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Looking for a match

Sun Jun 26, 2022 3:38 am by TomboyTsuka

Anyone here up for a match with my girl Jocelyn? A normal match would be nice for her debut!

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Koji Yamada

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Koji Yamada Empty Koji Yamada

Post by wrestleryu Sat Jun 16, 2012 2:53 pm

Name: Koji Yamada
Genre: male
Age: 20
Hair: dark brown
Eyes: dark grey
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 149 lbs
Nation: Japan
Alignment: Acting like a heel but mostly a face at heart
Entry theme: Battleship Yamato

Wrestling style: Japanese martial arts and pro-stylish wrestling
Preferred matches: anything ending with someone's body and feelings being hurt.

Finishers/signature moves:
1) Kamikaze Splash: tornado somersault bodypress from the top of the corner. So called because Koji gets his share of pain from the impact too.
2) Eat Dirt (double hit combo): Knee strike to the midsection, followed by an axe kick as the opponent doubles over.  
3) Yamato Driver: Just a fancy name for a piledriver.

Hentai finisher: "S-Shut up damn perverts...!" 0///0

the cocky brawler:

Koji is a cocky assertive fighter and an adventurer at heart, always seeking for new challengers and rivals. Confident in his technical skills and aggressive style, he tends to look down at his opponents... which is not very wise considering his lack of experience and his really not massive built.
Rivaling with Ryu since from their early years, Koji signed in as an AFW wrestler after he knew that his old rival had joined it, curious to see what had brought them enemies into such embarassing "pervy wrestling federetion".
Koji's main reasons for his presence at Tension are to taunt Ryu for his not brilliant record, and to show him how a true fighter can put those "wrestling vixens" in their place.
But in spite of his cockyness, Koji is totally inexperienced when it comes to the peculiar wrestling stipulations here, and therefore unprepared to face the many female opponents who won't mind using sensuality to put him off his game. Admitting it or not, Tension is going to prove as much trouble for Koji as it was for Ryu, Ataru and Okami.

Koji has been trained in martial arts in a rival dojo than Ryu's, and since his teen years he had been a troublemaker involved in brawls and illegal fights. His rivalry with Ryu and Okami goes back to that time: Koji wanted to look down at them as 'wimps', but he happened to lose to them in a few occasions, which mde him even more eager to crush them and prove he was the best fighter.
Turned legal age and therefore responsible to pay his own bills, Koji could not keep any job for longer than one month, due to his hot-tempered personality and his problems with respecting authority. He still remained an excellent magnete for rumbles and fights though, so he eventually decided that the best thing he could do was to make a job of it by turning pro. And that was  another reason that brought him to join the AFW.

Wrestling Attire: as seen in the pic, or just wrestling shorts and boots. Always wearing a thorn pair of combat fingerless gloves.

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