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Mon May 13, 2024 5:49 am by TheLoneWanderer

As a first outing for this rebooted account, I'd like to engage some opponent in a matroom, or something equivalent, with a focus on BJJ, Catch Wrestling, MMA, etc. It can range from actual training (preferably of the character I play but I can do yours even if I'd like further teaching for BJJ.) to an extreme match. Either way, message me if you wanna bite. While I do like femdom and all that, I will do my best to treat any participants equally.

You can pick either Senji or Hiroyuki but I'm …

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All of blade/speranza wreslters

Sun Apr 07, 2024 12:00 am by Blade/speranza

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Kawaii Title match! Cutie Kanai Vs. Valerie Makuro!

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Kawaii Title match! Cutie Kanai Vs. Valerie Makuro! Empty Kawaii Title match! Cutie Kanai Vs. Valerie Makuro!

Post by zxn666 Fri Aug 19, 2011 8:38 pm

Kawaii Title Match

Hentai bed-wrestling. Win by stripping your opponent, knocking her out, and then tucking her into bed!

Special penalty: If Kanai loses, she can't wear twintails for a month. If Valerie loses, she can't wear panties for a day

Kawaii Title match! Cutie Kanai Vs. Valerie Makuro! AglAN.png


Kawaii Title match! Cutie Kanai Vs. Valerie Makuro! 364230-DISGHPB.png


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Kawaii Title match! Cutie Kanai Vs. Valerie Makuro! Empty Re: Kawaii Title match! Cutie Kanai Vs. Valerie Makuro!

Post by zxn666 Fri Aug 19, 2011 8:44 pm

Zxn666: Kanai soon recieved a call on her phone, telling her that Valerie accepted and told her exactly where to go. Kanai first headed to the lockers, where her bed wrestling outfit was stored. She headed over to the wing where Valerie's apartment was, taking a deep breath. She felt nervous now, much more nervous than when she was making her announcements. This was it! It was rather sudden and all, but this was her shot at the title! She couldn't screw this up.
She knocked on the door. "Valerie?" she said, "Are you in there?" She sat back, waiting for the Kawaii champ to respond and open the door for her.

An Egge: Valerie was wearing her white button up shirt (now buttoned all the way up, it was a strip match) and white cotton panties. "Yeah, be right there!" she answered as she finished buttoning the bottom button on her shirt and hopped off the oversized mockery of a bed. She opened the door smiling and motioned Kanai towards the bed. "I'm glad you could make it so fast, let's get started." she told the pink haired girl. Kanai stepped into the room, looking at the surroundings. The huge bed obviously caught her eye. There was no way Valerie slept on that thing, it was monstrous! Taking a tumble from there wouldn't be fun. Valerie seemed to be expecting her, judging by how she was already dressed up, and that she had the shirt she wore buttoned up completely. Kanai tsked under her breath. She wasn't going to make this easy.
"You're eager to start too, huh?" Kanai said, stepping in close so her face was right up against Valerie's. "You said you wanted to get revenge for Shizuka-chan, though I think you're gonna end up just like her!" She gave Valerie a wink, before stepping back and setting down her bag. "I'm gonna change into my bed clothes," she said, "Don't look!" With that, Kanai stripped off the pink t-shirt and yellow shorts she was wearing, then took off her bra. She reached into her bag and pulled out the orange top she wore to bed, pulling it on over her head. Off came her socks as well. The kawaii girl then turned around. "Alright, ready~!" Kanai chirped, an eager smile on her face.

An Egge: Valerie was a little shocked when their argument was cut short by Kanai's need to change. She turned around as Kanai began to remove her clothes and watched the camera turn away towards the bed. She poked her finger out at the height that Kanai's chest would be under the imaginary condition that they had still been facing each other, a gesture which essentailly benefitted no one. "No, your' going to end up just like her. Except without ponytails!" she replied raising her voice so that the microphone, which was no longer pointing at them would hear her retort. Then when Kanai was ready Valerie scaled the edge of the bed and knelt there offering her a hand up. Kanai turned her head, looking at Valerie when she made her pronouncement. The microphone would be able to catch anything they said, despite being pointed away. "Ara? You really want me to get rid of these that badly?" she said. She stood up and stepped onto the bed, sliding in close on her knees. "Alright then, I've already accepted your terms. But in response, if you lose, I want something too." She leaned in, whispering just loud enough that Valerie could hear her, but the mike couldn't. "If I win, you go pantyless for a day. Seems fair right? I don't wear ponytails for a month, you don't wear panties for a day." She winked at Valerie, her smile taking on a more sinister tone.

An Egge: Valerie blushed as Kanai whispered leaving the audience wishing they could guess what she said, "Okay," she whispered back, "but I'm gonna win, so the only time I will pantyless is when I'm humiliating you at the end of the match." She leaned in to lock hands with the smaller kawaii wanting to push her back with her superior weight by pressing her upper body into the girl. "Oh? Well at least we both know you're gonna be naked!" Kanai teased. She locked up with Valerie, her slender arms pushing hard, but she found herself getting steadily driven back by her opponent's superior weight! Kanai gritted her teeth, pushing back as much as she could. "Nnnnnhg!" she groaned as Valerie's upper body pressed in, the champ's breasts bearing down on Kanai's. Kanai felt herself get slowly pushed back. However, she wouldn't fall so easily! Kanai would suddenly fall back, but her legs would shoot up and try to catch Val around the waist with a tight scissors, the same move that hurt Shizuka so much!

An Egge: "Ahh," yelped the champion as she was caught in the powerful scissors before she could react. Another twintail who wanted to torture her with scissors. Well, once she turned the tables Kanai would see who's scissors were the best, but for now she was stuck. SHe lay down on top of Kanai for a moment to rest after the painful jolt of the scissors her breasts weighing atop her opponent's smaller pair. Kanai was finding it hard to breathe, as Valerie's big breasts were weighing down on her chest, squishing her smaller breasts. She still squeezed hard on Valerie's waist, hoping her scissors would wear down the champ before Valerie could think of a way to break free from her scissors!

An Egge: Valerie shut her eyes, wiggling her hands underneath Kanai's back until she had a good grip. There was one major difference between her and the former champ. Valerie was much bigger. Valerie gave a small growl and hefted Kanai up into the air, leaning back into a kneel before slamming her forward again to try and jar the scissors open with a jolt. Kanai felt Valerie struggling, but she knew that she wouldn't last all that much longer in the scissors if she kept it up. But then Valerie surprised her by grabbing her fron behind, hefting her up. Kanai gasped, her eyes widening. She squeezed hard on the scissors, hoping to use the sudden pain to make Valerie let go. But the champ was tough. She fell down, landing hard, gasping in surprise, her scissors loosening from the shock.

An Egge: Valerie swept into action, grabbing Kanai's knees and pressing until the scissors split apart. Valerie grinned and shuffled forward to pin the other Asian's thighs into a wide split by placing her own calves on top of them. "How's that?" she crowed balancing herself by putting both hands on the girl's belly as she leaned forward. Kanai tried to reassert her scissors, but Valerie as strong! The girl forced her legs apart, then moved in to sit on her legs, forcing them apart painfully. Kanai wailed cutely in pain, her eyes widening in surprised at this move. Kanai had to counterattack! She reached up, grabbing at Valerie, aiming to grab the girl's big chest in retaliation!

An Egge: Valerie blushed in shock grabbing for Kanai's wrists as the girl gripped her breasts. What was Kanai doing? Kanai wasn't so much trying to hurt Valerie as embarrass the girl a little here. With her hands off of Kanai's belly, Kanai sat up, her hands still holding onto Valerie's breasts. Then, Kanai would shove off hard, trying to push Valerie off of her legs!

An Egge: "Eee" screeched Valerie as she fell onto her back, due to Kanai's shove. Her legs were now straight, no longer pinning Kanai's down painfully, but rather on either side of the pink haired idols body. ... On either side of her body. Valerie giggled and quickly slipped her ankles together to return the favor, trying to put Kanai in a scissors between her own thick thighs. Kanai was about to put Valerie in another close hold, now that she had the champ on her back, but Valerie moved too quickly, her thick but strong legs snapping around Kanai's slender waist. "H-hey! Ahh!" Kanai gasped in pain. Her hands shot to Valerie's thighs, trying to push the scissors apart, but finding herself lacking the strength to do so. She had to change targets! Kanai saw Valerie's large bust as a target again, reaching down and grabbing her breasts, and began giving Valerie a sensual breast massage! The embarrassment would hopefully make the champ let go!

An Egge: "Oh, dirty, twintail!" shouted Valerie as the girl attempted to distract her from her vice like scissors. A wave of heat ran though her body and her nipples started to get perky, visibly through her thin shirt. But this was another manner in which Valerie was different from Shizuka, despite her cherry tomato blush Valerie was not letting the squeeze distract her. In fact, she squeezed the girl even more firmly as she reached up to grab Kanai's wrists again and pull them free of her chest. Kanai let out a gasp as Valerie squeezed tighter on her waist, her groping seeming to have no effect other than making Valerie blush a bit. This was going nowhere. Kanai needed to break out somehow! Valerie grabbed her wrists, pulling her hands off of her breasts. Kanai fought hard, trying to push her hands back down. She would try rocking to the side as well, twisting her body, hoping that would loosen up the scissors so she could get a little bit more air to continue her fight!

An Egge: As Kanai twisted back and forth, she began to loosen the larger girl's sweaty thighs from aorund her waist causing Val to pause for a moment and accidentally let go of Kanai's wrists. But then Val had an idea, if Kanai kept twisting she could turn her hips at the right moment and knock Kanai face first onto the bed while keeping her in a side scissor. Kanai certainly did keep on twisting, her hands returning to Valerie's thighs as she tried to loosen the hold even more. But she fell right into Valerie's trap! The bigger girl suddenly turned her hips and sent Kanai facefirst into the bed, while reasserting the painful scissors right across her belly! Kanai gasped for air, really getting choked out now. With one hand, she reached and grabbed the sheets, pulling hard to drag herself out and loosen the hold. But this was only a distraction. Her other hand would reach behind towards Valerie's butt, and give it a solid spank!

An Egge: Val meeped again as Kanai slapped her big rump as as hard as she could. She narrowed her eyes, this girl had a lot of techniques to try and embarras her, but she had just made a critical mistake. The still blushing Val reached over and grabbed Kanai's spanking hand with her own using both her arms to pull the girl's arm up to her chest and hold it there. "Stupidhead, I've got you now" she told the idol. Her eyes narrowed as she focused on her belly brusing scissors, her thighs clamping down even more than before as she held Kanai's left hand between her breasts to keep her from breaking free. "Safety Scissors!" Val announced proudly as she confirmed that she had the suffering kawaii in one of her most powerful techniques. After landing the slap, Kanai thought Valerie would perhaps get distracted and let go, but unfortunately for her Val countered by grabbing her hand and pulling it out of the way, trapping it in between her big breasts. Kanai's eyes widened as Val's scissors tightened across her belly, her face turning red now and her mouth opening, gasping for breath. This was going all the way bad for Kanai, since it was Valerie's finisher! And even if Valerie couldn't win by submission, she could still weaken Kanai with this move, maybe even put her to sleep! "Ahh... nooo..." Kanai moaned cutely, turning her distressed face towards Valerie. Her other hand would try worming down to the Champ's crotch. Kanai hoped to distract Valerie with her cute distressed face, while her hand went to Val's crotch!

Anegge: Valerie grinned like a megalomaniac at the cutie's distress. "Ha ha ha, that's right you dumb ol' twintail!" she crowed. She clutched Kanai's arm in place with one hand moving the other to slap the pink haired idol's butt cheek in return, completely oblivious to the designs Kanai had for her. Kanai wailed a little more as Valerie spanked her cute bottom again. The champ didn't notice that Kanai's hand was right near her crotch! Kanai didn't hesitate, grabbing Valerie's panties by the waistband and pulling up, hoping to give the champ a nasty wedgie right on her sex, as punishment for doing this to her!

An Egge: "Ahh, ohh!" screeched Val as she was brutally wedgied, her legs going weak at the excrutiating attack. She let go of Kanai's first arm reflexively grabbing her other wrist with both handfs to make the pain stop as tears came to her eyes. Kanai, feeling Valerie let go, quickly scrambled off to the side, getting out from in between Valerie's legs. Damn, that girl had strong legs! Kanai still felt pain whenever she breathed in. Valerie had her hand still in her grip. Kanai pulled up a little more, as much as she could with Valerie gripping her wrist, before letting go, hoping Valerie prioritized soothing her crotch over keeping a grip on Kanai!

An Egge: Kanai wasn't really in the best position to wedgie her and despite Val's pained expression she weathered the worst of the girl's attack like a champ. (Which she was.) Valerie tried to work Kanai into a hammerlock from her grip and pin the girl facedown on the sheets so she could crawl onto her back from behind and pin her down. Kanai shouldn't have tried to wedgie Valerie more, but it was too late now. Valerie suddenly worked her down into a hammerlock, holding Kanai's arm in place. Kanai grunted in pain and frustration, trying to break free, but Valerie quickly got onto Kanai's back and held her down with her not unimpressive weight. Kanai blushed, feeling Valerie's soft body pressing down on hers. She grunted, her hand reaching back to grab at Valerie's hair, pulling on it to force Valerie's head down.

An Egge: Valerie perched her mound right on Kanai's butt intending to rest for a moment but Kanai yanked her down so that their heads were side by side. "Let go," whined the brunette, "it hurts." She squirmed, her ample chest pancaked against the girl's backas she was pulled tighter in by Kanai's grip. Kanai changed hands, using her other hand to grab at Valerie's head to hold it in place, while her other hand reached behind and gripped Valerie around the back of her head. "You let go of my arm first, meanie!" Kanai protested. She would attempt to bounce up and slam down, hitting Valerie's chin against her shoulder! That'll teach her to fight Cutie Kanai!

An Egge: Valerie yelped practically biting her tongue as her chin hit Kanai's shoulder. That was practically like punching her or something, in a bed match, and after pulling her hair too! This was the worst twintail yet! Valerie tried to push away from Kanai and roll off of her getting far away. Now tears were actually sliding down her cheeks. Kanai quickly rolled away after Valerie pushed her off. She turned around, a taunt ready on her mouth. "What's the matter? Can't take a little pai-" Kanai said, before she saw Valerie actually crying. Suddenly she was hit by a wave of remorse. "Huh? Why are you crying?" she asked, her snide remarks all forgotten

An Egge: "You, you pulled my hair, and then you hit me. That was super mean." protested Valerie trying to choke back a sob. "Did you do this to Shizuka too?" She cupped her jaw with both hands sitting up on her knees and shaking her head in disbelief. "Wha-" Kanai was starting to feel really bad now. She was a bit more rough than most Kawaii's, but that came out of her training and experience. Kanai was more of a pro-wrestler than anything, and sometimes she completely forgot that a lot of these kawaiis were little more than kids. "Valerie, that's just unfair of you to say that!" Kanai said, "I mean, this is a match! I'm allowed to use my moves in a match like this!" She shook her head. "And for the record, I beat Shizuka fairly as well! There's nothing in the rules against me sexing my opponent into submission!"

An Egge: Valerie glared at Kanai and shuffled forward before giving her a hard slap across the cheek. (Facial cheek this time.) "You're right. There's nothing in the rules against that." she growled. Kanai was caught flat-footed as Valerie stepped forward and slapped her across the cheek. Her eyes showed how stunned she was. Her hand gently touched her cheek, as she looked at Valerie, registering what just happened. Then came the anger. "Wha- you!" Kanai said, her face puffing up in fury, "You're gonna regret that!" Kanai lunged forward, aiming to grab the champ's shirt, and tear it open, not only ruining it, but also exposing Valerie's big breasts!

An Egge: Valerie grinned as her enraged opponent lunged tugging at the top enough to pop the first two buttons and free her massive melons. But before Kanai could finish Valerie had grabbed both of her wrists and spread them holding them over Kanai's head so that the girl would be forced chest to chest with her. She slipped her calves up over Kanai's thighs trying to slip her back into a scissors position that would leave them mound to mound. "Nothing in the rules prevents it." she repeated, sticking her tongue out in a half dumb, half dangerous smirk. Kanai gasped when Valerie grabbed her hands and pushed them above her head, forcing their breasts together. Kanai's were still covered by the fabric from her top, so she had a slight advantage. She grinded her breasts against Valerie's chest, letting the fabric to the work of softening her up a bit! She shifted to try and avoid the inevitable scissors, but Valerie pulled it off, even though Kanai spread her legs wide. The result was that they really ended up mound to mound, Kanai grinding her cute sex up against Valerie's. "So this is how you want to do it?" Kanai said while blushing, "Fine!"

An Egge: Valerie's silky inner thighs pressed up against Kanai's sides as the champion tightened around her prey. Meshing their crotches together a bit as each time she squeezed her sex rode up and down across Kanai's. She huffed in pleasure as Kanai rubbed on her with her cotton top pulling back for a moment and then slamming the girl lightly with her chest. "Oh, then you're okay with this?" she asked giving Kanai a peck of a kiss on the cheek. Kanai moaned cutely as Valerie ground her sexy kawaii body against hers, feeling the stimulation through the covering on her clothes. She blushed, but she wasn't all that embarrassed. This was something she was used to now. And Valerie proved to be a much better opponent than Shizuka already! "Hmm..." Kanai said as Valerie kissed her cheek, "Why don't you kiss me where it counts Val-chan?" Kanai said, closing her eyes to lean in and kiss her full on the lips!

An Egge: Valerie watched Kanai shut her eyes and leaned in to kiss her, but the moment their lips met Val also pulled the girl's wrists down behind her back and forcing the smaller girl into the tight squeeze of a bear hug. Valerie squeezed with all her might btoh with her arms and her legs trying to crush the smaller kawaii in her vice grip. Kanai thought she could have a nice sexy fight with Valerie. Oh how wrong she was! Valerie suddenly pulled Kanai's arms down right as she kissed her, squeezing Kanai tight in a bearhug from behind while also scissoring her. Kanai wailed, her body getting crushed by the strong kawaii. This strength difference was simply unfair! Kanai struggled, rubbing her breasts all over Valerie's, trying to get free despite the crushing vice-like hold.

An Egge: Valerie giggled as Kanai writhed against her. Her small wiggly form sure felt good, and it would feel better naked. "Oh, I'll sex you silly. But first, how about I knock you out and strip you?" asked Valerie clutching her helpless opponent with enthusiasm. Kanai moaned, "Nooo!" Kanai wailed, trying to break free, struggling against Valerie's grip. This kawaii was devilishly strong! She pushed hard against Valerie's body, trying her best to get her down. Kanai decided that the best show was to put Valerie on the ground. She pushed hard with her legs, attempting to push Valerie onto her back!

An Egge: Valerie let herself get rolled onto her back as kanai did the only thing she could to stay in the fight. But the champion's constriction on her smaller opponent wasn't letting up. Valerie pressed her hips up at Kanai as their breasts smushed together from the gravity, causing the big cutie to moan. This was what the jerky kanai deserved, a painful KO and a humiliation. She'd better not be trying to weasel her way out of it. Kanai's struggles began to weaken as she ran out of air. "Noo..." Kanai moaned. Her arms were trapped, her body squeezed. There seemed to be no way out of this. Kanai looked at Valerie, realizing there was only one real way out. She closed her eyes. "Sorry Valerie," she said softly, before raising her head and headbutting Valerie right on the forehead!

An Egge: Valerie was dazed by the headbutt as she was forced to release Kanai, "Ohh, you cheater!" she moaned holding her head with one hand. Kanai quickly rolled to the side, lying on her back with one hand on her forehead, breathing hard to get her air back. The pain was all catching up to her now. She was tired and hot and winded... but she was free! And she was going to make Valerie pay. "I'm gonna get you for that," she said, slowly sitting back up.

An Egge: Valerie frowned "You keep saying, 'you're gonna get me' but you don't. Because your' only moves are big cheatercheater-pants moves." Valerie got back up motioning for Kanai to come get her. It was obvious the idol was moving slower now, Val just had to stay wary of the girl's nasty tricks. Kanai got on her knees as well, panting weakly. She gritted her teeth, furious at Valerie, but rather stuck with no way to deal with it. She found herself outmatched yet again. Kanai took a deep breath, before slowly moving forward, her hands raised. She would try to lock up and grapple with Valerie properly this time, hoping Valerie would make a mistake.

An Egge: Valerie wasn't exactly the happiest of campers at this point either. She didn't just want to avenge Shizuka anymore, this girl needed to learn a lesson. She slipped forward on her knees locking up with Kanai hand to hand and using her (comparitively) mighty strength to shove the girl back. Kanai grunted, locking hands with Valerie, feeling the bigger Kawaii slowly forcing her back. She was tiring now, and Valerie was much stronger than she. She needed a plan, something, anything to get her this victory! Kanai focused, taking a deep breath. Kanai would let Valerie push her over, but as she did so, she kicked her legs up, trying to catch the kawaii champ's head in between her knees for a surprise headscissor!

An Egge: "Ohh!" meeped the champion as Kanai pinned her ears to the sides of her head in a scissors, finally getting a solid hold on her. Valerie reached up like she had just been startled by a loud noise and put her hand on the slim girl's thighs trying to resist the pressure of the hold. Kanai scissored down as hard as she could, literally trying to crush Valerie's head in between her legs! But of course, she lacked the strength, so all she did was give Valerie a really bad headache. Kanai pulled to the side, trying to force Valerie onto her side, and scissoring her head tightly!

An Egge: Valerie tumbled softly onto her side as the bumblegum haired girl pulled her down. The scissors really hurt, but oddly she was in a position between the girl's lower thighs where she wasn't being suffocated at all. Val let go of the girl's thighs and reached up to retailiate grabbing the bottom of Kanai's t-shirt and pulling it up over her head to trap the girl's arms and blind her. Kanai thought she had the champ nice and submissive now, attempting to work Valerie over with the scissors. But then the champ suddenly grabbed her tank top and pulled it upwards, blocking her view for a second. Kanai struggled, pulling her tank top back down, re-covering her breasts as well. She kept the scissors tight, but she was distracted. Would Valerie use this to try and get out?

An Egge: Valerie grinned as she saw Kanai reacting with embarrassment, distacted for just long enough for Val to latch a firm grip on between the girl's sweaty inner thighs and crack her scissors open. Valerie giggled flexing her biceps as she tried to split Kanai's thighs even more and force her legs to spread wide. "Gotcha!" she teased leaning forward so her big grinning face was getting closer and closer to the girl's crotch as she forced the Asian open. Kanai gasped as Valerie managed to pry her legs apart, surprised as the girl's strength. "Ah! How can this be?" Kanai gasped, her face blushing as Valerie slowly forced her legs open. Kanai gritted her teeth, reaching down with her arms and grabbing at Valerie's head, trying to force her facefirst into her crotch and then squeeze down again!

An Egge: Valerie blushed as she was mashed face first into the smaller girl's muff. But she was prepared for this eventuality. She pursed her lips like she was giving a kiss and then blew a huge raspberry up into Kanai's clitty, as her powerful arms forced the girl further into the embarrassing splits. "AHH!" Kanai wailed as Valerie suddenly came in and blew a raspberry right into her crotch! Kanai, blushing furiously, her legs weakened from the pleasure and shock coming in from that move, released Valerie, trying to roll away and get onto her hands and knees, to recover from that counter!

An Egge: Valerie quickly dipped back as Kanai rolled, nervous for a moment that Kanai was going to kick her in the face. But when the girl tried to get up instead Valerie was hot on her tail. "You liked that, huh?" the brunette teased as she slipped forward and grabbed the back of the girl's panties slipping the down off her behind a bit while holding them tightly by the hem. Then with her other hand she sharply thwacked the girl hard on her bare bun. Kanai gasped as Valerie reached in and grabbed her panties, falling flat on her face. She turned her head back, looking in fear. Valerie eagerly pulled her panties down, and then her hand came down, hitting Kanai right on her cute buttcheeks! "Ah!" Kanai gasped. Blushing, with tears in the corners of her eyes, Kanai reached down to try and pull her panties back up while pullng herself away from Valerie!

An Egge: Valerie used the distraction of Kanai plummeting face first into her plush bed to shift over to Kanai's side planting one hefty knee on her back to hold her down. Now Kanai wasn't going anywhere. Kanai tugged her bottoms back up but Valerie firmly grabbed her wrist tightly and then returned them to their earlier position exposing Kanai's bum again. "These should be off for a proper spanking, right?" she inquired. Kanai grunted as Valerie pinned her down again, the girl's thick leg and knee crushing her back as she got held down. "Mmm!" Kanai moaned, Valierie pushing her up so the girl could get at her exposed bum. "What? No! Don't do this!" Kanai wailed.

An Egge: Valerie licked her lips planting her palm on Kanai's cheek and squeezing it firmly her thumb pressing a bit on the girl's anus. "Oh, why not? You think you can get away with being a double meanie without punishment?" "I wasn't being a meanie!" Kanai protested, "Those are all fair moves in wrestling! You're being the meanie right now!" She stuggled against Valerie, trying to push upwards, but finding herself trapped underneath the sheer weight of this girl!

An Egge: Valerie stuck her tongue out as she lifted her hand up and slapped it down hard. "Maybe, those are fair moves," she agreed delivering another slap, slightly harder, "in 'ring wrestling', but this is 'bed wrestling'." She explained with another slap as Kanai's cheek began to turn rosy red. "In bed wrestling you should only hit your' opponent with your' open hand. And only on their facial cheeks." *Slap*, "Or their... other cheeks." *slap* Kanai wailed as Valerie's hand came down, hitting her pretty hard. It left her cute butt with a red handprint. She turned her head back, blushing and looking angry. "There isn't anything in the actual rules differentiating that!" Kanai protested, "You're just making up your own rules! AHH!" The second slap came down, silencing Kanai.

An Egge: Valerie saw that she had done a number on one of Kanai's buttocks so she switched to the other, she could tell that this attack was a good was to start getting to the girl. "Yeah, it's totally okay to just do whatever you want even if it's super mean. As long as you aren't breaking an exact rule right?" she said in an overly sarcastic voice. "I'm not being mean! AH!" Kanai squealed as Valerie's hand came down again, hitting Kanai's other cheek and leaving a red mark. She blushed, wishing this would all jus end now. "I'm not a mean person... I just wanna win!" Kanai kicked her legs, trying to break the hold Valerie had down there.

An Egge: Valerie tottered as Kanai began to kick, but then she saw that Kanai's panties were slipping down her legs. She grabbed the bottoms and whipped them off of the girl's calves and feet as Kanai was just able to slip out from under her leaving the kawaii nude from the waist down. "So you only do mean things because you want to win?" asked Valerie. Kanai looked up at Valerie with anger. "No! I don't do mean things period!" she said, "It's just cuz you're a big baby, and you can't fight the proper way! That's why you're here holding me down and punishing me for nothing, because you're afraid of fighting me properly!" She stuck out her tongue at Valerie. It seemed that Kanai, despite her bad position, wasn't about to give Valerie any psychological advantage at all.

An Egge: Valerie grumbled. "Yeah, what do you mean properly?" she asked moving to try and straddle Kanai's back before she could get away properly. Kanai groaned as Valerie straddled her back, crushing the poor Kawaii underneath her. She turned her head, struggling to get her words out. "H-have you seen my other matches?" Kanai grunted, "I try to fight as fairly and as properly as I can! I don't go making up rules like you do!"

An Egge: Valerie sputtered with rage, "You... You don't understand bed wrestling at all!" she protested leaning down to get the girl's ankle and pull her up into a single Boston Crab that would expose the girl's cute pussy. "Are you saying you want me to do 'real' wrestling moves like this?" she asked bouncing her ample butt on Kanai's back to put extra strain on her. "Gahhhh! It hurts..." Kanai squealed as Valerie pulled her leg back in the Boston Crab, exposing her pussy while forcing the pink kawaii into a painful submission. Kanai needed to break free from this hold. She turned her head, before reaching back to grab at Valerie's ankle to pull on her and unbalance her, before attempting to roll over and break free!

An Egge: Unfortunately for Kanai when she reached back she descovered that trying to unbalance Valerie wouldn't work. Val was fighting by her bed wrestling standards, which meant she was still on her knees rather than on her feet. Val looked back and stuck her tongue out at Kanai reaching her free hand down to begin rubbing up and down the surface of the girl's bare sex. Kanai blushed brightly as Valerie began rubbing at her sex. "Nooo!" she wailed. This was going all the way bad for her now. She struggled, trying to crawl away, but Valerie was heavy and Kanai wasn't sure she could drag herself away. She pulled hard on her leg, trying to tear it out of Valerie's grasp.

An Egge: Kanai kicked her trapped leg as hard as she could, desperate to free herself. Val's eyes widened as the force of her thigh flexing lifted her up, one, two, three inches. Val's grip had slipped a bit but she closed her eyes trying to concentrate on holding the smaller girl down and drop her plush backside down hard onto the trapped kawaii, crushing both her spine and her hopes for escape. "GAH!" Kanai gasped as Valerie raised herself up and crushed Kanai's back with her tushy. Kanai lay there face-down on the bed, her leg still trapped. "Ahh... no..." Kanai moaned. She was winded and completely lacking in energy. Was this it?

An Egge: "Oh, am I beating you at your' own game?" asked Valerie plunging her first two fingers deep into Kanai's sex at that moment as she held the exhausted girl helpless. "What good is your' 'real' wrestling if I'm still gonna win anyway?" she wondered. Kanai wailed as Valerie stuck two fingers into her sex, fingering the winded idol. She moaned, her tight sex getting raped by Valerie's fingers. She couldn't find any way out of this hold. But she wasn't going to give up. Kanai slowly began trying to pull herself towards the edge of the bed now, even though Kanai knew that even if she reached it, she would be too tired and winded to fight back.

An Egge: Valerie started to pump firmly into her imprisioned opponent's little cunny, excitedly bouncing hee hips on the girl's back and shoulders as she did to slow the girl's attempts at escape. Kanai made little gasps and moans as Valerie fingered her, bouncing on her to wind her and actually keeping her in place. Her sex was wet, making little noises when Valerie pushed her fingers in. This was the most embarrassing thing ever, she couldn't break free, and she was getting utterly humiliated! "Noo! V-valerie, please... stop!"

An Egge: Valerie bit her lower lip giving a really evil grin as she paused her sensual attacks. "Yeah, I'd better stop. I wouldn't want to break the rules." she suggested. "Oh, wait. Didn't you say that there was no rule against sexing your' opponent into submission?" asked Valerie before stabbing her fingers back into the girl and starting to pump her faster than ever. "Ah-ahhhh!" Kanai moaned as Valerie stabbed her fingers back in, making the idol scream out in pain and pleasure, mostly pleasure. Kanai was trying to hold back her orgasm, but it was impossible. Not with Valerie fingering her the way she was. Kanai moaned, screamed, and came. Her sexy little pussy spasmed, a small spray of sex juices shooting out. She wailed, her entire body bucking from the orgasm. Tears flowed down her face from the orgasm and the embarrassment. "Ahh...ah..."

An Egge: Vaerie was shocked at the way Kanai spasmed so violently her tiny sex clenching tight around the big girl's fingers. Val carefully set Kanai down releasing her from the hold as her juices spurted over the bed. She slipped off of Kanai grabbing the girl's shirt again and trying to pull it off completely this time. "That was for Shizuka, twin tail dummy." she informed the girl cheekily as she rested for a moment watching Kanai's collapsed form. Kanai moaned softly as she lay on the bed, crying into the sheets. It seemed that Valerie really got to her now, humiliating her and beating her like this. Kanai soon began moving, but only to curl up into a little ball. Her red-rimmed eyes looked at Valerie with anger, Kanai was furious at this. She was seriously considering breaking the rules now, to try and beat this champ.

An Egge: Valerie skittered over to Kanai and hooked both of her legs up trying to press Kanai onto her back in a sort of match book pin. If she could get her rolled up she would hold her down using her upper body weight, Kanai saw Valerie coming at her to hook her legs. She wasn't about to let the champ get ahold of her again. Kanai decided though that breaking the rules and being too rough would only mar he victory. She would fight properly. When Valerie came over, she let herself get rolled into the uncomfortable matchbook pin, but Kanai's hands shot up and grabbed the champ's breasts through her shirt! "It's payback time!" Kanai said, before pinching Valerie's nipples hard and twisting to add to the pain!

An Egge: "Yahhh!" screeched Valerie as Kanai suddenly assaulted her. She had been intending to just pin Kanai simply and let her off with that, but obviously Kanai was plannign something different as the searing pain in her chest told her. After doing that move, Kanai kicked up with all he strength, trying to force Valerie onto her back off of her. Kanai wanted to be on top now, and give Valerie a taste of her own medicine! If this works, Kanai would sit on Valerie's belly, and attempt to rip open the shirt she wore to expose her breasts!

An Egge: Valerie gasped as her shirt was ripped open exposing her ample chest. Now Kanai was on top and in control, at least as long as her remaining adreneline held out. Kanai was feeling tired, but she knew she had to press on. Valerie's big breasts were now open for the picking, and Kanai was about to show the Kawaii champ what kinds of skills she possessed. She reached down, filling her hands with Valerie's breasts, and began giving her a sensual breast massage. "Hah... do you like this Valerie?" Kanai asked, "It feels good, doesn't it?"

An Egge: "Mmm, ohh." moaned Valerie shaking her head in disagreement as she blushed under the attentions of the small girl. Her nipples were starting to tingle and get hard. Suddenly Valerie put her hadns up and cupped Kanai's small peaches in turn, starting to return the favor. "Ah!" Kanai gasped as Valerie felt her breasts, "Ahh... you're naughty too aren't you?" Kanai murmured, "Well, I should've expected that. You did finger me to orgasm..." Kanai's fondling suddenly got much rougher, as she moved to not only arouse Valerie, but to hurt her as well! She pressed hard and kneaded Valerie's breasts roughly together, while kicking up a leg to get it on top of Valerie's arms and force them down, trapping them beneath her legs!

An Egge: "Oww, oww." protested Val, as her melons were kneaded roughly. She bit her lower lip as Kanai had effectively pinned her down with her legs. At least Kanai was 'playing fair' now. Kanai worked over Valerie's breasts, but she wasn't done yet. She still had somewhere else to focus on. Reaching one hand down and leaning back a little, Kanai grabbed at Valerie's panties. Once she had them, she would first pull up on them to give Val a painful wedgie, before pulling them down a bit to expose the champ's sex!

An Egge: Valerie blushed some more as Kanai delivered her painful wegie, exposing her just the way she had done to Kanai before. Valerie furrowed her brow. She absolutely had to do something. She kicked up as hard as she could trying to knock Kanai off by throwing her off balance. Valerie was so much stronger than Kanai, when she kicked up, Kanai was actually bucked off her perch, landing ungracefully on her side. She immediatly got up though, trying to lessen Valerie's advantage. She moved quickly, grabbing at Valerie's panties to tug them all the way down and expose the kawaii champ!

An Egge: Valerie looked back at Kanai as her panties were removed cleanly. She smirked pushing up onto the balls of her heels, with a suprisingly sudden movement she stood to her feet and then leapt backwards aiming for a big buttdrop on Kanai's bare tummy that would knock her onto her back on the sheets. "Huh?" Kanai said as Valerie suddenly rocketed up. She had no time to react before Valerie's naked bum slammed into her gut, knocking all the air out of her and slamming her down onto the bed again. Kanai lay underneath the champ, moaning, trying to get her air back.

An Egge: "Yes!" crowed Valerie triumphantly scooting her big backside back until she was pinning Kanai in a reverse school girl pin leaving the idol's arms pinned under her calves. She took both of Kanai's ankles in hand and spread them starting to roll her back into a sort of matchbook pin gleefully. "Do you know what this is?" she asked her opponent. Kanai couldn't resist at all as Valerie moved her into position, sitting with her big butt over Kanai's face, pinning down her arms. Valerie moved to grab at Kanai's legs as well, pulling her back into a matchbook pin. "Mmmmmm!" Kanai moaned, not knowing what this was, and really not wanting to know.

An Egge: Valerie started to grind her cinnamon scented butt in Kanai's face as she responded with the name of her humiliating pin finisher, "Goodnight Moon!" Valerie spread Kanai's ankles just a bit more leaning her just so, such that her dripping cunny was pointing towards the sky leaving it in perfect view of the camera's some of which were obviously zooming in for a closer look. "Mmmmm!" Kanai protested, caught as she was in Valerie's finisher. This was doubly embarrassing as Kanai had just removed Valerie's panties, and so was getting every last bit of the champ's butt shoved into her face! And Valerie was spreading open her legs, revealing her dripping wet sex to the camera... ohh this was just too much for the poor Kawaii! The cinnamon scent was driving Kanai wild, arousing her while simultaneously putting her to sleep. Kanai moaned softly, wishing she could get out, but all this was proving to be too much on her senses. Overloaded, tired, beaten down, Kanai lost all hope, and slowly drifted off into unconsciousness underneath Valerie.

An Egge: Valerie began to count slowly, holding Kanai fast in case of a last minute counter attack, but before the count of two she felt the girl go limp. Valerie finished up her count quickly and scooted of off Kanai. She grabbed the girl carefully by the forearms and slid her up so her head was resting on a pillow and then ceremoniously sealed the pink haired kawaii's defeat by folding a blanket over the girl's nude body and tucking her in. Then while she was still on the bed Valerie stuck her tongue out and tugged both of Kanai's scrunchies off, detwintailing the girl. Mission accomplished!


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Kawaii Title match! Cutie Kanai Vs. Valerie Makuro! Empty Re: Kawaii Title match! Cutie Kanai Vs. Valerie Makuro!

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Winner: Valerie Makuro by smother KO

Valerie is still the Kawaii champion


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Kawaii Title match! Cutie Kanai Vs. Valerie Makuro! Empty Re: Kawaii Title match! Cutie Kanai Vs. Valerie Makuro!

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