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Looking for a debut (Tag Match)

Sun Jan 14, 2018 10:29 pm by Person

I am looking for a debut for my new tag team: Rulers of Divinity
Something to build them up before I start their main feud.

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Trying to get back into the saddle.

Sat Jan 13, 2018 8:11 pm by Deus001

Hi all. Deus here.

You may have noticed I am a bit quiet on the forums these days. My parents split up, I split up with my girlfriend and moved house. I am moving house again in February as well. 2017 was one slow motion punch to the dick for me and my balls are still numb to be honest.

However now that I have some semblance of normality I felt why not see if anyone wants to talk RP ideas, I have a long work week ahead but a clear weekend it seems. If you have any ideas you want to do send me …

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Post Delays after Winter Storm

Sat Jan 06, 2018 4:38 pm by BrittanyW

Cause the best thing after coming back from holiday is for a bomb cyclone to hit where you are. -_-

So yeah, expect more delays of posts and stuff while I have to sort out problems from this shit.

Fuck my life. Sad

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Leo Fandero

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Leo Fandero

Post by Kelsea on Fri Dec 30, 2011 10:48 pm

Leo Fandero

The Ladies Man

Name: Leo (Leonardo) Fandero
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Height: 5"10
Weight: 180lbs
Nationality: Spanish

Alignment: Roguish heel - by all means he has no problem with taken up the heel mantle and dominating a girl, in fact he quite enjoys it. He won't go out of his way to annoy the crowd, however if all of the crowd is on his opponents side he will usually start to stir them up a bit

Tactics and Style: Pro wrestling grappler/powerhouse; Leo loves to dominate girls and that comes through in the kind of moves he goes for. He usually starts off proceedings with quite a few grappling maneuvers that don't take up too much of his energy, occasionally sneaking in gropes and quick hentai stuff to throw the girl off her game. Then as he takes control of a match he will slowly pick the girl apart, alternating between over powering the girl with big slams as a show of dominance and slapping on humiliating submission holds that either put the girl in a compromising position or allows him to get hentai with her. He's a firm believe of the idea that if you can get inside your opponent's head, then half the match is already won

Favoured moves:
Grapples: DDTs, Swinging neck break, Russian leg sweeps.
Slams: Samoan drop, death vally driver
Submissions: Boston crab, dragon sleeper, head scissors (facing his crotch)

Signature move/s:
torture rack
spike DDT

Finishing move/s:
Womaniser - Leo sets the victim up in a half boston crab, hooking their leg under one armpit while leaving his other hand free to reach down for their crotch and play with them. This move could be used to gain a submission, make his opponent cum or even gain a humiliation submission

Lionheart Pile driver - A pile driver, while holding his opponent upside down, Leo will usually jump up and kick his legs out so that they come down with greater impact then a normal pile driver where the wrestler will just fall backwards into a sitting position.

Entrance music:


Personality: Leo can be sort of a ladies man, he really enjoys teasing, dominating and tormenting girls (although how he treats each girl differs considerably at times). His sarcastic sense of humour and poor sense of responsibility makes him seem like that typical sterotype “The loveable rogue” from movies and TV shows. Most of this was a veil to defend his true self, but he has carried that disguise so long that it is a part of him now.

Leo understands the value of holding your cards to your chest, thus he is actually a bit smarter then he will lead on and tends not to have such a one track mine as is evident usually. Other then that, Leo is generally laid back and seems not to take his matches too seriously...

Although he doesn't express it, Leo tends to look at women in a negative light, particularly considering what a number of girls did to him previously so quite often dominating them sexually or physically, or even punishing them in rough matches can be a form of payback in his mind.

Past: Leonardo was a quiet, well mannered boy attending a small public school in Barcelona… During his very early teens, when he first started going to secondary school, he started getting teased by a group of older girls. Usually this teasing was not intended to be malicious but did make fun of him in a sexual nature and turned out to be quite devastating to his psyche. His parents didn't really pay him that much attention apart from when it came to his studies and so he never received any advice regarding sex or how to handle the female bullies. Upon reaching the age of 16, Leonardo was transferred to a Private upper class school in England as an exchange student. His parents saw this as a much better solution for him to be educated properly and become a "man of the world". Leonardo hoped that this would be his chance for a fresh new start, but when he moved over he quickly realized there was similar kind of girls at this school as well... Prissy, vain, contemptuous and insensitive... Leonardo had grown to hate such girls for what they did to him.  

Back when Leonardo was in his previous school, he noticed that all of the same girls that bullied him seemed to swoon for a dashing roguish guy called Seto... Leonardo hated how arrogant Seto was, the boy was obviously as much bad news for them girls as they were for Leonardo. But despite him being bad news and a womaniser, they still fancied him rotten. As much as Leonardo hated Seto, he decided that he hated the idea of these girl's mistreating him even more... He would much rather have them swoon for him like they did with Seto, most of these girl had an ugly heart so what did it matter if he played around with some of them anyway.

Leonardo shortened his name so that he was regularly being called Leo and started to act as best as he could like Seto, a sarcastic and arrogant ladies man.. It felt uncomfortable at first but most people brought that that is how he was because they hadn't met him before. After a short while, Leo met an English boy named Dominic. Leo kinda saw part of himself in Dominic's shy nature, particularly when it came to girls, because of this Leo befriended him, hoping that he would benefit from taking onboard some of Leo's traits

In time, Leo finally met someone who was able to see through his now perfected act.. A strange girl that went by the name Tonya Silverston, she came across as a new student from another country. Despite being somewhat eccentric, managed to see right through his veil and sensed that underneath Leo was really Leonardo, a shy well mannered boy. This appealed to her and so she responded to some of Leo's advances, leading to an interesting relationship which was left undefined as to whether they were actually dating or not.

After a while, Tonya put an end to the relationship they were having and started flirting with Leo's friend Dominic, but after some time she stopped that too and later moved away.

Leo had always joked around about joining up into a mixed pro wrestling group, but never did anything about it. Once Leo returned back to Spain, he didn't think any more about ideas of wrestling until a couple of years later when he heard from his old friend Dominic that he had signed up with AFW. At first Leo just laughed it off, but on second thought and thinking about how sexual matches could get in AFW, Leo decided it would be something he could get into as well and seems he was unemployed with no ties to keep him in Spain, he packed his bags and headed for Japan and the AFW.

Attire: Usually when entering a pro wrestling ring he wears black shorts with a red lion logo on the side and fingerless grappling gloves. Boots and elbow pads, his torso bare.

Notable Relationships:
Dominic Tyson - Dominic was a friend from college, despite them almost being exact opposites of each other, they stayed together because of a mutual interest in wrestling. Dominic tended to look up to Leo and seek approval from him even though he realizes that Leo isn't always morally correct, while Leo was taking Dominic under his wing and hoping to bring him out of his shell

Tonya Silverston - Tonya and Leo shared something like a "romantic relationship", it difficult to tell if you can really call it that. Most of the time they were together was more like a battle of wits and a lot of flirtation. Leo continuously tried to get into Tonya's panties while Tonya was trying to subtly draw out the real Leo.. Both resisting each other while still trying to achieve their ultimate goal


Leo's Blog

Real name: Leonardo Fandero

Wins: 6
Losses: 2
Draws: 0

Leo Fandero wins against Shizuka Tsuzaki - Leo v Shizuka
Leo Fandero wins against Amy Poford - Leo v Amy
Leo Fandero wins against Beth Riana - Leo v Beth
Leo Fandero wins against Emiko Yokoyama - Leo v Emiko
Leo Fandero defeated by Valerie Von Vulpes - Leo v Valerie
Leo Fandero wins against Ami Takeuchi - Leo Fandero vs. Ami Takeuchi
Leo Fandero wins against Valerie Von Vulpes - Valerie (C) vs Leo - Hardstyle Hentai Title Match
Leo Fandero defeated by Harmony Reed - Harmony Reed vs. Leo Fandero

Leo v Shizuka
Leo v Amy
Leo v Beth
Leo v Emiko
Leo v Valerie
Leo Fandero vs. Ami Takeuchi
Valerie (C) vs Leo - Hardstyle Hentai Title Match
Harmony Reed vs. Leo Fandero
Tension Hentai Title Match: Leo Fandero (c) vs. ??? *Ongoing*

**If you recall any matches I have not added or corrections to the matches I have already stated, please tell me

Championship belts history:
Tension Hentai champion Defeated Valerie Von Vulpes for the belt

Dominic Tyson
Tonya Silverston

Emiko Yokoyama
Tonya Silverston
Valerie Von Vulpes


Emiko Yokoyama
Valerie Von Vulpes

Leo's Lovebook

Leo Fandero v Chika Johnson *Incomplete*
Leo Fandero v Shizuka Tsuzaki
Amy Poford vs Leo Fandero *Spar*
Beth's challenge v Brooklyn and Leo
Tiffany Laurence vs Leo Fandero *Incomplete*
Leo vs Scarlet *Incomplete*
Emiko (w/ Penny ) vs Leo. The first date *Past match*
Leo Fandero vs. Valerie Von Vulpes

Leo Fandero vs. Ami Takeuchi
Leo Fandero vs. Chloe Riley *Ongoing*
Hentai Rebirth *Backstage*
Hentai Title Match: Belle B. Barker Vs. Valerie Von Vulpes *Cameo*
Valerie (C) vs Leo - Hardstyle Hentai Title Match
Harmony Reed vs. Leo Fandero
Tension Hentai Title Match: Leo Fandero (c) vs. ??? *Ongoing*

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Re: Leo Fandero

Post by Kelsea on Sun Mar 24, 2013 8:43 pm


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