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Mon May 13, 2024 5:49 am by TheLoneWanderer

As a first outing for this rebooted account, I'd like to engage some opponent in a matroom, or something equivalent, with a focus on BJJ, Catch Wrestling, MMA, etc. It can range from actual training (preferably of the character I play but I can do yours even if I'd like further teaching for BJJ.) to an extreme match. Either way, message me if you wanna bite. While I do like femdom and all that, I will do my best to treat any participants equally.

You can pick either Senji or Hiroyuki but I'm …

[ Full reading ]

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All of blade/speranza wreslters

Sun Apr 07, 2024 12:00 am by Blade/speranza

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A Golden Ticket

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A Golden Ticket Empty A Golden Ticket

Post by TaliZorah Sat Aug 20, 2016 5:57 pm

The golden clad wrestler, still covered in sweat, found herself entering the locker room cautiously.  She was curious, but careful.  She'd been around long enough to be wary of ambushes backstage.  And she was exhausted, and probably unable to adequately fight off someone if something did happen.

But she wasn't sure what to expect from this.  Daisuke may had acted all high and mighty, but she knew gimmicks when she saw them, and wasn't about to back down from him.

Daisuke called out to her, unsure of whether she would accept this invitation or not. In truth he himself had no idea why he called out to her but he couldn't accept this as a loss when he was so close to winning it, in his mind he had done more to win the match than she did.  Daisuke was sitting on the wooden bench in his locker room, having just taken off his elbow and knee pads but keeping on his boots with a towel around his neck. He gritted his teeth when he saw her but tried to calm himself "So you came huh?" he said, getting off the bench and on his feet

Sandra crossed her arms with a grin.  "Well, you seemed interested in losing again and who am I to deny you that?" she said back, not shying away from walking up to him.  Her golden hair was still drenched in sweat, her gold and white attire reflecting the dim lights.  She looked up at the taller man, a hint of intrigue in her eyes.

"Hmph, you're not so tough Golden Girl. I had you during most parts of the match, you got away with this," he said glaring back as he didn't back off either- moving forward to press up with her in a classic face to face staredown. Daisuke had an inch or two more than Sandra so they could almost equally square with each other. He brused her wet hair back to look her head in the eye, then gently caressing her cheek "Although I do find it intriguing that you think you can challenge the tension roster to prove you are the best, I've wrestled're not going to get far...i promise you," he said, leaning in going for a kiss!

Even though Sandra had won, Daisuke was right.  He nearly had her on several occasions, including one of the strongest bear hugs she'd ever been in.  He had her tightly squeezed up against his chiseled, muscular bod for what felt like five minutes.  As her brushed the hair from her face, Sandra raised an eyebrow.  Through all the challenging words, his body language back here was significantly different than in the ring.  Then as he caressed her cheek, her crossed arms dropped.  She stood still as he kissed her, not backing away from it.

Her hands reached up to his pecs, gently resting against him as she kissed him back, allowing her eyes to shut.  Admittedly he might had been a little younger than her, but his physique and handsomeness was too much to resist.

Daisuke had to admit that this woman was quite beautiful, not only was she extremely good looking but she had an amazing physique which made her hard to resist. The two of them had engaged in a rough,sweaty match where both wrestlers wanted to best the other and in the end Daisuke did feel short, leaving him a bit sour. Although the acceptance of the kiss kind of made up for it. The two engaged in a lip lock now as Daisuke's hand went to the back of her head gently as he played with her sweaty hair, moaning softly as they kissed. He considered her as a rival- but the heated match between the two made some tensions between the two that they had to release.

"Mmmm...alr-mmm...alrigh-Mmm...alright...alright..." he moaned as he slowly backed off from her lips but still standing close. "This isn't over, I refuse to lose to you Golden Girl. I'm going to be the best wrestler here and you're not going to get in my way damnit," he hissed.

Sandra's eyes slowly opened as Daisuke backed away from her.  She audibly sighed with enjoyment.  She wasn't sure what was taking control of her, but she was on the high of a good match.

"And what would you do to me if I did get in your way?" she asked, her hands shifting down to his hips, giving his taut ass a squeeze.

Both of them were in a trance of somesort as they enjoyed a nice private moment, engaging in a passionate kissing session before Daisuke backed off and resumed his tough guy attitude to intimidate Sandra. "Mgh s-stop that," he blushed a bit, grabbing her wrists gently "I would wrestle you- beat you, until you quit tension," he said resisting the temptation to kiss her again, their sweaty bodies still glistening under the dim lights of the locker room as the place got a bit musty

Sandra grinned as he grabbed her wrists.  She could see the attraction in his eyes, and his commitment to the intimidation was commendable.  "Guess we're destined to wrestle again then, big boy," she said back to him, lightly pulling her wrists from his grip.  She deliberately brushed her way past him towards the showers, taking his towel with her.

Before even getting to the door, she wrapped the towel around the back of her neck, and removed her sweaty sports bra.  She dumped it into a nearby dirty laundry hamper.  With her back to Daisuke, she bent over to untie her boots, sticking her gold white bikini clad ass towards him.

Daisuke blushed at her words but still tried to look tough as he stood toe to toe with her as he heard her words, nodding "Very soon as well" he said glaring at her. She then pulled away from his grip and then brushed her way past him while taking his towel "H-hey, that's mine..." he said raising his eyebrow before going towards the showers, with her back turned to him. "This is my locker room...don't dump your sweaty sports bra here... H-hey wait..." he said before his cheeks turned red when he saw her divine figure bent down to untie her boots, her gold white wrestling briefs turned towards him

Sandra slid off her boots, kicking them towards the side of the wall, as her bare feet touched the cold ground.  She undid her knee pads, and then her elbow pads so all she was left in was her bottoms.  She looked at him over her shoulder, her shapely figure and toned legs and back on display.  She wrapped the towel around her shoulders so it dropped over her breasts, and turned towards him with a few steps.  She leaned on her hip with a raised eyebrow.  "I was about to shower here.  You got me all sweaty, at least let me clean up.  If that's a problem...well I suppose you'll have to just wrestle me away."  The blonde smiled as innocently as she could, which wasn't very, before turning around and walking into the shower.  She slipped the towel off and hung it over the door.  Then a second later, her bottoms were dropped near the base of the shower door as she turned on the hot water.

Daisuke was red all over, his emotions were getting the better of him as he was being partly seduced by this athletically toned woman who he just wrestled in a all out match. She slid off her botos then undid her knee and elbow pads, Daisuke was frozen in place as she did so- almost in a trance as sweat trickled down his forehead from the heat of the moment. "Mngh this isn't funny Golden Girl, someone could...urgh!" he said quickly turning around to lock the door before someone else came in and saw what was going on. As he closed the door and turned around she was already near him, leaning on her hip with a raised eyebrow "Wahh!" he got startled seeing her almost in the nude, with only her privates covered with the towel and cheeky briefs.

"W-well why do you have to shower in MY locker room, you don't even have your clothes here! What are you going to wear after huh?" he said knocking on the shower door and tapping his feet as he kicked away her sweaty briefs but made sure the towel was still hanging over the door. "Damn you Golden Girl.." he said, almost pouting.

Sandra sighed at the feeling of the hot water over her sore, sweaty body.  She looked down, the spot on her abdomen that Daisuke had kneed was already showing red, and probably would be a bruise by the next morning.  "Do you not like me showering in your room?" she asked as she rubbed herself down with soap.

She bent over to get her legs, before leaning back up at the door.  She raised to her tiptoes so her eyes just barely made it over the shower door.  Daisuke was standing there, clearly upset at her actions.  His blushed faced showed that her charms were working...but not quite well enough.  His tough, arrogant demeanor in the ring was nothing more than a show at least in her...minimal presence.  But still he didn't seem to take her on the advances.  She wondered what the reason was.  If he was too professional...or if he was too gentlemanly...or if he was too...young for her.  

She'd never jump him...but she was willing to give it one more shot.  She suddenly pulled the door open, her womanly parts now only covered by lathered soap, "I'm sorry...I'm guessing you were hoping to shower first."  She offered her hand, gesturing him to join her.  Normally she didn't play so...slutty but it's been awhile since she'd had such an encounter with a physical, hot stud like Daisuke.

Daisuke tried to keep his tough guy attitude up for as long as he could, he didn't want to let Sandra get any sort of mental advantage over him. After all, if they were to be a fiesty wrestling rivals- they couldnt fall for each other! Could they? He was standing outside the door, flustered,angry and confused as her eyes met his when she raised to her tiptoes. "You just luckily beat me in the ring, I'm just a bit salty about that I guess," he said when she asked if her presence bothered him.

As the door pulled open, her wet body exposed to him! Covered only by the soap foam around her private parts. His face grew even more red "Mmm! W-wha?" he said as his limbs started to think on their own and he grabbed her hand gently as she offered as he accepted the invitation and stepped inside the shower, cramped up space.

"T-this isn't right...I want to make you quit Tension, I hate the fact that you are a good wrestler and here you are....Mngh" he said looking to the side- clearly flustered beyond belief as her charms were working way too well

Sandra's face beamed as Daisuke entered the stall with her.  Finally.  She shut the door behind him.  "What's wrong with this?" she asked, her hands working their way up his arms to his sculpted shoulders.

"I've always enjoyed the aspect of keeping friends close...and enemies closer..."  She imagined his want of her to quit tension was just an empty statement.  "Wouldn't you miss me?" she asked as she slowly shifted behind him, her hands working down his pecs to his abdomen.

Her soapy hands rubbed his six pack, the woman biting her lips.  Wasn't this the AFW? She assumed all the wrestlers here were part time lovers.  She was surprised about his lack of enthusiasm regarding it, but played it off as his own personal pride.  Her hands slid down his abdomen.

Both of them inside the shower, once more Sandra showing off her dominance as she backed Daisuke up against the shower glass wall as she shut the door behind him. "" he growled as she began to play with his toned body, feeling his muscles as herh ands worked from his arms to his shoulders. "Hmph, I knew this is a game...." he said when she referred to keeping her enemies closer than her friends.  "Oh please...It'll be one wrestler less to worry about for my ultimate goal to be the best wrestler here" he said as she began to massage his body, feeling his pecs and abs then her hands going down from his abdomen.

"I don't know what you are trying to prove" he said softly as the warm water showered down on their bodies, "Is this a way to distract me? Mngh...I will do what I said....Unlike most people, I'm not here for the hentai and sex, Golden girl..." he said, his words shaking a bit as his manhood was overwhelmed

"Do you..." Her hands stopped feeling around him for a moment.  "Do you not want this?" she asked hesitantly, her head slightly dropping behind him.  She thought it was all a game, like he said, but his words seemed to contradict his side of the game.  It took two to tango, but if he wasn't into it like she was...she wasn't sure she wanted to continue.  Like he said, a lot of girls were there for the hentai and sex....but she didn't think she was.  She didn't want to be just another whore.  Her hands dropped from his body to her sides, her head down.

"I want this..." he said moving close to her, "I want this in the ring, to wrestle it and beat it...." he said softly as the two spoke to each other. Daisuke leaned in, grabbing the back of her head to tilt her head before leaning in for another kiss, it was a strange moment. He hated the fact that she was a better wrestler but he was attracted to her as well

Sandra wasn't sure how to react to the man. He seemed attracted by her, but he didn't seem interested in casual sex.  Figures.  She finally meets a hot stud of a man who likes her as well.  And of course he was committed to his profession enough that he didn't seem interested in acting on impulse.

The woman sighed.

Sandra lightly moaned as Daisuke then guided her head back up and kissed her.  She enjoyed the tender moment, but was quickly aware of the fact that her advances were all for naught, and now here she was naked in front of him.  Her face blushed up, her hands shifting in front of her body to cover herself, even as the man kissed her.

Daisuke kissed her and the two moaned in the shower as their wet bodies pressed together, her breasts against his pecs as their toned abs grinded, muscle with muscle. After what he said, she looked somewhat more emabarassed of being naked infront of him "Golden Girl....this isn't over, I promise you. I challenge you to a rematch.....I cant accept this loss" he said as he retreated a bit, opening the door and exiting the shower, keeping the door open as water dripped down from his body and a noticeable bulge showing off from his briefs

Sandra grabbed the towel from the doorway and covered herself.  She wasn't as interested in a rematch with him.  Not yet at least.  She'd won their first encounter, and considering how close it had been she was afraid the end result of a rematch would go his way.

But on the plus meant she'd have more contact with him. She walked out of the shower, grabbing her sweaty wrestling clothes and pads with one hand and her boots with the other.  The water of the shower dripped off of her, her hair soaked but not with sweat at least.  "Alright.  I'll fight you again.  I'll make you submit again.  And then..." she stepped closer to him, leaning her barely covered body into his and kissing him one last time.  "...then you get to serve me prince...but not yet.  Go train a bit, and when I think you're ready I'll give you another shot for gold."

She seemed a bit disinterested in a match with him, she quickly walked out of the shower and grabbed her sweaty wrestling clothes, pads and boots. She looked absolutely like a goddess as the water dripped from her body in her towel clad body. She moved towards him, breaking the silence with some strong words and a kiss to sweeten the deal. "Mmmm..." he moaned back in the final kiss, passionately kissing her back. "Never again Golden Girl, I promise time I'll be ready, next time...I'll give you the toughest match you've ever had. Beat you in your own conditions and then make you quit.....I'll be waiting....I want the gold.." he said before opening the door for her- waiting for his turn to shower while still glaring at her "This....isn't over.....Golden Girl....."

Talia, Sandra


"I've learned what it takes to survive in this league. And I learned it the hard way. I'd be an idiot to forget that lesson." ~Dark Angel

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