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Debut Match

Sat Jul 24, 2021 1:34 am by Rymiscuius

I might have time for a thread or two.

Got one character so far, she’s pretty snazzy.
PM if interested but discord will likely be easier


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Match Wanted

Sat Jul 17, 2021 6:51 pm by KillerV

Looking for female opponents against my Killer King or Nathan Ballwin.

Prefer my males win the match.

Can discuss via DM or Discord KillerV#5130 for more details.

Thank you.

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Brittany (Major Beats) Lewis gets squashed.

Fri Jun 11, 2021 9:15 am by Lotuswarrior

Its been a long time and I thought I'd see how things are going. So I figured I'd help someone out with putting someone over. Looking for a heavyweight or some heel to show off what they can do to another person. Got a big match coming up and want to highlight certain traits/skills with your wrestler then I'd help you with those.

I don't expect the match to be long, but not a complete squash match. Kinda want Brittany to piss off her opponent by dancing around the ring and avoiding being hit, …

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Mira Sommers vs Tasumi Namura (Debut)!

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Mira Sommers vs Tasumi Namura (Debut)! Empty Mira Sommers vs Tasumi Namura (Debut)!

Post by Jstruggs716 Sun May 16, 2021 6:26 am

Match Type: Hentai KO
Victory Condition: Make your opponent cum first then knocking them out

Mira was really excited for tonight! As she was going to have her first match against a man in AFW with the match being hentai KO! Oh she could taste his cum in her mouth right now. Ever arriving at AFW Mira haven't been inmate with a man just women. And by no means she was tired of women she just did misses the hard thick cock of a man inside her. So, she could hardly wait to get her hands on him! And she wouldn't have to as she would be called out by the ring announcer and her theme music: Take Me Away by Taking Dawn plays through the speakers.
Mira Sommers vs Tasumi Namura (Debut)! 1YM4NhG

Eager for her match Mira walked out from behind the curtain to the entrance ramp like there was no tomorrow, walked down the ramp to the ring as she gets a huge pop from the crowd. The redhead would high five the fans, but noticeable gives the men kisses, early shows signs of her lust for men. Now at ringside Mira climbs up the steels steps and enters through the middle ropes slowly to allow the crowd an amazing of her plump ass~!

Now in the ring Mira does a lot of exotic poses for fanservice which the fans ate it up as she cheered even louder for the busty redhead. Once she was finished she stands in the middle of the ring and waits for her male opponent to arrive so she can fuck his brains out!

Double T


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Mira Sommers vs Tasumi Namura (Debut)! Empty Re: Mira Sommers vs Tasumi Namura (Debut)!

Post by USLMAN Sun May 23, 2021 6:36 am

Tatsumi had been pumped up for the most part of the night, finally ready for his debut match in AFW and hopefully to make some kind of a name for himself. Like him his opponent was having their first tension match, but considering he recognizes the family name from earlier research that doesn't take away from her own preparation for tonight. And considering the enthusiasm he was hearing for her entrance, she certainly sounded like a fan favorite. But that wouldn't matter, he'd just have to work his hardest and make a stand against the more veteran wrestler!
Mira Sommers vs Tasumi Namura (Debut)! Tatsum16

After tying his boots one last time, the debutant was ready and made his own entrance walking down the ramp. He took a more reserved beginning, rotating his shoulders and loosening his neck before grinning and taking off in a solid sprint. Getting up to the ring's steps, he leaped over the ropes without touching them before landing on his feet, albeit readjusting his posture to avoid falling at the last second and standing upward.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, my name's Tatsumi. I hope I can do well to make this fight interesting." Tatsumi said to Mira, smiling as he stretched his legs, unintentionally showing his nervousness with his movements, a common mistake he hasn't taken into consideration for a wrestling federation. "Don't know how many people start a debut with a Sommers, but I'll give it my all!"

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Mira Sommers vs Tasumi Namura (Debut)! Empty Re: Mira Sommers vs Tasumi Namura (Debut)!

Post by Jstruggs716 Thu May 27, 2021 7:58 am

"Mmm~! So handsome." Mira thought about her opponent, Tatsumi Namura when she first saw him. Licking her lips like she just seen a delicious dessert. It has been awhile since she felt the hard stiff cock of a man ramming through her tight pussy and she missed it. So tonight she was rather more lustfully than usually if that was even possible. And could hardly wait to her first man in months.

The grin she had when Tatsumi finally entered the ring. It was so wide and looked like sinister some might even mistakes it for a cocky grin. She barely listened to what he was saying and just really focused on what she plans on doing to him, tonight. Though she feels like she should warn him first at least as she walks up to him as he was stretching. "Hello, My name is Mira. it is a pleasure to meet you as well. Since I haven't been with a man for quite and I'm very horny. So I planning riding you dry and even then I might won't stop. But good luck to you though." Mira said bluntly to the man about her intent before heading back over to her corner and waiting for the bell to ring and start the match.

Double T


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Mira Sommers vs Tasumi Namura (Debut)! Empty Re: Mira Sommers vs Tasumi Namura (Debut)!

Post by Sponsored content

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