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Watches wanted

Fri Sep 08, 2023 2:25 pm by Midori Hyuga

I have three characters who need matches
Wolfgang Bruan ( tension )
Sasuke Moto ( tension )
Fumiko Hyuga ( fraction )
If you are interested please private message me with a match idea and character you want me to use

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Back and ready for the fun!~

Fri Sep 01, 2023 3:45 pm by Leon564

Heyyo! Back from a hiatus, thanks to real life. Ultimately trying to get back into the full swing of things but for now wanting to cast the wide net and see who wants to vibe and set up matches. I've got my main boy that'll post along with my MILF femdom that still needs a debut;

[Edit: Recently got inspired and wanted to offer James for a more intense match. He's good for normal fights sure, but he's at his peak in hentai matches. Whether he loses or wins doesn't matter as long as it's a good match. But yea if someone wants to try him against their character for a highly intense fight, that's certainly something we can talk about. -End of edit]

I hope these …

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Debut match

Sat Aug 26, 2023 5:18 pm by Midori Hyuga

I am looking for midori hyuga's or my other three ( Alexis Jones, Roman Greco, Fumiko Hyuga ) debut match on fraction ( or tension for Roman ) pm me if you're interested, I'm up for any ideas for a match

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John Carnaby vs Mira Sommers - Steamy Sensational Session

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John Carnaby vs Mira Sommers - Steamy Sensational Session - Page 4 Empty Re: John Carnaby vs Mira Sommers - Steamy Sensational Session

Post by Deus001 Tue Feb 28, 2023 9:36 pm

John if one could give an art style to his facial features he'd have swirly eye patterns adoring his visage as the busty redhead had solidified her victory over him there, Mira had thoroughly subdued the artist with her mighty assets and then-some here. The lad was toasted in more ways than one as he was only able to do nothing other than gaze up at Mira like she was a deity of beauty in his grandeur eyes.

The scribe had a slackjawed expression with his head half drooping to one side with a smile that could only be donned by someone deep in lala land........It seemed that Mira had rendered him seductively placated in mind and body, no doubt it'd be burned into John's mind for quite some time to come. The big titty redhead wasn't seemingly done yet though as she rubbed her victory in a manner of speaking there. John could only let out a quiet moan as Mira dropped her phat bared booty right on his face as his vision was eclipsed by those thicc cheeks like moons crashing into Earth......John pushed his hands in, sinking his fingers into Mira's big butt there to just further worship that ass~

Mira didn't seem content with that however, because the next thing John knew he was being dragged by his leg right under the lights of the sauna. There Mira loomed once again and those funbags wanted to get re-acquainted with the artist who was now in a much better state to properly admire them as he bore a placated smile as he was smothered to heck and back as his movements slowly stirred less and less till he moved no longer save for a last kiss to Mira's mighty titflesh....

Check out my wrestlers here, but PM me for match requests.

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John Carnaby vs Mira Sommers - Steamy Sensational Session - Page 4 Empty Re: John Carnaby vs Mira Sommers - Steamy Sensational Session

Post by Jstruggs716 Sun Mar 12, 2023 3:59 am

Feeling her male foe has finally passed out underneath her large melons, Mira kept her breasts in his face for a few more seconds to make sure he really was before finally removing her giant boobs out of his face. Mira stands up to her feet, then placing her soft, steamy wet foot on her unconscious and defeated opponent while her hands on her lovely and curvy hips for a dominant victory pose!

The ref checked on her opponent and after she did that, she begin to rubbing and groping Mira's tits again, which to the Busty Redhead's delight~

Winner by Submission: Mira Sommers

Double T


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