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Looking for matches

Fri Nov 25, 2022 3:50 pm by Void Effect

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Looking for fun Fights

Wed Nov 23, 2022 8:55 am by Leon564

Hi hiiiii
Hope you are well my fellows! Happy holidays to those that celebrate. Though some of you may indeed be busy, some of you might be bored and alone. Well I'm here as well bored and alone 😅 So same boat. But not always the same tastes.

Anywhoooooo I've got my two characters available for some battles. James is decently flexible on whom he fights. But Melanie is strictly for the men. She can't get enough of'em 😆

Take a gander at them and hit me up either with a …

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Free Face Claim

Thu Nov 17, 2022 1:11 pm by Void Effect

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AFW Stories. Charlotte Ravel' and Asrtrid Arvidsson and Karen Aoki-Justice. This moment, we own it

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AFW Stories. Charlotte Ravel' and Asrtrid Arvidsson and Karen Aoki-Justice. This moment, we own it Empty AFW Stories. Charlotte Ravel' and Asrtrid Arvidsson and Karen Aoki-Justice. This moment, we own it

Post by skip-stop Sat Dec 11, 2021 1:33 pm

"Karen! It isn't Tokyo Drift, Karen!" screamed Charlotte.

However, Karen didn't pay any attention to her words. She only pushed harder on the gas pedal of her Toyota Camry. There was a smile on the Japanese girl's face, while there was horror on Charlotte's face. And louder than Charlotte's screams were only the cheers of Astrid, who was clearly enjoying a quick ride through the empty streets of a sleeping area of Tokyo.

It perfectly showed how different they were. Karen and Astrid loved fast driving, the only difference was that Karen preferred cars, and Astrid preferred motorcycles. And Charlotte, in turn, preferred to move with the help of her own legs, in extreme cases she used the services of Uber. And now the Frenchwoman clearly regretted that she agreed to get into the car with Karen and Astrid.

"Slow down!" the pink-haired woman begged desperately.
"Step on the gas!" retorted Astrid.

Karen didn't say anything, but she slammed on the brake pedal, parking the car in the most dangerous way Charlotte had ever seen. And despite the fact that the car stopped, the pink-haired woman's heart was ready to jump out of her chest. Astrid and Karen laughed at her. But the Frenchwoman did not see anything funny in this.

"I will never get in the same car with you again," she said, trying to catch her breath.
"You're not afraid to go into the ring against the strongest women, but are you scared of my fast driving?"
"I'm in control of the situation there!" the Frenchwoman exclaimed. "At least in most cases."




After spending another minute arguing, all three women got out of the car. Charlotte was most pleased to breathe in fresh air in order to finally calm her nerves. They all headed for the entrance to the bar. It wasn't the most fashionable establishment in Tokyo, but today they weren't looking for some fancy restaurant. They just needed to rest, drink a little and chat. Therefore, they decided to choose a middle-class institution where they would have the opportunity to have a quiet time without a large number of people.

They entered inside, took a quick look around and headed to a table that was a little apart from the others. Taking off their jackets, the women sat on the sofas and breathed a sigh of relief, now they could relax. A few minutes later, a waitress came up to them and asked what they would drink.

"Beer," Astrid said.
"Cola," Charlotte said.
"Are you both joking?" Karen raised both eyebrows, as if she was sitting at the same table with some children. "So, three glasses of absinthe, then in five minutes three more glasses, then in five minutes bring us three margaritas, thank you."

The waitress liked this order much more, so she nodded with a smile and headed towards the bar. Karen was also smiling, she looked at Astrid and Charlotte, who were slightly discouraged. They were not prepared for the fact that the evening would be accompanied by heavy alcohol. Karen noticed this and therefore didn't hesitate to ask.

"Is something wrong?"
"I prefer to start with beer," the blonde shrugged, "but in principle I don't mind."
"I'm against it," said Charlotte, who blushed slightly, "you know I can't drink."
"Pf, don't worry about it," Astrid waved off, "it's going to be a good evening, let yourself relax, you deserve it."

Charlotte wasn't sure about that. Usually if she drank a little more than two light cocktails, it always ended very badly. She couldn't control it and didn't want to ruin her friends' evening. However, she had no choice, so she decided to just relax. The young woman smiled and leaned back on the sofa.

"You deserve it more, title matches are waiting for you," she said.
"Huh," Astrid and Karen chuckled at the same time.
"What?" the Frenchwoman did not understand.
"It just sounds a little weird," Astrid said.
"Right," Karen nodded, "you know what they wrote about us after the Summer Splash, right?"

Astrid snorted in displeasure, while Charlotte simply decided not to answer. They all knew exactly what was it, but
neither the blonde nor the pink-haired woman had any desire to talk about it. However, Karen was not going to put this topic aside.

"Charlotte Ravel' lost the  world title match, and the title matches of her student and her best friend were canceled," said the Japanese girl, "and shit like that."
"We did everything we could," said Charlotte, realizing that this was nothing more than an excuse, "at least you don't lose the chance to win titles."

At this point, silence hung over the table. Astrid and Karen exchanged glances, realizing that this topic was very painful for Charlotte. They were with her at that moment and they knew what she had to go through. They seemed to feel the pain of the Frenchwoman when she was in the hospital. And when they heard that there was a possibility that Charlotte would no longer be able to practice martial arts, it was a real blow for all of them. She turned out to be much stronger than anyone could have imagined. She got back on her feet and she was back in the ring again. But no one noticed it, everyone noticed only the fact that she lost the most important match in her life.

"But I warned you," Astrid said, looking away.
"Astrid!" Karen raised her voice, realizing what topic the blonde wanted to touch on.
"What?" the Norwegian woman asked irritably. "It's true. I warned you, Charlotte, I warned you that if you relax even for a moment, she will take advantage of it. And wasn't I right? Look, she almost broke your back. And she's still a champion. What about you?"
"I'm not going to discuss it again," Charlotte said harshly, she had already said it so many times that she simply had no desire to repeat it again and again, "everything is really as you said, but it doesn't change anything. I will not hide who I am and what I intend to achieve. I'm going to be a champion, Astrid, do you hear? And when I lift the golden belt over my head, I will do everything necessary to become the greatest champion that the audience has seen. And I definitely won't defend the title against those who had only one lost match behind their backs."

Astrid was about to say something, but at that moment the waitress brought the first three glasses filled with absinthe. The women decided to postpone the arguments for a while. The waiter set the alcohol on fire and pushed the glasses towards them. Karen, Astrid and Charlotte sighed, and then raised their glasses up.

"For the future, for our future!" Karen said.
"For our future!" confirmed Charlotte and Astrid.

They blew out the fire on the surface of the alcohol, and then drank a glass of absinthe in one sip. As expected, Charlotte coughed, which drew laughter from Karen and Astrid. Strong alcohol is difficult to ignite a real fire inside them. And although Charlotte was coughing, even for her it was a pleasant cough. Absinthe was a very specific alcohol, but that was its peculiarity.

"She will a champion, Astrid," Karen said with a slight smile, "and she'll do it better than anyone, you know that."
"Yes..." Astrid looked away again, "I know, this situation just pisses me off..."
"Besides," the Japanese girl continued, "Charlotte is waiting for two matches on this Avalanche at once. Can you remember something like that? No? Because this has never happened before. And I'm sure that no title match will be as cool as these two matches. You're not going to deny that Charlotte works more than anyone, especially after the Summer Splash?"
"I would argue with that, huh," kindly smiled the blonde, "now our score in sparrings equal, but, Yes, I will not deny that our Charlotte deserves only the best."
"Take the crown off your head," the Frenchwoman said sarcastically, but also good-naturedly.

All three of them laughed. This may have been the essence of true friendship. They could argue and quarrel, but within minutes they were ready to laugh together again. Each of them appreciated it. Charlotte's cheeks turned noticeably red after the first glass, but at the same time her mood lifted significantly.

"What about you, Karen?" she asked.
"And what about me?" the Japanese girl chuckled.
"Your first title shot," Charlotte clarified, "are you ready for such a responsibility?"

Karen knew exactly what Charlotte meant. When she first came to this Frenchwoman's martial arts school, she was a different person. She was just running from the past. Pro wrestling was just a way for her to make money. She used to like to say that beating the shit out of people is the best thing she can do, which is why she enters the ring. But...

"Don't even doubt it!" she said, and there was confidence in her gaze.

She has changed since then. The women and men she met here made her remember why she started fighting. This feeling couldn't be compared to anything. She loved that adrenaline rush. She loved passion during a fight. She loved to test her own strength. Many called Karen the simplest person possible. And it really was true. But she wanted to be the best. That's why she chose this path. And that's why she was here.

"Karen has come a very long way," Astrid nodded, “she has not lost a single match, she has fought both men and women. And, of course, she has a title, albeit not an official one. Not everyone has earned the right to call themselves the Horsewoman of the Apocalypse! That's why you deserve it. I am sure that you will become a champion. The audience loves you. No one gave you gifts along the way, you did everything on your own. You've been fighting match after match and this is your moment. Take this step and lift the golden belt above your head!”
"Thank you, Astrid," the Japanese girl smiled, "I will do my best. Not just for myself. But for the sake of the audience and fans. And for Margarita's sake.”

At that moment, Charlotte smiled. She knew about the feelings of her former students. Karen and Margarita became best friends. And she knew that Margarita always wanted to become a Rising Star. This bright, positive and talented girl would become the best Rising Star, she was sure of it. But life can be harsh. And the Danish girl did not get such an opportunity. This opportunity was given to her friend, Karen. And Charlotte was sure that Karen felt a huge responsibility.

"Margarita believes in me, I know that," Karen continued "if I had the opportunity, I would give my place in the match to her. Because she's the best and kindest person I've ever met in my life. I was on the verge of despair when I met her. But she helped me. And she was supposed to be the next Rising Star. And since she didn't get a chance to fulfill her biggest dream, she asked me for something. She asked me to win. And I will keep that promise. For the first time in my life, I don't just want to win, I have to win. Because everything that happened before is not important. Only this victory is important.”

The waitress brought them a second portion of absinthe. They drank, and this time Charlotte didn't cough. She looked at Karen with pride.

"You're a good person, Karen," she said, "even though you don't want to admit it. I can see how important Margarita is to you. And I am happy that you are so sincere in your feelings. You are a great fighter, and you have tremendous support from the audience. You can do it. I believe in you. We all believe. Victoria will be proud of you.”

Karen's eyes filled with tears. Everyone knew that she was the first member of Victoria's team. And it was because of her that Victoria became a manager. She had no qualms about calling Victoria Mom because this Englishwoman had been with her most of her life. And she really wanted her mom to be proud of her. It was important to her. She became the first in their team. And that's why she had to become the first champion. Karen rubbed her eyes, wiping away the tears.

"Thank you for your words, I promise that you, Victoria and Margarita will be proud of me!”

Someone started singing. Astrid, Karen and Charlotte turned their heads to the side. It turns out there was a small scene that they didn't notice. And now some girls have started singing karaoke on this stage. A fire immediately lit up in Karen's eyes. She loved karaoke. Perhaps it might seem strange, because she didn't look like a singer. But the fact remained that she sang better than any of their team.

One of us has to sing a song," she said.
No way!" Astrid and Charlotte answered at the same time.

Astrid couldn't sing at all. And Charlotte was just shy. And Karen knew it perfectly well. Therefore, she had an argument for this case.

When you said you wouldn't train me anymore, did you promise that you would fulfill one of my wishes, would you beckon?”
Yes, I remember,” Charlotte sighed.
Then go now and sing a song I know is right for us all," Karen smiled, "or do you want to break a promise?"
"Never!" a blush appeared on Charlotte's cheeks.
"Great!" Karen grinned.

She grabbed the Frenchwoman by the hand and dragged her to the stage. There she gave Charlotte a microphone, and then went to the music center. She quickly found the right song and gave Charlotte a thumbs-up. The Frenchwoman was clearly nervous. She is used to fans and spectators around the ring. But now she was on stage, not in the ring. Still, she had no right to break her promise. Charlotte took a deep breath.

And then the music started. And the Frenchwoman instantly recognized the song that Karen had chosen. It made her smile. It was a really good song. This song perfectly reflected the temperaments of Astrid, Charlotte and Karen. And the Frenchwoman was happy to sing it. The young girl started dancing, and then approached the microphone on the counter.

It's time:

So this is what you meant,”
When you said that you were spent!”
And now it's time to build from the bottom of the pit,”
Right to the top!”
Don't hold back!”
Packing my bags and giving the academy a rain check!”

Charlotte took the microphone off the stand and took a few steps to the side. There was a smile on her face. Maybe she was a little drunk, but now she was overwhelmed with feelings.

I don't ever want to let you down!”
I don't ever want to leave this town!”
Cause after all…”
This city never sleeps at night!!!”

The Frenchwoman pointed to Astrid and Karen, who were sitting at a table and looking at her with wide eyes. They couldn't believe that Charlotte was capable of something like this.

It's time to begin, isn't it?”
I get a little bit bigger, but then I'll admit,”
I'm just the same as I waaaaaas!”
Now don't you understand?”
That I'm never changing who I am!!!”

It really was. Each of them has been through a lot. Each of them was a fighter. Each of them had dreams and goals. Each of them met both victories and defeats. And each of them went ahead anyway.

So this is where you fell,”
And I am left to sell!”
The path to heaven runs through miles of clouded hell,”
Right to the top!”
Don't look back!”
Turning to rags and giving the commodities a rain check!”

I don't ever want to let you down!”
I don't ever want to leave this town!”
Cause after all…”
This city never sleeps at night!!!”

Charlotte jumped off the stage and started walking towards Karen and Astrid.

It's time to begin, isn't it?”
I get a little bit bigger, but then I'll admit,”
I'm just the same as I was!”
Now don't you understand?”
That I'm never changing who I am!!!”

Karen and Astrid got up from the table and joined Charlotte.

It's time to begin, isn't it?”
I get a little bit bigger, but then I'll admit,”
I'm just the same as I waaaaaas!!”
Now don't you understand?”
That I'm never changing who I am!!!!”

Charlotte took the lead again.

This road never looked so lonely…”
This house doesn't burn down slowly…”
To ashes, to ashes…”

Each of them really had dreams and goals. But none of them achieved any significant success, despite all their efforts. But they were still here. Astrid got a chance to become a hardcore champion. Karen got a chance to become a rising star. And Charlotte got a chance to restore her honor. Karen and Astrid rejoined Charlotte.

It's time to begin, isn't it?”
I get a little bit bigger, but then I'll admit,”
I'm just the same as I waaaaaas!!”
Now don't you understand?”
That I'm never changing who I am!!!!”

It's time to begin, isn't it?”
I get a little bit bigger, but then I'll admit,”
I'm just the same as I waaaaaas!!”
Now don't you understand?”
That I'm never changing who I am!!!!”

To the loud applause of the bar patrons, the three friends hugged. This song really was a reflection of their essence.

Karen's life was filled with pain and she always tried to numb this pain with fights, but then she was able to get over it, and she was determined to become a new Rising Star because she really believed that she could be a worthy champion.

Charlotte has always strived for only one goal. Become the greatest fighter of all time. She wanted to be the one that future generations of fighters would remember. She tried to surpass Alaina and prove that talent is more important than the number of matches. Now she has lost her honor and her nickname. But she was still moving forward. She still hasn't lost faith in herself.

Every Astrid match is a real test. She never wanted another life for herself. She was always looking for ways to test herself. She was a true descendant of the great Vikings. And she wanted that the moment she got to Valhalla, her great ancestors would enjoy her stories about the battles she went through. She was a fighter and she was a real warrior. And now she had a chance to become a hardcore champion. The first opportunity to write her name in history.

In a few days they had to go to New York to take part in one of the biggest events of the year. Avalanche 2021. Each of them is waiting for a real test. A Rising Star title match for Karen. A hardcore title match for Astrid. And two tough matches for Charlotte. You never know how the match will end. But they believed that they deserved these opportunities. And therefore, each of them was determined to make every possible effort to win. It was important for each of them. There is always a winner and a loser in a match. But it was these women who had tremendous support from the audience. Each of them deserved to become a champion. They had to enter the ring. Soon. Avalanche 2021.

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