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Kawaii Opportunities

Sun Jun 17, 2018 3:04 pm by Daaharu

Hey, guys!

With the kawaii title match at Avalanche taking on an interesting wrinkle with the interruption by the Brat Pack, we are moving forward with the overall kawaii storyline, and at this point I'd just like to take stock of what kawaiis are out there that are interested in participating in a cohesive storyline.

Can't make any promises about titles or what exactly each girl's given role would be. We can talk a little more about the specifics of where the story is going soon, but I …

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Match or RP?

Wed Jun 13, 2018 3:48 pm by Lotuswarrior

I'm just looking to do something while I wait for match replies. Really want to get some characters cemented a bit with a rival or some interactions with other characters here.

If anyone wants to do something hit me up.

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Match for Takeichi

Tue Jun 12, 2018 6:13 am by GrandAkumaShogun

So with my other two guys having their own matches I figure I should do something with my first character on here, Takeichi Mori. If anyone is interested feel free to post here or get in touch through a pm so we can plan it out. I can either have Takeichi remain a jobber or begin to work him towards being a more serious competitor.

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IM Match- Killer King vs Ro Laren (POW)

AFW :: Tension :: The Ring

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IM Match- Killer King vs Ro Laren (POW)

Post by KillerV on Mon Sep 17, 2012 7:01 am

beangraff: Half of Ro couldnt bellive she was back here, the other half was chomping at the bit for revenenge as she finally showed up. Dressed as she usually did in her black skimpy bikini, her garuda tatoo showing as she knocked on the door. She knew she would have a tough time in this anything goes fight, but she was certain she could take him this time and make him her slave in his own house. She waited, a bit nervously, as she knocked.

tokagestyle: King knew he'll be facing off against Ro again, he been itching to fuck her up more than more way, he hears the door knocking from downstairs as he just got changed just in time, wearing his half black leopard mask showing his human bottom face, the nose and mouth, black trunks and boots, all prepare for his rematch with Ro, heading down stairs and up to the door to open it up slowly to see her wearing the same sexy bikini like before. "Hey there.... Ro is it? Come on in, head to the back door... the ring will be waiting for us" He opens the door wider and allowing Ro to go in, just waiting for her to head to the ring so he can shut the door from behind and sooner or later follow. yt

beangraff: Ro raised an eyebrow as King answered the door, peretedning, perhaps, to forget her name. "Not even gona offer me a drink first? Your not the best host." Ro teased, a false air of confidence in her words as she stepped through the door into King's house, looking around as she remembered his outdoro ring. She looked at Kign for a moment, expecting him to go to the ring first, but when he did not she turned and began to walk past him twoards it.

tokagestyle: King slowly shuts the door behind Ro, turning his head to her direction as she walks to the ring, checking out that juicy ass covered by her black bikini bottom. **Mmmm that ass, cant wait to fuck it again** he thought in a very pervert ways, locking the door behind him before following her to the ring. "Better move to the ring fast cause, as soon you and I step outside, the beatdown begins!" yt

beangraff: " I need to keep our fight in the ring." Ro chuckled, teasing the King. She had no intention of running by his command. As she opened the glass sliding door and stepped out into Kings backyard, she turned and positione dherself facing king, half way between the door and the ring. As she looked King's huge body up and down, she had to admit he was very atractive, and she did admire his strength. If only he were less....insulting and disprespectfull, she'd look forward to these fights.

beangraff: *as if

tokagestyle: Seeing Ro opening up the sliding glass door and heading out to the ring, only to stop halfway and turning around to check him out, he steps out with the door shutting from behind and glares at her. "What? Like what you see?" He slowly moves up to her, towering over the smaller frame female wrestler, arms crossed as he stares down at her. "Didnt you want to take a closer look? I dont mind you rubbing me for.... good luck" yt

beangraff: Ro thought King was threatning to chase her into the ring, her show of defiance was meant to show that she would not be chased. Either she mis understood, or King was taking this as some kind of inuendo anyway. Because instead of attacking her, King was teasing her. Rather than getting offended as she did last time, she just chuckled. "Heh...after the match, muscles."She said, giving him wink. "If you were a bit less of a jerk I'd even had rubbed you now." And with that, Ro suddenly thrusted one knee up without warning, aiming it right for King's gut!

tokagestyle: When King approched to her, he notices she wasnt too threaten by his muscled body of his, teasing her and hearing her responds, he chuckles with her a little bit. "Less of a jerk? Im always a jerk and very confident beast!.... OUFF!" Out of nowhere she strikes him with her knee hitting his stomach, double over from the shot and slowly looking up at her. "Wanna play like that huh?" He tries to toughen out the pain and getting his arms around her waist, charging her backward and aiming to slam her back right into the ring apron. "Hurrgh!" yt

beangraff: "The beast parts whats sexy." She winked as her knee burried itself in his gut, watching him double over and slowly turn back. Before she coudl respond to what he said, his arms are around ehr waist, making her gasp. As Kign tried to shove her twoards the ring, though, Ro didn't let up for a second. Trying to dave him before she could eb slamemd in the apron,s he balled her fists and went at King, landing punch after punch into his head and jaw, hoping she could stop him before her back was destroyed

tokagestyle: King stomach took the heavy blow by her knee causing him to double over, he goes right at her with his arms around her waist hoping to pushes her back first into the ring apron edge, but she smacked him down on the head and jaw just slowing him down from going any further, grunting from the punches she cause. "Damnit!" Course King have a bit of anger issues when things isnt going to plan or not going his way, he tris to stop her by lifting her up and getting his knee down underneath her before dropping her right on top, right between her legs. "Hurgh!" yt

beangraff: Ro was REALY determined not to loose this time, or to at least prove to King she could put up a strong fight. As King stopped, Ro didn't let up, slamming another knee into his gut again before landing one more punch on his face. Of course, this did nothing about beeing caught by him, and alll the punches int he world couldnt help when he lifted her up and slammed her down int he reverse atomic drop, smashing her pussy against his knee. "Aghhhhhhh!"

tokagestyle: "GRRR, does that hurt? Let me check it out for you!" Shaking his head after slamming her crotch right over his knee making her sweet screams out of her soft lips, moving his hand to get one down to cup her crotch as the other hand going for her throat, trying to lift her up over his head and using her body to throw her through the ropes, showing off his strength before crawling in the ring before her. yt

beangraff: "I'll yet..." Ro coughe dout as King grabebd her crotch and her throat, fealling up her sex before lifting her upa nd tossign her though the ropes. She hit the groudn with a serious thud, it hurt, but hse's taken worse. She probably could have started to get up, but wa splaying possum untill King came in, hoping to take him off guard.

tokagestyle: After King tossing Ro into the ring, time for some real wrestling match between the wrestlers, he enters the ring and seeing her laying on the mat looking sexy in her black skimpy bikinis, rubbing onto his crotch that its all bulge and hard a bit. "Mmmm cant wait to kick your ass and... make you feel all better in my room Ro", he approach to her body and reaching down for her hair, going to pull her up onto her feet planning to drag her to the nearest turnbuckle and slam her face onto it. "Let go!" yt

beangraff: Ro bit her tounge as King taunted her, some clever respocne and inuendo at the tip of it. As King finally made a move, reaching to pull her by her hair, Ro sprang out har hand and punched King HARD in his bulging crotch, aimign right for his balls. She didn't stop there, she grabbed his crotch in a vcious claw with one hand, while she tried to shove King down on hi shass with her other

tokagestyle: King was pretty confident taking down the red haired babe, thinking she cant beat the beast like himself, he is born and made to dominate women no matter what kind of match he's in, right now he goes for her lovely red hair to pull it up almost about to take a whiff of it until he took a vicious punch to his hard manhood, letting her hair go and cried out in pain. "AHHHHUGH!" He double over but not that far cause of her hand grabbing hold of his crotch, squeezing his balls and was shoved down onto his ass, kicking his legs around maybe to hit her or not, he tries to reach down to grab hold of her hands to pry it off desperately. "LET GO!" yt

beangraff: Ro thought she might have a really good chance as he stopped his attack, it was rare that she got him to slow down long enough to use a submision hold, which is her skillset. As King tumbled to the ground, she took a hit in her side from his leg but toughend through the pain. Letting go of King's crotch, she raced to wrestler her hand out of his grip and grab his leg. If she could get him to let go, she'd try to wrap her own legs around King's and press her feet against his free leg, grabbing King's left leg in a vicious leg lock, twisting it back and bending his foot too

tokagestyle: **That bitch, she'll pay for that!** angery thinking in his mind when she grabbed hold of his huge prize, and easily pushes him down to the mat which she soon let go and grabbing hold of his leg, using her sexy smooth legs to go around his like a python and applying that Leg Lock, twisting his foot as he growl from the pain, both his balls and his ankle, shaking his head as he can barely move around from it. "Damnit let go! GRRR!" he tries to use his free leg to kick her somehow if he could, still while he's at it, his hands goes down to clutch himself to nurse his balls to health. yt

beangraff: Ro wrenched the hold as King tried desperatly to kick her. He conected, hard, making her grunt and the hold loosend, but she still kept him in it, determined to mess up that leg and twist his ankle while she was at it. "Now you gotta respect me..." she mumbled, more to herself and not knowing if King could hear it. "Whats wrong?" This time she spoke outloud, "Don't you like a challange?" She knew another good kick would get her off, but she liked beeing in control now

tokagestyle: Grunting when was able to kick her but still not able to get his leg out of her hold, hearing her words about challenge, he snaps at her. "I'll show you challenge you bitch!" angery the beast King is, he tries to turn himself over so he could get onto his knee with her front facing down on the mat maybe, he tries to grab her legs to pull back, an bit of awkward position for the Boston Crab. yt

beangraff: Ro continued to grunt with effort of contining his massive leg, bending it and twisting it as well as bending his ankle the other way to keep his leg out of action. She heard him snap at her, smriking. "If I didn't love a challange I wouldn't come back...I'll prove I'm a good wrestler to you!" But, just as she got that last sentance out, she was flipped over by King, bringing her face down on the mat and forcing her to let go! She could feel him grabbing her in a boston crab, but something was loose about it, so she began flailing he rlegs wilodly while pounding the mat in frustration.

tokagestyle: **Prove to me huh?** he thought when she said that, he smirk a little and said, "Only good wrestler for you is to get your ass beaten by me!" Soon he was able to turn her over facing down and grabbing hold of her legs to pull back into an Boston Crab, not a good hold since legs were between hers and felt she let go of it, pounding on the mat from behind him, he didnt hold it for long as he pulls his leg out, feeling his ankle and his balls were in pain. "I'll teach you"" Mumble to himself while he can see her bikini bottom, he goes to grab between her legs and claw her crotch to pull back, a combination of Boston Crab like and Iron Claw, "Hurrgh!" yt

beangraff: "That doesn't make sense as a reply or even as a sentance!" Despite beeing in pain from the hold, Ro still managed to spit out a sarcastic reply to his strange responce. "I may loose but I wont LET you win!" Ro thought she might be able to escape this hold by kicking out, but it was no use as he suddenly clawwed her sex, making her scream out in pain. "AGGGHHHHHH!" She shouted, slamming her fists again as she was tormented in this hold!

tokagestyle: "Ever heard of jobber? Those wrestler are good, just like you!" He continues to squeeze onto her crotch as well pulling it back to add more pain right into it, hearing her screaming out which its a very good sign for sure, he keeps his dirty hand onto her crotch and slowly turn to use his free arm to go and try getting it around her neck to pull back, bending her backward as much as he could, torture her the best way he knows. yt

beangraff: "You...bastard!" Jobber...those words trulyl hurt, she was a powerfull woman who had had much sucess before AFW, and even more sucess in other unoffcial matches. She was no Jobber, King was just a beast, and those words filled her with a rage. As King wrapped around her nack and began to pull her back, Ro couldn't hold back her screams againa s her crotch was on fire and her back ebeing bent! In desperation she reached out with her hands and clawed his arm hard, digging he rnail in as hard as she could!'

tokagestyle: King could tell Ro was pretty pissed off for being called a jobber, but what can she do? Trapped under him with her crotch getting clawed and pulled back while her back, neck and well her whole body were in pain when he gets his arm around her neck, arching her backward in a very painful ways, until she grabs onto his arm thats around her neck and clawing onto it, digging her nails right into it. "GAHHH!" He instantly let go of her crotch and neck, slowly up to his feet to shake his arm and looking down at her. "Grrrr... had enough? I know Im not!" His balls feeling a little better as well his ankle but not 100% just yet, so he reaches down for Ro's hair to pull up with her back facing him, goes down to lift her legs up going to slam her ass down right on his knee. "hurgh!" yt

beangraff: "No...never enough..." Ro spat out, still defiant as King let her go, she was sprawled out on the mat and wrything in pand before her beutifull red hair was grabbed and she was lifted up. She had almost no chance to resisit and had to react fact, as she was lifted up to face him she reached with her hands and tried to grab his throat, squezing and hoping he'd stop the atomic drop as he was choked

tokagestyle: While King finally got the better hand against her, he pulls her up by the hair to get her standing planning on giving her ass a good slam, but she spun around only to grab onto his throat, choking him. "Gahhhh Fuuu--- bitttc---!" Gagging while her hands onto his throat, surprised of how strong her hands is, though gives him a better chance to do the next move on her, instead of doing the same to her, he reach for her fine breasts to grab hold of it, squeezing it and lifting her up by her delicious breasts off the mat, hopefully she lets go of him and if not, he'll squeeze her breasts even harder. "GRRR!" yt

beangraff: Ro tightened her grip, pouring all of her strenght into the move untill she felt his hands grab her massive tits. " tits......." She shouted out, but still held on, maybe it was her rage powering throw this, but even as he slammed her down she keept squezing. Clearly, he had done some damage, ehr eyes were wattering from the pain, she was groaning and moaning in pain, untill finally she screamed out as he brutalized her tits, but she kept choking. She couldnt escape, she had to do something

beangraff: Ro tightened her grip, pouring all of her strenght into the move untill she felt his hands grab her massive tits. " tits......." She shouted out, but still held on, maybe it was her rage powering throw this, but she was able to bare the pain as she kept her hands wrapped around his throats. "Admit it...." She groaned, fighting through the pain through clenched teath. "I'm better than your average 'victim'." She used the word victim as if it didnt apply to her, but however King choose to interpret it, she was still trying to prove herself. Perhaps that, too, was why she held on as he mauled he rbreasts. That and the hope that he could be knocked out....

tokagestyle: "GRRR.... better? for some.... when I do beat you... and fuck you.... then you could be better than most average wrestlers..." Struggling to breath while his hands squeezing her fine busty breasts, it was soft and feels so good, but that girl hands still choking him pretty badly, he cant let her win at his own property, he wants to beat her and claim her as his prize, he then slowly putting her down before planting his feet, trying to pull her breasts forward while he leans backward quickly, aiming to throw her over him and releasing her orbs. "hurgh!" yt

beangraff: "Only then?" She shot back, gripping tightly as she continued to try to choke the life out of him, she didn't qutie get what he meant, but it seamed like a start. But she was still unable to counter this next move, as he sudenly leaned back and tossed her over him! She gripped her hands tighter, nails scratching, but was finally forced to let go as she landed in a heap behind King, moaning on the ground

tokagestyle: King only have one choice to escape from her grasp, is to lean back quickly and throw her over him even it hurts in the process with her nails raking over his neck before she finally let go of him, hearing a loud thud of her landing, he lay there on his back, reaching for his throat rubbing the scatches she caused on him, coughing to finally able to breath normally, he slowly turns his body to roll outside of the ring until he drops onto the floor, thankfully its just soft grass for his landing, he knows the weapons underneath the ring he could use, he wanted to see how good her if she can withstand some weapons. "Chair.....table.... trash can.... yes... come on out...." slowly he takes each one to put in the ring before rolling back in, though not very fast. yt

beangraff: Ro managed to slowly climb to her feet, using the ropes for support, as King left the ring. She heard some clammering, and next thing she knew there was a steel chair in the ring. As slow as she was from that brutal toss, she grabbed the chair and slowly pulled it over while she recovered. As she did this, a table flew in, then a trashcan....she knew where this was headed, and now she really wanted to show her all. As the last item flew into the ring, King slowly rolled in while Ro was panting. But, as he rolled in, she seized the moment and came after him with the chair, trying to smash his head!

tokagestyle: He tossed in the standard weapons used in wrestling, the table, the trashcan and the steel chair, all the special ingredients for the NHB match between him and Ro, he'll have some fun putting her though all of that once he gets a chance that is, after the last item goes into the ring, he slowly gets up and rolling himself up and out of nowhere, his head took a nasty blow from the hard metal of the chair. "GAHHH!..... ughhh... fuck....." He clutches his head facing down on the mat, tapping his feet and not expecting her to get a hold of it and use it on him so quickly, though he did took his time to do all of that... and now his head is ringing from the painful chairshot. yt

beangraff: Ro was actually doing well for herself. Though she was a bit sluggish, as she slammed down the chair onto King's head, she felt a surge of pleasure, seeing him react and face down on the mat, knowing he was probably in severe pain. Taking the edge of the chair, she'd slam it into his gut, hoping the belly shot would double him over so she coulld slam it against his back, shouting with rage

tokagestyle: His head was ringing from the chair shot, though hes a tougher wrestler than Ro in his opinion, slowly he pushes himself up onto his feet still holding his head, and not aware that Ro was waiting to give him a shot to the stomach. "OUF!" not before long that she follow up with another shot, slamming the flat of the chair right onto his back. "GAHH!" He drops down onto his knees and crawling onto it with his back arching backward, crawling to the turnbuckle and trying to slide his back to stand himself up, facing at Ro with his mouth expression in pain, glaring at her. "Damnit... grrrr...." yt

beangraff: Ro was finally recovering her strenth, but she let King crawl to the turnbuckle. This gave her a chance to go after the garbage can, grabbing it as she watched King turn around. Kind would see Ro quite closer to him, actually, lifting the open can over her head. "Maybe THIS!" She grutned, trying to heave it down over his head and stuff him into the upside down garbage can!

tokagestyle: When King able to crawl himself to the turnbuckle, his head was hurting, his back and stomach was sore from the blows, this girl really something, fighting back well with the weapons he brought in which he plans on using on her instead of him, turninga round and sees her breasts up close to his face before looking up to see the trash can going down over him. "HEY!" Echoing inside the trash can, his arms trapped within it as well, but knowing shes there in front of him right after the placement of the can, he tries to use the bottom part of the can where his head is, going to snap forward hoping to headbutt her with the trash can. "GRRRRR!" yt

beangraff: By this time, Ro was elated that she had turned the tables. But, that spark of confidence would eb cut by a massive bang as a garbage can smacked her! Ro had already bent down to pick up the steel chair, so the blow was somewhat deflected, but it was still jarring. AQfter she shook out the sobwebs, she turned back to King. If he hadn't escaped, she'd swing the chair and smash it into the garbage can where she guessed his head would be. If he had escaped, Ro imagiend the chair would at least make a decent shield

tokagestyle: King huge body were trapped in the trash can making it harder for him to escape from it, but at least he thought hitting her with the bottom of the trash can like a headbutt, but not sure how effect that is, trying to get his hands down and the top of the can and pull it upward to get out of it but it does makes it diffcult in the position he's in, then suddenly he was hit pretty hard with something metal hitting around his head with a loud ring. "GAHH!" he soon drops down onto the mat which makes it a little easiler to pull the can out, but a bit slower, trying to get himself out quickly. "Gahh damn my ears!" yt

beangraff: Ro panted, the effort of this was extreme after getting hit with a trash can, but she was still able to smash that King just as she had planned. He tumbled to the ground, his ears in horrible pain as he tried to struggle out of the gabager can. Ro would not make this easy for hima s she got infront of him, facing his head as he strggled to get out,s he slammed the top of the can with the chair, hoping to force it back on his head as he squirmed out, like hammering a nail in

tokagestyle: King grunting from the pain as he's stuck in the trash can, making this an handicap match like his hands behind his back and blind folded, unable to do anything as Ro taking the advantage of him, now he tries to pull the can out from his head which its halfway there but then felt the chair shot slamming on the top of the can and it pushes back down right over his body. "FUCK!" cursing, echoing in the trash bin, still trying to grab the can and pulling it off of him, but with her still there with the chair, making it much hard for him to escape this. yt

beangraff: Ro was finalyl satisfied that she had done enough to weaken him, now she had to win the match. She couldn't do that by whacking him with the can, as much as that was satisfying. While King was struggling to escape, Ro would sudenly yank the garbage can off, ensuring it hit his head hard before she rolled it away. Quickly sliding behind him, she'd try to go for a combination sleepr/sicsors,s naking her arms around his neck and squezing while her legs tried to crush his arms and body.

tokagestyle: King can feel the trash can being pulled out easily for Ro than himself, but then she smack his head which stuns him a little bit giving Ro enough time to slide her slender sexy legs around his waist and wrapping her arms around his neck, applying the Rear Naked Choke Hold, gritting from the hold as he struggles with her. "GRRR!" though his body was weaken from getting hit after hit in the trash can, he was trying to pry her arms off his neck but she got it in good and tight, though he tries to roll and get himself on all fours panting and forcing himself to stand, maybe to fall backward to sandwich her on the mat with him on top, hoping she'll let go. "GRRR!" if that works, he'll rest up on the mat beside her. yt

beangraff: Ro grabbed on and held on,r iding this beast as she gripped his throat and squezed his body and arms! Yet, even after all that beating, King still managed to rise to his feet! Ro couldnt beelive it! She tightened her grip around him, squezing and choking as much as she could, but it made no difference! Soon she was smashed onto the floor, sanwiched under King.W hile she ddnt let go, per se, her grip was so week eh easily slid out, lying next to her while ro herself was panting, jarred from that blast

tokagestyle: King was much stronger than her, but after taking that trash can and the beaten during it, he was more or less of the strength compared to her, and right now he was able to stand up of whats left of his strength before falling backward to crush her onto the mat with him on top, but her grip still around him but not tightly, he lay there on his side with her panting and feeling sore all over the place. Slowly he came to and barely moving from exhaustion, the bitch Ro is something but without the weapons, she probably wont beat him and right now, still having trouble with himself against her. Rolling onto his back with him on top of her, he panting counting himself a pinfall over her. "One.... !... huff huff... Two!" yt

beangraff: Ro could handle the weapons, the weapons she hastend to remeber King took out, but without them she'd have to dig deep and pull out whatever strength she had left to deal with this. It was hard, though, as King had nearly crushed her, and was now counting her out! "!" With every last ounce of strength, she tried to roll over, so she would be ontop and King would be on the bottom, but she had no idea if she could lift that hgue monster! If she could, she'd start counting

tokagestyle: With King rolling onto his back pressing his strong body against hers and going for the pin, he can feel her struggling while he counting himself to pin her down, but soon the count was broken when she rolled him somehow onto his back. "Tskk..... damn...." He tries again to pushes himself up with her on his back, reaching for her head while standing up barley and pulling her forward so that he could slide her front upside down facing his crotch while he faces hers, arms around the waist and quickly goes to drop down on his knees to drive her head to the mat with the Tombstone. "Hurgh!" yt

beangraff: "ONE!" Ro shouted, as she had King on the mat now, with her on top, she needed him to know she was counting. "TW....WHA!" Two, wasn't bad...soon he had her again, and was flipping her around. She'd come INCHES from beating him at his own game, but now she was trapped facing his massive package. Closing her eyes and gritting her teath, Ro's braced herself as she SMASHED into the mat, HARD, her hadd ringing no doubt worse than after the garbage can, almost limp

tokagestyle: King felt his body were exhausted and sore all over still, and even he manage to stand up and flip her upside down in front of him to drive her skull to the mat with the Tombstone, he looks down at her body and panting over her. "Ha... huff huff... no one... beats the beast! huff huff" He slowly gets up taking a breather and off to get the table to set up in front of the turnbuckle, once he's done then he went back to Ro seeing her from the distance, waiting for her to get up on all fours before he runs quickly and tries to boot her head on the side, punt her skull. yt

beangraff: Ro was panting too, decimated by the piledriver, but somehow still was able to move and think, hearing him pant. "Admit it...." she panted "It's fun when you have to work for it..." She even managed to crack a smile as she began to turn around and roll up onto all fours...the smile was quickyl whiped clean as a boot punted her skull, making her gasp and collapse down

tokagestyle: "Huff huff... a bit fun yes... but now... what I should of done from the start... all the way to the end, dominate you!" He silent Ro with a big punt to the skull which she goes down on the mat, hands on his knees panting from the tiredness, but still have some work to be done, reaching down for her hair to slowly pull her head under his arm, drape her arm around his neck then grabbing her one legs to lift her up onto his shoulder before grabbing her other legs, splitting it apart and compressing her body down and stretching her out all at the same time, into his submission finisher- King's Muscle Buster Stretch. yt

beangraff: Ro was so dazed from the punt she could barley do anything, while the King grabbed her and placed her in his Muscle Buster finishet, spreading her legs apart and compressing her at the same time on his shoulder. "GAAAAAHHHHHH!" She growled, her body in agonizing pain, but still refusing to submit. "GAAAH! I WONT! YOU ADMIT...I'M GOOD!" She was definitly, definitly stuborn, even while beeing tortured and trapped with no hope of escape she was banging that point.

tokagestyle: "Hurrgh! I do admit you kicked my ass with the weapons and you're somewhat good!.... GRRRR!.... Now you must submit!" King continues to pull down onto her legs, hearing her screaming out in pain while trying to get him to admit shes a good wrestler than he have faced, dropping down on his knee to jolt the pain through her neck, legs and body all at once to get her to submit somehow. yt

beangraff: "I HATE SUBMITING!" She shouted, her face was red, her body panting, her eyes starting to roll back. "With the weapons you bro.....GAHHHHH!" Ro screamed again as King suddenly dropepd down on his knee, her leggs, neck, and body were in extreme pain after that. "I........I WONT......." Ro roared again, trapped int he hold....she managed to keep this going for an impressive amount of time, grunting and gasping before finally submiting. "OKAY! GOD I SUBMIT I SUBMIT!!"

tokagestyle: He finally able to make her submit even she hates doing it but giving her no other choice while trapped in the inescapable Muscle Buster Stretch, he release her and let Ro roll off his shoulder from behind before slowly getting himself up standing, panting and feeling really good beating her again. "Huff huff.... not done... with you yet Ro!" Hes going to make an example out of her by getting that used chair laying in front of him before grabbing Ro by the hair to pull it down between his legs, then slowly reaching over to wrap his arms around her waist to hoist her upside down, one hand going between her legs and rubbing on her crotch while the other going down from her side and grabbing, fondling her breast, letting her feel the pleasure while the blood goes down to her brain before.....

tokagestyle: jumping up to drive her head down right on top of the steel chair with the Cradle Piledriver. yt

beangraff: As soon as Ro was let go she slid off and punded the mat in anger.S he had been the one to insist on the POW terms, and she had come THIS CLOSE to beating him, but she thought she at least won some respect"You have a girlfriend?" Ro

beangraff: As soon as Ro was let go she slid off and punded the mat in anger.S he had been the one to insist on the POW terms, and she had come THIS CLOSE to beating him, but she thought she at least won some respect. Though, she also earned herself quite a bit of punishment as King lifted her up, placing her face right infront of his crotch! Ro was fuming, but couldnt fight back even if she wanted to. However, King didn't immediatly smash her, instead he began to pleasure her, rubing her crothc and breasts. "You have a girlfriend?" She stammerd out as she moaned, befor screaming as she was suddenly smashed into the ground, her head ffelt like it was on fire

tokagestyle: King continues to dominates her after the match they had, he lifts her upside down and began to fondle and sexually groping her crotch and breast as she manage to say something about girlfriend. "Why would I want one when I can fuck with every girls I want in the ring?!" and with that, he drops down to drive her skull onto the mat with the piledriver, laying her out once again, though it isnt over just yet, one more and he thinks its time for some fuck time. Panting while grabbing her hair like a leash to drag her to the table and rolling her up onto it before he climbs himself up, then pulling her head down between his thighs once again, untieing her top before hooking her arms then goes to jump up, dropping down on his knees to face plant her right on the table, whether it breaks or not

beangraff: Ro was beeing destroyed by this beast, most people had sex with a prisoner in a POW fight, King beat the crap out of them. This time Ro couldnt complain the match is over, she was his prisoner. As Ro was laid out on the ground, barley concious, she mumbled to King "You can have both..." She said, almost flirtily, saying he can have a girlfriend and keep going. Ro panted as she was rolled onto the table, but showed no embarasment as her top was taken off. "If I had a boyfriend I'd fuck any one in the ring I wanted to." She managed to shoot out, amazingly managing a somewhat logical, if dazed

beangraff: and confused, covnersation as he hooked her arms. Suddenly, Ro gasped with fear as she realzied only then what he was about to do. "Nooo...." She moaned, before he smashed her throught he table, eliciting a screach as she was almost knocked out in agony in the wreck of the shatterd table.

tokagestyle: King chuckles from her respond while he untied her top and hooking her arms behind her back before jumping up to face plant her down through the table for one big Pedigree, rolled to the side after releasing her, he pants from the big move and gladly he have done it, now feeling so aroused on beating her, its time to give his cock a good fuckin. "Mmmm mmmm... one your body is ready...." Grabbing her wrist to pull her out from the rumbles and out of the ring, carrying her on his shoulder to slowly heading back into the house, opening the slide down and shut it behind him while he takes her up the stairs where his big literally king size bed for the two of them. yt

beangraff: Ro was beaten, almost unconcious, but not quite so as King told her she was 'ready', and tossed her over his shoulders. Her big, bare tits bounced as he carried her away, into the house. Ro used this time to try and breathe and regain some small amount of strength, she knew she was going to nee dit, she planned to says omething that MIGHT infuriate him, or produce a reaction she couldn't predict. As she was forced up the stairs and into King's bedroom aagin, she groaned as he placed her on the bed. "You HAVE a girlfriend." She said, mustering up whatever force she could, it was a statement and not a proposition. She had no idea how he'd react.

tokagestyle: King manage to get into his room, a very large room with a very large bed, he placed her down and out of nowehre, she burst out saying he have a girlfriend. "The hell are you talking about? Do you have interests with the King? Heh, you'll have to keep impressing me some more Ro... maybe show me how you handle some foreplay?" He goes in to pull her off the bed, sliding her back across his shoulders with one hand grabbing her breast as the other cupping her crotch, fondling and molesting the sexy red hair into a Torture Rack, his hand on her breast feeling it bare, rubbing on her nipple to feel how hard it is. yt

beangraff: "Obviously." She responded, anoyed, as he asked if she was interested in him. "Impress you more? That can be arranged...." As she said this, King pulled her off the ebd slowly, clearing intending to hurt her somemore. As he bent her over in a vicious turture rack. Ro shouted out in pain, her breast and crotch beeing mollested by him. While he did this, though, her arms were free. Even as her back was arched, she reached out with her hand, trying to claw at his face!

tokagestyle: King lifted her up as she respond that she is interested in him, in a rude way, though it would be nice to have a girl to fuck with all the time but at the same time, it can be annoying to have her around pesting him maybe, either way, he wouldnt mind to have a bitch like her by his side and fuck all day long. "Heh, want me? Sure, after Im done with you and then, you can have me." Having her back arching painfully across his shoulders, stretching her out while groping her crotch and bare breast until she rake him over his face, which is covered by his leopard mask, doesnt hurt as much but the fingernail digging in still feel it, releasing her onto her feet on the bed, growling at her. "Grrrr... hard to get eh? Hurgh!" He tries to swing his fist up behind her, right between the legs. yt

beangraff: Ro groaned as she was grabbed in the torture rack, but finally King released her as she was plased down, taking a moment to pant. King was apparently moving to punch Ro in her crotch, but Ro avoided this by dropping down on her ass ont he bed, and kicking her leg otu twoards King's gut while he sat. King had to know WHAT he was getting into if he was getting into something with Ro "I'm INTERESTED. have to recognize me as your equal, you can have any women you want but if your my boyfriend, it's on even terms. And I'll prove that to you when I beat you."

tokagestyle: King was going to smack her pussy with his fist but she gets down on the bed and kick back hitting his stomach, stopping him for a moment while listening to her words. **Wanted to be equal?**... King then finish rubbing his stomach and grabbing one of her arm to pull behind her back, then the other hand grabbing her hair to pull back a little while his face close to her neck and whispering. "Want to be my equal? Sure as a wrestler... but, if wer're a couple... then you'll be my bitch and I own you, you hear me?" He smells her a little bit before caressing his lips onto her neck and slightly nippling on it, maybe to turn her on a little. yt

beangraff: Grunting, Ro felt the beast grab her and pull her in, his ands behind her back and pulling on her hair. She felt his breath upon her as he leaned in, nipping on her neck and whispering to her. Finally, some respect, in that breath he managed to admit she WAS his equal as a wrestler. Ro felt she was due that respect, considering beeing half his size she came an inch from beathing him. "Uh uh...your either my equal or we're nothing, We fight, we take eachother, we don't hold back, but we're equals. I'm half your size...mmmm....." clearly she WAS turned on by what he was doing, "But came an inch from

beangraff: beating you, with YOUR toys, and you know it." She groaned again as she became more aroused, but she had no intention of beeing tricked, while he pulled on her hair, she reached her arms around King's body, slowly constricting around him as she leaned in and gave his cheak a fiesty lick.

tokagestyle: King does admit she was pretty good against him and did use the weapon on him to get even, but even with all that, he was able to get on top of her for the win. "Heh, yeah we're pretty much the same except our size differences, and yes, you almost beat me with the help of the 'toys' of mine, alright then, you'll be my girl, got it?" He felt her giving his cheek a fiesty lick before he releases the hold and scoops her up in his arms and walking onto his bed in the middle, slowly getting down on his knee and putting her back over it, one hand down on her crotch and the other to her bare breasts, pushing it down together as well groping her some more, watching her bend while he's turned on. "Now, do as I say and let me have fun with you!" yt

beangraff: Ro rolled her eyes, as King apparently didn't get the point, but she'd beat the point into him latter. "And YOU'LL," She coutnerd, fiesty as ever, "Be my boy!" She used the same type of language he did, making it clear she would accept NO subserviant or submissive position. That rhetoric was fine, though, accept that she HAD lost the POW match and was suddenly beeing pushed into a tortureous over the knee backbreaker. "Gaaaahhh!" She let out as her spine was bent, fealing gropped by him. She WAS aroused by his touch, but wouldnt let him off that easily, reaching her hand to give his crotch a HARD squeze in this hold, even as she threw her head back in pain

tokagestyle: King putting her back over his knee and pushing her backward painfully, stretching her out while she screaming in pain as well his dirty hands groping onto her sex parts, breasts and crotch, thought things would go well for him but this feisty girl kept coming back and actually able to reach for his manhood and squeezing his balls. "UGHHHH!" He releases her from the hold, pushing her off and trying to pry her hand off his balls and trying to get her face down on the bed. "GRRR!" yt

beangraff: Ro gasped and moaned as she was suddenly released from the backbreaker, and pressed into the bed by the musch larger beast. This time, though, she had an ideaof what to do next. With her legs free, she snaked them around King's body, releasing his balls but crushing his side in a vicious reverse body scisors. "Don't underestimate me." She chided as she squezed

tokagestyle: He pushes her off his knee and watches her roll off, finally she lets go of his balls but her legs goes around his waist blocking it and squeezing his body. "UGHHH! Damn Ro!" But he can go under her thighs and get to his balls, he actually goes to take out his hard cock and getting it to slide into her pussy from behind. "Grrrr... you're lucky Im in the mood now to fuck you!" Once he could get his cock inside, he then grabs hold of her hips and rocking her hard, back and forth thrusting her. yt

beangraff: "Lucky I' the mood to let you!" Ro snapped back, continuing to squeze and crush King's sides even as his cock snuck its way into her pussy. She didn't let up for a second even as she was beeing slammed by King's cock, making her eyes widen and mouth hang open as she felt herself beeing filled with his massive member.

tokagestyle: "OH GOD YOUR LEGS IS STRONG! UGHHHH!" He felt aroused from fucking her but also of how strong her legs is still able to keep it around his waist and squeezing him, he fuck her harder and faster while shes in that position, his balls hurting but at least its not targeted for now, reaching over trying to get a hold of her breasts and fondle with it while pulling it back a little, stretching her breasts and maybe her back with her upper body being pulled. yt

beangraff: "Better to crush you with sweetie." ro managed to groan back as she was fucked by him, still keeping her attitude as she was filled with his length. Meanwhile, as her legs squezed and tried to weaken him, she felt him reach over and grab her breast, making her gasp as it was squezed and pulled, her back already in pain, but her scisor hold held

tokagestyle: King can feel his cock digging in deeper and deeper into her pussy, he moans from how good her bosy feels while his dirty hands groping onto her breasts, pulling onto it too and her strong legs squeezing his sides just aching so much. "Ughhhh!" he still fucking her pussy over and harder until he couldnt hold it in much longer, been held in for quite a while before he fucks her, and shoots out hot seeds right into it. yt

beangraff: It was hard to tell who was dominant as the two strong fighters fucked, with Ro squezing the daylights out of King and King fucking them out of Ro...she gasped and moaned, her breast in his hand, her nipples hard as she was bent, his cock slamming in and out of her, she cried out as he came, his hot cum shooting into her as she reached her own climax, their juices mixing as she shouted. STILL, she kept squezing, knowing this had to hurt him, and was arousing her. As their orgasm subsmisded she whispered one word to her new...boyfriend? "Submit?"

tokagestyle: King was exhausted after shooting out hot seeds into her pussy, moaning to release himself right into her and can feel her juices flow out and mixing with his juice, he felt very exhausted after that but she wasnt done with him, her strong legs still going at it and squeezing his body, groaning from the painful scissorhold as she asked him a simple question, he weakly replied. "Ughhh.... I submit ughh.... " yt

beangraff: Ro finally smiled, letting go of the King, finally those words she deserved to hear, I submit. Now, perhaps, she could work on not beeing called 'bitch.' Baby steps, baby steps, anyway, she spun around on the bed,e xhausted as she faced the bigger man and leaned up to him, kissing him on the cheak. "I think we both need sleep." She giggled, pulling him down to the bed with him

Winner Killer King!

(And they're now a couple! <img src=" title="zomg" /> Kind of)

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