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Offline for next week or two

Tue Feb 13, 2018 11:17 pm by peek6

I need to go back offline for a bit, probably gone for about a week and a half.

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Thinking about making my return

Thu Feb 22, 2018 11:46 pm by KillerV

After it feels like a long long time, do feel like coming back but gonna keep it minimum on how many rosters Im using, currently three right now? But I am strictly doing male (me) vs female and maybe female (me) vs male, intergender matches that is.

So if theres anyone is interested, please let me know through PM, thanks.

Though I would like to use my King in matches >.>

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Gauging Interest For A Couple Matches

Thu Feb 22, 2018 7:07 pm by HighFly

Hey everyone! I was just throwing this out there to see who would be interested in doing matches with either Suzumi or Peggy! Look them over and if ya have any ideas please PM me!

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Natsumi Hayushi

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Natsumi Hayushi

Post by Kitten on Mon May 05, 2008 12:05 am


General Information


Name: Natsumi  Hayushi
Alias: Sacrifice Sumi (Cassandra calls her pet)
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Eyes: blue
Hair: honey blonde
Height: 5'3”
Weight: 108 lbs
Origin: Japanese
Alignment: Face
Entrance Music: Finally able to chose her own entrance theme.


Combat Information


Combat Attitude: Natsumi doesn´t know much about wrestling although she has been learning a lot, firsthand experience, from the matches she has been having. She is usually shy at first, but once she has to defend herself she can be fierce although not very technical. She usually gets quite embarrassed when she is body to body with an opponent, but that’️s mainly because she gets quite turned on. She will deny any assumption of this as she would never admit getting turn on or being a little lesbian.
Combat Strategy: Natsumi doesn´t has anything similar or close to an strategy, most of the time she fights following her instincts and trying to use the few moves she has seen on TV or her previous opponents have used on her. If properly trained, in a few years, Natsumi could become a tough competitor.

Combat Style: She hates to lose and although she is not very aggressive she can become quite a feral kitty when pushed and humiliated.
Combat Type: Speed/Endurance
Strength: B Rank – Not very strong, although she is fit.
Defence: C Rank – She still has to learn how to do that.
Endurance:  B Rank – Natsumi is slowly getting used to get punished, still she can tolerate as much pain as any other normal girl.
Speed:  A Rank – Speed may be her only strength.
Technique:  C Rank – She is still learning…usually the hard way.
Counter: C Rank – Counter by instinct, but she has good instinct.

Usual Attacks: Schoolgirl pins, scissors, headlocks
Usual Matches: Any type of match that Cassandra decides, usually sexual in nature.

Style Information:

Wrestling Style:  C Rank
High Flying Style: D Rank
Martial Arts: D Rank
Strikes with the hand/fist: D Rank
Strikes with the leg/foot: D Rank

Difficulty Level: Medium-Easy (Friction), Medium-hard (Kawaii)

Style Strategy:

Natsumi usually tries to imitate the pro wrestling moves she has seen on the TV. She is quite fit so she manages to pull them out quite often, although any fighter with a little of experience will have an easy time countering her.

Attack information


Favorite Attacks:

Scissors – The best attack Natsumi knows is to get her opponents between her legs and squeeze them until they beg.

Common Finishers:

Too advanced for her.  

Personal information:



Natsumi is a very shy and quiet girl. Very timid since she was young she has been forced to grow up and open up as result of her current situation.  Despite her sweet behavior, Natsumi can become quite fierce when pushed to her limit. Something that happens a lot in the AFW.


Natsumi was a normal schoolgirl living with her dad and her mom in Japan. Her family lived quite well and her father was a successful business man. But all this changed when her parents died in a car accident. Suddenly Natsumi was left all alone and to her horror she found out that her father wasn’️t as successful as he has always portrayed himself to be. Actually, his father was involved in some very dirty business with Yakuza and owned them a lot of money. Natsumi had no way to pay and had no idea what to do. That’️s when Cassandra Sellers appeared. She paid Natsumi’️s family debt and told the poor girl that she was going to work for her in her club from now on to pay the debt. Natsumi didn’️t know what kind of club this was… Now she is Cassandra Sacrifice wrestler, usually set up against much more experienced fighters or in handicap matches. Cassandra seems to enjoy watching her lose.

Additional information:

If Natsumi was a Pokèmon she would be....

Facts of Natsumi:

- Natsumi is managed directly by Cassandra, so she has to wear whatever Cassandra comes up. Usually Cassandra will choose an attire that will make Natsumi look slutty and make her uncomfortable.
- Natsumi always smells of cherry, because of the bath lotion she uses.
- Natsumi will never admit it, but she is deeply attracted to girls.
- As much as she hates having to fight for Cassandra and as much as she loses, Natsumi is starting to like this wrestling thingy.
- Natsumi should be a Kawaii, but Cassandra makes her fight mostly against Friction wrestlers.


- Kittens
- Icecream and milk
- Girls (although she will never admit it)


- Cassandra
- Being groped
-Being humiliated, especially in public

Most Used Quotes:

" That is not fair! "

General Status:




Enemies:  Cassandra



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