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Rhein Kazahana (Manager)

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Rhein Kazahana (Manager) Empty Rhein Kazahana (Manager)

Post by Tarantulust Fri Jan 18, 2019 8:38 am

Rhein Kazahana

Rhein Kazahana (Manager) 6cQFHc7

Name: Rhein Kazahana
Birth Name: Tanya Ruehl
Sex: Female
Age: 29
Eyes: Jade
Hair: Green
Height: 5’10
Weight: 148lbs
Nationality: German
Alignment: Manager





Managerial Responsibilities:
Rhein holds very little emotion towards herself and her clients, only ever thinking about how best to get the job done for what is needed. Whether it is ensuring her clients exercise, get them matches, or discuss possible deals and partnerships, she will be sure to get it done in the most efficient way possible, whether her client agrees or not.

Rhein considers her job to be a simple one in theory, but difficult in practice: Help her clients make the company money. That could mean she would book them in events they may normally never accept or feel uncomfortable in participating in. Rhein is something of a “no nonsense” type of manager, and refuses to join in on any kind of feud her clients might have. She will only step in if it becomes a problem with scheduling or if the clients ask her personally for help.


A tall, slender woman with a surprisingly large cup size, Rhein is often considered to be a rather beautiful woman. She can be seen wearing different types of business suits, but seems to prefer to wear a dark jade-green suit and vest that matches her long green hair. She can seem fairly inviting in her appearance, usually wearing a small smile on her face, though that is more a mask she wears while at work. She is hardly ever seen without her thin framed glasses, and refuses to wear contacts unless absolutely necessary.

Rhein has a rather tough attitude towards the world. While not exactly cold towards others, she seems to approach almost everyone with a calming, neutral outlook. She can come off as professionally kind towards employers, clever enough to treat them as if they were long time friends. Despite often reading other people’s reactions towards questions and using their emotions to get a desired result, she doesn’t consider herself to be a manipulator of any kind.
She has become something close to a workaholic, trying to keep herself busy at all times to distract herself from her past. When she finally gets home, she tends to drown her sorrows in alcohol, downing at least a few shots of vodka before finally passing out in bed. She has also been seen taking a drink when in her office, and could be considered an alcoholic to-be if she is not careful.

Born in a rather rural area, Rhine-or as she was known at the time, Tanya- was born the only daughter of a loving couple. Both of her parents had served in the military, and decided to use what they learned in boot camp to try and create a structure to raise their daughter to be the best person she could possibly be. It would hardly be any time before Tanya was doing things independent of her parents at a young age.

She would go on to excel in school, and upon graduating high school, enlisted in the military like her parents had before her. There, she studied and trained, slowly climbing the ranks while gathering knowledge about the world and creating contacts that would help her down the road. It would take some time, but she would finally see a certain amount of combat, issued out towards a town on the outskirts of a battlefield. After months in the village turned to years in a war-torn country, Tanya returned from her tour of duty, which had taken a little over five years of her life. The long and continuous journey of moving from one bloody fight to the next would soon become too much for Tanya. After about seven years of military service, she was honorably discharged from her unit, and returned back home.

Upon returning, she established herself as a private investigator. Using her military experience, contacts, and knowledge to help those that came to her in need. Whether it was tracking someone down, finding an object in a city, or the all too common job of tracking the suspected cheating spouse, Tanya completed her tasks with tact and efficiency. She always insured that she did everything she could to complete a job, no matter the difficulty. While she did not always get the results, her clients were hoping for, she always finished a job she accepted. Due to her persistence, she was quick to make both allies and enemies, some jobs even turning dangerous as she began to investigate and dig into more powerful people. Tanya would find her office ransacked one day after accepting a job investigating a pharmaceutical company. Rumors had spread that they had been conducting illegal experiments on “volunteers”, and her client’s son had been said to be last seen around the area. After sneaking into the company and acquiring proof of the company’s unlawful practices, she was finally able to locate the young man who had gone missing. The company had practically lobotomized him with their tests, and it was only through last minute planning and dumb luck that she was able to get him out of that sick place at all.

Tanya would later turn the evidence over to the authorities, and while the company went under heavy scrutiny and was even taken to court over the matter, their lawyers bought them enough time to escape any real punishment, though they are under constant watch by the authorities. It would be shortly after the trial that Tanya would be assaulted by a group of thugs. While she dealt with them easily enough, it became clear that neither her clients or her were safe if she continued to operate in the reach of the company.

So, Tanya would pack her things, say her goodbyes, and move to Japan. Well out of the reach of the pharmaceutical company, she opted to change her name to make her a bit harder to track. She soon went by the name “Rhein Kazahana”, and was quick to start looking for a place of work.

She was quick to acquire an office, and soon began to start up her private investigator business again. Strangely, the very first day she opened up for business she received a call at her office, requesting her help in a very odd manner. The job was simple; straighten out a few odd competitors in a wrestling league and make them “better”.

Rhein could hardly believe the request, and would have turned the request, but the person spoke with such distress in their voice, pleaded and begged for her to help them and mentioned the danger some of the competitors posed that she finally relented and accepted. It was an odd feeling, why would someone ask a private investigator to manage a bunch of wrestlers? Why would they be willing to be so much for her help when she had only just arrived in the country? The whole thing seemed suspicious, but Rhine knew it was better to go along with it for now. If it was a trap, it was unlikely to be sprung just yet, and any information would be useful in finding out who this person was exactly.

Soon, she would find herself at the AFW headquarters. Despite the request being strange, she plans on treating it the same way as all of her other cases: with sharp eyes and ears, and an indomitable will to get the job done right.

The Game has only just begun.

New Glasses:
Greeting With a Smile:

Fun Facts:

Odd Profession Choice- Rhein seems to despise wrestling, hardly ever watching the fights or participating in the events herself. While she has never openly stated her dislike for wrestling, nor given any reason why she would, her unnatural ability to ignore or miss her client’s matches have made it a common theory around the “office”.

Lead Belly- Being an avid drinker of hard alcohol, Rhein has developed quite the endurance to it. Few can keep up with her without falling for the drinks charm. Amazingly, she has gotten to the point where even the strongest of drinks no longer affects her unless consumed in large quantities. Her work had never suffered due to her drinking habit.

Keep it Professional.- Rhine prefers to be addressed as “Ms. Kazahana” or “Ms. K” when on the job, though she won’t kick up a large fuss if addressed with her first name by a well-meaning client. It will get on her nerves eventually.

Linguist- Due to Rhine’s studies, she has become fluent in Japanese, and has a strong Russian vocabulary.

People Person- She has stayed in touch with many of her previous contacts in both the military and private investigator business. On the rare occasion she needs help, she will often fall back on them for assistance.

Heart Broken- While uncommon, Rhine can become outright hostile if one tries to make a move or advance on her. Though she never speaks of it, judging by her need to constantly work or drink and disregard for others affections towards her, it can be inferred that she has lost someone close to her.

Safety First- Due to her getting constantly assaulted by thugs, Rhein has taken to carrying a blade around with her. She uses it purely for self-defense, and is rather skilled with it thanks to her military training.

AFW Information


AFW History

1. Rhein tests the water of the AFW by sending her newest team, the P.D.S.M, out to look for a match, creating some new enemies in the process.
2. Searching for one of her clients, Rhein comes across a peculiar woman. The manager soon learns how cruel her new clients can be.
3. Finally collecting the lion's share of her employees, the new manager sets some guidelines she expects them to follow...whether they like it or not.
4. A client takes things a step too far, and it is up to Rhein to salvage the situation, even if it means holding her hostage.
5. An old foe finally returned a call. Soon, two managers meet up to discuss a match between teams. Can they set their differences aside? Or will another fight erupt?!

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