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All of blade/speranza wreslters

Sun Apr 07, 2024 12:00 am by Blade/speranza

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Murayama Miyako

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Murayama Miyako Empty Murayama Miyako

Post by Serpon Sat Mar 13, 2021 4:24 am

Murayama Miyako OotI0xG

Name: Murayama Miyako
Sex: Female
Age: 19
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
Height:  5'5
Weight: 128
Birthday: July 14
Nationality: Japan
Alignment: Heel
Entrance music:

Wrestling Information

Strategy: Murayama uses a very aggressive style, hit hard and hit fast.  She will often go for brutal strikes at first, attempting to weaken her opponent.  After that, she will go for either submission or powerhouse moves depending on what she views as more effective.  If one of them proves inefficient she will then switch to the other move or even combine them.  While doing all this, she will make sure to throw more strikes at them.  She also has no problems using low blows or weapons to gain an upper hand in the match.

Style: Pro Wrestling

Preferred Matches: Anything

Murayama Miyako KvJe4XI

Murayama Miyako Qs5w7EJ

Murayama Miyako Qs5w7EJ

Murayama Miyako KvJe4XI

Murayama Miyako KvJe4XI

Murayama Miyako Qs5w7EJ

Murayama Miyako Qs5w7EJ

Murayama Miyako Qs5w7EJ

Murayama Miyako Z2Pp62W

Murayama Miyako KvJe4XI

Murayama Miyako KvJe4XI

Signature Moves: Bearhug, Inverted Boston Crab, Spinning Heel Kick

Finishing moves:

Rising Knee Bomb

Kobra Lock

Full Body Avalanche


Wrestling Attire:

Personality: Murayama can be described as an aggressive and heated person.  She is often angry and doesn’t back down.  That being said, she is not reckless.  While she is quick to anger she channels and masters that anger instead of letting it master her.  She tends to voice her opinion and believes that street credit and reputation are what are truly important.  Murayama believes that this earned by winning matches and as such has no issue with using dirty moves, hentai techniques or whatever else it takes to win.

Past/History: Murayama was born in Tokyo Japan.  Her parents worked hard, trying to provide as best as they could for her.  Though they spent so much time working to provide for her, they couldn’t spend any time with her.  As such, when she started school she would stay outside and quickly start to fall into a bad crowd.  At first, this would just be her hanging out with trouble makers.  Though when she started to deal with bullies she got violent and started to beat them up before eventually becoming the bully herself.

While her parents were informed of her being a bully and did try to stop it, they were unable to do so due to them working most of the time.  As a result, she would continue this attitude as she got older.  Eventually, she would join a gang and get into a number of fights.  Her grades began to go down and she started to skip school.  Her parents continue to get more and more concerned, trying their best to get her back on the right track.  Unfortunately, they would see no success.

Not much would change for a few years until the leader of her gang got seriously injured.  This was the sudden shock that Murayama needed to get her life back on track.  It wasn’t an easy thing and she would still get into fights.  After all, she had a loving for fights and giving it up would not be easy.  One of her friends would then suggest she gets into boxing, wrestling or mixed martial arts.  This idea was intriguing to Murayama and would start to researching into these categories.

After trying all three, she decided to settle on wrestling.  She found the other two sports far too restrive, not allowing weapons, banning certain moves and so on.  Murayama would start to practice, spending over a year practicing.  While her parents didn’t like the idea of her wrestling, they knew it was better than the alternative and decided to support her decision.  Now intending to leave her past behind her, Murayama would go on to join AFW to get a fresh new start.

AFW Information




Tag Team:

Murayama Miyako 3l9yoRWMurayama Miyako AjbwxKgMurayama Miyako DUhLLRtMurayama Miyako CDNLQYlMurayama Miyako CbtFHPg
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