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All of blade/speranza wreslters

Sun Apr 07, 2024 12:00 am by Blade/speranza

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Mina Diaz (Manager)

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Mina Diaz (Manager) Empty Mina Diaz (Manager)

Post by Winner3 Fri Dec 23, 2016 7:37 am

Mina Diaz (Manager) Db6NxBc

Basic Info:
Age: 34
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Weight: 150 lb
Height: 5’7”
Alignment: Face
Nationality: American

*light coughing*
"Hello. The following is a video application for the position of a manager at the wrestling promotion titled "Anime Female Wrestling".

My name is Mina Diaz and I am the greatest managers alive! To the outside world, I'm an ordinary businesswoman, but secretly, or as a side gig I should say, I've managed several wrestlers for many years. I've overseen the progress of almost anyone that has taken the time to compete in the region of Southern Unites State/Northern Mexico. I helped my most promising client achieve new heights of success in this region, but in doing so, he's been worked to the point where he has become disenchanted with pro wrestling, entirely. I need a change of pace to give his career and mine the length and success they deserve and I'm the only one that can make it happen! I am the Flash! Oops, I mean, Mina Diaz, haha!

Please find attached my resume, including all the wrestlers I've managed, footage of their matches as well as my own, and the promotions I've worked at, along with all relevant references. Thank you very much!

Mina was born in New Mexico. Mina was a huge comic book fan and was introduced to pro wrestling through a comic book series. From the point at which she learned about the business, Mina had always aspired to be a wrestler. She found herself training to become one at an early age. She went pro while in her senior year of high school and wrestled throughout college and young adulthood. Mina wrestled for almost a decade before hanging up the boots and choosing to pursue work in business. She had a quaint life from that point, but eventually she began to feel like something was missing. Having been fond of the wrestling business, she went back to an old promotion in Mexico that she had spent years at to participate in the only capacity that she felt capable of doing at that time: as a manager. After scouting the talent for a time, she found herself a diamond in the rough in the form of one Matthew Pasión. She felt the need to train the man in the hopes of seeing him go on to do great things. But somewhere down the line, he decided that retirement was best for him, just as Mina did several years ago. Despite Mina's protests, he would go on to hold a retirement ceremony while on tour. His retirement ceremony was interrupted by Katherine Hart and she challenged him to a match to decide the fate of his career. Ultimately she won and got him to agree to form a tag team with her in the hopes to keep him in the ring for a few more years. After this turn of events. Mina decided that it was be a good opportunity to rejuvenate his career as a wrestler and her career as a manager by traveling to distant wrestling promotion in Japan called AFW. She hoped that tagging with Katherine and having them achieve success as a team would reignite Matt's old passion for wrestling and give the both of them some well deserved notoriety.

Managerial Responsibilities:
As a Manager, Mina assumes typical responsibilities for her clients. She makes sure they train hard and train often, oversees their diets, occasionally books them for matches, speaks on their behalf when they're not available, care for them when they're sick or injured, etc. She expects the fighters she manages to give it their all and strives to bring out the best in her wrestlers.

Current Clients:
Katherine Hart

Matthew Pasión

Heart and Passion

"Choose Your Character!"
Mina Diaz (Manager) RoNDaIMina Diaz (Manager) RXleMMpMina Diaz (Manager) PNIUArHMina Diaz (Manager) PceFPw4
Mina Diaz (Manager) V4UEFd
Mina Diaz (Manager) IgQk2vMina Diaz (Manager) PP89dH8Mina Diaz (Manager) ZoIhtGgMina Diaz (Manager) C8s1fSMina Diaz (Manager) URmTXT

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