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A match for Takeichi

Mon Mar 12, 2018 7:31 am by GrandAkumaShogun

Since both Imai and Takeshi are currently involved in matches I was wondering if anyone is interested in taking on my first wrestler I made for here, Takeichi Mori. His profile says he's a jobber but I intend to change that and hoping a match can help with that. Anyone interested please get in touch with me on here in a pm.

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Posting delays

Fri Mar 16, 2018 4:08 pm by Yori


Should have made this sooner, since I hadn't informed everyone I have threads with. Posting has been and will be sporadic from me for a bit since I am in the process of moving. I have interwebs again, so now it is only a matter of finding the time. I won't be fully back until the tail end of the weekend (I hope) but I will be sprinkling posts out a bit when I find the free time.

Stay classy.

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Looking for a start

Mon Mar 12, 2018 2:47 am by noob

Hey y'all! As is prolly pretty obvious I'm looking for a match. Win, lose, match type...I ain't terribly picky honestly and really am just looking to have a fun match. That being said though I do think it would be interesting to start a story line of finding a mentor or something for one of my characters.

Anyways my characters along with their descriptions, and maybe some preferences are in my roster link in my sig.

Figured I'd see if anyone was looking for something before going and …

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"The Sadist" Cherrie Young

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"The Sadist" Cherrie Young

Post by Kite2014 on Mon Dec 10, 2012 1:00 am

[size=150:1mozhaq2]General Information

Cherrie “Red” Young

Alias: The Sadist

Age: 27

Eyes: Blue

Dyed Red



Liverpool, England

Alignment: Heel

Entrance Music: [url=]Touhouvania - Tears of Time (Bloody Tears)[/url:1mozhaq2]


Combat Information


Combat Attitude:
Precise and focused on torture and embarrassing. She loves to make her opponents scream. She seems to enjoy causing pain way too much.

Combat Strategy: Take them down with solid strikes and power moves then when they are on the ground lock them in submissions. Throughout the match embarrass them by rubbing against them and various other things. Once she finds a physical or emotion weakness use it to her advantage.

Combat Style: A brawling submission specialist looking for ways to take her opponent down and cause embarrassing situations to happen or cause a lot of pain. When she sees a weakness she will focus on it.



Defense: ****

Endurance: ***




Strikes:[size=150:1mozhaq2] ****

Submissions: [size=150:1mozhaq2]*****


Aerial: [size=150:1mozhaq2]**



Attack information


Favorite Attacks

Indian deathlock 3
Sleeper hold
Pyramid Driver
Anaconda Vise
Romero Special
[url=]British Legspread[/url:1mozhaq2]
[url=]Rocking Horse[/url:1mozhaq2]

Common Finishers
The Cherry Popper *Submission*- She locks her opponent into a Stretch Muffler but then she goes back to her collegian wrestling days and sticks her fingers into her opponents butt causing pain and humiliation. Mattering what kind of match it is she will either finger her opponent or not.
[url=]Matchbook Submission/Pin[/url:1mozhaq2]
[url=]Metal Wing[/url:1mozhaq2]

Critical Finisher
[url=]Tower of London[/url:1mozhaq2]

[url=]Regal Stretch[/url:1mozhaq2]


[url=]Torture Rack[/url:1mozhaq2]

Personal Information



Cherrie is a crude and rude woman who is very dominate to those who she sees as weak in her own way. Even though she is this way she loves to talk which is why she started her own unofficial (for now) AFW web talkshow known as Cherrie’️s Dungeon which she hopes to bring in all the AFW stars and have some “fun” on camera for the fans at home. She is very strong willed and very manipulative. Using her words to dig into her opponents mind and get the information she needs.
Cherrie Young was born to a wealthy family in Liverpool, England. On the outside her family always looked like a family should be. But behind closed doors her family was abusive…Well at least her father. Her father slapped her, her little sister, and mother around. Mainly because he had a superiority complex. Then on one night he decided to commit the ultimate taboo with Cherrie on her 13th birthday. Cherrie was never the same after that, but she was able to hide it well. At school she was more open with her sexuality, made other people’️s lives miserable, manipulated men just to betray them and leave them, did the same to women as well. While in high school she started collegian wrestling and actually brought her team to win many tournaments. Once she was old enough she denounced her family and left them and decided to become her own woman and became a model. Even though she was a wrestler Cherrie was still a beautiful woman. But there is only so much manipulating you could do in the modeling world that she started to become bored of just being a model. So she called in a favor and started training with an MMA fighter and a pro wrestler. She then signed her papers saying she was quitting the modeling business. Her first stop was in American which is where she met Tsumi Yoshida and another woman that went by the name Afrika. Cherrie was at first a bit of a novice but she was getting a lot of help from Tsumi and Afrika. Later she started making herself into her own in ring persona. She was given the name The Sadist because she loved causing her opponent to scream all the time sexually, pain, or both at the same time. She was doing so well she was finally up for a championship and she was going up against her friend Tsumi. While building up for this match Cherrie and Tsumi were dating each other, while Tsumi thought it was true love she well Cherrie on the other was using her…For one thing and one thing only…To exploit her. Then it happened on the night of the live contract signing by tricking her other friend Afrika she embarssed the both of them in the ring by forcing Tsumi to climax in front of the crowd over ten times by forcing her to have sex. Tsumi was left in a beaten heap and in a puddle of her own juices. At the night of their match Tsumi forfeited the match completely embarrassed that Cherrie, someone she loved and trusted would do such a thing to her in public. Cherrie became the champion and Tsumi left and went back to Japan looking for more work. She never wanted to come back to the United States again, at least for wrestling. Cherrie was the champion for a year and remained undefeated since she obtained the title. She then decides to quit and leave with the championship belt for no one to ever take that title away from her again. She started up her modeling career again but she felt it…The drive to wrestle again, but she knew she couldn’️t return to America, not after what she did. So she used her last favor she had, which was in Japan and she was signed to AFW not knowing her ex was there as well.


Additional information


Facts of:
Use to be a model but before she was a model she wrestled in highschool. Has her own webshow known as Cherrie's Dungeon.

Likes: Whips, chains, tea, sweet things, torturing people, humiliating people, hearing her opponent’️s screams of pain/pleasure, TV, shopping, doing her talk show, wine, expensive things, and sweet things.

Dislikes: Wrestlers who are way to goody goody (Loves breaking their spirits), people who disobey her, being caught cheating, dad, beer, and Taco Bell.

Most Used Quotes:

General Status








Tag Team:









Championship Achievements




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[url=]"The Pop Star Vixen" Tsumi Yoshida[/url:me8ybd35],
[url=]"The Sadist" Cherrie Young[/url:me8ybd35]
[url=]The Legendary Sister- Tsukiko Yoshida[/url:me8ybd35]
[url=]Kristina Zora[/url:me8ybd35]
[url=]Miranda "Lightning" Reed[/url:me8ybd35]
[url=]"The K-Pop Bully" Hea Jung Ji[/url:me8ybd35]
[url=]“The Misfit” Damien Miller[/url:me8ybd35]


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