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Trixie!! Empty Trixie!!

Post by MrsIffy Tue Aug 03, 2010 10:49 am

Beryl "Trixie" The Buffalo Ranger


Birth name:
Beryl Rogers Anatasian
Ring Name: Trixie
Sex: Female
Eyes: Autum brown
Hair: Naturally blonde
Height: 5'11
Weight: 143 lbs
B/W/H/: 36'/28'/35'
Allegiance: Face


Perhaps the only thing as big as her bountiful bosoms and the over-generous size of her ass, could be the size of her brain.
Following her stunning performance as an honor student at Mississippi's Gifted High School, at the tender age of 11, Beryl's next move was to enroll in her state's university and become to youngest to ever attend college.

Little did young Beryl knew that her father, Regis Rogers, took partnership in a privately owned sector located just off the edges of his family's homeland. Everything from illegal trades, and substance smuggling had been a usual practice within thier company, and it was hidden well from the public, especially Regis' family.
Until one stint operation left a massive trail of evidence that could ruin Regis' repuation and destroy his business. On the night of Beryl's graduation, a group of stray attack officers stormed her family's peaceful home located just over the quiet lake of Grenada. Only Beryl survived.

Within a span of only a few minutes, everything was either destroyed, taken, or left in flames. For the worst part, Beryl was also taken away with the hopes of her abduction being the benefactor that can cause Regis' to surrender and plead to the court--unless he was to pay a hefty ransom aquired from his dealings for the past few years.....

15 years later, a new business has developed throughout the northern states of the U.S.A. Underground fight circuits were located in private venues and were occupied by thousands of onlookers. The rules were simple; you fight, you win, you get taken care of until tommorrow...your next fight.
Some fight for a lack of a life...some fight to build a new life for themselves....and there is one who fights because she has lost purpose.

Beryl, now 26, had earned the nickname "Buffalo Ranger" not only for her love of the animal, but also for her fighting prowess.
It was unknown how Mississppi's smartest little girl can turn into one of the underworld's top fighters, though rumor has it that she has an intense hatred for a certain someone from her past...

Despite what most might think, Berly is fun, warm and friendly. As she grew, her love for numbers and formulas had been long replaced with the love of the sweat and pain from good combat.
Some might say that underneath her blanket of kindness lies a cold hate of her past, and her reason for joining the ranks of the street fighters was the only way to help her forget her troubled history....

Though Beryl had grown up book-smart, she isn't oblivious to her beauty and knows exactly how the entire male-to-female attraction spectrum is carried out. Men will be men, afterall, yet not even Beryl herself can deny that her cravings can be just as potent as any male

The more she fought, the sharper her natural warrior's edge had become And with every encounter, Beryl had become more at peace with her own sexuality. Eventually, over the years, Beryl's heart had developed into that of a fighter who'll accept a match pretty much anywhere; from the ring, to the street side, and even in the bedroom.


Her glossy white teeth are as radiant as pure, white snow underneath the sun's rays; brilliant and yellow much like the color of her hair.
Her skin is fair and supple, yet doesn't do much to hide the braids of iron muscle underneath.
Gernally, she is slim and slender in form, though some parts of her body, her thighs, breasts, and hips, were rich in thickness and build. Beryl's body shows some history of her athletic ability from her lean muscle and light definition, as well.

A tom-boy at heart, Beryl loves buffalo riding, sprinting and swimming. She also has an odd skill at chopping woodfire. When she isn't sweating for fun outdoors, she has an extensive collection of Tea Bo tapes in her bedroom.

Prefered Match Types:
Anything from hardcore, submission, standard and all else.

Wrestling Style:
Trixie uses the age old sother style of clinch grappling, as well as some knwledge of Vale Tudo. Oddly enogh, she cites her love of horseback and mechanical bull riding as her sources for her balance development. or a woman of her stature she also possesses above average upper body and lower body strength, suiting her preferences for tossing her opponents around.

Special Moves:
The Rodeo Gal:
In the occasion that her opponent in on the floor on all fours, she will mount thier back, lock thier arms in hers and pull back horrendously. If the opponent stands up, she'll wrap her legs around thier waist and tightly scissor the oxygen from thier body.

Other background Info:
Beryl's first memories of combat were of the exclusive fight clubs in Midland, Texas. Although there were no suspicions of her true identity amongst her peers, she had always gained the respect of the other warriors who compete there. Getting bitter as she became older, Beryl nearly decided to throw in the towel and say goodbye to the life of wrestling, that is, until she discovered erotic fighting. A true disciplinarian, Beryl holds herself to a strenuous twenty-minute a day workout schedule, while limiting her food intake to a strict regimen of ring dings, frosty cold beer and shots of Jack Daniels. Beryl dreams include one day wearing the title of AFW Champion, as well as World's Biggest Party Girl.

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