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All of blade/speranza wreslters

Sat Apr 06, 2024 7:00 pm by Blade/speranza

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"Stone Demon" Saika Tanaka

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"Stone Demon" Saika Tanaka Empty "Stone Demon" Saika Tanaka

Post by Rainmaker619 Fri Jun 30, 2017 12:24 am

Name: Saika Tanaka
Sex: Female
Age: 31
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Green
Height: 5'8 ft
Weight: 148 lbs
Nationality: Japanese
Alignment: Face
Entrance music: Nightwish- End of All Hope (Nightcore)

Wrestling Information

Strategy: Saika is primarily a striker, using her kicks to batter opponents. When they're weakened enough, Saika will move in with more complicated maneuvers suck as suplexes and submissions until she feels they're weak enough for one of her finishing moves. She is also very good at targeting and exploiting any weakness an opponent might have.

Style: Strong Style/MMA mix

Preferred Attacks: Suplexes, Kicks to the head, body, and legs, punches to the head and body, elbows to the head, knees to the face, arm locks, leg locks, sleeper holds, head and body scissors, neck stretches

Preferred Matches: Anything but hentai

Endurance: 8.5/10 (Can take a lot of damage and give it back in return.)
Strength: 8/10 (Those muscles aren't just for show!)
Speed: 8/10 (Her strikes are very fast, and she can transition between multiple submission holds in a matter of seconds!)
Defense: 9/10 (Knows a counter for almost every move in the book!)
Technique: 10/10 (Has an unequaled ground game)

Favored moves:
End of Dreams:
Demon Strike:
Hell's Armbar:

Finishing moves:
Last Light:
Demon Choke:

Super Finisher (Only does this as a last resort; almost always ends the match):
The End:


Appearance: Saika is muscular, with defined abs and well built arms and legs. When she strains herself, her veins can clearly be seen throughout her body. She also has fine facial features, with a small nose and eyes. Her hair is short and dyed green, although her natural hair color is black.

Personality: Saika is very serious and driven, rarely smiling or showing any kind of emotion. She also can be agitated by opponents, or just people in general, who take things lightly or mock her. This cold, heartless exterior, which as earned her the nickname of "Stone Demon", hides a warmer, friendly side that she only shows to friends behind closed doors. While still collected and rational, she loves spending time with her friends is extremely loyal and protective of them. She also isn't above making new friends either, and those not turned away from her emotionless facade will find her to be affable and caring. If you hurt her friends, however, or betray her trust in some way, she will make you pay.

Past/History: Saika Tanaka was born to a poor family in Osaka, Japan; and she didn't have the most comfortable of upbringings. With her father abandoning the family when Saika was only a couple of months old, her mother was left to raise Saika and her two older brothers by herself. On top of this, her brothers irrationally blamed Saika about their father leaving, constantly picking on and even beating their sister all throughout her life. All of this, however, caused Saika to grow up quickly; and she learned if she wanted to not just make something out of her life, but survive it, she had to fight.

Learning martial arts at the tender age of six, Saika proved to be a fast learner, and before long she was able to go toe to toe with and beat her brothers, who eventually patched things up with Saika out of both fear and maturity. Saika also took up many sports at school, which combined with her reclusive nature got her labeled as a "tomboy" and an "outsider". Saika didn't care much for popular opinion, however, and would get into many fights and stays in detention as a result. Her mother, realizing Saika's potential while also not wanting her to become an outlaw, decided to try and put Saika's inner anger and determination to positive use by encouraging her to find a sport that interested her and peruse it. Saika eventually discovered the world of women's MMA, and would prove to excel at it.

After training from a former MMA fighter turned coach, Saika would debut for a local promotion at 18 years old and go on a tear, holding a perfect 5-0 record her rookie year and becoming the youngest fighter in the promotion's history to win the middleweight belt. This impressive performance got her attention from many other MMA promotions around Japan, and Saika would go one to amass a 25-1-1 record and win various titles, being labeled "Rookie of the year" in various sports magazines and even receiving a call from the UFC. It seemed Saika was set up to become one of MMA's breakout stars until an tragic accident occurred. Walking back from a gym after a usual training session, a drunk driver swerved around a corner and hit Saika at a high speed. Saika survived, but the accident left her paralyzed for a whole year, derailing her MMA career for good. Doctors said that she wouldn't be able to walk again, but that only fueled Saika's resolve.

After a grueling recovery program and several surgeries, Saika was able to stand unassisted at the age of 28, and just a year later was able to walk and run again in what some called a miracle! She was cleared to once again compete in physical activities by the same doctors who doubted her, but they all told her to not go back into MMA to avoid re-aggravating her injuries. Searching for an alternative sport that would still allow her to kick people, she eventually discovered professional wrestling, debuting for a local promotion at 29 years of age. She made the transition from MMA to professional wrestling with flying colors, once again going on an undefeated streak and becoming feared for her stiff strikes and painful submissions. Her dominance, combined with her previous MMA success, got her a call from AFW talent scouts. Finding the opportunity to face off not just against the strongest women in the world, but also the strongest men, intriguing, Saika signed her contract and put herself on the Tension brand, ready for a challenge like no other!

Wrestling Attire:
Blue Version:

Alt. Attire:

Fun Facts:

  • Considers herself asexual, but has a fondness for anyone, man or woman, who are as strong as she is.
  • Used to have long hair that she braided into a ponytail before cutting it short to fit her persona
  • Saika despises hentai matches and those who take part in them, believing the practice to be crass and insulting to the sport.
  • During her MMA career, she knocked out a poor girl in 5 seconds flat with her Last Light kick
  • Despite her aversion to hentai stipulations, she can coaxed into more "softcore" stipuations such as oil and sauna matches
    All oiled up!:

AFW Information




Last edited by Rainmaker619 on Mon Jul 03, 2017 5:37 pm; edited 3 times in total (Reason for editing : Added some images and spaced out Saika's history)


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"Stone Demon" Saika Tanaka Empty Re: "Stone Demon" Saika Tanaka

Post by Serpon Fri Jun 30, 2017 1:03 am

Accepted you may now rp.

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