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Kaiser "Kai" Fond.

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Kaiser "Kai" Fond. Empty Kaiser "Kai" Fond.

Post by Tarantulust Tue Mar 16, 2021 7:41 am

Name: Kaiser “Kai” Fond.
Sex: Female
Eyes: Red.
Hair: Grey.
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 175lbs
Alignment: Heel
Entrance Music:

Fighting Information:


Style: MMA/ Wrestling.


To Be Decided.

Preferred Matches: Hardcore, Streetfights, Standard.


Endurance: ★★★★

Strength: ★★★★

Speed: ★★★

Defense: ★★★

Technique: ★★★★



When it comes down to Kai and her views of others, Superiority Complex is something of an understatement. She seems to have a supernatural ability in being able to tick people off or scare them away in record timing, whether that be answering questions without using words, being condescending to others, or otherwise opening hostilities without warning or reason. One might say that she's a bully, and while they aren’t wrong, Kai rarely ever actually targets anyone. Not without a good reason. She can appear rude and spiteful, but she is not a wild dog off its leash. She is well aware of when it is best to sit back and watch, and when the gauntlet should be thrown. She can push the rules to the near breaking point and has a habit of bending them whenever she wants.

If there's a loophole, she will find it. If her opponent has a weakness, she will exploit it. To Kai, that's all there is to it in a fight. No need to get mad when you know you’re the best, and if someone needs reminding...then why not have a little fun?


Kai shows Ryo who’s in charge:
Gallium learns not everything can be fixed with an apology:


Kaiser Fond has always had lots of pent up energy. From when she was a kid till the day she grew up, she’d had lots of energy that she had to bottle up and push down in order to keep her family happy. Coming from a business obsessed family tree, the children always had to maintain a face of maturity and professionalism. The Fond family was a restrained household. One where every book, every piece of silver or coin, and every cloth had its place. For a young Kaiser, it was a twisted mixture of a prison and another school. Lessons on lessons were piled onto her, only for her to go to school and receive even more homework! Every waking hour she was told to be poised, act dignified, read newspapers instead of watch cartoons as most children did. The home was just so stuffy! The clothes she grew up with and wore so tense and scratchy! Her mother and her father were like drones! Only ever watching the news, never addressing her as anything more than an object to be used to show their ability as parents. Kai was made to smile, made to greet and act nice to house guests, but besides being a cute amusement, her parents rarely interacted with her.

Leaving them wasn’t that tough of a choice.

Soon, she grew older, her body went through puberty. The energy she had kept suppressed all those years ago was getting an outlet in the form of her teenage years! She would get to travel the world! See sights she’d never seen before! Of course, this was all just so she could go to different business schools, learn new trades. More stuffy bureaucracy that her parents were shoving down her throat. This was the first time she would be without them, and since she held little affection for either even at that stage in life, she had no issues with that prospect. Soon, she was on a plane to Japan, and…

That was it. Kaiser Fond’s plane landed at the airport, she got off the plane and left the building...and disappeared. She never made it to her school. The car sent to pick her up had vanished into thin air! Authorities had picked up the case, but for years nobody knew a thing as to what happened.

It was only recently that the woman, now going simply by “Kai” was rediscovered after being arrested for starting a serious bar fight in a downtown pub! Six with major injuries inflicted by her alone, she was taken into custody, printed, photographed, and subsequently rediscovered upon DNA testing. She was nothing like when she had left! The sweet, young teen had aged into a powerful, vicious looking brawler! It only took one call before the famous Fond family influence got her out of jail. But not without a catch.

She was to meet with her cousin who lived in the area. She would live with him until the Fond family knew what they were to do with her. Apparently, she wasn’t worth her parents coming all the way over from America, so she soon found herself bored, looking for an easy escape. Until her cousin made a suggestion.

It seemed he had his eye set on a fighting promotion of sorts...some random place filled to the brim with lights, cameras, and action! He claimed that it was a delicious business opportunity and he could use Kai’s help. Of course, she shot him down, but with a silver tongue and a bank account that had grown much larger than Kai could ever hope for, she soon conceded and listened to his plan. All she had to do was apply. Not that hard, right?

Soon, she found herself roaming around the halls of the AFW...a manager of her own, explaining the rules and what she would be doing there. Her cousin must have pulled some serious strings to get her in here. But that didn’t really matter. None of this really did. All she ever wanted was to get all of her energy out! Everything bottled up in that powerful body of hers. She’d never been great with other people before, but a place like this, where a fight could reasonably break out at any moment?

She had become outright dangerous~

Fun Facts:

Family Matters- Kai is actually related to Drake Fond, being his cousin on his Father’s side. While they aren’t particularly close, they know of each other enough to be on speaking terms and are even somewhat friendly to one another.

Eye Patch- While her eye patch is pretty much for decoration, Kai does sometimes suffer from subconjunctival hemorrhage on occasion due to the numerous fights she has been in throughout her career.  

Sensitive Nose- Kai can catch subtle smells faster than most people can, and often smells things others can’t. While this doesn’t help her very often, she has grown a dislike for strong perfume or makeup because of her strong sense of smell.

Business shrewd- Like all Fond family members, she keeps up with important business news and trading information despite having little to do with that world anymore.

AFW Information


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