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Seeking: Friction Spar Match

Mon Nov 20, 2017 6:40 am by Yori

Looking for a spar for Alexa.

Howdy, I'm new to the forums and figured I should get my, and my characters toes wet with some good old fashion sparring. It can be a one off, or blossom into something else down the road for a friend/rival relationship. Alexa as a character is a fresh face, and an unrefined talent. I don't mind having someone at her skill level to have an event match, or someone superior to her to have a more one sided bout. I'm looking to use this regardless as a way to build …

[ Full reading ]

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Gonna be slow the next week or so... just had surgery IRL

Wed Nov 15, 2017 2:33 am by SleeperAgent94

Hey guys, got back from surgery today. Ruptured abdominal wall. In a LOT of pain right now, so posts will be VERY brief the next few days.

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Character updates.

Wed Nov 15, 2017 4:14 pm by Lotuswarrior

Since I'm starting to get a bit busier here, I'm trying to be a bit more professional. With that I'm going to overhaul my characters and update their profiles or release them all together. I'll post any images here of the characters I release, so that you guys/girls can claim them if you want.

Also looking for some characters to interact with outside of matches.

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Alyssa Blank

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Alyssa Blank

Post by bricktown on Fri Dec 06, 2013 7:58 am

Name: Alyssa Blank
Stage Name: Bomber Blank the Erotic Terrorist
Sex: Female
Age: 21
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black with a red stripe
Height: 5'6
Weight: 134 lbs
Nationality: Canadian
Alignment: Heel
Entrance music: Countdown

Wrestling Information

Strategy: Wrestling is her lifeblood. Alyssa loves powerbombs, making people submit, and fucking them silly. Overwhelming her opponents through technique is her main approach, followed by copious amounts of slamming and twisting if she can manage it.

Style: Submission/Powerhouse/Hentai

Preferred Matches: Any kind

Endurance: 4/5
Strength: 4/5
Speed: 5/5
Defense: 4/5
Technique: 5/5

Strikes: 3/5
Submissions: 5/5
Powerhouse: 5/5
Aerial: 3/5
Hentai: 4/5

Favoured Moves:

- Bouncing Betty (High-Angle Powerbomb)

- Daisy Cutter (Death Star)

- Det Cord (Arm-Trap Cross Legged STF)

- Grand Slam (Sitout Powerbomb)

- I.E.D. (Powerbomb)

- Minefield (Crossface Chickenwing)

- Minor Scale (Spinning Elevated Powerbomb)


- Castle Bravo (Ganso Bomb)

Lifting her opponent up into the standard powerbomb position, Alyssa adjusts her hold so that the opponent starts dangling with head pointed towards the floor. She then falls to her knees, driving the opponent's head and shoulders into the ground.

- Trinity (2 Powerbombs to Sitout Powerbomb pin)

Alyssa performs a standard powerbomb, although she doesn't release the hold afterwards. Instead, she lifts up her opponent and performs another standard one before finishing up with a third powerbomb that ends with her sitting with her opponent's legs raised. She could turn it into a hentai finisher with ease.

Critical Finisher:

- Tsar Bomba (Top Rope Elevated Powerbomb)

Bringing her opponent up to the top rope with her, Alyssa does her signature button-press taunt before lifting her victim up and planting them to the ground with a vicious elevated powerbomb.

Hentai Finishers:

- Massive Ordinance Penetrator (Jackknife Powerbomb)

Slamming her opponent down with a massive powerbomb, she flips forward and holds her enemy's legs to the floor while she keeps herself aloft in a bridging position. This keeps the victim's knees and feet trapped while Alyssa is free to use her mouth however she wishes.

- Rods From God (Boston Crab w/ Knee)

Catching her opponent with a Boston Crab, she plants her knee on the back of the opponent's neck for extra pain while she plays with them.

- MIRV (Multiple Powerbomb to Inverted Triangle Choke)

This is the hentai variant of Trinity, where she locks her opponent's neck and arms with her legs after the sitout powerbomb. She is able to use her fingers however she wants while keeping her enemy docile with the choke.


Appearance/Wrestling Attire:

Personality: Alyssa is a veritable bundle of perverted energy, who would definitely flip an entire hallway full of skirts in one whooping rush if she could get enough cute girls in a line for her. She isn't a very complicated person, preferring action to thought whenever it suits her wants. Explosives and flashy displays of technique are what she craves, as well as the company of a good lover or two.

Of course, hanging out with her friends rates very highly on her list of enjoyable activities. Perhaps a little too high, given how weird it gets despite being ostensibly platonic between her and them. She gives and expects a great deal of loyalty, which makes it really easy to get on her bad side. Then again, she never was one for subtlety or sense. This aids her in her newest persona as a perverted terrorist.

Past/History: What do a nun, a delinquent, and a terrorist have in common? All of them were gimmicks that Alyssa's played over her career. Starting off in a small-time ero league as Bible Blank, she played the part of a nun who liked the mouths of her flock more than the voice of God.

It wasn't all that comfortable, as she was an atheist, so she decided to quit after a few months. Alyssa moved to a bigger league to harass and intimidate delicate young amateurs as Beatdown Blank. This also wore on her, given how close the thug persona was a little too close to home. She wasn't like that anymore. Sports and rough sex were her life now, not beating on people for disrespecting her.

Sure, it made her a little tamer. But at least she had managed to repair her relationship with her dad, being reformed and all. She even got to rekindle her childhood passion for explosives. As the daughter of the owner of a fairly large demolition company, she practically had bombs in her blood. Of course, this led to a revelation. She really preferred doing her own gimmick, and so she bailed to a certain Canadian wrestling league.

During her time there, she became Bomber Blank. Her perennial goofball of a nemesis was the clumsy wrestler, Maple Sugar. Of course, they were really close backstage, although Alyssa had to accept that Morgan really didn't care for a romantic relationship. This continued on for a while, even as Morgan's career stagnated while Alyssa's flourished. By the time the former left due to her contract expiring, Alyssa was slated to win the league's championship in a PPV and turn face for her reign.

In what appeared to be a nasty coincidence, Alyssa just so happened to fail a wellness exam before the event, leading to her being suspended. Rumours of her paying to fake the test ran abound, eventually to her being fired. Rather cheerful about this series of potentially career ruining scandals, Alyssa proceeded to pack up and head for Japan. Friction was waiting, and so was her friend. Bomber Blank would rise again, not just as a crazy madwoman, but as an Erotic Terrorist.

Fun Facts:
- Alyssa and Morgan are good friends. Probably even best friends, depending on which of the two you ask.
- She loves animals, although she knows she has no aptitude at taking care of them.
- She loves blondes and tomboys, and she knows she's good at taking care of them.
- Her signature taunt is her clenching her right hand into a fist, before pressing her right thumb down like she is setting off a bomb.

AFW Information

Record: 5-2-0

Wins: 5
Defeated Charlene Colt by Orgasm
Defeated Rosie Xu by Orgasm
Defeated Serina Kashibara by Submission
Defeated Janet "Lady Lakota" Wiles by Submission
Defeated Kagami Celeste by Forfeit

Losses: 2
Defeated by Itsuko Toyohara by Submission
Defeated by Cecilia Northman by Submission

Draws: 0

1st ever Friction Softcore Champion

Friends: Morgan Raine
Enemies: Cecilia Northman

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Morgan Raine
Alyssa Blank
Ange du Lac
Carol Clover

I play by post only. Also, if you feel like dropping a match, PM me to tell me about that.


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