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Sun Apr 07, 2024 12:00 am by Blade/speranza

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Elizabeth "Riza" Hawkeye - Redemption Hunter

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Elizabeth "Riza" Hawkeye - Redemption Hunter Empty Elizabeth "Riza" Hawkeye - Redemption Hunter

Post by Old_Man_Tai Wed Feb 28, 2018 8:09 am

Stage Name: Riza Hawkeye

Sex: Female

Age: 26

Eyes:  Blue

Hair: Blonde

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 180 lbs

Nationality: American

Alignment: Neutral

Entrance Theme - Pop Evil - Waking Lions

Wrestling Style: While her original style was a very basic mix of MMA strikes and holds, over time, Hawkeye has studied and learned more styles, and adopted more unique holds and power moves and technician skills into her moveset, becoming more well rounded as a result.

Attire:  Same as pic, though she sometimes takes the jacket off when fired up and preparing to finish off an opponent:

Favored moves: Suplexes (Gutwrench, Snap, Standard, Belly to Belly, Gutwrench) various wear down joint locks and joint holds, clotheslines, lariats, knee raises. European Uppercuts, Scissor holds, sleeper hold/rear naked choke hold. Breast Smother (rare occasion)

Hawks Talon: Hawkeye, either from the corner or after bouncing off the ropes, charges full speed at her opponent, before throwing her leg up, bending it and striking her opponent with a high angled knee strike to either the face or back of the head.

Personality: In the ring, Hawkeye tries to remain professional, stern and aloof, though she can get frustrated if she feels she screws up a move or performs badly, due to her minor perfectionism, and she does have a playful side, making sarcastic/joking quips with opponents she knows, and will compliment and show respect to opponents who show talent and fairness in the ring against her.

Outside the ring, while she keeps more to herself in social situations, sometimes giving off the impression that she isn’t approachable. However, she is still friendly and polite, willing to engage in conversation, she just simply prefers one on one encounters as opposed to big group situations. Indeed, she has made efforts to get rid of her former meekness and shyness and be more outgoing and friendly.

History: Born somewhere in America, having long forgotten where, the daughter of two enlisted soldiers, Elizabeth was a typical military brat, often moving from location to location, state to state, living on military base after military base. Making friends was difficult, but possible, just not long-lasting. School was challenging, but highly educational and motivating. Safety was rarely a concern, as, no matter what base she was at, everyone there had each others back and would watch out for each other. Her upbringing, while strict and ruled by discipline, was not an unkind one, as both her parents and extended family were loving and supportive...for the most part.

Elizabeths parents and family took immense pride in their military service, with both parents having been military brats themselves, and, between the two of them, they had various ancestors that had fought in every major American conflict from the American Revolution to Desert Storm (which, indeed, Hawkeyes own parents had been involved in just before she was conceived.), and they, naturally, wanted their daughter to continue that legacy. Her grandfather, who had spent a long life in the military and had earned the rank of General, was especially insistent upon it.

There was, quite simply, only one issue, in her otherwise happy and relatively normal childhood...Hawkeye never really wanted to be a soldier.

Not that she had anything against the military or soldiers, she just never really wanted to be one herself, having none of the special attachment and pride her family got out of it. What she actually wanted to be in life...well, she had no idea. But lacking the freedom to consider being anything else, the idea that she was forced into a certain pre-ordained role...she hated that. The idea of actually saying that out loud, however, was unthinkable.

There had been many times, true, as she got older, that she wanted to say she didn’t want to enlist. But, each time, the worry and fear of disappointing and upsetting her family held her back every time, until, by the time she was 18, there was little choice left in the matter, and she enlisted.

At first, it wasn’t so bad. While some of it, the order and discipline of it all, was familiar to her, and an active childhood of exercise and proper diet had gifted her with a physically fit, (not too mention attractive) body, the fact that Elizabeth simply didn’t want to be there had little effect, not when she had the potential disappointment of her family to motivate her. She did as instructed, and did it well enough for what it was. Aside from a couple issues where a few unruly trainees tried to get handsy with her, something superior officers quickly put a stop too, most of her first year or so was without incident, and, as she learned, and improved, she began to think she could do this.

...and then...HE entered the picture.

He was a superior officer, a Colonel, an attractive older man in his late 20’s. They would pass each other sometimes, in a hall, on the field. Sometimes they’d have a brief conversation, sometimes just a passing glance. Desire sometimes leads to rash actions, especially when its ones first time dealing with such desire...It only took a few weeks before they took action, engaging in a night of pure passion and pleasure. The first time, her first time, at that, was a bit sloppy, unfocused. The second and third times were better, easier, more fun.

But in the end, they were caught, as they were always certain to be. He was court martialed, dishonorably discharged. She never saw or heard from him again.

Elizabeth nearly shared his fate, or, at the very least, suffer a “For Reasons Less Than Honorable” or a “Bad Conduct” Discharge, but was saved by, of all things, a political backroom deal. Her name, her family, her grandfather’s status and carried a bit of weight. A bit of respect. Not enough to simply let her off the hook, but enough that other superior officers, ones who personally knew or served with/under her grandfather, wanted to avoid a scandal that would embarrass him and his name, as well as the rest of her family.

Thus, she was spared, officially given a General Discharge Under Honorable Conditions, effectively removing her from the military for good, but sparing her family and scandal. Not that it actually helped, as, once they learned of the situation, Elizabeth was met with outrage and disappointment from most of them, with her proud grandfather refusing to speak to her, cutting off all ties to her and disowning her entirely, though her parents, while disappointed, made it clear she still had their love and support.

Perhaps more importantly though, Elizabeth Hawkeye had freedom. Freedom to do whatever she pleased, whatever she liked, away from family legacies and other such things. At a point. Growing up being molded for a soldiers life left her with few other actual life skills to use for getting gainful employment. With few options, she took the first job offered to her, that as a waitress at, of all things, a Hooters.

Hardly honorable, but paying the bills...kinda, the job lasted a while...until a rather drunk customer made more than just the usual pass at her, attempting to aggressively cop a feel...which, thanks to quick reflexes and military training, ended him on the floor with a broken wrist. She was fired for it, but on a work friends suggestion, it lead to something new...professional fighting.

Thus the next couple years went, going from basic MMA training, to underground cage fighting, to moving to another town with an underground league, and so on, and so on, even getting an online interview with a small  fighting website, where one of the writers wanted to do a sit down interview with an up and coming fighter gaining some notoriety...he also wanted to hit on her, to her chagrin.

But every fight, win or lose, helped her, even the interview, as she was eventually found by an AFW talent scout and offered a contract. She was leery at first, due to the league’s reputation for sexually implicit product, but as the money offer was quite good, she accepted, joining the Tension league at the young age of 22 (which was a bit old by AFW standards)

Her first run...did not go well.

She was the new girl again, in a new place, which while not an entirely new experience, was still different. Nobody here had her back. Her name and family meant nothing. The structure and way of fighting was different, the lifestyle was different. She was pretty sure everyone she met wanted to see her naked. The league officials even tried on more than one occasion to get her to do photo shoots and nude pin-ups before her first match! Always more of a shy and reserved girl, the spotlight, such as it was, was unusual to her. She shrank, becoming meeker. As for the matches themselves...they went poorly. She had no experience fighting high flyers and power wrestlers and such, and thus, found herself outclassed and defeated, losing fights she might otherwise have won if she could have gotten her head on straight, each loss demoralizing her more and more.

The final straw came in a match with male fighter Army Rodriguez, a charming man with, if Hawkeye was honest, a hell of a body, and a polite and friendly demeanor...which, in the end, didn’t matter much. It was a Hardcore Match, and Hawkeye gave her all, but in the end, Army was far bigger and stronger than she was, easily slamming her around, at one point lifting her up by her throat, choking her in the air, showing little mercy.

After pummeling her for a bit, he locked her in a Torture Rack hold, by far the most painful experience of her career, ignoring her attempts at submitting, before he spun her into a brutal powerbomb, slamming her through a wooden table she herself had set up, pinning her and leaving her to be carted unconscious to the back.

After such a one sided loss, the former soldier left the company, embarrassed and angry at herself for falling so short of her own expectations, feeling unworthy of fighting at such a large stage with so much exposure for the world to see.

She retreated back home, where she spent a year in a depressed funk, working back at Hooters. It wasn’t until she got to visit her parents, still active in the military in non-combat roles, and her mother, seeing her daughter upset, offered to spar with her, that she finally snapped out of her funk, finding herself challenged and pushed by her mothers not unimpressive skill, and finding she was enjoying herself as she pushed herself to match it, eventually able to lock in a hold and make the older woman tap.

Between the spar, and a long discussion after, Elizabeth finally realized that, while she may have started fighting as a way to just make money, she had truly come to enjoy it, and desired to excel at it, hence why she was taking her embarrassing performance in AFW so hard. She had found something she wanted to do with her life, and so, once again quitting Hooters (after having to break yet another man’s wrist), she went back to fighting.

This time though, rather than focusing only on basic MMA skills that got her outclassed before, Elizabeth made a point to branch out and learn new styles and strategies, attending wrestling schools and fighting in actual indy wrestling leagues to improve her skills, adding some more bulk to her body, while still keeping its fit and slim frame, and gaining far more confidence in herself and her abilities.

Knowing of AFW’s hentai policies, and how she could be put into such a match at any time, she even branched a little into that direction to try and get accustomed to such things, she started showing off some skin, even joining a hentai league and fighting in a bikini, actually picking up a couple hentai wins over male opponents...and a couple losses, though thankfully with “no-penetration” rules in effect.

After a few years, she made contact with AFW talent scouts again, seeking a second chance to join the league and fight there again. After heading to Japan and winning an exhibition match to show her new skills off, she was fully approved and re-hired. Now, back in Tension, she is eager, and fully resolved, to take AFW by storm!

Misc. Facts:

Riza is a major bookworm, with a decent sized book collection. She'll read almost anything, but loves biographies, historical books, especially history, and fantasy books the most. Reading glasses make her look adorable.

While she sometimes thinks of her first lover, back when she was in the military, she finds she’s more interested in who she may meet in the future than pining over the past.

She’s actually not entirely certain of her sexual preference. She knows she’s mostly into dudes...but she has seen some incredible women and can’t resist that she’s had some thoughts. She actually did one, just one, hentai match against a woman, because the money was too good to ignore. She lost, badly, but had to admit that the experience felt incredible.

She may have once had a sex dream about Army after losing to him.

She is aware of all the Marvel comic Hawkeye jokes people make with her name, and they aren’t funny.

While she has always been aware, and told, of her attractiveness, she went a long time trying to ignore it. Now that she’s actively trying to be more outgoing and bold, she’s more willing to “Strut Her Stuff” so to speak. Hence her new attire.



Army Rodriguez: While “enemy” might be pushing it, the fact that her last match in the league was a brutal loss to the man, and the fact that he became one of their bigger stars in the time she was gone, has lit a fire under her, to prove herself by defeating him in the ring and earning his respect!

Record: 3 wins, 3 losses  

Wins: 3

Riza Hawkeye defeated Army via Pinfall (Boma-Ye)
Riza Hawkeye defeated Army Rodriguez via Hentai Pinfall (Blowjob pin)
Riza Hawkeye defeats Army Rodriguez via 10 Count (LMS match)

Losses: 3

Army Rodriguez defeated Riza Hawkeye via Submission (Bearhug)
Army Rodriguez defeated Riza Hawkeye via Knockout (Sleeper Hold)
Sierra defeated Riza Hawkeye via Pinfall (Powerbomb)


1. Hawkeye makes her return to AFW after a 4 year absence, calling out none other than Army, her previous opponent!

2. Riza Hawkeye vs Army Rodriguez: Hawkeyes first match back in Tension, a rematch against Army, the man who drove her out! WIN

3. Clearly unhappy with his loss, Army calls Hawkeye out win an unusual offer.

4. Riza Hawkeye vs Army: Best of 5: Match 2: Submission Match: LOSS

5. Hawkeye nearly starts a war of ice and cream, but makes a new friend as she meets the fun and friendly Hayasui!

6. The third match in the best of 5 series with Hawkeye vs Army, this time in a Hardstyle Hentai match! WIN

7. Hawkeye and Army have their fourth match in their series, a hardcore Full Metal Assault Match LOSS

8. Finally, after a year of fighting, Hawkeye and Army look to settle their feud once and for all at Showdown, in a Last Person Standing Match! WIN

9. In Hawkeye's first post-Army match, she gets a hentai match against a the cute Yamato Ishii!

In Ring Attire:
Elizabeth "Riza" Hawkeye - Redemption Hunter Wothku10

Swimsuit Attire: (Reserved for Hentai Matches and special requests)

Elizabeth "Riza" Hawkeye - Redemption Hunter Dcsanm10

Check out the recently revamped Roster Page, now with pics!

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