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Group project deadline/presentation season

Tue Dec 04, 2018 7:21 am by Jaystar


Just to update everyone I'm having threads with - right now I'm having a crazy couple of weeks with uni group project deadlines and presentations, so I have little capability to RP right now. Things should begin to improve by the end of the week though, so I'm expecting to be posting again by then!

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Matches Wanted!!!

Thu Nov 22, 2018 11:32 am by RadiantKarna332

So, it's been a while. I've been picking up my pace here in AFW, and now, I'm looking for matches. Here are some of the girls that need their own share of matches:

Chigusa Yuuki
Remi Tachibana
Yukari "Ao-Oni" Tooru
Vamp Suzumori
Tomoko Iida

You can check out my roster page to see other characters that I haven't mentioned here. If interested, feel free to PM me or DM me via discord. My name over there is KarnaKarna #1166. Thank you in

[ Full reading ]

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I have a pirate. Who wants to fight her?

Tue Dec 11, 2018 7:54 am by Alexandra

Perhaps someone wants a match with her?

I'm open for discussing possible stuff with her.

Drop me a line if you're interested. Y'all know the drill.

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Manami "Wolf Girl" Kuroda

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Manami "Wolf Girl" Kuroda

Post by Berial on Wed Aug 23, 2017 8:12 am

Manami Kuroda
"The Wolf Girl"

Sex: Female
Age: 25
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 140 pounds
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Hometown: N/A
Nationality: Japanese
Alignment: Heel

Entrance Music:
 "Crimson Flames"

Wrestling Information

Strategy: Echoes of Manami’s unforgiving personality can be seen in her behavior in the ring. Whether or not she makes the first move is irrelevant, for her goal is always the same. Wear the opponent down, and as soon as their defenses crumble, go in for the kill. From there she uses the most painful holds and locks she can muster. Strikers are especially susceptible owing to her impressive speed and quick reactions. Even if it means risking an injury, nothing will stop Manami from her goal: hearing her opponent scream defeat. She is a cruel, sadistic mistress of submissions, maximizing pain over efficiency.

Type: Sadistic Grappler
Style: Jujutsu / Shuai Jiao

Preferred matches: Hardcore l Falls Count Anywhere l No Holds Barred; Especially w/ humiliation stipulations.

Favorite moves:
- Arm and wrist locks
- Scissors
- Leg slicers

Finishing Moves:
Tooth and Claw - After forcing her opponent to the mat, Manami will reach her leg around and wedge it underneath the crook of her opponent's neck. She'll then wrap both arms behind the opponent's neck, sneaking one hand over and the other under the leg before locking them together. She'll then reel the leg back, pronouncing the muscles in her leg as she locks in a koji clutch.
In Action:

Apex Predator - Digging her knees into her opponent's back, Manami will grab her opponents arms and fall back with a backbreaker. Keeping her knees pinned to their back, she'll wrap both arms around the opponent's own neck with an improvised chinlock to leave them helpless in her grasp.
In Action:

Physical Stats
Endurance: 4/5 - (Living on the streets has given her a noteworthy resilience. Plenty of wrestling experience makes this particularly true against holds and grapples. However, she is fairly susceptible against burlier physiques and is forced to be cautious against bigger opponents.)
Strength: 3/5 - (Possess a toned, trained physique. Strong arms, legs, and a firm core. Nothing too dangerous, but nothing worth lowering your guard for either. A good kick anywhere is enough to daze most opponents. Another might put them down for good.)
Speed: 4/5 - (Even quicker than she was back in her youth. For the months she was on the street, half of her time was spent dodging police and pulling off a number of robberies. The only way you survive longer than a week? Be quick. This stands just as much in the ring.)
Defense: 4/5 - (She’s familiar with most holds and how to get out of them. She can endure most of this punishment while easing herself against it, understanding thoroughly which position is best to be in. Years of fighting in the underground have taught her quickly enough never to take a direct hit or stay down for long.)
Technique: 4/5 - (Her moves mainly consist of painful holds and grapples, especially dangerous in a wrestling ring. A flexible woman with a remarkable amount of dexterity, it's needless to say getting caught in her grasp is particularly dangerous.)


Personality: Cold and calculating, Manami is a woman who prides herself on appearing formidable and imposing. No matter the size or strength of those she encounters, she engages them all with the same serious mannerisms. With her superiority established, her tone shifts to one of derision and disregard. An almost toying aspect unravels in matches she becomes particularly absorbed in. More so than usual, that is. Maintains a cooler temperament outside of the ring, but is nonetheless absorbed in her delusions of superiority.

Appearance: Wears her same outfit from her time back in the underground circuit. A green sports bra with matching short shorts and black wrestling shoes. Her former team’s name adorns her chest in kanji.

Ring Attire:

Casual Attire:

"Fierce and Gallant":

Cold and Calculating:



This woman’s entire life seems to embody violence. Manami Kuroda grew up in the southern end of Kyushu, in a small town along the rim of Kagoshima Prefecture. As descendants of Shimazu attendants, the war song of their predecessors runs through the veins of each member of the Kuroda family. With each generation, however, the hymn seemed to fade into the background with the ousting of samurai traditions and the changing societal tide. Their youngest, however, seemed more fit to be amongst her warrior ancestors. From the moment she left womb, Manami came into the world punching and kicking. She thrashed about so violently the doctors seriously considered administering a sedative up until she calmed on her own. It could be considered an omen for things to come.

The Shimazu were often regarded as mad warriors alike beasts on the battlefield, and this one was no different. The girl could never sit still. Getting into fights with the other kids, coming home at late hours covered in scratches and bruises, outright disappearing at times until someone found her or she returned of her own accord. Needless to say, it was a miracle that she had passed through any of her subjects. It wasn’t until she entered junior high that her grades began to improve. More likely than not, this was because she had finally found an outlet. The wrestling team.

Manami seemed to possess a natural talent for forcing submissions. It was either years of experimentation or her warrior blood that explained her prowess. Her teammates couldn’t be happier to have such a robust talent among them, not that that she cared. With something in her day to actually look forward to, she’d work even harder to keep it. Her academics steadily improved, and for each year all the way up to her time as a senior, Manami remained at the top of her class. It was difficult, but if it meant continuing to wrestle, she was more than happy to continue her studies. To no one’s surprise, she would eventually become the school’s wrestling ace without a single loss to her name. The title commanded both respect and fear. This also came with a noticeable shift in her personality. One of haughty arrogance in place of simple short-tempered aggression. Less and less, with each consecutive victory, the respect for her opponents seemed to leave her. Her eyes grew distant and cold. Even so, she managed a stellar academic record and was set to become a star pupil amongst her peers, twisted hobbies aside.

This all culminated in one match between a rival school’s rising star and the undefeated ace at the end of the year. Each round was an uphill struggle, but the rival girl’s endurance had finally started to wane, and Manami gladly seized the opprotunity. Her opponent had practically slid into the hold, and in that instant, that arm was no longer hers. A twist there, a rough pull here, and the entire audience could hear the pop. With every crank Minami’s sadistic smile grew ever larger. Even as the girl’s shrieks filled the gymnasium, intense laughter echoed right alongside them until the referee could pry the two apart. The next day, she was expelled. All of her friends and mentors gone. Her university applications suddenly rescinded. The Kuroda family could only hang their heads in shame. A bright future in tatters.

From there on, there were little options for Manami. Her parents disowned her and she was left to wander with nothing more than the clothes on her back. Even so, she was a resourceful young woman with a remarkable, if squandered, intellect. She got by through networking with the rest of the societal outcasts. Hobos, street urchins, even common criminals, working together with them to scrape together some semblance of a life for herself. Pickpocketing, breaking into kitchens, dragging wide-eyed tourists into a dark alley, anything that they could get by on was enough for her. By the end, she was actually enjoying it. The perfectly executed strikes and panicked expressions never failed to grow an elated smile on her face. A couple of months later, however, she caught wind of an underground fighting racket, and the temptation was just too much to ignore.

For her debut, she left quite the impression. The organizers enjoyed the idea of seeing a nimble young woman utterly ravaged against the chalked pavement. Even more so since there were few competitors other than men in the underground. A three-on-one match was organized, and by the end, one would stand above their mangled and tortured bodies. As their pained groans and cries echoed throughout the small, dimly-lit arena, Manami merely sat atop them, eerily content with her legs crossed, taking in the sight. Every single face surrounding her kept still in awe. Even in a circuit filled with vagabonds and degenerates, it was rare to see this kind of brutality. From the way she’d thrash and twist in her opponent's grip, to how she’d swiftly move from one side of the chalked circle to the next. Her mannerisms as she leapt into the air and took her opponent down with her. Striking with precision in movements that appeared haphazard, sudden, and out of control. Above all this, it was the noticeable hunger in her eyes as she circled, striked, and finished her adversary that caught onlookers attention. She was like a predator, unintimidated and constantly on the prowl. From the moment she left the circle, she would be referred to as the “Wolf Girl”. The woman attacking like a beast moving to confound its prey. The grappler that lived for nothing other than to hear her opponent scream.

Even amongst mean thugs and intimidating heavyweights, the Kuroda prodigy was a force that few dared to reckon with. For years, her reputation was left to ferment over the tales and undeniable results of her sporting hunts. Money was her main motivation for a while, then it was the drug. The sweet, intoxicating drug of pain. Feeling bones snap in her grip. Hearing them wail against her. The utter rush she felt in her blood as she pushed their limits. The utter disdain that was left behind after a thorough destruction was the icing on the cake. It wasn’t uncommon for her to drag a loser kicking and screaming into privacy, happy to “practice” with them after the match. With each session her skills subtly improved and her attacks became increasingly devastating in conjunction with her cruel personality. One especially brutal showing left a hardy man bloodied and broken underneath her. He’d managed to provoke her ire enough that she’d taken things a step forward, as she knelt down over his helpless form and dug into his neck with her teeth bit by bit. Snapping away and briefly gazing at the ceiling, she’d let out a fearsome howl from her blood soaked mouth. One hand strained into a claw-like shape, the other gripping onto her opponent, legs spread over him like a claimed meal, it was clear that her alias was well-founded.

With this, she made a name for herself. Money was flowing and she’d gotten herself some proper attire. A couple years later, she even hand-picked a tag partner and subordinate. “Friends” were something she’d long abandoned, and so she never even bothered to remember the woman’s name. Nevertheless, the two were a fierce and gallant duo. The entire underground network was turned upside down on its heels as the two never lost a match together. Slowly but surely, they had run out of challengers, and Minami’s attitude, while useful establishing authority, found her at a loss.

For a while, she pondered going professional. But who would taker her? She managed a noticeable, if tiny and almost harmless, criminal record from those months on the street. And her underground battles were less than legal. Plus, she had no problem with causing injuries. Would they even want her? Would any ring? Anywhere?

Her questions were answered when a scout arrived to the chalked circle one day. She was early and they were alone. How he managed to find the place was a mystery. All she knew for certain was the offer he made her. To take the next paid trip out of Kyushu...and join AFW. For a moment, just a moment, she raised an eyebrow and let out a chuckle. But no, this man was serious. And when she saw that, there was no doubt in her mind that this would be a step in the right direction. As she boarded the plane to Tokyo, a long, wicked smirk would accompany her as she left her homeland for the path to the future she’d make for herself. Out of her opponents very bones if need be.

Fun Facts:
- Absolutely adores dogs, though she never expresses her glee outwardly.
- Hates Anpan. With a passion.
- Would like to have kids one day, but a day far removed from all of this.

AFW Information

Record: 2 - 1 - 0

Wins: 2
- VS Kaede Komatsuzaki [via Submission]
- VS Yuki Onna [via KO by Rear Naked Chokehold]
Losses: 1
- VS Alaina Sanders [via Pinfall]
Draws: 0

Career Milestones:
- Newbie.

Friends: None
Allies: Yuki Kitashima, Fumika Hua
Rivals: None
Enemies: None
Crushes: None


1) You Are the Wilderness - Manami goes into her debut match expecting little against a scrappy punkette. What follows is the shortest, most embarrassing match of her entire life. Her opponent needs to learn some discipline...

2) In the Wolf's Jaws - ...and Manami is more than happy to instruct. The Wolf Girl drags the pinkette backstage after her decisive loss. Locking themselves in a private room, Manami intends to enjoy every second they have alone together. Every. Painful. Second.

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