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Tag Team Recruitment

Sun May 28, 2017 1:17 am by Person

This is a thread for people looking for form a tag team with someone else or even a faction.

Simply post which of your characters you are looking to tag with or form a faction with. Do note this is not a guarantee but simply a place where you can let other people know. Also, make sure you have done a thread or two with the person that you will be teaming up with before forming a tag team. After all, you don't want to form a tag team with someone only to then find out you may not work well …

[ Full reading ]

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Tension Match

Sun May 28, 2017 6:01 am by noob

Hi y'all. My boy Will hasn't been getting much action. He has yet to get a win and I was wondering if someone would like to help him change that or dash his hopes yet again. I'm up for any match really as long as things don't get bloody

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Friction Debut Match - Izumi Hartmann

Thu May 25, 2017 10:48 pm by Kamoi

Hi everyone!

My first Character here, Izumi Hartmann Is looking for her debut match, preferrably a Standard match.
Just PM me~

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Axelle Holt

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Axelle Holt

Post by Daaharu on Tue Aug 20, 2013 11:55 pm

[size=150:2nx4tz8x]Axelle Holt

Age: 19
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 102 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Pink
Nationality: Dutch-French

"This is my costume. It's a copy of the one I wore in my very first videos back when I was fourteen years old."

"Take my hand, and we will walk together into the sunset!"

"Don't expect to see me in my bikini too often. And, yes, I wear my costume often enough that my tan lines are really weird..."

Born in Versailles to a French mother and a Dutch father, Axelle had a relatively normal childhood. She was exceptionally bright from an early age, and had a naturally magnetic personality, gathering around her a large group of friends and hangers-on with whom she seemed to spend every waking moment. They got into a little bit of trouble from time to time, and sometimes liked to refer to themselves as the "Naughty Bunch."

When they were fifteen years old, Axelle and her friends made an account on an online video streaming site in the hopes of becoming Internet celebrities. After having lackluster results with covering popular songs and sketch comedy, the group was looking for something which would get them some real exposure. After seeing a clip from an AFW match, Axelle hit on the unique idea of doing pro-style wrestling matches, and the Naughty Bunch quickly became popular amongst French wrestling fans—particularly those who enjoyed seeing the girls in their form-fitting costumes.

Though initially it was little more than a slow-paced, rolling playfight filmed on a low-quality camera in one of the girl's basements, Axelle and a couple of her more dedicated friends soon began doing some serious studying in order to give their growing fanbase a better performance. They would acquire a higher-quality camera from a classmate, and start performing the matches in a ring at a local gym. Several of their later videos were very highly rated, and, for teenaged amateurs, they displayed incredible technical ability during the matches.

When she turned eighteen, Axelle would garner quite a bit of interest from European women's wrestling promoters, appearing in several semi-competitive matches for a German video company and participating in a pair of pro-style matches for a Paris promotion. Axelle set her sights higher, however, and would join the kawaii division of Friction in order to find some real, unique competition.

Axelle is a very confident girl who can sometimes get a little big for her britches. She can be a little smug, sometimes, and can get bitter and frustrated when put into a difficult situation inside the ring, but she generally ascribes to the old adage that you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. She has a sweet voice and a smooth, relaxed demeanor that are naturally attractive, and is used to being the center of attention.

On top of all of that, Axelle is remarkably bright, having scored highly on tests ever since she was a little girl. Her decision to pursue a career in wrestling before attending university is, in fact, a source of great friction between her and her parents.

Preferred Matches:
Axelle is a kawaii wrestler who is looking to fight other kawaii girls in pro-style matches.

She is reluctant to fight larger girls, mostly due to one semi-competitive match that she took part in shortly after she turned eighteen. Facing a girl who was nearly six feet tall, Axelle was completely demolished, all of her training of no use against a girl who was almost a foot taller and sixty pounds heavier. Due to this defeat, Axelle is convinced that she will need a lot more experience before she can take on an opponent with such an advantage again.

As for the style of her matches, Axelle prefers pro-style, as she did all of her wrestling training with that sort of match in mind. She would not mind taking part in more submission-style matches, however. As far as the sexy matches go, Axelle would be a little apprehensive about taking part in one, although that does not mean she could not be talked into it. She would possibly be open to fighting in bikinis or covered in baby oil.

Finally—though she is loathe to admit it—Axelle is intimidated by girls with big breasts, and will refuse to fight them. She prefers to fight other flat-chested girls, against whom she can feel like she is in control.

Favorite Moves:
Falling Angel — A Missile Dropkick with a little added flair. Axelle climbs to the top rope, then, in mid-leap, completes a full somersault before the kick hits her opponent.

Tower of Power — With her opponent stunned, Axelle slings the girl face-up over her shoulder, one hand on the girl's neck, the other on her groin. Axelle then leaps up into the air, and, upon coming back down, her opponent's back slams hard into her shoulder, bending the girl painfully. Axelle will also carry the girl around in this manner as a show of dominance, applying pressure on her neck and groin as if trying to snap her in half.

Metropolitan Pin — A basic pinning maneuver Axelle devised that seems to be very effective, provided she can keep her balance. With her opponent laying on her back, Axelle stands on the girl's shoulders, securing the pin, while at the same time grabbing her foe's legs and wrenching them painfully upwards.

Tight Squeeze — Axelle's favorite humiliation and pinning maneuver. She sits down on the mat and gets her opponent upside-down in her lap, putting her opponent in a crushing headscissors before using her arms to fold the girl over into a matchbook position. If she's feeling naughty, she will use one hand to spank the girl, before finally turning over onto her side and getting the girl's shoulders down on the mat for the pin.



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