Finishing moves
The Guillotine: a traditional backbreaker/ torture rack that She has mastered to the point of almost total perfection.  In more sexy encounters she can use the bottom hand to stimulate her opponent's sexual region.
Rebecca Owens: the Crimson Warrior  89032813
Rebecca Owens: the Crimson Warrior  89032812

"Tour de Force":  (Beth Phoenix's Glam slam)
Rebecca gets behind her opponent and hoist them by their arms as high as she can before dropping them face first onto the mat.

"Arc de Triumphe":  Rebecca picks them up like she is going to do a piledriver, but instead of dropping them onto their head she holds their head between her legs and slowly smothers them into unconsciousness.

Strength: 8/10
Endurance: 10/10
Speed: 4/10
Defense: 8/10
Technique: 6/10

Career history:

Vs Akane Saito (debut)
Vs Shiho Tanaka (now good friends)
Vs Newbie Nuo
Vs Remy Mousse (an interesting look into sports entertainment)
Vs Lauren Summers (a dominating hentai performance)
Vs Enki Gale (a stepping stone to revenge)

Vs Ionel
Vs Angela Feldelmind (this is not over)
Vs Mary (submission rival established)

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Rebecca Owens: the Crimson Warrior  Empty Re: Rebecca Owens: the Crimson Warrior

Post by killcarrion Fri Jun 25, 2021 9:24 pm

Approved, you may RP as you wish.

Rebecca Owens: the Crimson Warrior  JzMxnhg

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