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The Austrailian Mudslide is Back.

Sat Apr 21, 2018 6:20 am by Softsquad

Granted that most of you won't know me or remember me, but I've had a few matches here and there some time ago. Well I think its time to become a regular around here and try to have some fun again, but at the same time keep coming back. Anyway I think its time to jump into some matches with Zoe Taylor, my mud wrestling character from Australia and get her back into the squared circle. Furthermore I will update my characters as I think some proper changes need to happen.

So if anyone would …

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Highfly Flying Out Of Town

Tue May 22, 2018 1:31 am by HighFly

Hello everyone, I just wanted to inform all I have threads with that I will be gone from this coming Wednesday through Sunday. I won't be able to post consistently if at all during this time, but I will try to make up for it next week! I am sorry for the inconvenience to everyone.

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Moonhearts Promo intro thread is O p e n.

Mon May 21, 2018 4:21 am by XSirenX

Feeling brave?, lost?, or without a thread to post in?, hit up the newest Moonheart if any of those apply!


What Moon has to offer?, many things...:

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IM Match- Amanda vs Killer King

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IM Match- Amanda vs Killer King

Post by KillerV on Fri Feb 17, 2012 2:17 am

tokage1983: Killer King ready to take on his next opponent, this match involve by winning 3 times to win this whole match by either submission, ko, or pin. Changing to his attire, black boots, trunks, wrist guard and his signature black leopard mask. Heading out to the ring as the crowd booing at him cause of his slowly building up reputation of beating his opponent after the match. Running down the ramp and sliding under the ropes to get in the ring, moving to his corner and wait for his opponent.

beangraff: Amanda Clare was nervous before her match, wearing a pair of short denim jeans, a tee shirt and small but strong boots. the outline of
her rather large breasts were very noticable through the shirt. This was going to be her toughest match yet, but she was training and thought she
was ready. Waiving to some fans, she climbed into the ring, waiting for th ebell to ring.

tokage1983: King can see this young girl entering the ring before him, he grins under his mask looking forward to crush this girl with all his might
and pleasures, right after the bell rings, he moves out from his corner to meet up with Amanada, hands up in front of him and wanted to lock up
with her and if she does do it, he'll try to hold onto her shoulders and using his right foot to kick her in the stomach. "Hurgh!" yt

beangraff: Amanda was all ready to get into a good fight with this guy, wanting to do well in her first no DQ match with a man. Smiling as he
moved to lock up, Amanda relished the challange and moved to grapple, but without warning... "Accchhhhh...." She goraned out, coughing and
groaning as she was hit in the stomach hard, dropping down to her knees, yt

tokage1983: "Hehe, lets see how tough you are bitch!" After he successfully kicked her in the stomach to see her dropping down to her knees
with coughs and groaning from the pains, he reaches down for her head to pull up, trying to tuck her head under his left arm, draping her arm
around his neck and grabbing onto her short jeans, showing her his strength to lift her up and hold her straight in the air into a stalling suplex,
watching her breasts dropping down in her shirt. yt

beangraff: Amanda was taken compeltely off guard, she expected this to be tough, but the ferrocity from King was beyond what se expected! Her
boobs dropped down, probably exactly as he wanted, and she went flying over his shoulders slamming down on the mat hard! Compeltely
confused, she arched her back and kicked out with her feet wildly as she wriythed on the mat, trying to get away and hit whatever she could, yt

tokage1983: King was holding her up straight in the air just to show off his strength before slamming her down onto the mat into a suplex. Turning
over after slamming her good and could see her in pain, grinning that this is gonna be fun messing with her, reaching out for her hair to pull her up
and pulling her head under his right arm to tighten into a side headlock to see her head right in front of him, squeezing her tightly while marching
her around in the ring. "No way bitch! Wont let you go!" yt

beangraff: Amanda shouted in pain as King got her in such a vicious hold, wrenching her neck ahrd in the headlock and parading her about, not
just hurting her but humiliating her too. Amanda was desperate to get out, managing to wriggle a free arm, she tried to throw it against King's
crotch, going for a testicle claw through his clothes if she could! yt

tokage1983: King hold her head into his side headlock and marching around in the ring just to hurt her neck and humiliate her as well, having fun
messing with her until suddenly...."Gahhhh!" He instantly lets her go and double over slightly from his crotch getting grabbed very painfully.... he
bites down from the painful hold, he tries to elbow the back of her head to get her to let go. "Let go! Rah!" yt

beangraff: Amanda finally had an avantage in this match, she grabbed King's crotch and squezed and twisted for all she was worth. But, she got
too carried away with herself, getting slammed in the back of the head hard! "Eeek!" She let out, making her let go and stagger back, but not
beeing brought down. yt

tokage1983: King crotch was hurting so much with her twist, squeezes to his crotch by the bitch, he was furious that he had to elbow the back of
her head to let her go of his balls. Turning around with one hand clutching his crotch and walking over to her slowly. "Damn you girl.... gonna
make you pay!" When he get close enough to her, he tries to reach down with his free hand and grabbing her crotch of his own, squeezing her
pussy to make her feel just as painful as she could be. yt

beangraff: "Fuck you!" She shouted, as the giant opponent came twoards her slowly, Amanda wasn't goign to get caught in this. Despite beeing
daised, and he rback in pain, Amanda managed to avoid his hands and run backwards, itnending to bounce off of the rope and clothesline his
neck! She had no idea if her msaller arms would do much damage, but if she hit th eneck she hoped to do some damage.

tokage1983: King was trying to give her the taste of her own medicine with his own crotch claw to give it a good squeeze but she backed away
pretty quick and misses his grab. Looking up at her to see her coming right at him as he ducks down aiming to slam his shoulder to her stomach
and grabbing the back of her legs, trying to lift her up and spread it before dropping down to slam crotch first right on my knee, reverse atomic
drop. "Hurgh!!" yt

beangraff: Amanda was flying twoards King, glad to be back on the offensive, when suddenly she was slammed in the stomach! A bit of spittle
driepd from eh rmouth, he reyes rolled back from the second gut shot, but that wasn't the worst of it, King got his revenger on her pussy as he
slammed it into his knee! Amanda screached in pain and rolled off, wrhtyhing on the floor while she grabbed her poor sex, yt

tokage1983: "Hmph! Serve your right!" His crotch still hurting and moving over to her to reaches down for her shirt to grab hold of it and start trying
to strip her shirt off, wanted to see her busty breasts and if shes wearing a bra or top of some sort, he'll try to strip it off as well so he can enjoy
seeing her topless bare breasts. "Take it off!" yt

beangraff: Amanda was still completely defensless on the floor, her crotch on fire after that hold. She was totally unable to stop King as her shirt
was off before she could even react, her bare breasts exposed to the crowd! "BASTARD!" She shouted, managing to get nough strength tot ry and
kick at his legs, enraged, yet her nipples were clearly hard, yt

tokage1983: King was able to strip her shirt off and anything else covering her fine soft breasts as he grin under his mask, but in return for
stripping her top she kick back at him to his legs, causing him to drop down to his knee. "Gahhh, stupid btich!" He tries to reach out for her hair
to pull back while getting her on her knees, pulling under his arm to jerk back into a Dragon Sleeper hold, with his free hand he use it to grab her
fine soft breasts and giving it a good squeeze. "Mmmm!" yt

beangraff: Amanda managed to get a hit, but it was a shrot lived victory. Every step she took, King took her two back, now she was in intense
pain, struggling int he sleeper, her air beeing cut off by the hold as she squirmed and tried to escape...."Get...get off!" She coughed out, fealing
his hands all over her prized breasts, "Sick...fuck!" She coughed, totally locked up! yt

tokage1983: "Mmmm oh sick am I? Just wait till I beat you for the win!" He keeps his busy dirty hand squeezing her melons, twisting her hard
nipples and using it to pull it up to bring her standing with him while still having her head tucked under his arm as her neck bends backward,
quickly falls back down onto the mat to reverse DDT her. yt

beangraff: "Ah...AHhh...AHHHH!!!!" She screamed, her nipples beeing abused and her tits tortured by this guy, beeing pulled up to her feet.
"Wait....WAIT!" She coughed, her neck in horrible pain, and it was made worse by the DDT! "NOOO!" She screamed, ehr topless body slammed
down on her neck, sending her rolling away. yt

tokage1983: King lay her out with his reverse DDT, sending her down to the mat with her screaming in pain, smiling that now he's ready to take
her out with couple more painful moves to finish her off. "Get up bitch! Im ready to finish you off!" He slowly gets up and follow her as she rolling
away from him, he tries to grab her by the hair to pull up and tuck it between his legs, grabbing her jeans short to pull it up almost giving her a
wedgie, just letting her you she can get ready to brace herself of whats gonna happen next. yt

beangraff: Amanda's neck and pain was in utter pain, she was just lying on the matt, struggling to get up. It was futile, she didn't have a chance
when King picked her up, screaming at her and tucking her ehad betwean his elgs, her jeans digging into her pussy, causing her even more pain,
her eyes watter. "" She begged, dazed and out of it, yt

tokage1983: King have her head tucked between his strong thighs, holding onto her jeans pants and giving her a wedige and hearing her begs, he
laugh before replying. "I love weak bitch like you begging for mercy!" Letting go of her jeans short to lean over to wrap around her waist to lift her
up hanging upside down then slowly turning her half naked body in circle to show off to the crowd to hear their reactions until he finish turning in
full cirlce before jumping up with his legs out, dropping down to piledrive her head to the mat. yt

beangraff: "Please...I give....please..." She panted, the blood rushing to her head as King kept her upside down, parading her before the crowd,
her breasts dangling in the air, she'd never been beaten this bad in a match...but her cries didn't matter, King dropped her anyway, this time was
the alst hit to her head and neck she could take, the half naked girl dropped down to the matt, limp from the hit. yt

tokage1983: He didnt care for piledriving her to the mat even if she beg, cry or anything she could do but he did it anyway without a care in the
world other than inflicting pain to her. He lay her out with the piledriver and watch her drop down to the mat and seeing her goes limp from the
slam, but it isnt completely over just yet, he going to KO her for the win instead, grabbing her hair once again to pull up to her feet and tucking it
between his thighs once more, this time hooking her arms behind her back, without hesitation, he jumps up to drop down to his knees into his
finisher- King's Pedigree. "Lights out bitch!" yt

beangraff: Even as Amanda's eyes were almost shut, her fight completely gone from her. She was beeing set up like before...her voice weakly
spoke out "I...give...." But it didn't matter, he was going to do something horrible. leaping into the air and dropping her, Amanda was suddenly
brutally face planted into the mat, her naked breasts smashed against it, as she laid on the ground out cold, yt

tokage1983: King knows he beaten her without any problem, now he can fuck her all he wants with her out cold, letting her arms go and crawling
to her legs to strip her jeans shorts off to see her if shes wearing any panties or not, but either way he'll get behind and taking his trunks off to pull
out his long hard cock, hands on her hips to pull back and getting my cock to slide into her sweet ass and rocking her back and forth.
"MMMmmmm mmmmm ohhh yes fuckin victory sex!" yt

beangraff: Amanda was still unconcious as King pulled her clothes off. Even having her panties beeing stripped off wasn't enough to wake the
batteres female wrestler, but when he plunged into her ass, there was no way she was staying asleep for that! "WHHHHHA! WHAT?!" She
screamed, totally confused as her ass was invaded, beeing fucked hard by the victorious male. "STOP! STOOOP TI"S OVER GODDD!" yt

tokage1983: "What you say? Want some more? Alright!" He continues to thrust into her sweet juicy ass even harder, rougher and faster for every
grunts into her. He slide his hands up to move to her bare breasts and giving it a good squeeze, rubbing her hard nipples as King continues to
fuck her ass even harder. "Mmmmm!" yt

beangraff: "NOOO STOP!!!! NOOO DAMIT! BASTARD!" She screamed and pounded her fists onto the ground, her eyes tearing up from the pain in
her ass as he mollested her breasts, her ass totally at his mercy. "THE MATCH IS OVER!" She tried to kick out of this, wanting to get away from
this bastard before he went on.

tokage1983: He continues to fuck her ass harder and faster to increase his pace that she just screaming at him that must of hurting her or just
trying to screaming all that just to cover hre actually feeling good from it, either way, King is enjoying it very much. Decided to pull his cock out of
her sweet ass and turning her over to hook her smooth thighs under his arms as he thrust his cock right into her pussy before standing up to pull
her legs into a high angle boston crab and fucking her pussy at the same time. "Pain and Pleasure! MMMMM! " yt

beangraff: Amanda had given up on begging him to stop, the bastard wouldn't no matter what. The match was over, he already beat the hell out of
her and knocked her out, she just wanted him to stop. But there was no chance of that. But, then, she breathed a sigh of relief, she could feel
King pulling out of her ass. "what?" She said, weekly, but without any warning, King started up again, hooking her legs and STRETCHING them
and her back brutally while he fucked her pussy, making her SCREACH with pain as she was pounded and bent, she tried in vaint ot ap it and to
break ehr legs out by kicking, yt

tokage1983: King continues to fuck her in every body of hers he can, stretching her out into a high angle boston crab and thrusting her pussy at
the same time, he was doing somethign amazing, she was screaming from the painful move as he keeps on going until her legs start kicking and
slips out of his arms due to the sweats from each other body. "Oh damn so close! Oh well" Letting her go and with her facing down, he reach for
her head to pull her up on all fours, sliding his hard long cock into her mouth to give him a blow job. "Mmmm suck it or else!" yt

beangraff: Amanda was on the verge of tears from beeing rapped int he ring like this, though her erect nipples gave away that, despite the pain,
she was still getting some pelasure from his huge cock, though she was too afraid to show it and would never admit it. Soon, he let her go again,
but once again it was just a tease to mvoe to something worse, his cock beeing slid against her lips. "No...NO! NOOOMMMMMMMF!" She
screamed, his cock forced in her mouth. SHe was to afraid to refuse, and hesitantly she began to suck....she picked up the pace, moving faster
as his long cock was wet with jusices from her pussy, beeing forced in and out of her mouth as she sucked and licked up his shaft, giving hima
spectacular blow job, yt

tokage1983: "Mmmm good bitch good mmmmm" He got her sucking onto his cock like shes suppose to do or else he'll beat her up some more,
moaning from her well blow job just pleasing him alot, he pulls it out and almost about to climax but not just yet, he pulls her up and flip upside
down facing him so her face is back to his cock and sliding it into her mouth while his face against her pussy, digging in and slide his tounge in to
eat her out. "mmmmm!" yt

beangraff: Amanda couldnt do anything but do as King forcer her to much as she hated him now, she was becomign mroe and more
aroused by this, beeing raped by him...was it rape anymroe? in the ring. But, when he started eating her out, thats when she really started to feel
pleasure. "MMMMF!" She moaned into his cock, not protests, but almost a moan as her pussybecame wet, ready to orgasm from his touch!

tokage1983: King was eating her out her pussy, just tasting all over inside and feeling his cock getting sucked even harder, slowly he drops down
to his knees not to slam her head but to rest, sitting on his knees while getting good taste and pleasure out of her, soon he shoot out hot seeds
into her mouth and swirl his tounge into her pussy. "MmmmM!" yt

beangraff: "MMMmmmmmmFFFFF!" Amanda wa smoaning wantonly, forgetting about the pain in her body as King ate her out, taking her on an
insane Kind came, Amanda lapped it all up, his salty white hot cum shooting into her mouth and down ehr throat, while her own pusy
burst, her juices flwoing into King's mouth, making Amanda moanw ith pelasure and jpoy, and soem fear. yt

tokage1983: Both King and Amanda came as he licks up all her juices and she swallowed all of his cums, he moan and panting from the
pleasure he did to her and to him, letting her go to let her flow down onto the mat and looking at her naked body with a smile. "Mmmmmm you're one delicous bitch mmmm...." yt

beangraff: Amanda landed down on the mat with a thud, some of Kings cum was on her chin, having leaked out, and her pussy was still wet as she landed. She lookedback up at King, who once again called her a bitch..."Fuck you...." She barley anaged to moan, about to pas sout from beeing exhausted, closing her eyes...

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