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Serious apologies to everyone....

Mon Mar 19, 2018 1:59 am by Cy_Man

To those who I RP with, I just want to say that I am terribly sorry for all my delays that I constantly do. I just have been SO unbelievably busy as of late that I hardly have any free time to be able to attempt to make posts to our threads. I really needed to get his off my chest badly, and it makes me feel like a complete piece of shit for doing this all the time. If you don't want to RP with me, I completely understand, there should be no reason or excuse for me to have to keep you waiting …

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Explanations and Apologies

Sun Mar 18, 2018 10:02 pm by acuya

Okay, so.

As some of you may have noticed, the Entropy Title Match from last year's Summer Splash has come to an abrupt conclusion.

The reason for this is because my match with Lies was taking too long, and with the next Summer Splash coming up, the Entropy Belt needed to be put in play for this year.

I won't get into the specifics of WHY that happened, suffice to say it ultimately comes down to my fault, I think. For those who haven't been here long, back in the day, I had a problem with …

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A match for Takeichi

Mon Mar 12, 2018 7:31 am by GrandAkumaShogun

Since both Imai and Takeshi are currently involved in matches I was wondering if anyone is interested in taking on my first wrestler I made for here, Takeichi Mori. His profile says he's a jobber but I intend to change that and hoping a match can help with that. Anyone interested please get in touch with me on here in a pm.

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The Master and The Student Chapter 1

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The Master and The Student Chapter 1

Post by Oathkeeper on Mon Apr 05, 2010 1:42 am

Chapter 1: The Knight in Ripped Jeans

Ayame Kurosagi was walking out of the AFW building and onto the street. She was wearing her T-shirt and and a pair of black sweatpants, her Gi and belt were inside her backpack. She was tired after facing Rin Koutetsu in a close battle she was practically exhausted. The memories of her first match were fresh in her mind, it was one match she would likely never forget.

All of a sudden, in the dark allies across the street five anonymous sex war wrestlers appeared onto the street and they appeared to be drunk.

"Hey look boys...Fresh Meat!" said the leader of the gang.

Ayame was too tired, and far too beaten down to fight them off but, she wasn't about to back down, "Stay Away From Me! I'm warning you!"

All five of them were starving for sexual release and poor Ayame was quickly surrounded. Ayame quickly got into her stance and watched as they circled her live a pack of wolves. The leader came from behind, Ayame turned around and kicked him to the curve sending him howling.

"You Bitch"

Suddenly, she was held in a full nelson by one of his lackeys. The leader stood back up, this time with a katana.

"No...Get Away from Me!" Ayame shrieked

"Oh don't worry my sweet!" the leader said putting the sword at her throat,"just do as we say and you won't get hurt...Much! HAHAHA!!"

Ayame shrieked as the leader began feeling her breasts.

"Oh... It pains me to see how weak men today are, that it does" said an ominous voice coming from down the street.

The stranger's shadow eclipsed all six of them, "And how it pains me to see such a young lady in such distraught"

The leader laughed, "What are you gonna do about it? What are you some kind of a superhero...or a knight shining armour?"

"No," The stranger inquired, "As you can see I'm in jeans and a hoody"

The stranger revealed himself, his face was covered in the shadow of his hoody but, he was definitly a man, he was 5' 11" and wore ripped jeans. He had a small backpack that hung on his shoulder

"I had enough of this clown get'em boys!" the leader barked, "this your last chance buddy to run"

All four men charged at the stranger.

"I'm afraid I can not do that" said the stranger, "That would go against my fourth oath, imjeon mutwae, never retreat in battle"

He became a blur and ran at the gang of four. He sent a punches into the first lackey's stomach and with his other hand on his opponent's shoulder, he flipped himself behind his enemy and drop kicked another lackey in the face with a running back kick. He then performed a low roundhouse and tripped the first lackey to the floor. The other two ran at him from both sides. He performed a quick scissor kick to knock them away. He ran at the one closest to him and performed a palm strike at his throat to distract him, then perform a judo throw and than curbed stomped him to the ashphalt road. He quickly turned around in a drunken fist stance. The last lackey appered to be a decent boxer and threw a barage of hits at the stranger but, to his avail not one hit. The stranger sent several blows to the face and a low roundhouse to trip his foe. He then grappled the foe and sent a stining pain with his two knuckles into the last lackey's neck, a ninjutsu nerve attack (real technique, honest).

"What The Fuck!" said the leader, "He's One Guy! I'll deal with him myself!"

The Leader tossed Ayame to the curve and ran at the stranger with his Katana. The stranger walked calmy to his furious opponent that charged with all his might. He ducked narrowly missing the sharp japanese blade. The leader struck again with a vertical swing. The stranger spun out of the blade's reach and sent the back of his wrist to his opponent's face. The thug yelled in fury and swung his blade in a barrage of lethal cuts. The stranger dodged the blade with relative ease but with incredible speed and drew a sword from his backpack. It loked similar to a Taichi sword, but it was a Samingum, a Korean tiger sword. When the stranger drew it from it's iron sheath it revealed it's long lumirous double sided blade. The Thug became frightened and swung his blade like a madman. The stranger quickly knocked the sword out of the thug's hands and kicked him in the stomach sending his back to the wall.

"Do you know what the last oath I took was before becoming a Hwarang Knight?" the stranger said grabbing his enemy by the throat.

The leader of the gang began to weep and shook with fright as the korean knight lifted the blade and leveled it with his head.

The blade cried out with a metalic chime.

The leader of the thugs' eyes rolled back into his skull. The knight reclaimed his sword and put it back in his sheath.When the stranger let go of his throat, the man fell against the wall and a pool of dark liquid quickly covered the floor around him.

"Salsaeng Yutaek," said the stranger, "Never take a life Without a just cause"

" killed him" Ayame whimpered, "Is he dead?"

"Yes...He's dead" he said seriously,

Ayame started to cry, "You murderer!"

"What you thought I was serious?" said the stranger,

Ayame took a look closer and discovered the liquid wasn;t quite blood, 'Is that...?"

As the familiar stenched filled the air,

"Poor guy I just stabbed the wall beside him and I guess I scared him a bit too much, he fainted and got a little too excited!" said the stranger putting his sword back in hs backpack.

" mean that's urine?" said Ayame

"I'm pretty sure...I didn't want ot check...for obvious reasons" said the stranger, "Anyway, are you alright Miss...?"

"My name is Ayame Kurosagi... I'm fine...I could have taken them all on if I wasn't so exhausted from my match!" She said

"Yah, I could see that, Tae Kwon Do I presume...nice form...however judging by your...fiestiness...You're not a Grand Master...yet I suppose?" The knight said,

"Yah, I'm 8th an dan black belt, I'm just one belt away so...don't you dare mock me!" said Ayame

"Are you always this hostile to men?" he laughed.

Ayame smiled back, "Only to men who graciosuly save my life... and who are you, exactly?"

The knight smiled, "I have many names...Master, soilder, murderer, gangster, Korean, Hwarang, Kim Yu Shin...But, my nickname in the wrestling world is Oathkeeper because I believe I am only as good as my word and the oaths I keep...I'd certaintly rather die than to break a promise."

"Oathkeeper...I like Yu-Shin better...I'm half korean assume you're full korean,'re a hwarang...a korean knight right wow...that's interesting.... Yu-shin I like that name!" said Ayame Kurosagi she moved quickly and pulled down Yu-Shin's hood revealing his dark hair, depp brown hazel eyes and his innocent blush, "Well...I suppose I should thank you Yu-Shin"

"That's not not necesary Ayame!" said Yu-Shin blushing even redder

"I want too..." She stood on her toes and gave him a kiss on the cheek

"Well, thanks anyway" said Yu-Shin burning up, "Hey do you know where the Dojo is? I'm the new, if you ever want come see me...just go down there...If I'm not there...I'm probably at the beach reading a book"

"Oh, it's right down that road! I'll be sure to visit!" said Ayame, "Who knows I might challenge you for ownership!"

"Well, I guess ... I better get going Ayame" said Yu-Shin as he disapeared into the shadows of the night.

"Yu-Shin...Kim Yu-Shin...he's brave and strong and handsome too..." said Ayame dreamily.

The gang who tried to rape her were groaning in pain behind her.

'Would you guys shut're ruining the momment!" she yelled,

Once Yu-Shin was out of Ayame's sight, he puked blood.

"I got to be more careful... My body isn't what it used to be anymore..." he cringed and looked up and saw the old Dojo, "This place culd use alot of fixing up...But, it's home none the less...I haven't a home for a long while... I hope Ayame comes and visits soon"

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