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Shirona Matsuya

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Shirona Matsuya Empty Shirona Matsuya

Post by Ragdoll_Jobbers Mon Feb 20, 2017 9:56 pm

Name: Shirona Matsuya
Alias: Monster Mom, Destroyer of Japan, The Girl Who Single Handily Wiped Out Delinquents By Herself (Who the hell came up with this nickname?!), Former Super Elite Yankee
Gender: Female
Age: 42
Height: 6'2
Weight: "Do you want to die?"
Hair Colour: Blonde
Nationality: Japanese
Alignment: Neutral (Although in the ring, her old Yankee persona comes out and makes her more heel)
Skill Level: Hard-Lunatic "Do you have death wish?"

Wrestling Information
Preferred Moves: "Anything that'll show off my amazing strength to my wonderful, cutey, widdy, daughters!"
Preferred Matches: "Anything that lets me thrash and beat down my opponents!"

Strategy: Shirona has one objective in the ring; absolute annihilation. Shirona possess an immense amount of strength and speed since her childhood. Getting behind her opponents and knocking them out with slams or submission holds, or getting in their face and beating the ever living pulp out of them with punches and kicks.

Draco Metoer: Shirona sets up her opponent for a jumping piledriver, but as an added on bonus and humiliation, she will jump up into the air again after landing for a Kinniku Buster!

Endurance: 10/10 "I don't the meaning of the word, give up!"
Strength: 10/10 "Not my fault people can't handle me."
Speed: 8/10 "HEY! Keep your eyes off of me for a second, and you're finished!"
Technique: 7/10 "My fists and legs are good enough. But a good old fashion choke hold is good enough for me."
Flexibility: 6/10 "I'm flexible enough okay!"
Hentai: 10/10 "Well, let's just say when I get in bed with my husband, nether of us are walking in the morning, tee hee."

Shirona's casual clothes:

Shirona's attire and workout:

Shirona's old school uniform:

What her husband wakes up to in the morning:

Not for your eyes you dirty little perverts, hehe:

Spending time with my lovely daughter:

Shirona's childhood is complicated to say the least. While most little girls got to grow up with a happy little family, with a loving father and mother, she had none of it. Her father and mother were raging alcoholics with severe gambling problems. She was often beat at home or forced to steal stuff for her parents when they sent her out on errands. She was abused, fed the bare minimum, and more often than not, sexual harassed. This caused her to despise people with a passion. She rarely, probably never went home once she reached highschool.

She often lived on the streets, alone, and skipped school just trying to survive. She was known to people as a Yankee due to her brutish personality and destructive behaviour. She was often challenged by other delinquents and yankees due to her being given the nickname as Queen of Delinquents. She never knew how she got the nickname. It might've been because the frightening aura that she emits around her. Or how she beat up the Yakuza that her shitty parents were indepted to for so long. Turns out her scumbag parents had ran off and left the debt to her. She didn't really care.

Whether people came challenged her one on one or a gang up, Shirona always came out on top. But everyone always ends up run into a dead-end. It was a rainy day when she received a letter of challenge from one of the gangs she beat up before. The letter told her to meet them by a warehouse at the docks. She should've been on her guard more, because it ended up being an entire ambush. She was able to fend herself off pretty well despite being alone but she was eventually overwhelmed.

The bastards had her tied up and ripped her clothes off, leaving her wet in her underwear. They were ready to have their way with her when suddenly the door had been ripped open. She wasn't able to see what went on since the delinquents had her blindfolded but she heard screams and crashes. After a minute or so, everything was quiet, except for the pit-pat of the rain outside the warehouse. A looming presence was cast over her and for the first time in her life, for a really long time, she felt fear once again. But to her surprise, she felt herself being untied and something draping over her body.

She would remove her blindfold to see all the delinquients defeated, unconscious and a big boy who was ginormous. He was covered in cuts and bruises, his school uniform was a mess, and that's when she noticed his school uniform he was wearing. It was the one her school gave out to the boys. The boy smiled at her and for some bizarre reason, Shirona couldn't help but cry. She would jump at the boy and cry into his arms, weeping and sobbing loudly. The boy was taken back by this but simply hugged her back. Despite his gigantic size, he gave off the presence of a gentle giant.

A week later, Shirona decided to return to school. She was checked into a hospital thanks to the boy who saved her and over the course of that one week, the boy convinced her to go back. She later found out that day that he was in the same class as her. That was the day she first officially met her future boyfriend, and husband.

Shirona's personality is...complicated to say the least. Because of her horrible upbringing, she grew up learning how to fend for herself. She was rude, ruthless, cold, distant, and pretty much a loner for majority of her life. But after meeting her wrestling-loving husband, something opened up inside her. She became more friendly and kind, girly if you will. She learned how to cook, do the laundry, and other housework (Although she didn't start off that well at the start. Needing to be taught by her boyfriend's mother). She became the number 1 girl in school, although she still retained her aggressive Yankee persona. Typically, angering her with make her revert back to her old ruthless self but she's a bit more tamed now that she has two daughters she loves and cherish so very much!

Match History

Lover: Great Gozu
Loves: Great Gozu, Daughter 1 ???, Daughter 2 ???
Enemies: "Oh I'm sure I'm going to make some enemies here."
Friends: Great Gozu, Daughter 1 and Daughter 2
Rivals: Great Gozu


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