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Kawaii Opportunities

Sun Jun 17, 2018 3:04 pm by Daaharu

Hey, guys!

With the kawaii title match at Avalanche taking on an interesting wrinkle with the interruption by the Brat Pack, we are moving forward with the overall kawaii storyline, and at this point I'd just like to take stock of what kawaiis are out there that are interested in participating in a cohesive storyline.

Can't make any promises about titles or what exactly each girl's given role would be. We can talk a little more about the specifics of where the story is going soon, but I …

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Match or RP?

Wed Jun 13, 2018 3:48 pm by Lotuswarrior

I'm just looking to do something while I wait for match replies. Really want to get some characters cemented a bit with a rival or some interactions with other characters here.

If anyone wants to do something hit me up.

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Match for Takeichi

Tue Jun 12, 2018 6:13 am by GrandAkumaShogun

So with my other two guys having their own matches I figure I should do something with my first character on here, Takeichi Mori. If anyone is interested feel free to post here or get in touch through a pm so we can plan it out. I can either have Takeichi remain a jobber or begin to work him towards being a more serious competitor.

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Alaina Sanders & Danika Gorski vs Julia Rogers & Bomber Kishima

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Alaina Sanders & Danika Gorski vs Julia Rogers & Bomber Kishima

Post by LARIATO on Wed Nov 11, 2015 5:02 pm

Match Type: Tag Team
Victory Condition: Pinfall, Submission, DQ or Countout

lariatoooo: As the familiar music of Julia Rogers played in the arena, the Co-Entropy champ burst out onto the stage with a bright smile and the crowd erupted into cheers! And a second later she was joined by the Wrestle Angels veteran, Bomber Kishima. The masked blonde high five fans she she hurried down to the ring, while Kishima followed at a moderate pace. The two entered the ring, and Julia hurried up to the middle rope in one of the corners before throwing her hands up. "WHATS UP TOKYO?!" she shouted, while Kishima merely moved to stretch by the corner, clearly not nearly as enthusiastic about this as Julia. It didn't go unnoticed by the cowgirl, but she let it go for now, and moved to the side of the ring point to a case at ringside where the Entropy Championship was. "Time to show everyone who the real champ is!" she said, before going to her corner and giving Kishima a slap on the shoulder. "Look alive partner! Ya all right?" she asked. "Yeah I'm good." Kashima answered with a nod. "Lets do this." And with that, the unlikely duo turned to look at the entranceway as they waited for the arrival of their opponents.

highflyderp: If the first team was unlikely, then the second team was unheard of. Alaina came down, doing much the same as Julia, as a stoic Danika joined her. Alaina flexed an arm and winked to the crowd before jumping up onto the apron and climbing through the ropes. Danika slowly followed, staring a hole through the other women. "All right, lets show them whose ring this is!" Alaina said loudly to Danika, who just shrugged and took her spot on the other side of the ropes. Danika, in her mind, made any team she was on a winner. This type of nonsense wasn't her style. The crowd was split as both Alaina and Julia had a loyal following. Alaina looked at Julia, pointing to herself with her thumb. "The people just saw the real Entropy champ enter the ring." She said in a serious tone as she moved to the center of the ring.

lariatoooo: Julia grinned slightly as she watched Alaina and Danika walk down the aisle. And once both women had entered the ring, her focus briefly shifted to Danika. "Hey there. Glad we could finally have a match. Good luck to ya." She said, then looked at Alaina. "Ya think so huh? that's cute. But you're in for a big reality check girl." Julia then glanced at Kishima and nodded toward her. "I'll start this out." she said. "Sounds good, I'll be ready whenever." Kashmir replied before stepping out onto the apron. Julia then turned back to her foes, curious to see who would step up to fight her.... though she really hoped it would be Alaina.

highflyderp: Alaina remained in the ring and cocked her head. "You really have a thing for underestimating meson't you?" She said as she held her hands up for a lockup. "I will show you that you got lucky to not tap in that triple threat match." Alaina said, recalling her sharpshooter...... and Gwendolyn's entourage jumping up on the apron.

lariatoooo: "Oh please. Ya weren't gonna beat me then, and you're not gonna tonight either." Julia retorted. The ref then called for the bell to start the match, and Julia began to circle Alaina while dueling chants for the Entropy Co-Champs rang out in the arena. She'd then inch toward the amazon with her arms up as if inviting her for a lockup. But Julia knew better than to get into a test of strength with Alaina. So instead she'd then suddenly drop down while attempting to surprise the bigger gal with a low dropkick aimed right at her knee.

highflyderp: "Ok whatever, I am gonna....omph!" Alaina grunted as she dropped to one knee! Julia was cocky... but crafty! Alaina tried to get eyes on Julia and when Julia moved close enough, Alaina would lunge up, trying to surprise her with a clothesline! "Sit down will ya?" Alaina shouted as she jumped back up!

lariatoooo:  The dropkick hit perfectly. But as Julia quickly picked herself up, she hadn't expected Alaina to be just as quick. "Agh!" the cowgirl grunted as a clothesline surprised her and took her down to the mat. But immediately upon landing Julia quickly rolled over and sprang back up, grinning and keeping her distance as she waited to see what Alaina would do next. "Heh, lucky shot...."

highflyderp: Alaina smirked at Julia as the resilient woman got back up. "You haven't seen anything yet!" Alaina said as she moved forward trying to grab a hold of Julia! A simple headlock would keep the pace of the match slow, much to Alaina's liking!

lariatoooo: Julia's eyes remained glued to the amazon as she approached, shifting around as she tried to figure out which direction to dart to avoid being caught in Alaina's clutches. She attempted to make a move, but once again her fellow dojo trainee's speed surprised Julia, managing to catch her in a headlock. Julia grunted as she was squeezed, but she damn sure wasn't going to stay there for long if she could help it. Raising a boot, she placed her sole against the back of Alaina's knee and pushed, trying to force it from the mat. If she could, she'd ten grab her foe's wrist and attempt to slide out of the headlock while twisting the arm back, trying to free herself from the hold and put Alaina in a hammerlock.

highflyderp: Alaina had the headlock in place... but in the blink of an eye Julia had managed to get out and place Alaina in a hammerlock! "Damn it!" Alaina cursed, upset that she had her headlock so easily reversed. Julia indeed proved to be skilled and speedy yet again. However Alaina still had options open to counter. Knowing that Julia was behind her Alaina swung her right elbow back, trying to catch Julia with an elbow to the face of side of her head!

lariatoooo: "Whats the matter champ? Havin' a little trouble there?" Julia taunted with a grin as she twisted Alaina's arm with the hammerlock. Of course she knew nothing like this would be making the amazon submit. Especially so early. But she was still off to a nice start and feeling pretty good about it. That is, until an elbow suddenly flew back and slammed right into her face. "Ugh!" she gasped at the heavy hit, which wiped the ring off her face and made her let go of Alaina's wrist. But Julia wasn't gonna let the bigger girl off the hook so easily. And right after she let go of Alaina's arm, the luchadora leapt up and attempted to hammer a big dropkick right into Alaina's back, also intending to use the move to push off of Alaina and get some distance between them.

highflyderp: Alaina was relived to have the hammerlock released, but she did get a sudden dropkick to the back for her trouble! "Gah!" Alaina shouted as she stumbled forward and down to her knees before quickly recovering. She glared at Julia before rushing forward! "Stop running your mouth already!" Alaina shouted while aiming a straight kick to Julia's abdomen! If the kick connected Alaina wanted to DDT her friend Julia more than anyone could imagine....

lariatoooo: Julia was quick to get back to her feet after utilizing the dropkick to create some distance between her and Alaina. Regardless, once again the amazon surprised Julia with her quickness, closing the distance almost as quickly as it had been created. "Ugh!" the cowgirl grunted out as a boot struck her stomach, hunching her over perfectly for Alaina to wrap her arm around Julia's masked head. Knowing what was coming Julia raised a boot and attempted to stomp down right on Alaina's foot in hopes of stopping the impending DDT. If successful, she'd reach out for the same leg she'd just stomped at and try to twist the limb with a quick and painful dragon screw! But if she failed, then her head would likely be taking a dive straight for the canvass....

highflyderp: Alaina felt a stomp hammer her foot and she let out a yelp as Julia crushed her foot! It stopped the DDT and Alaina felt her leg grabbed by Julia! "Ugh, no way!" Alaina said as she shot a quick elbow shot at Julia to separate herself from her speedy foe before the dragon screw sent her on a one way trip to the mat!

lariatoooo: "Ngh!" Julia grunted as Alaina's forearm came crashing right into her masked face, forcing her to drop the girl's powerful leg and stumble back. She started to take a lunging step forward, but quickly stopped when she saw there was no good opening available. It seemed the opening struggle had resulted in a stalemate, drawing a round of respectful applause from the crowd for both girls. And Kishima, having done this song and dance a million times with a million people knew the next part f it like the back of her hand. "Oi Julia! Tag!" she called while holding her right hand out Julia glanced at her partner then back at Alaina, then grinned while taking a couple steps over to her corner. "Guess we can't have all the fun to ourselves can we Alaina. But don't get too comfy I'll be seein' ya back in here soon enough." Julia said while slapping Kishima's hand, and stepping out onto the apron. And though the Bomber wasn't thrilled at all about having been thrown into this tag team match, she was excited about sharing the ring with people who weren't former Angels for once. "All right, lets do this thing." she said with a grin, punching her right hand into her left palm.

highflyderp: "You sure will." Alaina said as Danika held her hand out non-chalantly to enter the match. Alaina tagged in her small, cocky partner and climbed through the ropes. "Go get her Danika!" Alaina said cheerfully. Danika entered the match and looked Bomber over. "Big women fall hard, yes?" Danika said with a confident smirk. She rushed towards Bomber and planted one foot, spinning around in an effort to seemingly kick Bomber's head from her shoulders!

lariatoooo: “Heh, we Sure do...” Kishima started, then watched as Danika came running right at her. When the kick was thrown, the Bomber lifted an arm and let her ribs take the force of the kick. The impact stung, but she immediately clamped her arm down on the leg to keep it trapped in place. “...But we can make our opponents fall a lot harder.” To emphasize her point, she then reached her free arm to scoop Danika up and turn her upside down, where she would then hurl her foe down to the mat with an explosive scoop slam!

highflyderp: Danika looked on in shock as this big Japanese woman just blocked one of her kicks as if it were nothing! "W-what?!" Danika blurted out as she found herself picked up and slammed down! She howled in pain as she grabbed her lower back, arching up and gritting her teeth. "You overgrown muclebound mutant woman...." Danika geumbled to herself. Bomber Kishima was tough and clearly powerful!

lariatoooo: Julia leapt up when Danika crashed on the ground, as if the intense impact itself had caused it. "WOO! Nice one!" she called out while clapping her hands. But Kishima wasn't quite so celebratory, especially when she heard Danika's grumbling insults. "Huh?! What was that?! Could've sworn I just heard you talking shit about me!" Kishima growled, overexagerrating her irritation as she loomed over Danika. More an intimidation tactic than anything else. Reaching down, she'd attempt to pull the girl into a sitting position on the mat, then wrap her powerful arms around her waist. From there the Bomber would stand up, deadlifting Danika right off the mat, then hold her up for a second or two before attempting to toss her back and overhead with a German Suplex!

highflyderp: Danika was so stunned from the first slam that she was powerless to stop the show of strength by Kishima!  Danika was hammered to the mat by the German suplex and the whole arena knew exactly how it felt by her loud scream of anguish!  Danika only took two moves but she was absolutely battered by them.  At this point she was like putty in Kishima's hands!  From the side a worried Alaina tried to shout words of encouragement.  "Come on Danika!  Get up and get back into it!"

lariatoooo: This was her first match in AFW that didn't involve any of her former Wrestle Angel coleagues, but Kishima was definitely off to an explosive start. With just two moves, she'd already taught Danika why they call her "Bomber" Kishima. And with the intense impacts her foe had taken already, she just might be able to put a quick end to this match. Moving over to Danika's body, Kishima raised her right arm up, then attempted to drop down onto her opponent's chest with an elbow drop! And if it landed, she'd keep her arm rested right on top of Danika for a pin attempt.

highflyderp: Danika wheezed as the air was flattened from her by the big elbow drop!  She squirmed as she struggled against the weighty pin of Kishima!  At 2.5 Danika managed to work her shoulder off the mat!  Alaina saw Danika already in trouble and leaned over the ropes, extending her hand for a tag.  "Danika get me in there so she can mess with someone her own size!"  Alaina shouted, trying to spur Danika into action!  Danika did her part to roll away from Kishima and dash for her corner!

lariatoooo: It was close, and Kishima glanced at the ref for confirmation after the kickout, only to be assured she'd made it just before the three count. "Almost." Kishima muttered, before watching Danika hurry back to her corner. She probably could've stopped her from making it, but instead she simply got back to her feet and waited. Danika had spunk, but the Entropy Co-champ was almost guaranteed to be much more of a challange, a thought that brought a grin to Kishima's lips. Once she saw the Amazon was about to get tagged in, Julia reached out her hand. "Tag me!" she called out, but Kishima waved her off. "Give me a minute here. I wanna see what she's got." the Bomber replied, now simply waiting for Alaina to join her in the ring.

highflyderp: Alaina climbed in and held her hqnds out to lock up with Kishima.  "You look stromg enough, but I have a bit more solid mass I think....."  Alaina said with a wink, hoping to really test her strength against Kishima.  For this Alaina would hold nothing back!

lariatoooo: "Think so, huh? Well lets see if that makes a difference." Kishima replied before lunging in to lock up with Alaina, like two powerful bulls locking horns in an attempt to drive the other back! And that's exactly what Kishima tried to do. She knew it'd be no easy effort. But she tried as hard as she could to overcome Alaina's strength and push her back. But, try as she might, it didn't seem either woman was going anywhere just yet!

highflyderp: Alaina was surprised that Kishima was matching her power!  Alaina widened her legs and did her best to push back, trying to drive Kishima straight back into the corner as hard as she could!  As if to illustrate things for Julia, Alaina shot her a quick glance and smirk as she began her push!

lariatoooo: Strength had always been Kishima's biggest asset, and it had helped her overpower many wrestlers larger than she was in her time. Alaina was right at about the same height, but the fact that Kishima wasn't able to move her back was quite a testament to the Amazon's power. Clearly, her nickname was just as well-earned as Kishima's. The bomber lifted a leg to try to step forward and force Alaina back, only for the Amazon to push forward first, causing Kishima's step to instead go backward. "Shit!" she grunted as she continued to struggle against Alaina. Julia had caught the glance thrown her way, and the unspoken message that went with it. "Come on, Bomber! Ya got this!" she shouted to her teammate. But still, Kishima simply wasn't overpowering Alaina here. And now that she'd lost some leverage, it'd only get worse. But just because there was no ground to be gained in this test of strength didn't mean she was helpless. With a shout, Kishima threw her right knee forward, aiming to wind the Amazon and break the lockup.

highflyderp: "Oomph!"  Alaina grunted as her abdomen took a heavy knee!  Alaina let go and took a step back, rubbing her abdomen.  Alaina didn't want to be seen as anyones punching bag.... that brought up too many bad memories of the Brittany Luuve debacle.  Alaina lunged forward, looking to clothesline Kishima down to the mat!

lariatoooo: Kishima rolled her shoulders and took a quick breath after her knee broke the lockup. Maybe she hadn't been able to overpower Alaina, but at least now she was in a good position to press some offensive as she'd done with Danika...or so she thought. That is, until Alaina's arm suddenly crashed into Kishima's chest with a clothesline! "Ngh!" she grunted as the hit caught her off guard, dropping her down to the mat.

highflyderp: Alaina was happy to see that Kishima went down, but knew she had to keep going.  "Ya don't like it when women throw power right backmat you huh?"  Alaina said as she pulled Kishima up by the arm.  Alaina wanted to pick her up for a vertical suplex and hold her straight up, walking around the ring before trying to bring her crashing down!

lariatoooo: It wasn't necessarily that Kishima didn't like power used against her. She loved a good challenge, almost regardless of style. But usually when people were able to play the power game with Kishima, they were much larger than her. People like Migiri Oozora. She was quite thankful Alaina was Migiri's size, but that fact didn't do much to help her as she was brought to her feet, then hoisted upside down. Kishima winced in expectation of a big impact with the mat, but it didn't come. Instead, Alaina wowed not only Kishima, but the entire audience by walking around the ring with her suspended in the air! /Then/ the impact came, after several seconds of the Bomber's blood rushing right to her head. "Agh!" she yelled out, cringing in pain as she landed.

highflyderp: Alaina wanted to give Julia one last show before she would beckon her back in the ring.  It was a gamble, but if it paid off the crowd would squarely be in her corner.... just like the panting Danika, who was still using the ropes to support herself.  Alaina pulled Kishima up again and this time grabbed her and tried to hold her directly over her head, pumping a couple times before hitting Kishima with a military press slam!

lariatoooo: If anyone thought the delayed suplex was impressive, then they were absolutely blown away by what they saw next. Kishima was brought back up, before being lifted into the air high over Alaina's head, before being pressed up and down! "Wha-?! Are you kidding--!" BAM! The awestruck Kishima's words were cut off as she was once again brought down with a thunderous impact to the mat. "GAH!" she shouted, arching her back and moving a hand to nurse her aching back.

highflyderp: Alaina moved to lay acrossmKishima's chest and hook her leg, going for a pin!  As nasty as her offensive spurt was, Alaina saw a spunk in Kishima and a toughness.  She might get close, but a 3 count was very unlikely at this point.  No matter, Alaina knew whom she really wanted to pin anyhow....

lariatoooo: As Alaina laid over her and hooked the leg, the ref knelt down to count the pin. "ONE! TWO...!" But before the final count could be made, Kishima grunted out while forcing a shoulder up off the mat to break the pin. "That's it! Hang in there!" Julia called out while clapping her hands to encourage her teammate. The match was still young, but Kishima knew she had to do more than just survive long enough to tag Julia back in. As things stood, that would do nothing but throw the cowgirl in front of a freight train with way too much momentum. A tag was certainly in order, but the Bomber didn't want to attempt it until the time was right. But setting such a stage was likely not going to be an easy task, and the Amazon wasn't likely to simply let it happen...

highflyderp: Alaina let Bomber get bqck up and held her hands out for another grapple. This time Alaina wanted tomget behind Kishima and try to lock in an abdominal stretch hold to bleed her dry!  Alaina wanted Julia in the match so bad she could taste it!

lariatoooo: Kishima grunted and slowly pulled herself back up to a vertical base. It was a relief to find that she didn't seem to be the type to try to kick opponents while they were down, though she hoped the Amazon wasn't underestimating her too much. As impressive as her displays of strength had been, Kishima was not the right chick to take too lightly. After she got up, she put up her hands and lashed out to lock up with Alaina again. However, instead of the test of strength again, this time the Amazon manuvered herself around Kishima to apply an abdominal stretch! "Aghh!" Kishima shouted through grit teeth as her body was contorted in the hold. When the ref asked if she wanted to give up, she shook her head and shouted, "No!" With her free hand, she grabbed onto the leg of Alaina's that had wrapped around her own, and grunted while attempting to peel it off of the trapped limb. If she succeeded, she'd then throw her trapped arm forward in an attempt to toss Alaina over her hip and slam her onto the mat!

highflyderp: "Woah!"  Alaina shouted as she went flying over and landed on her butt!  Alaina tried to get back up to her feet quickly to avoid any more wrath from Kishima.  Alaina was eady to make a quick counter but what she really wanted to do was whip Kishima into the ropes and greet her with a big boot to the face on the way back!

lariatoooo: Kishima took a couple much needed breaths after flipping Alaina over to break the abdominal stretch. Just from the brief amount of time she'd spent in the ring with the Amazon, it was quite clear this girl hadn't found her way to the top of the Entropy division by accident. But that only motivated Kishima even more to try to show she hadn't lost a step from the Wrestle Angel "glory days," and that she had what it took to hang with the other girls fighting their way up the mountain. And as Alaina whipped her toward the ropes, Kishima planted her feet and turned, trying to reverse the irish whip and send the Amazon running into the ropes instead. If successful, then on the rebound Kishima would bring her hands to Alaina's waist and briefly put her own strength on display by pushing her straight up into the air, before turning to catch Alaina over her shoulder and slamming her down onto the canvas!

highflyderp: Alaina was frustrated to have her whip reversed, but that was quickly replaced with a fresh helping of pain as Alaina was tossed up and slammed to the mat!  She let out a cry of pain and kicked the mat in pain.  "Damn it.. how'd that happen..."  Alaina mumbled as she laid on the mat.

lariatoooo: Ordinarily, Kishima would've gone for a pin after something like that. But instead, she rolled over to lay down on the mat just a few feet from Alaina, taking a brief moment to catch some more breath. Then she pushed herself up and rolled back to her corner, where a more than eager Julia Rogers was bouncing on the apron with her hand stretched out as far as it could reach. "Come on, come on!" she said, and Kishima obliged by slapping her hand to tag the cowgirl back in! Not wasting a single second, Julia hurried along the apron to align herself directly facing the downed Amazon. She gripped the top rope and waited, stalking her friend and rival's every move, waiting for her to get up. And as soon as she did, Julia woule leap up to the top rope and spring off of it, launching her like a missle at Alaina as she aimed to blast her right in the chest with an explosive dropkick!

highflyderp: Alaina was still hurting as she got to her feet.... only to be hurting even more!  She went flying back, landing on her back and looking up at the arena lights.  "Ahhhhh!"  Alaina clutched her chest and rapidly kicked the mat as she was now down!  She had Kishima right where she wanted her... now Julia was in and making her look second rate already!

lariatoooo: Immediately after the dropkick, Julia slammed her palms on the mat and sprang back up to her feet. "LET'S GO!" she shouted, her infectuous energy sending the crowd into a frienzy! And with Alaina down, the Amazon was in prime position for what Julia had in mind next. Taking a couple running steps toward her foe, Julia would then leap into a back flip while propelling herself forward, aiming to crash down onto Alaina torso-first with a standing shooting star press! And if it landed, she'd immediately reach out to hook a leg for a pin attempt to follow it.

highflyderp: Alaina felt Julia land on her and her leg hook, she knew what this meant.  "No way..."  Alaina growled at Julia.  The referee got to one.... then right at two Alaina thrust Julia off of her as hard as she could!  Alaina was slow to her eet, but she knew if she wanted to have any hope of getting back into this match she couldn't allow Julia to keep her momentum!

lariatoooo: Julia went rolling for a few feet when Alaina powered out of the pin right after the two count. But despite the clear show of resilience the Amazon put in her emphatic kickout, the masked blonde grinned while getting back to her feet. "C'mon, Alaina! This all ya got?!" she said, taking a few steps toward her as the powerhouse slowly climbed back to her feet. And then, Julia reared her right leg back before firing it out, aiming a stiff roundhouse kick right at Alaina's chest! She wasn't exactly a kickboxer, nor was this exactly an example of her typical high flying offensive scheme. But it was bound to hurt if it hit, and that's all that mattered.

highflyderp: Alaina staggered up and took a hard kick to the chest and landed on her back!  Alaina knew she was in a bad spot and had to do something.  Alaina had to ground Julia somehow.  The most straightforward way was what Alaina went for:  She tried to bet up and tackle Julia, trying to mount her and rain down some punches on her!

lariatoooo: After her kick dropped the Amazon, Julia took a few steps toward her with the intention of presing her advantage. "Get u-- Whoa!" she said as the bigger girl suddenly tackled her to the mat and climbed on top of her! With Alaina astride her mdisection and keeping her pinned down, Julia could only put her arms up over her face and squirm beneath Alaina as she endured the onslaught of descending punches! Even though most of the hits were landing on her forearms rather than her head, they still hurt like a bitch, and Julia knew she couldn't afford to be down there for too long. So she swung her legs up, trying to hook them under Alaina's arms before attempting to use them to pull Alaina down onto her back for a surprise pin attempt!

highflyderp: Alaina let put a shout of surprise as she was suddenly pinned!  She was caught by surprise as she was pinned!  At the count of 2 Alaina thrust up with her legs to free herself.  "Its gonna take much more than that..."  Alaina grumbled as she rose up to her feet.

lariatoooo: The cowgirl hadn't expected the rollup to put Alaina away, though she was glad it at least managed to get the Amazon off of her. As soon as Alaina had kicked out, Julia rolled backward and popped back up to her feet, and waited for Alaina to pull herself too. As soon as she was close to being back to a vertical base, the high flying cowgirl would rush forward and leap up, swinging a leg at the side of Alaina's head in hopes of drilling her with an enziguri!

highflyderp: As Julia's foot hit, Alaina saw stars and crashed down to the ring hard.  "Ungh...."  Alaina rolled to her side, tapping the mat with her foot.  She was dazed and down, clearly out of it.  Alaina craddled her head in her arms, groaning as she laid on the mat.

lariatoooo: Julia was picking up a ton of momentum, and it seemed her speed was becoming increasingly difficult for Alaina to keep up with. Kishima had been in enough tag team matches over the years to see where this was going. So right after the kick connected, the Bomber went into the ring and sprinted across the ring right at Danika, throwing a forearm at the girl's head to try to knock her off the apron. "Stay on her!" she'd then call to Julia before hurrying outside the ring to ensure Danika remained in no position to mess things up for the cowgirl. Nodding to her partner, Julia then ran and leapt onto the nearest middle rope, then sprang off of it and flipped backward through the air, aiming to crash torso first onto Alaina with a Lionsault!

highflyderp: Danika had just shaken off her bad experience in the ring when she took a forearm to the face, crashing down to the outside!  Things were no better for Alaina as she felt the crushing lionsault knock the wind out of her!  "Aahhhhh!"  Alaina howled, the sheer note of agony and anguish in her voice a telling sign of how far south things had turned for her against julia.  She was in a big hole and she wasn't sure if she could get out....

lariatoooo: Once Kishima was outside the ring, she immediately positioned Danika on her front, then sat down on the girl's lower back. She reached out for her foe's arms, then attempted to pull them back over her strong thighs to lock her in a camel clutch! Meanwhile, after splashing onto Alaina with the lionsault, Julia moved to the girl's legs, then pushed them up and leaned on them, folding her up with a matchbook pin as the ref knelt by Alaina and slapped the mat to start the count. "One...!"

highflyderp: Alaina heard Danika and a sharp cry of pain as she was locked into a hold she had no hope of escaping.  Alaina herself was now being buried under the landslide that was Julia's lightning quick offense!  She was folded into a very secure pin, with the two count hitting the mat before she had any chance to try to kick out!  Alaina still had fight in her despite the punishment she had endured, kicking out at two and a half!

lariatoooo: Kishima couldn't help but grin while she cranked on the pressure of her hold. She'd heard the thunderous crash of Julia's move, as well as the ref's count, and was expecting the match to be over. Instead, what she heard was an explosion of awe-filled cheers from the audience when Alaina barely kicked out! "Damn!" she cursed, before shoving Danika down and sliding into the ring. Jula had already picked herself up, and was sizing the Amazon up for something, only to stop when she saw her partner come in. The Bomber peeled off her elbow pad and flung it away before raising her arm in the air. Everyone watching, including Julia, knew what was coming next. Grinning, the masked cowgirl nodded to Kishima and moved out of the way, while the violet haired bruiser waited for Alaina to get up. And once she did, Kishima would dash right at her and hurl her right arm forward, aiming to blast Alaina with one of her devastating Napalm Lariats!

highflyderp: Alaina got up, gasping for breath and watching a surprisingly passive Julia.  Alaina didn't see Bomber right away but heard her footsteps.  Alaina saw Kishima but it was too late.  She was mercilessly hammered by Kishima, her head snapping back as she hit the mat!  Alaina felt like she was barely conscious and any noise that registered seemed to echo.  Her vision was blurry as her eyes fluttered as her head rose up and hit the mat.  Both Alaina and Danika lay motionless in and outside the ring.

lariatoooo: The second Kishima's lariat hit, Julia immeidatly began climbing up the nearest corner until she was stanging on the top rope. With a bright and confident smile on her face, she pointed straight up while looking out over the audience, who was already on their feet in anticipation of what could very likely be the end. "Lets go!!!!" she shouted out. Then, the luchadora leapt from the rope, launching herself into a corkscrew backflip, attempting to finish Alaina off by crashing onto her with a Stardust Press!

highflyderp: Alaina wasn't able to offer any resistance after the lariat, so the stardust press felt like an extra heaping of pain. To Alaina it felt like insult to injury.  The extra finisher, Kishima putting he screws to an outclassed girl barely bigger than a kawaii.... none of it sat well with the totally incapacitated Alaina.  The three count was academic at this point, and after the final count Alaina si ply lay there.  She had no energy to move and was wracked with pain.  The only thing she could do was bring her hands to cover her defeated, and embarrassed face.  The cheers from the crowd, reveling in Julia and Kishima's victory may as well have been laughter..

lariatoooo: Immediately after splashing onto Alaina, Julia had hooked one of the Amazon's legs while holding an arm up to count the pin along with the ref. "One! Two! Three!" It had gone without a hitch, and Julia immediately sprang up as her music played again over the speakers. The cowgirl and Kishima both smiled brightly while givine each other a quick congratulatory hug in the center of the ring, and the ref walked over to raise both their hands high. Kishima then gave Julia a little, final shoulder punch before exiting the ring and heading up the ramp. Julia wasn't sure why her partner was in such a hurry to get out of there, but whatever. Still wanting to hang around a bit more, Julia ascended to the middle rope in the nearest corner and threw her hands up in celebration. "That's how it's done, people!" she shouted out, before hopping back down. She then turned to look at Alaina, and moved her hands over her waist, as if highlighting a championship belt. "That was just a preview, girl. At Avalanche, I'm takin' that title." she said confidently, already more than eager for the opportunity to not only defeat the Amazon again, but become the /true/ Entropy Champion in the process.

highflyderp: Alaina laid on the mat for a few moments, not responding to Julia.  It was humiliating and humbling.... even without the added fun of the killer lariat, Julia had gone toe to toe with Alaina.  Alaina was flat out destroyed by Julia.  Based on the noise, Julia also won over the crowd.  Alaina finally got up, watching as Danika was walking up the ramp on her own.  Alaina got to her feet and slowly walked, or more correctly hobbled her way up the ramp with her hands on her hips.  The entire time, Alaina's head was hung low in shame, she couldn't bring herself to face the fans.  As she got backstage all she wanted was to be left alone. But after a while, Alaina finally did look up, and saw a confident looking Julia in the back.  She had to pass by her to go shower off this defeat.  This was the last person Alaina wanted to see.  "You look pretty proud of yourself.  Your pal Kishima pretty much took my head off with that surprise lariat.  That flying press was a nice little touch too."  Alaina said, her tone clearly reflecting her feeling of insult to injury.

lariatoooo: Once Julia was done celebrating in the ring, she'd happily made her way back to the locker room, and had just started to get undressed when she heard Alaina's voice behind her, and turned around with a look of slight disbelief on her face. "You serious right now? You're actually surprised by that? I'm a little shocked that I gotta break this news to a title holder, but that's what pro wrestlers do, Alaina. They use the best weapons in their arsenal to /win/ matches. I know you've had some trouble gettin' the hang of that part, but that's how it works."

highflyderp: Alaina smiled and shook her head.  "Yeah, we all know about you being undefeated.  No one can take that from you.  I just never thought of you as the rubbing it in type before.  I guess thats two things ya showed me tonight then isn't it?"  Alaina said crossing her arms.

lariatoooo: "Oh whatever!" Julia said, rolling her eyes and turning around for a moment to pack a few things into her bag, before turning back around to face Alaina again, looking her right in the eyes. "Look, partner. Like I said out there, that was nothin'. Barely a /taste/ of what's comin' your way next time around. If ya thought /that/ was excessive, you're gonna be in for the worst night of your life at Avalanche. If I were you, I'd stop bein' so damn salty 'bout tonight and focus on getting my A game ready for the title match. 'Cause girl, you're gonna need it big time." And with that, Julia picked up her bag and strode past Alaina to leave the locker room, having decided to just go back to the dojo and shower there instead.

Winners via pinfall: Julia Rogers & Bomber Kishima


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