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All of blade/speranza wreslters

Sun Apr 07, 2024 12:00 am by Blade/speranza

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Misako Ishida

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Misako Ishida Empty Misako Ishida

Post by valen311 Thu Jan 18, 2018 9:44 pm

Name: Misako Ishida "Night Racer" (Real identity, agent of Yokai: Ikiryo)
Age: 32
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
Height: 5'10
Weight: 145 lbs
Country: Japan (Osaka)

Alignment: Face

Entrance theme:  All My Life Daiki Kasho

Fighting Style: Submission based grappling mixed with pro wrestling slams and throws

Favored matches: Normal, Hentai

Favored Moves: Various head scissors, sleeper holds, as well as various martial arts strikes, hinting at training outside of the AFW.

Signature Moves:
Figure Four Headscissors: A chance to show off her leg strength, this move brings that power to bear on a fallen opponent's head. While it certainly can get a submission from a heavily damaged foe, a relatively fresh victim can turn his/her body to get a leg on the ropes.

Uraken (Spinning Backfist) dubbed High Side, after a type of motorcycle crash that sees a rider flip over the bike. Showing off some startling striking ability, Misako will step in while spinning, delivering a hard backhanded strike across the victim's head! Often used on a stunned foe, or as a counter to various strikes and moves.

Finishing moves:

Hard Throttle: On a face down foe, Misako will lie down over their shoulders, tucking one of her own legs under the victim's chin and pulling up with it while pushing up holding her weight up with her arms. She will then lock her leg around her other one in a four position, trapping the victim's head while applying crushing pressure to the skull and neck area, with a modified facedown version of a figure four headlock. Although it's been dubbed Hard Throttle, she learned it by it's original name, the Code of Silence.

Lay It Down: A new take on an old move, Misako will grab an opponent's head before leaping into air, tucking her knees up while turning to the side, landing in a sideways version of the falling double knee facebreaker!

From the AFW Magazine: One might be quick to dismiss Misako as yet another motorcycle themed wrestler in the AFW, but you would do so at your own risk. This hard rider has apparently been on more than one road trip, 'cause she brings submission grappling, pro wrestling, and martial arts together in one package. Her nerves of steel are reflected in her cool gaze, as The Night Racer prepares to race to the top of AFW's Tension division!

Communication from intelligence division Yokai to the Japanese National Police Agency Security Bureau:
"While it's curious that a known Russian operative is on Japanese soil, taking part in a wrestling league of all things, we don't recommend an overt response. Arresting Krystyna Afineevsky would risk damaging relations with Russia, who already isn't exactly an ally. Instead we have assigned an agent, codenamed Ikiryo, to investigate her and her activities."  

History: Misako Ishida is the name for the agent known as Ikiryo. An operative for a branch of the Japanese intelligency agency Yokai, named after shapeshfting spirits, she functions as a spy, thief, and if the situation calls for it, enforcer, for the Japanese espionage community. Once upon a time, Misako was a normal young girl, who was living a normal life with a normal family. Then, when she was seven, 'Misako' was traveling with her family by car in Tokyo, when they were hit by another vehicle, tragically killing everyone but her. With no remaining family to take her in, and standard foster care systems overwhelmed by unwanted children and other orphans, Misako was taken in by a government run program. Her identity was stricken from public records, and she was given the made up identity of Misako Ishida. Disguised as an orphanage, she along with other children were raised to fill various roles in Japan's espionage community. The program itself was short lived, producing only a few crops of potential agents before it was shut down. But Misako had already been given the skills she needed. At eighteen, she began her life as a spy, working for the Japanese Public Security Intelligence Agency. Her ability to adapt to various covers made her stand out, and when a section of deep cover operatives were formed for the purpose of countering other countries' spies, Misako was brought into this new group, Yokai, at the age of twenty two, where she's been since. In an odd occurrence, when she was nineteen, Misako underwent training at a wrestling school while on assignment, investigating it's connection to an international crime syndicate. Although Interpol eventually shut down the gang, Misako considered it a fun assignment, adding the skills learned there to her repertoire. It was due to this experience that Misako was given the mission to infiltrate the AFW, and investigate the activities of the Russian agent Krystyna Afineevsky. Bypassing AFW's background checks was easy, and quickly, Misako created the identity of a motorcycling enthusiast who had done some wrestling in an independent league when she was younger. Before long, the agent had secured a spot on the league's roster, eager to begin both her investigation and her career as a pro wrestler.      

Personality: Despite what people would think about someone in her circumstances, Misako is no emotionless robot. She has favorite foods, loves driving and racing, especially motorbikes. She even wants to try to succeed at this pro wrestling thing, if only to be in the spotlight, even if it was under a fake identity. Although she can be cold and ruthless when the situation calls for it, her natural demeanor is a friendly one. It does help people to establish trust in her, which in turn, makes it easier to accomplish her mission. As one could expect in her line of work, her sexuality is fairly fluid, with Misako enjoying both men and women in equal measure. But, her foremost loyalty is to her country and her agency. For this reason, not mention for most people's safety, she keeps friends and lovers at a certain distance, never telling them the truth of her real line of work.

Standard ring attire (minus firearm)

Misako Ishida BvUxkGk

In more normal clothing.

Misako Ishida C3ROAV8


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