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All of blade/speranza wreslters

Sun Apr 07, 2024 1:00 am by Blade/speranza

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Akane Saito, The Loserweight Champion Jobber

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Akane Saito, The Loserweight Champion Jobber Empty Akane Saito, The Loserweight Champion Jobber

Post by Yori Sun Aug 16, 2020 12:51 pm

Akane Saito, The Loserweight Champion Jobber JzWQDZX
Name: Akane Saito
Nickname: The Loserweight Champion
Tag Team Alias: The Shield Maiden
Age: 21
Eyes: Violet
Hair: Pink
Height: 5’1”
Weight: 107lbs
Nationality: Japanese
Alignment: Face
Social Media: TheShieldMaiden
Tag Team: The Maidens of Virtue

Theme Song
Yakuza 2 - Outlaw's Lullaby:

Ring Gear:
Misc Ring Gear:
As ''The Shield Maiden'':

Wrestling Information

Type: Hopeful Jobber

Strategy: Against most foes, Akane is hopelessly outmatched. Between her non-existent striking ability, weak grappling, and mediocre submissionist skills, she wrestles at an extremely green rookie level. Her only real strength is her drive and endurance, somehow allowing her to outlast punishment to get in a cheeky rollup or weaken her opponent with hentai techniques. Smothers tend to be her go to technique. When push comes to shove though, she does know some basic judo techniques to get her opponent to the mat.

While she doesn’t ever aim to intentionally lose her matches, she doesn’t really mind when they don’t fall in her favor. Secretly a bit of a masochist, she loves being overpowered and having herself locked in holds or when opponents simply have their way with her. It has gotten her a bit of a reputation for being an easy win, some even referring to her as the "Loserweight Champion."

Preferred Matches: Hentai, Submission, Tag

Physical Stats


Wrestling Stats

Submissions: ★★☆☆☆
Aerial: ★☆☆☆☆
Counters: ★☆☆☆☆

Preferred Attacks:
- Hip attack
- Body splash
- Hip toss
- Bodyslam
- Suplex

Signature Move

Bottom Out:

Finishing Moves:

Butt Buster Bomb:

Sweet Sendoff: A simple breast smother. The position and application tends to vary. Her usual use of the move is done from the reverse position, where she can hold down her opponents arms and have access to their chest with her own head.

Akane is a nice girl. It's always been one of her biggest defining features. With that comes her general caring nature but also a bit of blind optimism. She is easily deceived by people to tug on her sense of empathy, oftentimes leaving her open to be influenced by others. She likes making people happy, and by extension making herself happy as well. In that way she is relatively easy to please.

While she doesn’t practice many traditions from her upbringing, she holds a rather firm belief in family values she was brought up with out of sheer respect now that she has matured a bit more from her younger years. Knowing full well her parents wouldn’t approve of her current career, she keeps details to a minimum to avoid a potential argument. To anyone else though, she doesn’t really hide who she is or what she likes, something which has landed her in hot water more than once back home.


Akane was born an only child, tucked away in a small rural town along the Japanese countryside. Her younger years were ones steeped in tradition to a nearly oppressive degree. Raised to be a prim and proper woman of the house, she filled much of the housekeeping needs for her family. It wasn’t simply due to her upbringing though, her father unfortunately had special medical needs that required a great deal of her mother's time and energy to maintain. As such, she often spent her time alone, fulfilling household obligations over growing her social life.

After a small spree of local robberies in a nearby town, Akane’s mother thought it best the young girl learn how to defend herself given she was left home alone often while her parents traveled to deal with ongoing medical treatments for her father that couldn’t be administered at home. She was enrolled in a small judo class after school which not only taught her a few good self defense techniques but helped the otherwise timid girl bloom into her more adventurous self. She loved the martial arts, even if she wasn’t particularly good at it, more often than not finding herself getting tossed about or struggling with the teachings. She rarely found herself on the winning end of a spar… but she didn’t really mind. It was all just fun.

Her teenage years were rebellious ones as she actively pushed back against the stifling traditions of her upbringing in lue of trying new things. Brazenly testing the limits of her skill by getting involved with fights and the limits of her body with promiscuity with weekend parties, quickly learned what she liked. It got to a point when she developed a bit of a reputation around the town that fell back upon her family name and started to affect her relationship with her parents.

So she bottled it up to help preserve their honor and give them the daughter they wanted… for awhile. As soon as she graduated school, she left home promising to find work in the bity city and send home money to help with her parents' situation. It didn’t take her long to find a well paying job that catered directly to her interests.  So she signed with AFW to pick up where her earlier explorations left off.

Fun Facts:

Bread Winner: A large chunk of her earnings are sent back home to her family. They help to pay for special nurse care for her father and housekeeping for the home. Her mother appreciates the help but knows not to ask how she affords sending so much to them. Her father however is suspicious.

Pretty Kitty: She has a fluffy white Persian cat name “Parsnip”. While Akane doesn’t have her own social media, she posts pictures of her cat regularly to a twitter profile she made for him. He has quite a lot of followers.
Lonely Rooms: She likes having the TV on or music playing, just to keep the sound of voices around her if she doesn’t have real company with her.

Collectables: Akane loves reading manga and window shopping for cool collectable figures. She tends to be a bit stingy with her spending though and doesn’t own many of her own since she sends most of her money back home.

Noble Protector: Akane will sometimes don the name of "The Shield Maiden" when tag teaming with fellow AFW rookie, Battle Princess Raine. The two were pushed together by management and Akane was more than happy to play along! It seemed like fun.

AFW Information

-Wins: 1
-Losses: 11
-Draws/No Contest: 0


Friends: N/A
Allies: Battle Princess Raine
Rivals: N/A
Enemies: N/A
Crushes: N/A

*Adopted with full permissions from Iceman, reworked bio by myself*

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Akane Saito, The Loserweight Champion Jobber JTYmfg2

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Akane Saito, The Loserweight Champion Jobber Empty Re: Akane Saito, The Loserweight Champion Jobber

Post by Yori Sun Mar 14, 2021 6:23 am

Tag Key:

The Hard Road:

1: [M] Vs Killer King: A bad reputation to go with a bad time.
2: [M] Vs Yuri-chan: People aren't as honest as they seem.
3: [M] Mismatch in the Ring: I might be small but I have a big spirit.
4: [M] Vs Alaina Sanders: Okay well, this one might go better.
5: [M] Vs Suzumi Ishikawa: Maybe I'll fair better against someone smaller.
6: [M] Vs Janella Johnson: Someone newer, that's the ticket!
7: [M] Vs. Lauren Fredricks: Maybe someone slower?
8: [M] Vs Shayla Woods: A softer match, that will be easy!
9: [M] Locked in Here With You: A cage match now against another giant lady?
10: [M] Vs Maura Whitmore: Feeling good after her first win, Akane hots into her next match with a debuting rookie.
11: [M] Vs Rebecca Owens: Akane takes on a promising debuting prospect on their first AFW match.
12: [M] Vs Phoebe Vermillion: Two rookies with losing records walk into the ring...
13: [S] Heroic New Years Resolutions: Akane and Princess Raine run into a wayward hero at the gym.
14: [T] Trials of a Hero: Akane and Starboy are pitted up against each other in a series of trials devised by Princess Raine to measure their heroic spirit.

Akane Saito, The Loserweight Champion Jobber JTYmfg2

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