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Match for Takeichi

Tue Jun 12, 2018 6:13 am by GrandAkumaShogun

So with my other two guys having their own matches I figure I should do something with my first character on here, Takeichi Mori. If anyone is interested feel free to post here or get in touch through a pm so we can plan it out. I can either have Takeichi remain a jobber or begin to work him towards being a more serious competitor.

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Kawaii Opportunities

Sun Jun 17, 2018 3:04 pm by Daaharu

Hey, guys!

With the kawaii title match at Avalanche taking on an interesting wrinkle with the interruption by the Brat Pack, we are moving forward with the overall kawaii storyline, and at this point I'd just like to take stock of what kawaiis are out there that are interested in participating in a cohesive storyline.

Can't make any promises about titles or what exactly each girl's given role would be. We can talk a little more about the specifics of where the story is going soon, but I …

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Match or RP?

Wed Jun 13, 2018 3:48 pm by Lotuswarrior

I'm just looking to do something while I wait for match replies. Really want to get some characters cemented a bit with a rival or some interactions with other characters here.

If anyone wants to do something hit me up.

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Sion vs Haruka Date - 2 for 1?

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Sion vs Haruka Date - 2 for 1?

Post by Maxy on Wed Dec 17, 2014 5:35 am

Sion vs Haruka Date
Standard rules

note: done initially over im (Haruka Date played by LtLukas)

Haruka bounced back and forth to try and get herself limber. She had already stretched out and thought she was ready. It was her first fight ever against a man. Haruka rarely doubted herself but in this case she couldn't help it. The silent woman stood alone in the backroom, waiting for someone to cue her to the stage. She was ready. She hoped.
Sion was coming off a recent good effort in tag team action with Daisuke and was looking to keep things going well.  Even though Lita looked like she wanted to be the one that (their manager) Lina got hooked up for this next match she still was helping Sion prepare for it.

Haruka's music began. She took to the entrance ramp the crowd giving her steady but not overwhelming, applause. She waved back but didn't smile. It just seemed so...meh. She jumped up to the mat and tucked under the ropes and stood in the center of the ring. Come on out, buddy, she thought.

When it came time for Sion to go out Lita would remain behind but that wasn't an issue.  She would watch from the back as Sion headed down to the ring.  While he was not one to pay attention to those who made the comparison as he was wanting to distance himself from her, what he was feeling right now could be compared to the feeling his mother got anytime she stepped into a ring.  

Haruka gave a nod to Sion. That was all the acknowledging he was going to get. She also nodded to the ref girl, letting her know that Haruka was ready for the bout. She took up her fight stance, knees bent and arms out. Her opponent seemed strong and Haruka intended to see how good he was right out of the gates.

As he mentioned to the referee that he was ready he has a feeling of what might happen when the bell ring. He kept his distance as the bell rang but did motion that he was ready for her, though hinting to see if she wanted to lock up to kick things off, thinking she might instead just want to striker her way right off the bat.

Haruka took off like a bullet the second the bell rung. She took one giant step forward and jumped into the air. With a flourish she spun in the air, swinging in a massive kick aimed at her opponent's head to start things off.

With what he thought she would do he wasn't taken completely off guard when he saw her jump up she changed his positioning so when she landed the kick would have missed the intended target, though not by much as he wanted to be as close as he could to her as he wanted to grab hold of her from behind.

Haruka yelped in surprise as she was grabbed from behind. There was no way she could have seen that coming, and lo and behold, she didn't. It was a high risk move, and Haruka prayed it wouldn't be so costly.
After getting a grip on her he would attempt to lift her up and shift their bodies a bit and take her down and landing on top but to the side of her which upon landing if she was no major resistance from her he would put her in a head lock to keep control.

Haruka gagged, sputtering from the head lock. Her airflow had been cut off and she was willing to do anything she could to get it back. She raised her arm and brought her elbow into Sion's side as quickly and powerfully as she could.

He knew it would take more than that to get her to stay down and he moved wirth her as she went to get out of the hold as Sion started to stand back up.  He released it when he felt the elbow connect, though he knew how to use his arms and legs too and he responded with a kick to the side opposite of where she hit him.

Lt Lukas: Haruka stepped back and watched the kick go whizzing by. It was an impressive kick, for sure, but Haruka was fast. Crazy fast. She stepped forward and flattened her hand, sending the knife strike straight at Sion's stomach.

That one sent him back a step, and while Sion was not one to make it a striking contest he knew he couldn't let her get to him. It was a good shot and something about it made him channel part of his canadianess and he exploded at her with a couple of quick fists, like it was becoming a good ol' fashion hockey fight

Haruka dodged one strike but the next two hit her and staggered her backwards. The crowd began picking up their intensity showing their unrestrained joy from this quick martial display. Haruka spun once again and swept her leg low, trying to get Sion off his feet.

As he went for another one was taken down to a knee with the leg sweep, though with him getting fired up just a moment ago the feeling was still going strong and he would do like a half tackle dive from his knee to take her down, or at least send her back at bit.
Lt Lukas: Haruka was forced to take a few steps back from the half tackle. She was lurched at the same way a tiger leaps on its prey but managed to avoid the worst. She was still standing, and he was not. The distance between was closed very quickly and she aimed a knee at Sion's head, attempting to bloody that nose a little.

Sion went to get back up, which his arm took the shot to the head as stood back up.

Haruka felt pangs of pain go up her leg. She had hit Sion's hard arm as opposed to his soft and easily breakable nose. It occurred to her that it was foolish to expect to get such a critical blow this early. She grimaced. The match was still there for the taking and she swung her arm above her in a wide arc bringing down a massive karate chop, wherever it may land.

It caught Sion in the shoulder, which he retaliated with what would be a a quick jab, though instead he would duck down and to the side, having no intention to actually land it, and instead would go off the ropes and run back at her.

Haruka dodged the jab. Her eyes widened in surprise and he darted past her and into the ropes. She tried to brace herself for whatever was coming her way, body at the ready.

When he came off he would go to run past her and go off the other set of  ropes, this time though he would come at her with a cross body block.
Lt Lukas: Haruka stepped out of the way of him on the first pass, useless as it was. She wasn't prepared for him on the second pass and was sent sprawling to the mat, having felt the full impact of her opponent.

It  looked like Sion was wanting to go for a pin here and the referee went down to make a count but Sion jumped back up before a one count could be made, knowing it would take more than that and that he should keep on her.  He would go off the ropes again and would fire off a dropkick regardless if she was still on the mat, sitting up or was back to her feet, though there was no particular target that he was aiming for.

Haruka hopped up and was looking for her opponent. Little did she know he was airborne, sending a drop kick at her with incredible force. Haruka hit the mat again and went spread eagle. The kick went into her chest and knocked all the wind out of her.

When he noticed how she landed he had a feeling he had to go for something big here and quickly went for the corner and leaped for the top rope.  Lita watched on from the locker room and saw Sion going up stairs early on.  She wondered what he had in mind as he got the feet posited where he wanted without much trouble.  When he went to jump off however one could say there was some trouble as the top turnbuckle snapped and the top rope came off, sending Sion crashing down, almost like a faceplant to the mat below.

The top rope was still connected in the other corners as some of it in the corner he was in was over and under one of his legs.

Lt Lukas: Haruka was dimly aware what was going on, her head still ringing. She pulled herself up and found her opponent face down on the mat, not so far away from her. She bent down and grabbed his hair, wrenching him up from the mat. After she did that, she unleashed a flurry, ending it with a massive kick to his chin, hitting her dreaded finisher: Phoenix Rising!

It looked like the referee was debating on stopping or not though there was still some movement in Sion, but very little as one of of legs moved a tiny bit and when it looks like Sion might move an arm or something he is grabbed hold of and is unable for what was to follow and flops back down hard.

Haruka quickly hops down on him for the pin. Her body lied across his and the ref began to count. One! Two! Three! Haruka bounced up, jubilant and jumping. She won! And very convincingly, hitting her finisher. The crowd went wild.

Combined with the suddenness of the original fall he wasn't able to kick out of it, nor did it look like he was going to attempt it.  As Haruka celebrated Lita and Daisuke came out.  Dai would slide in and check on the welfare of her husband and stable member.  Lita would remain on the outside as Daisuke was carefully helping him out of the ring. It looked like Lita would help Dai take him back to the locker room but when she looked back at the ring and Haruka she instead told Dai that it's all her, leaving her to do the heavy lifting and instead goes to the ring announcer and asks for the mic.

Haruka had nearly left the ring before looking back one last time. One of her opponent's crew had stayed behind and began asking for a mike. She felt she hadn't injured him or anything and was a little curious. A bit of curiosity stopped her and she stood, waiting to hear what this woman would say or do. The crowd's applause had all but stopped. The room was tense as they waited to see what happened next.

Daisuke and Lita did give each other looks of that they both know what they are each doing. She then turns to attention to the ring as Dai takes Sion backstage.  She tells  Haruka that she doesn't want to take away from her recent win, but asks her if she feels satisfied with it.

Haruka nodded and looked at the woman curiously. She did not know this woman and the woman was asking strange questions of her. Of course she was satisfied, she won fair and square to the best of her knowledge. She put her hands on her hips. The Silent Phoenix remained silent, only glaring at the woman with the mic.

She adds at she thinks given how things suddenly ended that she thinks Haruka has a lot more left in her.  Lita doesn't look like she is dressed to wrestle as some of the ring crew is now out and is about to repair the damage but it would be clear to anyone with half a brain that Lita current has a very strong itch for competition that is in dire need of scratching.  She says nothing and tosses the mic in Haruka's direction.

Haruka accepted the mic. She wasn't quite sure what to say, like always. The woman seemed to want a fight and it would have been dishonorable to back down. Especially if this woman had an axe to grind. Haruka didn't quite understand the complaint. "Yes, if you wish to fight, I shall." With that simple proclamation, she tossed the mike back at Lita.

Lita grinned with approval with Haruka's acceptance.  Lina surely would not take kindly of Lita taking a match suddenly like this on her own but Lita was hungry, hungry for competition.  As the ring was being repaired, which would take maybe a few minutes, she did some stretching on the outside since she was serious about going in there.  She was still in her street clothes but unless if someone said differently she was ok to go as is.
Haruka paced around the ring, staring down at her opponent the whole time. She felt like an animal, ready to spring at her at any opportunity. A glance at the ref confirmed that Lita was ok to fight. Or at least the ref wasn't going to complain about it. She continued to stare back at Lita. I am ready when you are, she thought.

She had her jean shorts and her new WhiteGale t-shirt on, but again she didn't mind.  When it looked like the ring was ready to go and the crew confirms with the referee as such she enters.

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Re: Sion vs Haruka Date - 2 for 1?

Post by Maxy on Wed Dec 17, 2014 5:37 am

Haruka Date vs Lita
Standard rules

The bell rung. Haruka doubted this woman's choice of in ring attire. She couldn't move like she wanted to. Haruka wouldn't have worn that to the squared circle in a thousand years. She decided to hold back this time and let her opponent come to her. There was a feeling that she should see what Lita was capable of.

Lita had a feeling she knew what Haruka was thinking but it doesn't bother her. She knows sometimes you have to be ready for unexpected moments, and growing up she was use to having to fight with almost no notice, still she would not have objected to going back and change into her usual ring attire but the moment presented itself and the mood was right.  She does tell her as she approaches and stands in front of her "Don't get the wrong impression." she then calls for her to lock up with her, wanting to see what she has as well, even though watching the brief match she had with Sion she knew that she was more of a striker.

Haruka accepted the lock up. She was far better in the open ring dodging and jumping and moving around. But if the woman wanted a lock up, she would get one. Haruka sent a knee up to her gut, which she imagined Lita wanted considerably less.

She backs up and rubs her stomach where it connected, looking a bit impressed. "Not bad girl, but can you wrestle? Show me." She wanted to lock up again, knowing they both will have plenty of time to get their shots in later on, and wanting to see what might have been if things if her and Sion continued longer.

Haruka accepted the lock-up once again. She waited this time, not being quite as aggressive, wanting to see what this woman was capable of. She tried to push them in a circle. Let's see how this woman moves...

Lita went with the circle movement that Haruka was going with. She decided to show her just in fact that if there was even a tiny doubt that her current clothing would restrict her she goes to position herself, wanting to give her a judo throw.

Haruka should have seen it coming but she was tossed down to the mat by the throw. She rolled once, twice before coming to a halt. She tried to pulled herself up and was on her hands and knees.

Lita would allow her to get up uncontested. She didn't say anything to Hakura but she stood ready, waiting for her to get back and gave her a look that would say 'don't fuck with me.'  She was all for friendly competition, which this was, but she wanted to send a message to Haruka that things will not be easy for her here.

Haruka stood, confused. She didn't understand what Lita meant by "Don't fuck with me." She wasn't going to worry about it. What she was going to worry about was taking a step forward and launching a punch as Lita's chest, which she did quickly

Lita groaned as the shot came in, and she responded by giving her the same.

Haruka took a few steps back. They had just gone blow for blow, which surprised her. Not many withstood punches like that and kept going.

Lita had a feeling that the pace could be picked up a bit but had a strong feeling that the girl would be a good fight, which made her smile a bit.  She would give Haruka few seconds to get back in the swing of thing before she would take a short run in her direction if she didn't approach.

Haruka saw the girl approaching and let it happen. There would be time for throws and the like later. Instead of going for her usual strikes, Haruka threw a shoulder, hoping to bring the girl down with a clotheslines.

Lita looked like she was going to give her a clothesline of her own, but Haruka's connected first and it moved her back a bit.

Haruka leaped into the air and did a double leg kick, aiming for Lita's belly. She was frankly amazed that the clothesline didn't bring her down, but had no choice but to keep going.

Lita was feeling what was being thrown at her but she still had a lot in her and when she recovered from the kick she would give her a high kick in response, more to the shoulder area.

Lita was quick and Haruka didn't have the time to respond. The kick hit her shoulder and nearly took her down. Haruka fought to remain on her feet, a fight she won. She then moved to punch Lita's belly, hoping to double the woman over.

Before she could give Haruka another one she groaned as she felt the shot in her gut.  She got a bit angry from the shot and fiercely raised a knee into the same area.

Haruka's gut felt like it was hit with a bullet. The knee felt like it was as fast as one, but Haruka remained standing. She was determined to get the woman off her feet first and the crowd cheered them on, hoping one of them could get the advantage. Haruka took a spin and brought a foot crashing into Lita's side. At least, that was the idea.

Lita groaned out after taking yet another shot. She then went to do the same to but instead of going for a shot she instead went to pick her up, wanting to lift her up over her head for a couple of seconds before sending her back down to earth with a bodyslam
Lt Lukas: Haruka had prepared herself for a strike and was taken completely off guard for the slam. She was rudely acquainted with the mat by Lita. The woman was strong enough to lift her clear over her head, which caused even more pain when she was slammed down to the mat.

Lita would then go to lift her up back, setting her up for a suplex as she moved around the ring for a moment. Though instead of going straight up and lifted her so the first one Haruka would bounce of the upper rope then go up and over for the second one so she would fall in the middle of the ring.

Haruka grunted as she was tossed around the mat like a ragdoll. She was doing very poorly and she knew it. Haruka flopped down to the mat after such a beating and lay there, breathing, trying to collect herself.

After picking herself back up after the suplex Lita would move back a bit, going off the ropes herself and would go to deliver a running elbow drop to Haruka.  If it connected she would follow it up with a pin attempt.

Haruka hit the mat hard and Lita was on top of her in an instinct. One! Two! Haruka kicked out. She was tired, hurt and out of it. But she still had some fight in her. She tried to move away to get some space between them.

Even though Haruka kicked out Lita was still determined and when she saw Haruka trying to move away from her she went to grab hold of one of her arms.  "Oh no you don't."

Haruka still had an arm free and she used it to punch Lita right in the gut. "Oh yes," she almost said.

She was taken back a little bit from the shot from Haruka, but she went for her again.

Haruka felt her arms being grabbed but couldn't do anything about it. She tried to get her center of gravity low so she wouldn't get tossed

Lita would pull her in closer, giving Haruka a couple of high forearm shots, wanting to get her moved back to a corner.

Haruka winced in pain as she was punched and pushed back into the corner. This wasn't ideal and Haruka would have to do her best to weather this storm.
Lita pressed her against the corner and as it looked like she was going to break and back out she wound up and gave Haruka a hard chest chop against where her breasts are.

Haruka was quicker on the uptake this time blocking Lita's chop out of the way and hitting her with a quick one two jab, followed by sidling in behind her to hit her with a German suplex.

When she had her chip blocked it left her open just enough for her to have Haruka send something her way and before she could get caught up with what just happened she found herself behind lifted up and behind Haruka.

Haruka then went to the air again to try for a leg drop. Should that hit she would lay across Lita and go for a pin.
Before she could pull herself back up she felt Haruka's leg coming down on her.  She was able to get a shoulder up just as the referee made a count of two and did so with some authority behind it.

Haruka was shoved off of Lita. She moved backwards trying let Lita get up. When she did she ran against the ropes, trying to come off them and do some damage

She went to shake it off as Lita climbed back up and when she turned to face the direction Haruka was they were maybe less than two feet from each other.

Haruka hopped up into the air again and aimed a two legged drop kick at Lita's chest.

Lita was taken back by the dropkick and fell back near the ropes.

Haruka nearly leaped for joy when the kick landed. She was feeling good for the first time in this fight and went up and back down to drop an elbow on Lita.

Lita groaned with the elbow connecting, and since she was close to where the ropes where she decided to role out to attempt to get some distance and time between them.

Haruka let Lita roll away. She needed a breather and Lita gave her some respite. Her chest rose and fell with every breath. Damn. She was more tired than she thought

Lita took her time as she was also hoping it would kill off, or at least wear down some of the momentum Haruka was building up, while paying attention to the count that was going on so she wouldn't get herself counted out.  She got back up on the ring apron and went to leap over the ropes to re-enter the ring.

Haruka nodded as a sign of respect. Sweat dripped. Neither of the girls had been colored yet, somehow, and she wouldn't be surprised if they saw some blood sooner or later. She crouched down into her stance and made herself ready.

When she got back in she would look to the crowd for a moment before looking back at Haruka.  She wondered if she should take things up a few notches like when she faced Yamato while back in cage match they head.  Still, she was liking the fact that Haruka was proving to be a legit challenge.  She reaches one of her hands out and up a bit, wanting to go for one of those test of strengths.

Haruka gladly accepted the challenge. She wasn't the strongest woman but the thought of backing down was abhorrent. She planted her legs and pushed with all her might.

Lita would do the same.  She was confident that she was the stronger of the two, and more than most people she knew, but she also knows that just pure strength isn't everything as she would jockey for position against with her.
Haruka was getting pushed back, unable to gain any traction against Lita. The crowd was going nuts as the two women vied for supremacy. Haruka felt herself losing, inch by inch....

As it looked like Lita might be gaining the upper hand here she would intentionally easy up to give the impression that Haruka was going to battle back.  If her opponent took the bait when she gets down far enough she would release her grip and go to give Haruka a belly to belly suplex.

Haruka pushed forward and was amazed that she had some forward movement. It turned out to be a trap as she was slammed down to the mat with a belly to belly suplex.

After bringing Haruka down she would grab hold of one of Haruka's arms as she began to turn her over and proceeded to put her in a stf submission hold.

Haruka thrashed and cried out in pain as she was put in the submission hold. She made a grab at the ropes, hoping the ref would make Lita let go.

Lita would hold on for as long as she could, despite that Haruka was going for the ropes and eventually got there.  She would let go after about a two count when she could actually tell that Haruka got a hold of them.  She would go to pull her off and back closer to the middle of the ring, clubbing her back a couple of time to get her on her knees and Lita would get behind her, wanting to lock her in a dragon sleeper.

Haruka yelled out in pain. The move was painful and humiliating as she was forced skyward. Her body ached and she tried to hold on, to not submit.

Lita would continue to apply the pressure, wanting to do as much as she good as the referee checked to make sure it wasn't turning into an illegal choke hold.

Haruka's hands were free so she decided to stop being held and try to throw a few punches to get out of it.

Lita grunted as Haruka's shots were connecting, btu she continued to hold on.

Haruka aimed a few more punches at her, knowing that she would have to break free or tap

She held on for a little bit longer but eventually she did let her go, shoving her down as she removed her grip from Haruka.. Haruka went down with a huff. She was angry now and although she didn't show it she was burning with a desire to get some more offense in.  After they both stood up, Haruka seized Lita and tried to lift her up into a fisherman's suplex

Lita saw Haruka getting up and she helped pull her up as well, wanting to go more to her, but didn't expect her recent offensive would fire Haruka up and didn't expect her to be lifted up. There was some slight surprise resistance when Haruka went to lift her up. If Haruka did attempt to lift her again however getting Lita up would be easier.

Haruka grunted as she lifted Lita up and over her and slammed her back down to the mat. Once she hit that she grabbed Lita's legs and twisted them into a double leg boston crab

It looked like Lita would have to kick out since a pin usually follows up that move but ended up being turned over for a boston crab.  She didn't want go quietly and tried to squirm out of but eventually found herself in it.

Haruka leaned back, putting even more pressure on Lita's legs. She was determined to get that tap, to put an end to this match.

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Re: Sion vs Haruka Date - 2 for 1?

Post by Maxy on Wed Dec 17, 2014 5:44 am

Lita groaned out and pounded the mat once with a fist. She sighed cried otu as Haruka was giving it to her here. She would try to reach out for the rope a couple times, with them being a decent distance away. She would reach back to one of Haruka's legs, wanting to pull back on it.

Haruka crumpled to the ground, her leg pulled out from under her. She attempted to roll away to try and avoid being put in another submission move

Before Lita could get the idea of doing anything she felt Haruka get her leg back, but could tell her opponent was on the move so that was good as she slowly went to getback to her feet.

Haruka bounced off the ropes, trying to take advantage of a still dazed Lita. At least that's what she thought.

Lita felt not too bad when she was vertical again but she didn't see, at least not right away, where Haruka was and when she looked up she saw nothing in front of her, and she was facing an empty part of the ring. "?"

Haruka took a step towards Lita and brought her hand down, slapping Lita's chest very painfully

When Lita noticed Haruka she felt her hand hit her in the chest pretty hard. She grabbed hold of her chest for a moment as it was a good shot and she angrily gave Haruka a chop of her own, square against her breasts.

Haruka held her chest in pain. That one hurt. Haruka wasn't used to such antics but she would go through with it given any match. Haruka once again aimed a chop at Lita's chest

Lita had a feeling where this was about to go and when the next chop came her way she went to stand her ground. She gritted her teeth as she felt the impact and only screamed out when she went to give another one to Haruka.

Haruka yelped in pain as the next chop came in. Haruka had tired of this chest chopping and ran backwards, ready to come bounding back off the ropes

Lita had the same idea that Haruka had though her opponent reacted first. She too would come off the ropes and when she came off she would go to fire off a clothesline in Haruka's direction.

Haruka would throw her own clothesline at Lita attempting to bring her down to the mat rather painfully.

Lita would feel hers striking its target, but at the same thing she would feel Haruka's find it's mark too and down she went.

Haruka went down like a sack of bricks and popped back up as quickly as she could. She was brimming with energy and ready to launch another clothesline should Lita hop back up as well

That took a fair amount out of her as it took a bit for Lita to get back up to her feet. As she was rising she knew she had to do something big before Haruka could do something big to her. When she was back up she paused for a very breif moment before turning around and running in her direction, as if she was going to gore her.

Haruka dashed at Lita, mirroring the quick attack. She lowered her head, not really sure what she was going for, but willing to go for anything she could

Lita was so focused on delivering what she could she didn't see that the closer she got to her the more dead on it was getting. In the locker room area, her friend and teammate Daisuke was watching the match and she cringed as it looked like Lita and Haruka were a split second away from a literal head on collision.

Haruka slammed into Lita head first and went down, unconscious. Lights out. Haruka laid spread eagle on the mat, dead to the world.

Lita too also dropped hard after colliding with her and also appeared to be just as out. The referee looked at them both as it looked like the standard double knockdown count was about to begin, but checked again since it looked like they were both completely out since there was no movement from either them and actually debated stopping it right there.

The referee began the count out despite her doubts. Haruka didn't rouse and she wouldn't for quite a while

Lita showed know sign of getting up any time soon. Daisuke continued to watch from the back and when she saw the referee's count reach 8, figuring nothing would change between the two fighters she got up and left the room, fearing Lita was seriously hurt and might need some help getting back there.

9....10! The bell rung, signalling the end of the match. The medical team rushed out to them to ensure that they were not seriously hurt.

Daisuke ran past them and slid in and checked up on Lita, and Haruka a swell. She could tell that the impact on their heads was dead on and had a lot of force behind it. She gasped when she saw a little bit of blood coming from their heads and slid out of the ring and grabbed a couple of small towels she saw at the timekeeper's table that were being used for something else originally and used it to try to stop the bleeding on both of them until the medical team arrived.

Haruka was beginning to show some signs of life, waking up with a splitting headache. She was in a considerable amount of pain and moving groggily.She just wanted tonight to be over

It took Lita a bit longer to come to but she did feel a number of people crowding around her. She went to shoo them away as she tried to stand back up. She almost fell over a couple of times, feeling dizzy from what happened moments ago. Daisuke remained close just in case as Lita leaned against the ropes. She looked in Haruka's direction. Daisuke goes over to Haruka and asks her if she's ok as she hears the announcement of the match being ruled a draw from the double knockout.

Haruka said she was fine, and looked around, trying to make sense of the situation. She had been informed it was a draw. She looked over at Lita. There was a little blood and Haruka checked herself and found some blood too

Daisuke offered one of the towels to Haruka when she noticed Haruka noting her own blood. Lita didn't like the fact that things ended the way it did, having a feeling something happened given how crowded the ring was. She took a couple of steps closer to where Haruka was, hoping she would do the same since Lita didn't feel too good and part of her just wanted to fall right back down.

Haruka wiped her bloody forehead with the towel she was just given. She took a few steps forward and slumped against Lita, hoping they could support each other on the way out of the ring.

Lita couldn't tell what Haruka was wanting, but while she currently couldn't recall all of the match right now, something told her whatever happened it must have been something really special and as she while she hears from the referee the official decision of the match, a part of her feels satisfied. With that thought going through her mind she holds her hand out in front of her.

Haruka gladly accepted it and made her way to the entrance ramp, and the calling of home and rest

Lita had a feeling they would meet again as she too left the ring. Daisuke let Lita go back unassisted but stayed close to her just in case if Lita were to fall. When she cleared the curtain she sat on an empty chair that was close by. Daisuke stayed with her until she was able to back to the locker room, though Daisuke took her to see the medical personal first just to be on the safe side. Sion joined them on the way and Daisuke didn't notice at first but eventually she noticed Sion with somewhat of a black eye. She asked him how he got that since it wasn't there when he came back from his match earlier. He hesitates for a few seconds before saying "It's nothing to worry about."

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Re: Sion vs Haruka Date - 2 for 1?

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