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Tonya Silverston

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Tonya Silverston Empty Tonya Silverston

Post by Kelsea Tue Oct 11, 2011 6:28 pm

Tonya Silverston

Tonya Silverston De35mx

Name: Tonya Silverston
Age: 20
Eyes: green/blue
Hair: Usually a two tone of purple and blue
Height: 5"3
Weight: 112lbs
Nationality: ???

Alignment: Up and coming Face - Tonya has a pleasant personality, she's not to versed at pumping up the crowd or anything... But her good nature shines through in the ring to get the fans behind her

Tactics and style Tonya prefers to go for grapple type moves and holds as well as fast paced maneuvers, but hasn’t really developed much in the way of technique or game plans. Her personality in general can throw some people off their game.

Preferred match: Standard

Favoured move(s): Tonya prefers to go for simple old school moves, usually grapple type or submission holds; eg headlocks, head scissors, body slams (if the weight ratio permits)

Finishing move(s): none yet

Entrance music: Little Bit by Lykke Li

Appearance: The first feature normally mentioned when describing Tonya Silverston is usually her exotic two tone hair. But other then that she has an extremely cute button nose, small lush lips and a beauty spot just below and to the right of her mouth.


Personality: Tonya is a playful, friendly and spontaneous individually with a healthy sense of humour. She is actually has a great deal of confidence in herself and is very independent. The fact that she has now entered a wrestling federation gives her a strange sense of uncertainty however as she isn’t all that skilled in wrestling... The thought of some of her opponents dominating and having their way with her both scares but excites her as she has both an adventurous and kinky side to her personality

Tonya isn’t spoiled (well.. maybe she is a bit Razz ) but she does like to dress up and has about 3 wardrobes worth of clothing she’s collected over time. She particularly likes extravagant looking bikinis and lingerie, she also has a fetish for dressing up in school uniform for fancy dress parties and events

Tonya quickly grew lonely as a kid, considering that she was an only child... She also had it hard in terms of keeping regular mates, every few years she might have to cut loose from her current friends and home only to move to completely new surroundings. But she was always very good at hiding her worries and internal pains... She manages to come across as a free spirit and in the last few years of her life has been able to become more and more so a true free spirit with a unique perspective on life.

Past: Tonya was born an only child to a rich couple that retired early, so yes she was spoiled as a child but luckily she avoid becoming too spoiled in personality... This was probably because her parents liked to up and move to completely different countries every few years, so Tonya had to learn to get on with people and make friends quickly in each of her new surroundings... There wasn't that much time for being bratty or stuck up.

Tonya has spent part of her life on almost every continent now, making her nationality kind of obscure. Her parents are originally American; she was born in South Africa but spent most of her early life growing up in New Zealand… Her Teen life was spent across Europe. Her parents were never really that thoughtful as too how moving around so much might effect her social life, but they took deeply into consideration how it might effect her education. And so Tonya had to go through rigors education by her parents so that she could cope with the change in schools and curriculum every few years, not to mention the numerous different languages she had to pick up. On top of that they insisted in her learning musical instruments... Yes, she was a teachers dream student, but she didn't get much chance to have fun in her childhood

The school that she eventually finished in, she managed to get top of her class in almost all her subjects. Her parent put quite a bit of pressure on her to go to university and follow in one of their footsteps (either medicine or law). More so to appease both father and mother, Tonya ended up enrolling on a criminal psychology degree in Germany.. This was satisfactory to her parents as it was in between her mother’s profession (General practitioner) and her father’s (lawyer). But unfortunately in the first year of the degree, she discovered that choosing a life career based on parental pressure to follow them, was a really bad idea.

She dropped out of University after the first year which, in her parents eyes, was the first ever failure in her life. The fact that she choose to fail, rather then try her best and then fail, ensured that the news went down like a bowl of warm sick. Her parents were currently in the process of moving from Germany to France at the time and after Tonya dropped out of University, the idea was that she was suppose to come with them and start a fresh with a new course. However Tonya decided that she wanted to break away and do something she knew for certain wouldn’t be her parents decision.

Tonya moved to Japan, while her parents settled in France. Tonya’s decision strained the relationship with her parents more, but at least they were still on speaking terms because she promised that she intended to take a couple of years out before seeking further education. For the first time, Tonya felt free... She honestly didn’t know what she wanted to do for the future however, but her adventurous nature made her want to do something wild.. something that wasn’t standard and ordinary.

It was one of her friends/acquaintances she had made in Japan who had mentioned AFW to her as a joke. The two of them watched a show of Friction one night and had a right old laugh about it, but then a couple of weeks later Tonya saw an advertisement for Tension Heights, amateur wrestling federation. It felt like something she shouldn't do, but there was no real reason why she couldn't do it... it would mean that she’d be going into a world that she knew very little about and living for the moment seems she didn't see herself making a career out of this... but not having a plan and being in an environment that was so different and bizarre to her was what excited her

Attire: changes from match to match, she tends to wear a set of sexy lingerie or bikini top and bottom underneath her standard clothes, in case she feels like stripping down a bit before a match... But as most of Tension Heights is improvised matches, it just depends what she happens to be wearing

Special note:

-Tonya can speak a number of languages with varying fluency. Including but not limited to English, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, German and French (Kelsea on the other hand can only speak one language with moderate fluency.. English, not American English but English English. Don’t ask Kelsea to RP Tonya speaking in another language other then English  ^_^ )

-Tonya likes to dye her hair on a regular basis, but tends to swap between various two tone versions of pink, purple and blue

-Of course she never told her parents about joining up with AFW... It's only been a year since she dropped out of university and wounds haven't fully healed from it, so she figured it'd probably be best to keep them in the dark for now... She was pretty sure that they wouldn't be watching a sexual Japanese wrestling show any time soon anyway!

Noteable Relationships:
Leo Fandero - When Tonya was about 16, the Silverston family decided to relocate once again, this time moving to sunny old England. They signed Tonya up to the local coillege, which happened to be the same college as Dominic Tyson and Leo Fandero. Tonya and Leo were both fairly flamboyant and so shortly after Tonya's arrival they met. Tonya saw through Leo's lady's man act even though by then it had become engrained into his personality and so when he made advances on her, she was receptive. She was however extremely cautious about falling into the trap of just becoming another notch on his bed post. Their relationship (which could have been described as a romantic affair by some) consisted of a battle of wills in which Leo was trying to get into Tonya's panties but Tonya was always trying to draw Leo into making a mistake and show his true self. Eventually Tonya gave up on Leo ever being reverted and the sexual tension between them was reduced considerably

Dominic Tyson - Dominic Tyson happened to be Leo Fandero's best friend at the time of the entanglement between Leo and Tonya, when Tonya decided to cut loose from Leo, that did not stop him from trying it on from time to time. Tonya eventually got peeved enough to try and teach Leo a lesson in humility, paying Dominic more attention and then starting to flirt with him. Due to Dominic's innocence and inexperience in these matters, he tended to shy away from her advances which allowed Tonya to continue the show with seemingly very little undesired consequences. Eventually Tonya learned more about Dominic, about how he had been teased by some girls, she regretted being insensitive to his feeling and having used him for her own purposes. She found Dominic somewhat attractive in physical appearance and personality but knew that they could never really work out together, so she decided to cease what she was doing but not before giving him a genuine kiss. Shortly after Tonya's family moved from England, but she would meet up with Dominic and Leo again in AFW. She does tend to flirt with Dominic a little still, but at least its not to teach Leo a lesson any more.


Tonya's Blog

Real name: Tonya Silverston

How Hentai are you: ♥♥♥

Wins: 1
Losses: 0
Draws: 0

Tonya Silverston win against Kai Kamiya (via submission) - Tonya v Kai

**If you recall any matches I have not added or corrections to the matches I have already stated, please tell me

Championship belts history:

Dominic Tyson
Leo Fandero

Leo Fandero



Artist of model: yamashita shun'ya

Tonya's trials and tribulations

Recruitment! *Backstage*
Byakko... They have cake... Apparently.... - Tonya vs. Kai
Reading a Book *Spar*

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Tonya Silverston Empty Re: Tonya Silverston

Post by Kelsea Fri Mar 29, 2013 1:57 pm


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