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Looking for Debut

Mon Oct 23, 2017 5:11 pm by Witchcraft-01

Hi All,

Now that my chara has been approved, I am looking for a debut for her, her name is Cristina and you can find her here (

I am thinking about possibly having a promo where Cristina introduces herself and someone decides to crash it and get mouthy, which then leads onto a hardcore match the next day or something.

Would anyone be up for that?

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Avalanche plans?

Sun Oct 22, 2017 1:28 am by HighFly

Hey hey, I was thinking of making Avalanche plans for Alaina and was wondering if anyone wanted to set something in the worms to really build up to a PPV match at Avalanche?

If interested shoot me a PM! Very Happy

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Back from the hospital

Fri Oct 20, 2017 11:55 am by Harrier

Hi folks,

sorry for my sudden absence, but I was rushed to the hospital at the start of the week. I am still a little weak at the knees so to say, but it will probably heal all up given some time.

So please have a little patience with me.^^

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Ami "Supermodel" Takeuchi vs Ryo Kamiya

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Ami "Supermodel" Takeuchi vs Ryo Kamiya

Post by Old_Man_Tai on Wed Oct 11, 2017 12:52 am

Standard Match
Ends via Pinfall, Submission, Ring Out, or DQ

" Bum bum bumm...pull my speedo up, got my wristbands on, cause today is Fighting Day..."

Ryo Kamiya happily hummed to himself as he finished getting ready, backstage in the Tension locker room. He had good reason to be excited. Not only did he have a special match today, advertised as a "Last Day of Summer: Bikini vs Speedo" match, but his opponent was the lovely Ami Takeuchi, of all people! Not only was she one of the most beautiful women in the entire league, but she was a former Tension World Champion as well, having beaten Clyde Gastin for the belt once! Having fought Clyde himself, in what was, despite a close match, ultimately a loss, Ryo had been hoping to face a main event level fighter again, and he got to see her in a bikini while fighting her!

When his music started playing, the boy made his way out towards, and onto, the entrance ramp, waving to the cheering crowd. Sure, there were plenty who DIDN'T like him, people who preferred more standard wrestling matches, or didn't want to see guys in Tension, or thought he was just TOO perverted...somehow.

But most of them enjoyed the adorable teens audacity and perverted ways, and those that saw him in his pink speedo and wristbands reached from the front row, looking to either high five him, or just slap his ass! Eventually, he got to the ring, and waited on the ropes, fully intending to hold the middle rope open for his high class opponent, looking forward to a good fight...and mainly to seeing Ami in that bikini!

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Re: Ami "Supermodel" Takeuchi vs Ryo Kamiya

Post by Teenwrestler on Fri Oct 20, 2017 11:33 am


"No way, no way, no way, no way, NO WAY!" the supermodel whined in a childish fit as she was totally against wrestling someone in their speedo's while she was forced to wear a bikini. While Ami didn't have much information on her opponent and his wrestling style, there were rumors that Ryo was quite the perverted character and was not afraid to show that against any opponent, male or female.

"I don't see why I have to be wrestling in this promotional match! I'm a former champion, they should make all these other jobber bimbo's do this kind of.....ughh! Whatever" she groaned, as she was behind a changing screen in her locker room, fixing the top of her bikini after just having bulled up her bottoms.

The supermodel made her way out to the arena, looking magnificent in her bikini as she stood still on the entrance ramp, eyeing down the path to the ring. She was never afraid to show off her body, in a bikini, because of her model days she was accustomed to having people star at her in bikini shoots. She placed her hand on her left hip and tilted a bit, then flicking her hair back in a show of arrogance before walking down to the ring.

The supermodel would enter the ring by sliding under the bottom rope before getting back up on her feet. She would give Ryo a glare, expression off her disgust in having to wrestle in a bikini against an opponent who was in his speedo. "YOU" she would say, pointing at him and storming off to the middle of the ring. "You probably think this is funny don't you?"

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