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All of blade/speranza wreslters

Sun Apr 07, 2024 12:00 am by Blade/speranza

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Blair Dame

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Blair Dame Empty Blair Dame

Post by acuyra Wed Feb 10, 2021 7:50 pm

Blair Dame J8zxS9n
Nicknames: The Blue Rose, Queen of the Reverse Facesit
Age: 47
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Blue
Height: 6”2’
Weight: 210 lbs.
Nationality:  Nice, France

Entrance Music: In For the Kill (Skream Remix)

Wrestling Information

Strategy:  Because of her size, most people assume Blair is a powerhouse wrestler at first glance, and while she does use those sorts of moves, she’s much more inclined to use strikes and batter her opponent around the ring. Her height, combined with her being faster than most would suspect, make her a dangerous kickboxer, one who can outfight opponents who would otherwise be above her skill level, keeping them at bay with slicing kicks and long-range boxing. Typically she likes to grind her opponent down, wearing away at their defense and then moving in to crush them near the end.

She’s also known for ending matches with a facesit, typically of the reverse variety. She considers it something of her calling card, and while she doesn’t always use it for a finishing maneuver, she will always attempt to pull it off, before or after the bell rings.
Style: Kickboxing
Type: Long Range Striker

Preferred Attacks:

Preferred Matches:

Physical Statistics
Endurance:★★★★ - Is hardened from a lifetime of wrestling, knows how to push herself.
Strength:★★★★ - While not the strongest, her recent training has buffed her up considerably.
Speed:★★★ - Slower than her younger days, though faster than you might expert.
Defense:★★ - Is a very offense-minded individual, preferring to use pressure to stave off attacks.
Technique:★★★ - A skilled kickboxer, but she was always a subpar grappler. Improving, however.

Wrestling Statistics
Strikes: ★★★★ - Her main fighting tool. Her blows aren’t the fastest, but when they hit, they can be devastating.
Submissions: ★★★ - Has a few of these, mostly revolving around her legs. Is known for her facesit.  
Powerhouse: ★★★ - While this has been a poor area for her traditionally, she’s learning to use these more to take advantage of her solid frame.
Aerial: ★★ - Will break out the moonsault on special occasions, but not much else.
Counters: ★★ -  Her striking style doesn’t leave much for her to use in this area.

Signature Moves:

Blair’s go-to move when she needs to shut down faster opponents before they overwhelm her. A quick, powerful knee strike she can launch with even the smallest opening. On rare occasions she’s even gotten pins and knockouts with it.

A Brief Taste:
With an opponent seated in the corner, Blair breaks into a run and slams her ass into their face at full speed. Depending on her mood, she might rub it in their face, too.

Sous Moi:
When an opponent is down and Blair feels a little mean, she’ll bring her heel up, stomp their chest, and grind on them a bit. Mostly for style points.

Finishing Moves:

Blue Lotus:
A variation on the Lotus Lock. Instead of letting her ankles rest on the back of the opponent’s head, she puts more effort into scissoring them and stretching them out, forcing the opponent’s arms back to an extreme angle. Once she locks this move in, she invariably picks up the win - none of have escaped it.

Scorpion Montant:
The Rising Scorpion. This move used to be a simple signature for Blair, but her improved strength has made the move capable of getting a three count, and even the occasional knockout.

Critical Finisher
Limo Driver:
Blair’s last resort finishing move - sitout version of the scoop piledriver. Difficult to execute and dangerous, she only pulls it out for the toughest opponents, but it has a 100% success rate when executed and puts her in a prime position to facesit them after the pin.



Young Blair:
Current Blair:

Personality: At first glance, Blair comes off as the typical elite, stuck-up bitch. She carries herself with an air of pride and elegance, speaks with a thick French accent, towers over her opponents, and speaks with authority. In her youth, this was exactly the sort of person she was.

Two decades and motherhood have since tempered her, however. While she is still unapologetic and proud, with no qualms of flaunting her wealth, she’s not out to dominate her opponents like she used to - she will if pushed, but it’s not her first resort. Instead, she sees it as her responsibility to foster a new generation of wrestlers and push them to be better and stronger, to help them learn the lessons and avoid the pratfalls she had growing up in the business. Blair has an undying passion for wrestling and wants to see it grow during her lifetime.

...she still facesits her opponents after every match, however, regardless of what happens with them. She’ll apologize beforehand, but it is something of her signature.

In France’s wrestling 1990’s wrestling scene, the name ‘Blair’s Dame’ was synonymous with many words - excellent, domination, arrogance, wealth, and facesitting, just to name a few. The only daughter of the main family in the Dame family line, she was the heir to a housing business worth millions...and had little interest in running it. Blair was athletically gifted, tall and frighteningly strong for a woman, competitive and aggressive - a combination that led to her eventually becoming a kickboxer. She also had a flair for the dramatic, which pushed her to join France’s premier wrestling promotion Lutte De Reines. There she would have great success, becoming a feared champion and picking up multiple reigns with the belt. She would earn the infamous title of the Queen of the Reverse Facesit for her penchant for sitting on her opponent’s face before or after a match she won, and there was not a single man or woman on the roster who hadn’t tasted her cheeks at some point.

It seemed like nothing could stop the Queen’s reign of terror, until something finally did: pregnancy.

It wasn’t planned, coming from a spontaneous night of passion with a fellow wrestler, and her first instinct was to terminate the pregnancy. After talking it over with the father, however, she decided to keep it and entered into a more formal relationship, a decision she would not regret.

Over time, she began to build a family and took more of a training role in the company. She married the man, the two of them moved into together, and she began to enjoy a quiet, peaceful life. She took up Muy Thai and yoga, and for a time she knew some measure of peace. It seemed like she’d finally settled down and was set for a nice, peaceful life.

That all changed two years ago, when her wife and husband were both killed in a tragic car accident one night. The news rippled through the wrestling community, with many of her fans sending their condolences, but it was poor succor. For a time, she fell into depression, and it seemed like she wasn’t going to get out of it.

That changed, however, when she decided to watch some AFW matches on a whim. She saw a new generation of women there, carrying the torch, and she could sense some of her old competitiveness returning. A strong desire to get back out there, to burn away her last good years in the ring, to reunite with her first love in order to, in some small way, replace the loves she lost.

And so she put in the call to AFW, was confirmed right away, and decided to make the long trip.

Fun Facts

+Is a founding member of the Worldwide Young Ladies Club, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting women wrestlers.

+Is something of a fashion designer, and came up with her own outfit.

+No one knows what her true hair color is. There aren’t any pictures of it, even her childhood ones, and she swears it’s natural when asked.


Five Time Lutte De Reines Champion


Blair Dame SPoWQN2

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