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Red Interest

Sat May 19, 2018 7:28 pm by M.J.Caboose14

Just wanted to see what people thought about Red Nation.

Also, I wanted to see which of them people like most.

Feel free to leave comments or message me Smile


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The Austrailian Mudslide is Back.

Sat Apr 21, 2018 6:20 am by Softsquad

Granted that most of you won't know me or remember me, but I've had a few matches here and there some time ago. Well I think its time to become a regular around here and try to have some fun again, but at the same time keep coming back. Anyway I think its time to jump into some matches with Zoe Taylor, my mud wrestling character from Australia and get her back into the squared circle. Furthermore I will update my characters as I think some proper changes need to happen.

So if anyone would …

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Looking for debut thread.

Sat May 12, 2018 9:28 pm by Hedgehawk

Hello All.

I am looking for a debut for my girl Trinity (

This doesn't have to be a match, it could be a gym battle, interview or anything else. I just want something to help get Trinity off the ground. If you wanna plot feel free to reply to this message or fire me a PM.

Many thanks in advance and thank you for reading my message,

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Wrath vs Sion

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Wrath vs Sion

Post by Maxy on Thu Aug 20, 2015 7:08 pm


*Note: a few parts may be out of place.*


During a shopping trip after one of their after management classes, Lina got a message as she was waiting for Jill to pay for something. She looked at it and wasn't sure what to think. It did look like something she should tell Jill about.

Jill would finish paying for their new clothes before turning to Lina. She saw her checking her phone and then looking concerned. She would ask, "Lina? Is everything alright?"

Lina sees her come out and asks her what's in the bag before she is asked something her else. "I guess...Kinda. I just found out something and in a way it involves you. It looks like they want to have Sion face you soon and are asking me if I have any objections to it."

When Jill heard this, she didn't know what to say exactly. She and Lina continued to walk in silence, but Jill was trying to think of her next sentence. Once outside, she would say, "So, I guess it has come to that time huh?"

"Given all that has gone on you think it would be best?" She didn't see any real manage reason to be against it other than it might make things around here a bit awkward for a little bit. "I'm ok with it if you are."

Jill took a long pause to think as she and Lina made their way back to the car. She helped put their stuff in the back before getting to the driver's seat. As she started the engine, she would then say, "I'm gonna call Kelly. I have to start training as soon as possible."

"I take that to be a yes? I guess I should let him know too." She was about to reply to the message but wanted to know for sure. "Though you never told me what was in the bag." She pokes her playfully. As they left she thought of this one outfit she tried on. It was something that she liked but was out of her price range. She looked back a few minutes later after putting it a way and saying to Jill she'd see her out side but when she looked back it was gone and most likely picked up by someone else.

Jill smiles as she says to Lina, "It was something you chose today, Lina. But you put it back because it was above your budget. So...I got it for you along with the other clothes." She continued to drive until they reached home safely.
She eyes went wide and sparkled, not expecting that. Part of her then looked a little down. "That is very nice of you Jill, but I hope I'm not being a burden."

Jill would park the car before slowly and softly pulling Lina into a hug. "No, you're not. You're just being the best any friend could be. And I'm glad that you're my friend too."

Lina doesn't want to say anything but maybe things were going well with the classes Jill wanted to do something nice for her. She didn't question it but was a tad curious about it. "Well I'll put it to good use for sure. Looks like I can do a few things different with it, maybe wear it to the ring. But It'll worry about that later I guess." She does hug her back and thank her for all the help lately. She teases her about looking at any of the guys in the group. When it came time for match day they prepared themselves in opposite dressing rooms, being with her team. Jill though had a visitor in hers though. Kelly comes in the room and while she is not in her ring gear she has a look on her face that says she may be ready for some action too.

Jill looks at Kelly with her newly made face paint that she herself designed (along with her daughter of course). She would pound her fist into her own hand to agree with Kelly before heading out. The crowd can be heard cheering loudly as they awaited for the match to begin.

She compliments her on the facepaint job but before she can leave to go to the ring she stops her. "I'm sure you know who you opponent it but have you followed what they have done lately? You may want some backup, just in case." Kelly tells her, dropping a strong hint that she wanted to go the ring with her. "Besides if we're going to be teaming together maybe we should show them and everyone else that we're ready too."  She holds her hand out to her up high.

"Got it," said Jill as she continued walking with her. She would high five Kelly before they reached the entrance. Soon, the music would play and Jill (now Wrath) would display her ferocity and acrobatics. Kelly would follow by running and flipping with her. As soon as they reached the ring, Jill would jump over the ropes first before Kelly followed.

Sion and the rest of the group noticed Wrath had some back up of her own with Kei being in her corner. While a bit unexpected it was it didn't really phase them much when they headed out with Lina and Sion leading the way. Lina had a new suit on that was something she was able to buy on her shopping trip with Jill the other day, who helped her pick it out (one of the ones she could afford at the time, saving the one that Jill got for her for another time). As far as back up went they out numbed Kei 3-1 as Lita and Daisuke joined Lina at ringside.  While Sion didn't object to it he wondered if Kei would play a factor. He knew the two older ladies were planning on teaming up but this looked like the first sign of that happening. He knew his mother had a sneaky side so he knew he had to be careful around her, but hoped it won't come to that. Then again when you're in the rings sometimes when it comes to someone you know well all bets are off. Still he had some backup just in case if that happened. He The four of them did a group highfive before the three non competitors stepped to the outside as he kept an eye on the two older women who were across the ring from him.

Wrath was glad that the group remained friendly to each other before the match so it is possible that this should be a nice clean fight (hopefully). As She rested against her corner a little, the referee would get inside and check on each fighter and supporter to ensure that no dirty fighting would take place. Once they were all cleared, Wrath would rise up and walk to the center of the ring to meet with her opponent. She was focused and ready to fight and she won't hold anything back.

The girls on the outside also wanted that, but shortly before thing started they move innocently close to Kei and warn her not to try anything funny before backing up to the side of the ring where Lina was. Sion knew he had to make a statement and have a strong outing here. He remembers telling Jenny (Wrath/Jill's daughter) when they had a small conversation earlier "Sorry for what might happen out there." He knew Jill understood about them having to wrestle again each other but he wondered if she knew what was all at stake for him. Not just him, but everyone on his team. When he stood face to face with Wrath it took moment for him to say to her a soft so no one else can hear "Sorry." Hopefully she knew what that meant, for the second he hears that bell he would be on her.

Wrath remained silent as he said it, but gave simple nod in understanding. As soon as the bell rang, she prepared herself for what's to come. Meanwhile, Jenny and the kids remained together, playing with each other and watching a bit of the match at the same time. Jenny knew that Sion doesn't want to hurt Jill too much, but that's how fighting in the ring works.

As soon as the bell rang he launched his arms towards her. While he was just going for a strong lock up he'd have something else in mind if she just fell over or back out of unexpectedness, but regardless he wanted to get this going. Lina watched as he made his move. He didn't think he was being too reckless but wondered if this was a good thing right off the bat.

Wrath would lock up with Sion and could already feel his strength pressing against hers. In turn, she would try to push as much as she could against him in hopes of getting the upper hand. If she can do so, she would force him on his knees and before tackling him.

Maybe it was him going into a bit too rough but he did find him self taken down to a knee before being tackled down.  The girls hoped that this would be nothing more than a minor setback earlier on.

Kei only kept silent and looked on as Wrath managed to tackle Sion to the mat. It is a simple and effective turn, but anything could happen at this point. Wrath had to remain focused and not get too greedy on her attacks. She would try to land a few punches down on Sion's face before he got the chance to reverse the situation. A few hits at least was better than none at all from the get go.

Sion saw her about to fire away at him and was able to get an arm up to at least block it enough to minimize the impact. He still had another arm not in use and responded with some of his own, but would aim lower on her, unlike her who was going high.

"GUH!" Wrath grunted as she got hit in the gut, but she tried to retain it and keep punching. She just wanted a couple hits in and then roll off before Sion attacks again. If she can do so, she would back away a little and rest her stomach a bit.

Sion was giving it to him as much as she was giving it to him, though the referee was about to get on both of them to open up.

As both were firing shots, Wrath would see that the referee was coming in to break them both up. This prompted her to get off fast and back away so she can rest up a bit. After a few breaths, she got back in her fighting stance to continue.

This is where if a month ago Lina might have yelled at him but she didn't. Lina did get his attention though, which while she remained silent she did gesture for him to slow it down somewhat. He didn't give any indication that he got the message but he did. He moved in again, wanting try the lockup again. Though this time before the two of them could get a hock of each other for the lockup he would fire in a quick kick to Wrath's ribs, hoping the suddenness would stun here long enough for him to set up for a suplex.

Wrath would keep watch on Sion's movements as he was going in for another lockup. However, she feels that he's going to bring up something unexpected through the repeat. Sion fired his quick kick and Wrath tried to block, but the impact made her double over. She was soon put in position for a suplex and she was too stunned at the moment to get out of it.

While Sion didn't object to it he wondered if Kei would play a factor.  He knew the two older ladies were planning on teaming up but this looked like the first sign of that happening.  He knew his mother had a sneaky side so he knew he had to be careful around her, but hoped it won't come to that.  Then again when you're in the rings sometimes when it comes to someone you know well all bets are off.  Still he had some backup just in case if that happened. He the four of them did a group high five before the three non competitors stepped to the outside as he kept an eye on the two older women who were across the ring from him.

Wrath was glad that the group remained friendly to each other before the match so it is possible that this should be a nice clean fight (hopefully). As she rested against her corner a little, the referee would get inside and check on each fighter and supporter to ensure that no dirty fighting would take place. Once they were all cleared, Wrath would rise up and walk to the center of the ring to meet with her opponent. She was focused and ready to fight and she won't hold anything back.

The girls on the outside also wanted that, but shortly before thing started they move innocently close to Kei and warn her not to try anything funny before backing up to the side of the ring where Lina was.  Sion knew he had to make a statement and have a strong outing here.  He remembers telling Jenny (Wrath/Jill's daughter) when they had a small conversation earlier "Sorry for what might happen out there."  He knew Jill understood about them having to wrestle again each other but he wondered if she knew what was all at stake for him.  Not just him, but everyone on his team.    When he stood face to face with Wrath it took moment for him to say to her a soft so no one else can hear "Sorry." Hopefully she knew what that meant, for the second he hears that bell he would be on her.  Things looked a bit better from what his corner people saw as Sion suplexed Wrath without much difficulty.  Still, as good as that was he would have to do far more than that to keep Wrath down.  He would go to pick her up, giving her some forarm clubbing shot to the back as he lifted her up while wrenching her head in close for a moment before going for a second suplex.

Wrath grunted when she got suplexed and pain started to settle in her back. It wasn't much, but it was pretty effective if it lingers with a second suplex. As she was being picked up, she exerted more cries of pain when she got hit in the back again, but she didn't want the second suplex to hit just yet. Wrath tried to punch Sion in the gut quickly to catch him off guard. If it worked, she can lift him up and slam him down before backing off.

Lina watched Sion try to go for another one but saw Wrath avoiding it and going for a bodyslam.  Sion felt Wrath wanting to lift him up for something, and as he felt his feet leave the ground he tried to throw his weight back, trying to attempt to put Wrath in a roll up if he could.

As Wrath lifted Sion up for a body slam, she would feel him start to shake his own body a bit. It was threatening her to lose her balance, but she tried to keep it in as best as she could. If she did so, she would try to slam him down quickly before Sion has another chance. She has to at least get a hit on him to even things up.

It looked pretty close as the girls on the outside could tell there was a battle for position struggle there, though it ended with Wrath slamming Sion.

Now that Wrath has put Sion on the mat, it gave her a chance to have a breather. Both are already giving the other a run for their money and  neither wanted to let up. After a few breaths, she would pick him up to get him back in a standing position. From there, she would try to lay on a simple combo: two punches to the face and a straight kick.

While it was land Sion learned never to tread in the wrestling business he felt he had to make things personal if Wrath was going to continue with this style off offense.  He tried to shove her away to get some distance after she hit him.  It looked like he was going to give her a shot to the face as well but decide not to.  Instead he asked her to hold up and told her in a ton that only she could hear as he moved a bit closer "Is this the type of example you want your daughter to see?"  Before he can let Wrath process the question he gave her an open hand palm strike to the face and said in the same tone "You know as well as I do usually closed fisted strikes aren’t illegal...Even though it isn't usually enforced.  Are you wanting her to know it's ok to do something that's wrong even if nobody calls you on it?"  He does add though "I'm sorry I had to bring her into I am for this." If he had the timing he would stike her with a european uppercut.

Sion's question would put Wrath into thinking before that open palm strike to the face. She grunted a little but it didn't hurt as much. When Sion brought up her daughter, Wrath looked a little offended by this until he stated about how her fighting affects how she views her as a mother. She heaved a deep sigh as she said, "I'm sorry...I keep forgetting...Stupid of me..." Sion though took this opportunity to give a European uppercut, which she tried to block, but it made a good impact. Wrath stumbled back as she tried to find a way to be a better example for her daughter.

Of course Sion knew sometimes things could happen in a heated exchange down the stretch but not at this point.  Still, he knew Wrath was more than just a face puncher and after the uppercut he would move in and grapped hold of her, looking for a belly to belly suplex.

Wrath just couldn't believe that Sion is gaining the lead here just as she was trying to fight fair. She wanted to go back to her hardcore methods, but at the same time, she thought of Jenny and the example that she must establish for her. As soon as she hit the mat once more, she let out a grunt before trying to push him off. If this worked, Wrath would change her stance with open palms before trying a swinging left back fist attack before a jumping one-two kick. Wrath just wanted to get some hits in to stay in this.

After the suplex Sion looked like he was pondering making a cover maybe, but he found himself pushed off and away from her.  Sion had to jump back a bit in order to avoid being struck as wrath was getting back to her feet.  Sion knew he could use his speed here since he's been known to do so before but was playing it careful and waiting for the right moment.  Sion looked like he was going to reach in towards her but faked it and went to run past her towards the ropes.  He would come off them and jump, hoping to connect with a spinning heel kick.

After doing her attacks, Wrath was getting ready for Sion to come at her. Based on how he's fighting her so far, she is sure to know how to defend against him. She prepared for his charge, but was confused when he ran past her towards the ropes. Wrath immediately spun to where he is bouncing off and he suddenly jumped for a spinning heel kick. This took her by surprise and tried to block, but the force would send her flying back and hit the mat hard.

Lina clapped with approval as Sion took to the air and connected.  Sion knew he had to be quick and stay on her, but that was a move that improved his mindset.  Lita would give Sion a nod as he aided Wrath back to her feet, giving her a couple of jumping high kicks before looking to connect with a spinning roundhouse.  If that combination connected he would then look to take Wrath down again with a swinning ddt.

Wrath would be helpless now as Sion was taking control. She can feel him pulling her up  before giving off a couple of jumping high kicks. She grunted both times as she was staggering back a little, losing her balance with a few steps. Then Sion went for a spinning roundhouse kick that got Wrath spinning and staggering even further. But he wasn't done yet as he rushed forward and jumped to get her head under his arm. From there, he would spin to execute a spinning DDT. "AAAUGH!!" Wrath cried out as she held her head and rolled on the mat in pain.

Sion noticed the way Wrath landed and when he noticed where he was he didn't waste anytime with leaping to the top rope.  Lina knows what Sion is thinking here and she guessed right as Sion came off the top with a shooting star press.  While she had a feeling it wouldn't be enough to put Wrath out she wanted it to at least connect since she knew it was one that Sion liked using even though it had about 50/50 successful hit rate.

"GUUUGH!!!" Wrath coughed out as she was unable to escape Sion's jump from the top rope. She was now holding her stomach as she was coughing and trying to regain some oxygen. She knows that she has to hold on, but her resistance was truly being tested here. Only time will tell how long Wrath can last and if she can come back from this. As this was happening, Kei would shout out, "Wrath! Get up! You can't let Sion get the best of you yet!"

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Re: Wrath vs Sion

Post by Maxy on Thu Aug 20, 2015 7:20 pm

Lina was glad that Sion connected with the move, and grinned at Kei vocally showing her concern for Wrath.  Even though part of him wanted to tell Kei how wrong she was going to be he decided it be better to keep those comments to himself, plus the girls mentioned to him just before hand to ignore her if possible.  With out giving Kei a look Sion would grab hold of Wrath's legs, wanting to position them just right and turning her over, looking to lock her in a sharpshooter.

Wrath now groaned in pain as she was caught in the sharpshooter. She is in a really tight position now and there's barely any manoeuvrability. She looked up and she can see Kei calling for her to come over to the ropes. With clenched teeth, Wrath knew she had to fight the pain and try to bring herself forward. So, she would try to crawl with just her arms to the ropes and hopefully break the hold. Perhaps she can recover once released

Lina said nothing to Kei's vocalness though a small part of her wanted to, still, Sion continued to hold on even though he felt Wrath trying to move.  He would try to put more pressure into the hold, trying to do more before she got to the ropes, if she were to make it.

Wrath groaned even louder as Sion increased the pressure in his hold. Still, she had to keep fighting and reach those ropes dead ahead. Kei continued to shout and encourage her to keep going and it was all Wrath needed at this time. She then extended one hand out and tried to grab the bottom rope as quickly as she could. If this worked, she would take the time to recover before rising again.

As Wrath moved closer to the ropes Lina moved a bit closer towards where the action was and when she saw Wrath grab the ropes and Sion letting go a second or two later she points at Wrath and told Sion to stay on her, which she did as he grabbed on to the upper rope and gave her lower back a few stomps, trying to keep her down.

"Wrath would grunt feeling the stops on her lower back, but she continued gritting her teeth and even bit her lower lip to continue fighting. She would huff and puff in and out as she tried to use the ropes to stand back up. Kei would say behind her, "Come on, Wrath, you got this! Just keep focus and let him know that he can't keep throwing you around like that." Wrath would nod firmly as she slowly used the ropes to pull herself back up.  She took quite a lot of damage through this and still was as Sion was still trying to kick away at her as she was rising back up, but in spite of that, she was determined to fight back. When she managed to get back to a standing position, with a fast jolt she turned around and attempted to jump and give some flying kicks to catch Sion off guard. If this worked, Wrath would even add a left roundhouse kick to knock him on the ground.

Sion continued as Wrath was trying to get back to a vertical basis.  He saw this and still continued as Lina encouraged him to do so.  Neither of them those excepted her to do what she did when Wrath caught him with some unexpected kicks.  It sent him off balance for a brief moment and as he went to go back to her he caught the roundhouse kick.  After taking the bump he looked a little dazed and confused, wondering if anything he did to her had any effect at all.  Lina also had the same thought.  She knew Wrath was tough but had to figure what Sion did to her a moment ago would either give Wrath slightly wobbling legs or at least slow the girl down. 'Maybe it might catch up to her soon' she though as she watched on.

As soon as Wrath finished her roundhouse kick, she would breathe in and out for a bit to regain some oxygen. Getting damage from Sion earlier had gotten her weak for the moment and it took quite some energy to get back into it. Wrath knew that if she was going to win this, she had to watch her body and pay more attention to it. Any more weak spots and she will be done for. For her next move, she would attempt to grab Sion and pull him up before swinging him to the turnbuckle. Hopefully, it will send her opponent to it and it will do some damage to his back or front side.

Lina saw Wrath toss Sion towards the corner and wondered what Wrath had in mind.  She did see that when Wrath approached the corner Sion did try to fire a low kick in Wrath's direction as she got closer, to do something again to one of th legs he worked on a moment ago, hopefully to trigger something, but other than that Wrath did have an opening there.

Wrath would rush over to Sion now that she has an opening. She kept in mind though that her opponent may not be vulnerable from a hit against the turnbuckle just yet. When she got closer, Sion would suddenly fire a low kick, aiming to damage more of that pain-afflicted leg. Wrath tried to block that kick, but it did hit that leg a hit and it made her a little weak on that. She was bending a little, however she had to make good use of her own position to still try to hit again. So, Wrath attempted to remain low while taking another sudden jolt forward to ram her own head into Sion's stomach. The impact would account for double against the turnbuckle.

As Sion took the headbutt in the corner Daisuke moved a bit closer towards where Kei was, seeing she was a bit close to the corner on the outside that Sion was in.  Shortly after Sion groaned from the contact Daisuke gestured some movement towards Kei, wanting to back her away from there.

Kei would follow suite as Daisuke gestured her too. Though she was close to Wrath, she didn't want to interfere with the match or else they'll be disqualified. Meanwhile, Wrath had to follow up on her last attack to keep the lead on her side. After the headbutt, she would attempt to grab Sion by the head and run from the turnbuckle with him in order to jump and slam his head down on the mat. The running bulldog would prove great damage if done with great execution.

As Wrath went for Sion again Daisuke made a slight movement toward Kei, as if she was going to strike her or something, but didn't as it was more of one of those 'back away or I'll hit ya for real' type of fakeouts.  Lina glanced over at what Daisuke and Kei were up to before looking back at the ring and she saw Sion being bulldog'd.  She shook her head and let out a small sigh, not liking this recent turn of events.

Wrath executed her bulldog attack with full effect and now Sion was lying there facedown. She was huffing out heavy breaths of air to try and regain her strength. Once she felt okay, she would turn around to think on what she should do next. Then, Wrath would try to turn Sion onto his back while grabbing his arm. If she can do this, she would pin him down with her legs across his neck and body while wrenching that arm for an arm bar.

As Dai kept Kei at bay, Lina would observe the in-ring action and when she saw Sion put into the armbar hold with the legs she called out to Sion, trying to get him to somehow inch closer to where she was.  Sion would have to do a lot of leg shuffling to do it but it was something that was doable.  While Sion did hear what Lina said he wasn't sure if he'd have the time to do all of that movement so while the referee checked to if the legs were doing an illegal choke or not she would take his free arm and give some forarm shots to one of the legs that he could reach.  If they didn't cause her overall grip to loosen up or anything he would try to shift his body position with his legs to at least get close to where the ropes were, though he had to be careful cause any mismovement it could hur t his arm more.

Wrath sure got Sion in a tight hold and it seemed to have great effect on his arm. She soon felt his retaliation as he starts punching at one of her legs. She grunted from the hits being afflicted on her as she did her best to hold it for a little longer. After a couple more, she would release his arm and roll away fast. Wrath would rub her leg as she tried to keep a safe distance as best as possible and hoped that she did so far put Sion even with her

Sion began to favour his arm a bit as he tried to pull himself up after Wrath backed away.  Lina wondered what Wrath was thinking of, backing away like that and not staying on him as Sion got back up and looked around to see where Wrath went.

Wrath shook her leg a little as she used one of the nearby top ropes to hold herself steady. At the same time, she kept one eye on Sion in case he makes any sudden movements. Taking a few deep breaths, she carefully stepped away from the ropes and back in the fight. She knew that she can't rush in her next move or else she'll stumble along the way and miss her target. With that in mind, Wrath would put up her fists and walk forward to Sion. Once close enough, she bounced a little before trying to go for a straight punch to the face and a couple of flying kicks. She hopes that she lands any of these attacks in while still keeping her balance.

Lina called out to Sion to turn around, though when he did he took the attacks from Wrath, which Lina covered her face up, not liking what she saw.  Lita also wasn't too keen with what she saw but she didn't show munch of reaction, though Sion did show some form of reaction as he fell back against the ropes, and fell down in such a way that his arms got tied up in the top and middle ropes.

Wrath continued to bounce on her feet as her simple attacks led to great results. With Sion's arms tangled with the ropes, another opportunity to strike is upon her. Without wasting a moment, she attempted to go for two punches left and right to the gut to keep Sion down. If this worked, she would get his arms off the ropes before grabbing his shoulders, jumping and putting her boots against the gut, and rolling backwards to toss him forwards in the air.

Lina was trying hard not to lash out verbally at Wrath for what she was doing.  Even though Sion was an open target it was pretty underhanded to attack someone while they were literally tied up in the ropes, some places even frown upon that.  She knew Sion would be alright but she looked concerned as the sounds Sion made when Wrath pulled him out of the ropes.  He was in there pretty tight and did suffer some ropeburn in the process.  'What the hell are you trying to prove Jill?' she said to herself quietly.  She didn't look over to see what Kei's reaction to this was, but Lita did.[/font]

Although Wrath was in the lead, she couldn't help but feel worried for Sion. He looked as if he was becoming weaker with every hit he has taken from her and she wondered if she is doing too much. And yet, she heard the crowds behind her chanting her name and calling out for her to do more. Surely, Kei would encourage her also. Heaving a deep sigh, Wrath would turn to Sion and walked over to him to try and turn him over on his stomach. If this worked, she would also try to sit on his back while getting his arms over her knees and pull up on his chin for a camel clutch.

Sion knew that some wrestlers wouldn't show mercy with him in that predicament, but Wrath seemed like someone who might, but he guessed wrong and after being pulled by her forcefully out of it instead of being untangled by the referee which sometimes is the case, and a moment or two later finding himself in a camel clutch.  He knew this move wasn't a pleasant one to be on the receiving end and he was feeling it firsthand.  Instinctively Sion did reach out to feel where the ropes were but he wasn't near them.  Sion knew there had to be another way out of this but he couldn't seem to process it.  Sure Wrath's legs were near by but it would take more than just grabbing them to get out of it done by someone like her.  Lina then called out to him, telling him to stand up, literally telling him to stand up for himself and not to let a woman keep him down, which is kind of ironic coming from Lina since she did to him a while back, but that was neither here nor there at the current moment.  Sion heard what Lina said and did struggle just to get his knees off the ground and into a knee sitting position, and a few seconds later he did attempt to stand back up fully.

Wrath had a good hold on Sion as she continues the camel clutch. She kept pulling up to keep him at bay, yet she still feels that she might go overboard. With Sion away from the ropes, how can he escape? Suddenly, Lina would shout out to Sion, telling him to stand up. Stand up? That sounds difficult to do in this situation. Yet, Wrath felt Sion getting onto his knees before trying to stand up fully. Soon, she was losing balance and immediately released him before backing away.

It was a struggle but Sion hung in there and tried to get back up, though Wrath's release of the hold came a bit unexpected, especially to Lina who was about to suggest he run back or just fall back with her depending on his balance, though her letting go when she did made Sion open for a few seconds before he turned around towards Wrath's direction.  If by that point Wrath remained where she was he would fire a kick in her direction, hoping got it to connect and give him some time to come up with something to get back in there.

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Re: Wrath vs Sion

Post by Maxy on Thu Aug 20, 2015 7:34 pm

Wrath would watch as Sion got up from his predicament. By the time he was standing, she started to walk up to him to prepare her next strike. He would turn around and she was about to give him a sucker punch, but Sion's kick beat her to it and she coughed out in pain as she stumbled backwards. She rubbed her stomach a little as she kept an eye on her opponent in case he does something else.

What felt to be almost instinctively, after the kick Sion quickly grabbed Wrath and went for a double arm ddt.  Though if it it was a successful one Sion would need a bit to follow up as being pulled off from the ropes the way that he was, as well as the submission move he was in a moment ago caught up with him and it kept him down for a few seconds.

Wrath was doubled over, but Sion wasn't done yet. He quickly got back in and grabbed her head and dropped it on his shoulder for a double arm DDT. "AUGH!" Wrath cried out as she fell back on the mat and held her head in pain. Sion sure was doing a good job keeping up in spite of his earlier pain and Wrath wondered what he's going to do next.

Both competitors were down and the ref began one of those standing ten counts.  Daisuke gave a slight glance towards Kei before looking back at the ring.  Lita encouraged Sion to hang in there.  Lina said nothing at first as it would be not until four or so until Sion made an attempt to get back to his feet.  It wasn't that he was out of gas, just the timing of everything was causing him hiccups as they say, but if he stayed on his back then it would become a major problem.  Lina grinned as Sion was back to his feet completely around eight or so and when he could see any part of Wrath he would go to deliver a high shoulder strike, hoping that would give him time to grab hold of her and spring off the ropes with a sliced bread #2.

Wrath would also hear the referee begin to count to see if anyone can get back in the game. Kei would shout at Wrath that she is still in this and she can make it. Wrath took heed of her words and did her best to rise before time was up. She managed to get up at the 6 mark, but Sion came back in at 8 with a high shoulder strike out of nowhere. She grunted and stumbled back some more, but then she got grabbed and brought over to the ropes. From there, Sion would maintain his hold as he used the ropes to flip over and slam her down with a sliced bread #2. Wrath grunted again and groaned as her back felt the impact hit hard.

After Wrath made impact with the mat Sion jumped back up, this something Lina and co. was glad to see.  He pulled Wrath back to her feet before giving her a couple of kicks to her sides before giving her a hard one to the stomach area.  If those found their mark he would move a little bit to her side, sizing her up for something.

Sion simply wasn't giving Wrath a moment to rest. Those kicks to her sides and stomach kept her at bay and got her more vulnerable. Once it stopped, Wrath was breathing out heavily as Sion moved to her side to prepare for another move. Seeing him there, she tried to reach out to him to at least stop him for a moment.

Sion had a feeling Wrath wasn't going to just walk right into it and he dodged out of the way, just barely avoiding her.  Though he go close to turn her towards him so she would be facing him when he went to hit her with a chartbuster, a variation of a stunner.  If that connected he would drop down and go for a cover.

"GAH!!" Wrath cried out as she was unable to stop Sion from stunning her. That chartbuster really took a massive toll on her and looking up, it seems as if the ceiling was spinning slowly. It didn't stop her physical sense from feeling Sion going on top of her for a cover. Immediately, the referee slid in and began to count. "1!" Hearing this, Wrath tried to move to at least break the pin count.

The girls on the outside looked pleased with what they saw, Sion continuing to stay on top of Wrath, even looking like he might put her away.  They all know Wrath was a toughy, but Sion knew what he was doing out there as he pinned her.

At the "2" mark, Wrath would try harder to buck herself up to break off the pin. She may be weak at the moment, but she is still tough. If she can break free, Wrath would also try to regain her senses so she can continue.

Sion looked in shock as Wrath was able to kick out of that, he thought he had here there.  He shook his head a tiny bit as he went to pick her up again.  This time he would go to run with her towards one of the corners of the ring, looking to go with another sliced bread maneuver.

Wrath's senses were slowly becoming clear again as she managed to break the pin attempt. It was a very close call, but at least she's still in. But at the same time, she's also not gonna get another moment of recovery now that Sion is picking her back up on her feet again. She found herself running with him to the corner, but she had an idea. While they were still running, she would try to punch Sion in the gut to stop him and double over. If this worked, she would spin and fling him over to the same corner so she can follow him and collide with him in a shoulder tackle.

Sion was about to leap up when he felt Wrath striking him, which the unexpectedness of that caused him to fall over a bit.  He was able to get back up quickly but soon found himself in the corner, as well as her shoulder coming flying towards him, which found its mark.

Now that Sion was backed up against the corner and immobilized for the moment, Wrath felt that she needed to continue the assault. She would try to get his arms hooked over the top ropes as she was climbing up to the middle ropes. If this worked, she would hold onto the top rope with one hand while the other went down to punch Sion's face in from above

Lina saw what was going on from the outside and she didn't like what she was seeing. It didn't look good from her vantage point as it seemed like Wrath was going to strike him more than once, or at least that's what the set up looked to her, still she cringed slightly.

Wrath would not try to punch just once, but several times at the face. Each time that she does so, the audience would count how many times she punches his face. They at least each up to "6" before Wrath jumps down and lets Sion slump down the corner. She would say to him, "Come on, man, get up! Don't wanna keep the fans waiting!"

Neither of the girls liked what they saw as Wrath was pressing on, striking Sion multiple times.  A small part of Daisuke wanted to count along as doing so with the crowd for that chain can be contagious, but she managed not to. It took Sion a bit too pull himself back up, but it looked a little bit out of it in the process.

Wrath was looking quite impatient while trying to recover while standing. Sion was on the way to get himself back up, but it still wasn't quick enough. Having enough, Wrath would try to grab him again and send him off to the ropes. Maybe one blow from the returning bounce should get him awake.

As Sion was able to get his thoughts back he felt Wrath grabbing hold of him and launching him towards the ropes.  As prepared to rebound of him he knew he had to do something, but couldn't figure out what as he headed closer to where Wrath was.

Wrath would narrow her eyes at Sion as he bounced back and was getting closer to her. She aimed to give him a punch to the stomach to make him double over. If this worked, Wrath would use one hand to grab him by the throat and raise him up for a choke slam. However, Sion was always full of surprises so Wrath had to watch out.

Sion felt Wrath striking him and he went down to a knee almost instantly.  As he tried to catch his breath he felt a a hand grabbing his neck, which could mean one of a few things but he knew he wouldn't want to find out what Wrath was plotting for sure.  He felt Wrath wanting to lift him up for a chokeslam, and as if it was pure instinct he let her lift him.  Though he gave her a little more than she was bargoning for as he brought his knee up , wanting to strike her in the chin, jumping up as she was trying to lift him.

As Wrath was lifting Sion up, victory was getting closer within her grasp. Just one slam and one pinfall victory. Suddenly, the unexpected happened. "AAAUGH!!" Wrath cried out as she got kneed in the chin, making her release him and stumbling backwards. She held her chin and currently was focusing on it and not on Sion.

Lina's eyes widen when she saw Sion's knee connect.  It looked like it hurt more than it looked, given how Wrath was trying to chokeslam someone much taller than her.  Lina could tell Sion could tell where he is.  He backs up towards the ropes and springs off, looking for another knee strike but this time he aims right for the center of wrath's face.

Wrath was still rubbing her chin as Sion backs up against the ropes and sprang off. He was running so fast that the mat was shaking fast to add to Wrath's unstableness. She soon felt the knee to the face and she immediately flew back. She grunted from both the hit and impact on the mat. At the moment, she would moan in pain as she remained lying on her back.

As Wrath fell back from taking the high knee Sion knew he couldn't give Wrath time to get back into this.  With how she was on the offensive not too long ago he had to follow up before she could recover, though he was determined to end it.  Before anyone on the outside could say anything to encourage him he grabs hold of Wrath, putting her head between his legs, looking to give her a spin before planting her on her head with the canadian destroyer.

Wrath was easily picked up to get her head between Sion's legs. From there, he would spin and pull off his signature finisher that ends with him slamming her head down on the mat. "AAAAAHH!!!" Wrath screamed out from the impact and her body would fall with the rest however Sion released her. It was pretty clear that Wrath was at a state of being knocked out...and perhaps pinned.

After connecting with the move and seeing Wrath done, Sion quicked moved into position to cover Wrath, looking to hook a leg in the process.

Once the leg pin was in place, the referee would immediately come in and slide to the two. One hand was raised and slammed down to the mat as the call was made. "ONE!"

The girls on the outside watched on as they heard the referee make the count out of two, which Sion was still ontop and Wrath still down.

Soon, the final number was called out. "THREE!!" And with that, the bell would ring and sound around the arena as cheers would erupt from the stands. The referee would take Sion's hand and raise it up in victory while Wrath remained unconscious.

Sion looked pretty determined during the process, though when the bell rang he calmed down a bit.  Given all that he has been through it was a rough match, not that he was second guessing himself, he was just glad it was over and the end result was a positive one.  He noticed Lina and the others, which Lina gave him a small but assuring nod.  Sure things could have went a little better but given all that he has been through because of her, and that Wrath is tougher than her physical stats indicate, overall she approved of things.  She entered the ring and raised Sion's arm up as well and patted him on the back.  Sion wonders if Lina is going to say anything but she doesn't look like she will.  The two of them then look down at Wrath, as do Daisuke and Lita from the outside.

It would only be a few moments before Wrath can regain consciousness. At the moment she opened her eyes, drips of water started to trickle from her face paint that looked like a mask. She must have been weeping from the fact she had lost, but she was happy for Sion. She would try to rise back up, but was having trouble due to her head still feeling a little pain. Hopefully, she would gain help to stand so she can offer a hand in congratulations to Sion.

Lina and Sion weren't too sure what to make of what they saw that was happening on Wrath's face.  Meanwhile Daisuke and Lita spot Kei entering the ring to attend to Wrath.  They keep an eye on her in case if something happens but they don't think anything would.

Wrath would try not to show her tears as she was helped up by her friends, but to no avail. She would quickly wipe them away, letting a little paint smear across that eye as she said, "Well...looks like you did it. Congratulations, Sion." She would offer a hand to congratulate Sion and possibly a small hug.

Sion looks like he might say something to her but decides not to, seeing Kei beside her.  He does give her part of a smile, not wanting to look too cocky but does shake her hand when it is offered.  

Wrath would smile as Sion accepted her congratulations. She then nodded to Kei to help her back into her locker room. As the two were walking away, the crowd would cheer and applaud her for putting up a great fight and couldn't wait to see her again.

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Re: Wrath vs Sion

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