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Mon Feb 19, 2024 5:04 pm by Leon564

Hello~ Hope you're well when you're reading my ad. Whoever you may be. Not sure how many are paying attention but I put James up for Hentai Championship Contenders. Which means that I'm looking to set him up with something focusing on progressing that.

Edit: My post for James is still available however now I've made a new gal who's ready to meet ya!

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AFW Stories. Margarita Jorgensen and Charlotte Ravel'. That's why we are here

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AFW Stories. Margarita Jorgensen and Charlotte Ravel'. That's why we are here Empty AFW Stories. Margarita Jorgensen and Charlotte Ravel'. That's why we are here

Post by skip-stop Mon Jun 21, 2021 11:33 am

"Again!" said Charlotte sternly.

Margarita lay on the mat with her arms and legs spread wide. Her chest rose and fell heavily, the Danish girl greedily gulped air. Over the past few hours, she has fallen so many times that her body literally languishes in pain, not to mention fatigue, because this workout has been going on for the fourth hour. Warm up, then repetition of the movements already learned, and then endless attempts to master something new. The former actress wiped sweat from her brow and lifted her head to look at Charlotte.



"I'm trying..." she said wearily, "but I don't have enough time to make a full rotate..."
"I see," replied the Frenchwoman, "and your problem is that you are holding your arms too tense. Relax your arms, let them move with your body, this will create additional rotational force. Now get up!"

Margarita took a deep breath and got to her feet. The girl took up a fighting stance and prepared herself. This kick was damn difficult. She knew this was the peak of Taekwondo mastery, so it couldn't be otherwise. But she didn't think she would have so many problems with it. This martial art was her main weapon, but she never used such complex kicks.

Charlotte raised her hands, preparing to receive a kick from her student. The former actress rushed forward, in the last step, she shifted her right leg to the left, starting a rotation. Fully pivoting around her own axis, she placed her right foot on the mat and used that leg as support to push off. Her body rose into the air and continued to rotate. Remembering Charlotte's words, the Danish girl tried to relax her hands. But she bent her right leg too early. And the moment she tried to complete the kick, her spin was not yet complete. Margarita collapsed on the mat again with a groan of pain. Charlotte dropped her arms and sighed heavily.

"It may be too early for you to learn this kick," she said, "we should stick with the 540 version, 720 is too difficult for you."
"No!" exclaimed the pink-haired girl, trying to control her breathing. "I can do it! I can!"

The martial arts master smiled. This girl was made out of something very strong. Yes, Charlotte also never stopped there. But she was convinced from the first meeting that Margarita was ready to do everything possible to become better. Unfortunately, so far all her efforts have not brought her results in the ring. But she still kept going forward. It was a reason for Charlotte to be proud of this Danish girl. But to be honest, the martial arts master was disappointed in herself. After all, the master is always to blame for all the failures of the student. It was a fact. And that only meant that she was not a good teacher.

"Okay," agreed Charlotte, "then let's get some rest and then we'll continue."
"Yes, thank you."

Charlotte took off her kick practice gloves and held out her hand to Margarita. The former actress got to her feet and they walked to the corner of the ring in order to rest a little, wipe off sweat and drink water. Charlotte tossed a bottle of water to her student. Margarita caught the bottle and smiled slightly.

Thank you,” she said, taking a sip, “I am grateful that you are wasting your time on me, I know that you need to prepare for the upcoming match.”

The Frenchwoman smiled slightly. Well, there was some truth in that. But she couldn't just stop coaching Margarita and Karen. Ahead was the most important match of Charlotte's career, which could either elevate her to the top, or drop her to the very beginning. It really put a lot of pressure on her. But even this was not a reason to stop training with her students from the schedule.

I devote enough time to my training,” Charlotte said, “and I want you and Karen to know that you can count on me. I always said that I would do my best to make both of you real fighters. And I intend keep that promise. At least for now."
"Hmm?" Margarita did not understand. "What do you mean?"
I don’t want to be ahead of events,” the Frenchwoman shrugged, “but I feel this Summer Splash is going to change a lot. Three matches. Goosebumps ran down my spine when Victoria said this. It's a big responsibility for all of us. And we have to do everything to prove that we are worthy of wearing gold on our waists."

Margarita pondered. Yes, she really knew about everything that was planned for the main event of the year. This gave her mixed feelings. She was glad that Charlotte and the others had a chance to prove themselves. But at the same time, this meant that she did not take a single step in order to get the same chance. From the first day here, she only took three steps back.

"Hey," Charlotte slapped Margarita on the shoulder, "don't think about it. I know you won't stop at nothing. You are strong. And I believe you will get your shot too."
"You know..." Margarita began a little hesitantly, "I'm glad to feel the support. From you. From Victoria. From Karen. But... I've already lost three matches. And every time I feel the same thing. It hurts not only because once again I didn't have the strength to take the victory. It hurts because people believe in me, but I let them down every time. It's a terrible feeling. Every time I try to do my best. I try my best. And I I try not to give up. But each new defeat seems to be trying to tell me that I have to give it all up. Eka and Alaina treated me like a rag. And Amber was just stronger than me. And now, when..."
"You don't have to go on," said Charlotte, feeling the pain in Margarita's words, "I understand everything."

Charlotte more than fully understood how Margarita felt. Perhaps the Danish girl partially took over this from the martial arts master. The Frenchwoman was very serious about matches and she was especially serious about defeats. She didn't want to hear phrases like "good job" or "you almost got it". These are excuses. If you lost, then you were not good enough. That's all. Charlotte always steps into the ring to win. The other option does not suit her. It was a hard principle of thinking. But she never looked for excuses for her defeat. Victory or defeat. That's all.

"I understand because I feel the same," she admitted, "but that's why we are here. Isn't it? We're winning. We're losing. But we're here. You've lost three matches in a row, but you're here. I lost a match to Akiha, but I'm here. So why are we still here?"
"Because... we want to get better and stronger?" Margarita answered uncertainly, not understanding what answer Charlotte wanted to hear.
Absolutely right,” Charlotte smiled again, “you lost to Eka, Alaina and Amber in a row, but you're here to get stronger. I lost a high-level match, but I'm here to get stronger. And if we do not give up, but continue to come here, then we will win. If not today, then tomorrow. If I lose my match on the Splash, I have to start from the very beginning, I know it. And it will hurt. I am an ordinary person with ordinary feelings. And I can't even imagine what a blow it will be for me if my strength is not enough. But then I'll just come here to become stronger."
"I'm sure you can handle it," Margarita shook her head, "you have already dealt with her twice and you will do it for the third time."
"Hahaha," the Frenchwoman laughed, "I'm glad to see that optimism returns to you. Well, let's continue with the workout. I'm sure you can get that kick. Remember to just let your hands follow your body."

They got to their feet. Margarita received a boost of vivacity. It was important for her to feel support, especially from close people. And Charlotte's speech inspired her. The future is always uncertain. Nobody knows what will happen even tomorrow. But the Frenchwoman was right. If the former actress continues to work on herself, then perhaps this black streak will come to an end someday. The main thing is not to lose heart and to keep optimism. If not today, then tomorrow.

"Come on, take a deep breath and show me a real kick!" said Charlotte raising her hands.

Right. Margarita took a deep breath, concentrating. Everything has to be done perfectly. Even the slightest mistake should not be allowed. The former actress rushed forward. She put her right leg to the left of her left leg and began to turn around. A stream of air hit her in the face as she took torque. She used her right leg as a support and jumped. The pink-haired girl relaxed her arms, allowing them to follow her body. Her speed has increased. The girl bent her right leg, and then put in all her strength in order to straighten this leg as quickly as possible. A perfectly executed 720 roundhouse kick struck Charlotte's glove with such force that the martial arts master was thrown back and then collapsed on her ass. Margarita landed gracefully on her feet. There was a smile on her face. She did it. She damn did it!

"Nice work," Charlotte said, getting to her feet, proud of her student, "and now... again!"

Margarita rolled her eyes for a moment, and then with a smile took a fighting stance. The workout is not over yet. Nothing is over yet. She will get stronger.

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